Sultans of Sleep…. for a change… (Week 6)


I didn’t sleep well last night, hence the problem of waking up this morning. I eventually got up and moved to the kitchen for breakfast then the sofa for Secrets of the Zoo Down Under. I fell asleep instead and woke up scrambling to get to work. Technically I was there early, but in my mind I was late. I wanted to get there between 10 past and 15 past, got there at 25 past. I’m going to have to improve to get there earlier over the next couple of weeks.

I asked if I could learn how to do patient intake, and it was approved by A, so I watched as the first patient was brought in, and did the second one with supervision. I think my phrasing was poor and it’s been bugging me all day. I mean the message got across, I just don’t like how I said said message. But the rest of intake went fine.

I kept doing little screw ups throughout the day; taking temps without giving people a heads up seemed to be this big one. You think I would know that and have it down by now. Maybe it’s because I’m tired from not good sleep. I also got taught a new hold, and when I tried to get ready to apply it and the dog flipped out my opportunity got taken away. Frustrating as fuck.

A went home early, not feeling great. I got to help the other techs with blood draws and placing an iv catheder in a patient. I just held, but still, experience is experience. I’m learning, I’m just coming to realize that I think I’m slow at it. Which is annoying. I’m book smart, but application seems to be slow. But the morning and afternoon went fairly well.

Awww damn it. I just realized that I didn’t take a photo of dinner tonight. Oh well. Not like you guys need to see what I’m eating, right? It was broccoli, rice, and ground beef with spicy Korean sauce. It was good. After dinner I went and got cleaned up and Fiks jumped onto the computer to join his other gaming group. I stayed on the sofa and watched White Collar until they were done gaming, then Fiks came over and we started watching YouTube videos until it was time to go to bed.


I slept okay last night, which was nice. The new pillows are really comfy and firm at the same time. So between sleeping on my stuffed animals and the new pillow my head is set for comfy-ness. I woke up to a kiss from Fiks asking me to wake up and move the truck so he could head to work, so I got up and moved the truck and he left for work. I came back in the house and finished watching Secrets of the Zoo Down Under while eating a yogurt. I started Dr. Oakley again, just the new episodes tho. I slept on the sofa for a while, not needing to be at work at the same time because I had a doctors appointment this morning. It didn’t go well.

After my appointment I got up and got dressed for work and made myself lunch and headed into the clinic. The whole atmosphere was tense when I walked in, and it stayed tense until basically the day was done. The new girl, S, started today. She’s training with L, so I didn’t really get a chance to interact with her until the end of the day. She seems nice. I folded packs while K and B cleaned up for the evening, which was a nice change of pace.

I came home and ordered pizza for dinner and got cleaned up. While I was waiting for dinner to show up I turned on White Collar and started browsing through Facebook. Gotta catch up on my friends and news some how. I called and talked to my parents, and my Mom was freaking out. One of the smoke detectors went off and scared her because she can’t really smell anymore. I drove down and made sure there was no fire or smell of smoke in the house. The only smells I could smell was house. At the base of the driveway across the street there was a house with a fire going, so we (Poppa, Fiks, and I) figured that the smoke from them got into the house and set off one detector out of 4. Once Mom was okay and calmed down Fiks and I came home.

We started watching YouTube videos until it was time to go to bed. I read my book for a while, and then I turned on my audio book and went to sleep.


Man, today was a doozy. I woke up late, so I didn’t have a chance to make my lunch before heading to work. The atmosphere was tense again. One of the doctors was throughly pissy, A was her usual self, and it was just a frantic day. Lots of rooming clients and not so much giving injections and working in the back like I wanted. Oh well. I just kept going with the pace that was set to the best of my ability. I called and wished my Mom a happy birthday on my lunch and we chatted for a while. She was going out with her girl friends to dinner tonight.

I went back in and helped clean up surgery and did a couple of other things to stay out of trouble. I started rooming clients when it was time. There was one client whos cat disappeared for a week. The cat was literally skin and bones and looked horrible. I told the vet what was going on and she walked in, came out a few minutes later saying we were putting the cat to sleep. Its been one of the few times I haven’t gotten upset over putting a pet to sleep. She needed to be put to rest. The rest of the day was a blur, just rushing to keep everyone happy and roomed.

When the day was done I came home and ate a cookie while responding and reading emails before getting cleaned up. I had pizza for lunch, so I didn’t want to do left over pizza for dinner. Instead I did prosciutto and cheese and crackers for dinner. I turned on White Collar, worked on this, and grabbed my book to read for a while. Fiks came home after a while and then we watched the new episode of Book of Boba Fett.

After Boba Fett we sat and talked for a while over something I kind of regret doing. Then we watched some TicTok on his phone for a bit before I gave up and went to bed to read my book for a little while.


