Come What May… (Week 5)


I woke up to my alarm going off. I didn’t want to wake up so I snoozed it for 10 minutes and didn’t end up sleeping any more. So I got up and went to get my yogurt and turned on the TV to my morning show Secrets of the Zoo Down Under. I fell asleep after my yogurt, timer going off suddenly and jolting me awake. I went and got dressed and kissed Fiks goodbye then went and made my lunch before heading to the truck and going to work.

I got to work almost on time, just a couple of minutes past my start time. I still wanted to get there a little earlier, maybe next week. The labs had already been reported and I’m not sure how to do call backs, so I went and did the stocking of drawers and shelves before the first patient of the day showed up.

I didn’t have anyone too obnoxious or rude today, just some people who were very confusing when it came to answering questions. Oh. Ugh. We had a patient show up and was put to sleep. Heavy mother fu*ker. K and I loaded him onto the stretcher to get him into the freezer. We might have had to play body jenga to get the body to fit in the freezer. I kept saying sorry to everyone we had to move.

I was getting the ceiling cleaner when I saw one of the head techs crying in the dog room. I asked her if she was okay and she told me what was going on. She dropped a bomb on me, but we talked and she ended up being okay after a hug and a few minutes of talking. I’m both excited and sad for her.

The rest of the day went fine. I got to room 2  puppies for one of the doctors, I asked for help and then things went awkward and kinda grumpy. The puppies were fine, a cute back German Shepard mix and a French bulldog and a Boston terrior mix. Helping the doctor with them was fun. We had another patient put to sleep at the end of the day.

Because I went in early this morning I got to leave early. I swung by CVS to pick up a photo I ordered for Fiks so he could have it on his desk. The other photo didn’t stick to the glass like the other ones did. I came home and Fiks was making dinner. Broccoli procuitto cheese soup. It was very tasty. I would have like more procuitto in it tho, but that’s just me. I love procuitto.

We watched an episode of Hawkeye while eating dinner and then I went and jumped in the shower. Fiks watched a couple of YouTube videos and we watched a few before he went and did some work training. I watched some White Collar before going to bed.


I’m sleeping a lot better on the new mattress, so that’s great. I don’t want to wake up most of the time, but I think I had that problem on the old mattress too. I’m just tried. Anyway, Fiks woke me up with a kiss and then I went and pulled out the truck so he could leave for work. I came back inside and got my yogurt and watched Secrets of the Zoo Down Under for a while. I went and got dressed for work and started making my way down the mountain.

I got to work a minute or two late, but it’s okay. I jumped in to work and started rooming clients. One of the techs is not in a good mood today, and I feel like I’m her target. I’m trying my hardest to hussle and room and be quick, but she’s just not making me feel good about what I’m doing.

I was working on a dog that we weren’t meant to get stressed out, so I was just doing my best to do that. We took xrays and then we ultrasounded it, then the doctor wanted some blood. So numerous people tried to get blood on it before the doctor came in. Another tech came in to help with the dog. I saw the dog trying to bite me, but my big thick ass bracelet was in the way. And I didn’t want to stress the dog out by requesting a muzzle, so I kept rotating between keeping and eye on him and helping the doctor. The other tech didn’t like what I was doing and snapped at me for not noticing what the dog was doing. I said yes and let it go.

I came back from lunch and worked on the list and then when they were done I cleaned up surgery. I didn’t want to get into with the tech so snapped at me, so I just… Avoided… Being alone with her. That didn’t last long. I was filling up the mop and she was getting her dog out of the run when she opened up and said basically that I was being careless and she didn’t like how I responded to a situation. It sucked and it hurt. I was already having a day of beating myself up mentally, so just having that added onto it just made it feel worse. I just did my best to control my feelings and get back to work. Might have taken me a couple of minutes a couple of times today, but I managed to muscle through the rest of the day.

I came home and sat on the sofa and browsing through my phone for a few minutes before going and getting cleaned up. The shower wasn’t very warm, or maybe I was just cold and so it didn’t feel very warm. I dunno. I ate cold pizza for dinner – don’t look at me like that, I actually enjoy cold pizza. Then I started watching White Collar until Fiks got home. Then we watched a few a couple of Drunk History and then the new Zefranks video before I came to bed.


