Happy Valentines Day…(Week 7)


Happy Valentines Day!

I slept pretty good (for me at least) last night. I had a hard time waking up, which was okay I guess. I moved to the sofa after getting a cinnamon roll and watched some Dr. Oakley while I woke up. Then I went and got dressed and woke Fiks up so he could move his car out of the way so that I could leave. We said Happy Valentines Day to each other and then I jumped into the truck and got on my way to work.

I got to work right on the dot after changing my shoes, which worked out fine. I helped do a patient intake again, and then I learned how to do call backs. I got tongue tied a few times, gave out the wrong phone numbers, you know, all the good rookie moves. But at least I learned how to do them, which is something I’ve wanted to learn for a while. The day was rocking and rolling, and went by fairly quickly. A could barely walk today tho, so that was kind of sucky. I really wish she would just retire so she would stop putting herself in so much pain every day she does work. All of us techs tried to keep helping her as much as we could as we did our other jobs.

I got done with work and texted Fiks that I was on the way home, and forgot to get gas on my way home. So I decided that if we went out tonight that I would get gas then. I came home and walked into the house looking for Fiks and found him in the bathroom shaving.

We talked about what we wanted to do tonight, and decided on dinner and a movie. I booked us seats for Death on the Nile at the local cinema, then once he was done with his Mrs. Doubtfire impersonation I jumped into the shower and he went and started cooking dinner. I got cleaned up and jumped into a dress, and went to go help Fiks in the kitchen. But the chicken was wrong and it was bad, so I went to the local market and picked up the smallest chicken breasts I could find. Still two frickin’ inches thick it seemed, maybe more. But it took forever to cook them, like 20-25 minutes instead of the 14 that it was originally meant to be. We ate dinner when it was done and watched some Drunk History and then it was time to rush to the theater.

We jumped in the truck after I cleared out the passenger seat, I still need to clean it up some more. Sigh. Anyway, down to the cinema we went. Once we got there we waited in line for our tickets and bought some snacks and drinks before heading to the screen.

No spoilers outside the fact that Fiks and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We came home and did some laundry and exchanged cards and gifts. This year we didn’t get each other the same cards, yay! But the one he got me made me smile and laugh. I got him a video game enhancer for his Nintendo Switch, so we sat and I watched him play for a while before heading to bed and reading my book for a while. Fiks came in not too long after me and then we went to sleep.

Oh! I also started a new book on Sunday. I started The Christie Affair. Its a historical fiction based on the disappearance of Agatha Christie, and I’ve always loved her books. It was kind of cool to be reading a book on her and see one of her books come to life on the big screen.


I woke up in the middle of the night thirsty, so I filled up my water bottle and crawled back into bed next to Fiks. He woke me up with a kiss and it was time for me to get up and get the truck out of the way so he could leave for work. I parked the truck and came back in and ate the last cinnamon roll before curling up and watching Dr. Oakley. When it was time I went and got dressed and my sister came over so I could give her a ride to her hair dresser on the way to work. We chatted while I was making my lunch, and we kept chatting on the way to her hair dresser about cars. Hers broke down on Saturday. I dropped her off and made my way to work.

Today was a little…chaotic/hectic/stressful. I can’t really put my finger on as to why, we were fully staffed. Maybe it was just the atmosphere in the air. There was a lot of bickering and bitching between the techs and the Doctors. I got into trouble for something that I didn’t do, so I snapped back (which I normally don’t do), and got myself out of trouble. I spent the rest of the day on edge, wary of what was being said around me. I don’t know why, but I was. I did my best the rest of the day, ran a blood test at the end while cleaning. Then once we were done I said my goodbyes and headed home.

I came home and got cleaned up and made myself dinner, which was left over garlic burgers from Sunday. Still so good. I turned on White Collar for a while, during which time I worked on this and waited for Fiks to come home. Fiks got home early (for him) tonight, so that was nice. We watched some TV and YouTube videos before I went to bed.