I didn’t wake up with a song stuck in my head today, so that was a little weird. Nice, but weird. I had Fiks kissed me goodbye, then I got out of bed and went to get my yogurt and turned on Dr Oakley for a while. I went to go get dressed and couldn’t find a whole matching scrub set, so I went through the baskets looking for a full set of scrubs and grumbling about us not doing our laundry. I eventually came up with a full set of scrubs, it wasn’t the perfect set, but it works. So I gathered my things and made my lunch and made it down the mountain.

I was 2 minutes late today, but thankfully A wasn’t there, so I didn’t get into trouble. I started to stock drawers and shelves, and when the clients start coming in I start to room them. The day was okay, there were lots of us working, even despite A not being there, so we weren’t falling behind or scrambling to keep up. The day went fine, and then I got this song stuck in my head.

Just the chorus. Because we had a FELIV + cat go in a room, so we weren’t allowed anymore cats in that room. And so this came and stuck in my head. All. Ficking. Day. But at least it wasn’t the cat room, so we were still able to room patients in there. So we weren’t down a room technically since dogs still could go into that room. The afternoon flew by. I was rooming, I was helping the doctors with xrays and holding animals and giving injections. I guess it made up for yesterday. There were four of us there to close, so L said that I could leave if I wanted to since it was after 5 and we were working on closing duties. I made sure it was okay and took off.

I picked up Chinese on my way home and sat with a bowl of food and watched White Collar, squirting soy sauce over my scrubs. Great. Then I went and got cleaned up and watched some more White Collar and read my book for a while. I’m waiting for Fiks to get home. Fiks got home kinda late, but we were able to watch some Disenchantment and a couple of YouTube videos before I went to bed.


I didn’t want to wake up today. I stayed in bed as late as I could. I then gave up and got dressed, grabbed the grocery list and then I headed down the mountain towards town and the grocery store. I waited a few minutes for a phone call that I was expecting. The phone call went well. I’ll give details at a later time. But once I was done I went into the store and got what we needed for the week, and then I headed over to my parents house. I picked up the garbage cans for Poppa and brought them up. I grabbed my cold and frozen groceries and went in the house and then I put them in the fridge and freezer.

I went in and said hi to Mom, Poppa and Lumi came and met me at the fridge. Mom was watching one of her TV shows and Poppa went back into his man cave, so Mom and I chatted for a little while. And we watched some of the Olympics. We watched some speed skating and watch a dude from the Netherlands set a new world record, so that I was pretty cool to see. Then it was time for me to come home and watch a movie with my Cousin. So I grabbed my groceries and ice cream (much to Poppa’s disappointment) and made my way home.

I unloaded my stuff and put my cold and frozen stuff away. I set up the movie (Johnny English Returns) and waited for my Cousin to call me. So I went browsing for footwear. Didn’t find what I wanted, and when I did it wouldn’t get here in a decent amount of time, so that totally sucks. We tried calling each other a couple of times, decided that our phones were both being dumb, and rebooted them. The last call was successful. So yay! We chatted for a bit and then we started the movie. Oh my god, I was laughing through the whole thing. Its so good. Rowan Atkinson is so great at physical comedy.

After the movie we set it up for next week and then I did some puttering before turning on White Collar and taking a nap. I mostly dozed. I got a text from my sister asking for my help, so after I woke up I went over to her place to help her. I originally was there to help with plants, but then she said one of her kitties, Merlin, wasn’t acting right. So we chased him out from under the bed and I took a quick once over of him. He seemed fine, just not wanting to be social or eat apparently. We decided that he might have a tummy ache and not be hungry or something. I finally got around to moving my sisters plants, pouring water on my feet as I pulled the plant out of the sink and then I waddled it over to where it lived. We sat and chatted for a while, and I finally had someone excited for my news that I had, but I can’t share yet.

Afterwards I came home and tried to read for a little while, but couldn’t get into it, so I turned on Good Omens because we’ve been watching a lot of David Tennant/Crowley videos on YouTube at night. I watched the first episode then got up and started cooking dinner. Pesto shrimp and couscous. It turned out really well.

I got another episode of Good Omens mostly done before Fiks got home. But he likes the show too so we finished the episode we were watching. Then we turned on Vox Machina. We were expecting one episode, then there were two, then there were three! So we stayed up and watched that.


I slept pretty good last night, so that was nice. I woke up to a kiss from Fiks saying he was heading into work. I gave him his mumbles and grumbles and then rolled back over to sleep. I woke up and rolled over and looked at my phone and saw it was 730, so I rolled back over and went back to sleep for another 30 minutes. I got up and grabbed a cinnamon roll for breakfast and watched some more Dr. Oakley while I woke up. I then got up and dressed and headed down the mountain to work.