I woke up with this stuck in my head, not a bad song to have in your head. I looked at my watch and it was only 6, so I turned my audio book back in and rolled over to go back to sleep. I must have dozed because I heard Fiks’ alarms go off and him typing away on his work phone. Then after a bit he kissed me goodbye and I went back to sleep, for like 15 minutes. I got up and moved to the sofa after getting my yogurt and watched Secrets of the Zoo Down Under. When it was time I went and got dressed and made my lunch and went to work.

I walked into the clinic and must have stepped on something sticky, because my shoes kept sticking to the floor. I was checking my shoes and couldn’t see anything, and I did pull out some stones, thinking they were it, but they weren’t the culprits. A was in a mood because she snapped at me about it. So I stopped trying to room and cleaned off both my shoes and they stopped sticking to the floor.

The day was rough. I was having problems with the tech from yesterday and with A. I tried to keep my stuff together, I really did, but I ended up having a breakdown in one of the rooms with one of the doctors. Fucking great. She was very nice and understanding, let me stay in the room for a little bit and collect myself.

I kinda sorta sorted it out with the other tech throughout the day. I cleaned surgery after I came back from lunch and then we had a mass removal surgery, followed by another mass removal surgery, which was one big mass and a lot of little masses. That doctor fell behind on appointments, so we were scrambling the rest of the afternoon. But we made it through. Stayed behind for a while and then I came home and got cleaned up and ordered Chinese for dinner.

Chinese showed up and I ate dinner while watching White Collar until Fiks came home, then we watched the most recent episodes of The Book of Boba Fett. Good episodes, if a little bit weird with the graphics. No spoilers tho. We chatted for a little bit before he started playing video games and I went to bed.


Woke up with this playing in my head after Fiks kissed me goodbye this morning. Well, a version of this and American pie, but I know this version way better. Plus, it’s not a second 10 minutes long music video on the same blog. I didn’t want to get out of bed, because it was cold and I was all warm and snuggly. But eventually I did. I got dressed and went to the grocery store. But first I hit up the gas station.

People are dumb. The gas station I go to has extra long hoses so you can pump on either side. Well, people decided to totally block a set of pumps so you couldn’t get to the other side to use the extra long hoses. So I waited behind a car who stopped pumping. And waiting. And waiting. Waited 5 minutes for this woman to get out of her car to remove the hose so I could go. I’m usually not an inpatient person, but apparently this morning I was.

After filling up at the gas station I went into the grocery store and waddled around, gathering what I did (and did not) need for the week. Then I went to my parent’s house and gave Mom her birthday present early. I got her the entire series of Boardwalk Empire.

She was super excited. Poppa came out and helped me stuff the ice cream into the freezers. Then Mom and I sat down and watched TV and chatted for a while. Then it was time for me to head home and unload the groceries and put them away. Doing this made me realize I hasn’t put away all of last week’s groceries. Sheesh.

I was hungry so I got myself a snack of procuitto and cheese with Ritz crackers. I turned on White Collar, waiting to start the movie with my Cousin. We decided to change movies, and we ended up watching Johnny English. I was laughing basically the whole time, and talking with my cousin. We set up the next movie and then said our goodbyes. I’m hoping that they get some sleep tonight.

I moved the laundry and took down one of the Christmas ornaments boxes. Then I watched White Collar for longer than I’d like to admit. I took down the rest of the boxes, wanting a break from White Collar and needing to move. Finally at last the Christmas stuff has been put away. Even the stockings! (I usually forget those guys). I got a quick nap in then I woke up hungry, so I just made left over Chinese for dinner, and informed Fiks of my dinner choices. I didn’t feel too bad considering he had a burrito at 530 pm. He came home at a decent time and then we watched the last episode of Hawkeye. Then he introduced me to The Legends of Vox Machina. I was laughing instantly.


I woke up to a grumpy Fiks leaving hella early. I couldn’t really get back to sleep so I went and got some breakfast and turned on Secrets of the Zoo Down Under and managed to get some dozing time before it was time to get dressed and head into work. I got to work on time and started rocking and rolling. The day went fine, I’m not really sure how to describe the day without going into too much detail. But yeah, I came home afterwards and got cleaned up and went to go make dinner (shrimp pasta dish) to find out they had sent me the card and the shrimp, but the wrong bag of ingredients. I was really looking forward to the shrimp dish all afternoon. I didn’t really know what to do with what I had, so I ended up ordering Togos for Fiks and myself.

Fiks actually got home at a really good time last night, but since he’d been awake since ass crack early I couldn’t blame him for being tired. We finished the episode of White Collar I was watching, then we watched more Vox Machina before we browsed through shows and trying to find something to watch. I think we ended up watching a YouTube video or two before heading to bed.


I woke up when Fiks left this morning, still early, but not as early as yesterday, and since I didn’t have to make lunch so I was able to get a little bit more sleep before heading into work. Work was okay, kinda slow but steady. And there were a couple of puppies today, so that was good. I talked with one of the doctors about ankle injuries. She had to have surgery last year because she tripped and fell and broke her ankle. And I had this going through my head all fing morning.

But since it was only a half day I went over to my parents house and said hi to Mom and Lumi, made myself a sandwich before Poppa came down and said hi to him. We sat down and watched this horse movie that Mom was watching. It was the typical “girl finds barn, gets job at barn, mom bans barn, horse gets in danger and girl comes back, girl wins the show, mom says barn is okay” kind of movie. The riding was horrible in it, but at least some of the horses were cute. We said goodbye and I swung by the station to say hi to Fiks. I was told that he had to run out to unlock someone from their truck, so he was going to be a couple of hours. I dropped off his snicker bars and made my way home.

I came home and got cleaned up and then I curled up to take a nap and watch some White Collar. Well, I never got my nap, but I did get a nice rest in so that was good. I also made dinner, which was shrimp and salad, good but not very filling. So I told Fiks to pick something up on his way home in addition too, and then it was time for gaming.

Gaming has been fun so far. I got to use a spell I haven’t used before (speak with plants), asked them a couple of questions and got information out of them. And since they were mushrooms they wanted me to pick some of them, so I did. Man, I thought I messed with things by casting call lightning, we just had someone basically summon a black hole. I think I just killed us all…. 😦 I didn’t! Yay!


I didn’t have the best time sleeping last night, I woke up numerous times and had difficulty getting back to sleep. I woke up when Fiks got up and out of bed. I gave up half hour later and went and got some breakfast, turned on Secrets of the Zoo Down Under and managed to fall back to sleep for almost another hour. Then I went and got up and dressed and got Fiks to move his car so I could leave.

I got to my parents house and my Brother and Niece were there with Mom watching cartoons. We talked a little bit about the session last night, and I apologized for almost killing the entire party with my storm spell. He laughed and said he was fine with it, especially since he’s the one who died during that fight because of the storm spell. I felt a little bit better about it.

After Brother and Niece left, Mom and I watched and finished Downton Abby. Well, I think she finished it, I fell asleep during the last episode. I woke up at the end. I’ve watched it enough that I have the story in my mind, so I didn’t feel bad sleeping through it. I put on the Olympics for Mom, but we couldn’t find any figure skating on, so I put it on an animal shoe for her, kissed her goodbye and came home.

One I got home I kissed Fiks, fed the fish because I couldn’t remember if I did it before I left or not, grabbed some snacks and iced tea and watched White Collar. Fiks was busy playing Herizon Zero Dawn on his computer for a while before he got frustrated and hungry and stopped. We’ve been watching YouTube videos ever since. I just started the first load of laundry.

After we got bored of YouTube I put it on Drunk History for a while. Then it was time to head over to my sister’s house and have dinner. So I grabbed the next load of laundry and started that before we went to my sister’s house. Mom and Poppa were already there.

We went in and said hi and we ate some cooked brie with olalaberry jam. My Sister called it brie and blood. It was tasty. My Brother and his family showed up and then it was a short wait until dinner. Chicken and rice casserole. It was good. Then we played Take That for 10 minutes while Mom’s birthday ice cream cake was defrosting.

Take That involves all these ping pong balls, and more that was stuck under furniture. We stopped and ate ice cream cake and wished Mom a happy birthday. Then my Brother, Niece and Sister in law left for the night. Fiks and I followed shortly afterwards.

We came home and Fiks flopped on the sofa for a while. I moved the laundry so I had clean scrubs for the rest of the week. And hopefully Fiks will keep the laundry moving tomorrow.

Alright, I’m going to call it here.

~ Just keep swimming ~

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