I got there and saw that I beat one of the techs there, or so I thought. I roomed the first client of the day then I was told by A that it was just V, A, and myself to work today, so I needed to room quickly. So I roomed as quickly as I could. It felt like I was rooming everyone today except at the end, so I guess that was nice? I had A chew me out for things which I didn’t do, or that I am not the only one who is not doing things correctly.

When work was done I went over and hung out with Mom for a little while, waiting for my Sister to show up. We watched the Olympics for a while, and it was cross country skiing (I think), it was uphill and down hill on a massive track and that they had 4 skiers for. We made a sandwich and shared it, and I told my Mom “Happy Anniversary”. Her and Poppa have been married for 50 years today! Crazy! Super proud of them too. Once my sister showed up she sat and chatted for a little while and then we all left for our adventures of the afternoon.

I went to the station to say hi to Fiks for a while. He was busy when I first got there, so I just waited and then he waved me back into his office. He kept running in and out as drivers came back, getting them to sign paperwork. Oh! I found this really cool article where someone did a prosthetic leg on a horse. Wish I had saved it now that I think about it. Fiks turned on some Monty Python (Always look on the bright side of life), so I stayed and listened to that and then I made my way home.

I got home and got cleaned up, had a snack, and watched/dozed to White Collar. After a while I got hungry, so I warmed up Chinese and ate that while watching the show and browsed Facebook.

I dunno what Etsy is going at, but I’m not sure how to react to it. Fiks said it misunderstood when we went from the London Dungeon back in October. But I’ve NEVER looked at something even closely related to that. The rest of the recommendations are for stuffed animals and jewelry, which yes, I have looked at. Big shock there. I was working on this and watching Good Omens when Fiks came back home, I was happily surprised. A little late if we were gaming, but a decent time compared to the rest of the week. He went and got cleaned up and I cleaned the kitchen (bad timing, I know), then we kept watching Good Omens until it was almost bed time, then we searched YouTube and watched a couple of videos there before I went to bed. He stayed up and watched one or two more without me and then came to bed. His head hits the pillow and he’s out, its absolutely disgusting to me. I have to take pills and read for half hour 45 minutes before I’m even close to falling asleep. And last night I had a hard time falling asleep, but once I got there I was good.


I woke up and had a cinnamon roll before going and getting dressed to head over to my parents house to keep Mom company while Poppa was at church. We watched Young Frankenstein for most of the movie, probably miss the first 15-20 minutes of it. But its a great movie if you haven’t seen it yet.

After that was over The Book Of Life came on, and we watched that for a while, until Mom wanted it back on the Olympics. After a while I left to come home but I had to make a couple of stops first. I swung by a feed store and picked something up for next week. Then I made my way home and swung by the locally owned grocery store and picked up some chips and a Valentines day card for Mom to give to Poppa. I also got some girl scout cookies: thin mints and lemonades.

Then I came home and switched from shorts into a short dress because its bloody hot. My Sister brought over the dip ingredients and then I made said dip, because today we are heading over to my Brother’s house to watch the Super Bowl… or Superb Owl as Fiks likes to say. I like the Puppy bowl myself…

I can’t believe how much this dog looks like my brother’s first dog, Scruffy. I got lost in my book and forgot to poke Fiks about coming home from amtgard on time. But I remembered to around 240, and when I did he was already in the car heading home. He got home soon enough and went and got cleaned up. We picked up my sister on the way over to my brother’s house. After picking her up we swung by the market and got some beer for the boys.

We got to my Brother’s house right behind my parents. We all bailed out at the same time and followed my mom up the stairs. We all got inside for the start of the game. We all sat and ate snacks while watching the game. My Brother started the BBQ at the end of the 1st quarter. He cooked sausages, garlic burger sliders, and corn. There was also fruit salad. I might have been bad and had 3 sliders and some fruit salad.

We’ve been cheering for the Bangles, and they just lost to the Rams. Oh well. Yup, the Rams just ran the clock down, so they’re the winners. We didn’t stay around too much longer after the game was over. We came home and did chores, nothing fun. Moving laundry, taking out the garbage and recycling, you know, those boring chores. Fiks worked on the fish tank a little bit too, so that was nice.

Alright, I’m going to leave it here for the week.

~Just Keep Swimming~

One thought on “Sultans of Sleep…. for a change… (Week 6)

  1. I hope you can start getting some good sleep. My partner, like yours, can fall asleep in like 5 minutes. I have a whole routine I have to do, plus medication. Falling asleep isn’t such a big issue for me, but waking up at like 2:30 or 3:30 a.m. and not falling back asleep is like something I’ve been battling for a year +. It’s improved some because I added yet another medication. I hate taking it but not sleeping was making me seriously crazy. BTW, we love Young Frankenstein! No idea how many times we’ve watched it. Always funny! Hopefully, your week is off to a good start.


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