Woke up with this stuck in my head, which was better than “We don’t talk about Bruno” for a change. I got up and grabbed my yogurt and started watching Dr. Oakley before going and getting dressed for work. I was running behind, but I still made my lunch and then went to work. I got to work 2 minutes late.

Wednesdays just suck. We’re running on a skeleton crew basically, and we’re always busy. A was in a fine and bitchy mood today, and I seemed to take the brunt of it. I try to be nice to her, but I’m starting to realize she’s not worth anything anymore. I’m meant to take a class that I took last year, and failed, where I have skills signed off on. I’m highly doubting that she’d be willing to help me pass. I’m really struggling with my desire to stay there. I seem to be constantly screwing up or getting blamed for other peoples screw ups, only one person seems to like me, I don’t think I can outlast A to her retirement. I’m just tired of her attitude towards me. I’m tired of the clinic. I dunno, maybe I’m just tired from the day. I’m not even upset about her anymore, I’m just…burned out I guess.

I went over to my sisters house on my way home. We chatted for a while, I told her what was going on at work and we talked about my options. I told her how I was feeling. I possibly have a few more options that I was feeling earlier today. Then we talked about her car shopping. Sounds like a stressful time that I don’t want to go through right now with everything else. Sounds like she had the best time at the Audi dealership.

I came home and got cleaned up and then I put our box meals away for the week. I ate the last of the garlic burgers (Fiks had 4 and chicken nuggets last night), and I turned on White Collar and worked on this for a while. I ended up finishing White Collar, there were only 6 episodes in the final season, which I didn’t realize. I browsed around trying to find a new show to start. I didn’t start a new show, I ended up watching Good Omens while waiting for Fiks to come home. He came home pretty close to the beginning of the episode, so we finished the episode and then we watched Disenchantment until it was time for me to go to bed. I kissed Fiks goodnight and went and read my book before falling asleep.


Today was hard and sucked. I woke up already anxious, stressed out from yesterday I think. And Fiks being grumpy when he got home last night probably didn’t help. Anyway, I slept okay last night, a little tossing and turning. I got up with my alarm and got dressed for work, made my lunch, and headed down the mountain to work. I didn’t stay at work too long, needing to leave for reasons. The rest of the day I don’t really want to talk about.

I came home and watched Big Bang Theory for a while and got a nap in, so that was nice. I went over and talked to my Sister’s where we chatted and went over interview stuff. I came home and studied for a while on horses. I will not have stored the proper information for what I will need to know for tomorrow. I ordered Chinese for dinner and ate that, and waited for FIks to come home from work so we could finish Good Omens.

Again, I ❤ David Tennant.

We finished that show and then Fiks went and jumped in the shower to get cleaned up. I waited to watch a couple of YouTube videos that we wanted to watch. Then Fiks jumped onto his Switch and played Breath Of The Wild, so I sat and read my book before heading to bed.


Today I woke up early and exited for the day. I was dressed in a nice scrub top and long sleeved under armor and a pair of jeans. I put on my new paddock boots and did my best to clean the nail polish off my nails (its still on when you hit certain angles with light) as I waited for my sister to come over. Once we were ready we jumped into the truck and then we went to where she wanted me to drop her off in town and then I headed off to the vet clinic for my interview.

I hadn’t been there for a while. My directions took me this weird way, through all these country and farm roads, having me arrive from the west instead of the east which is the way I’m used to. But I got there early, I killed a little time in the truck before heading into the clinic and checking in. I worked at scratching the nail polish off my nails, I got some off. Then my interview crew arrived, so we worked our way around the clinic to this tiny room that the 3 of us barely fit in. I’m not so sure how that part went, I feel like it went well, I also feel like I shot myself in the foot with something. I guess I’ll find out next week how much damage I actually did.

After I was done I made my way to my parents house. I liked the directions home better than I did going there, so if I get the job I’ll probably go back that way. Once I got there my Sister was there and decided that her and Poppa were taking my truck and I was taking the Mom and Lumi grocery shopping. I only needed a few things, so I went and was as quick as possible since I had left Mom and Lumi in the car. I got Mom settled at my Sisters house (she wanted to watch figure skating, not Johnny English), and then I came home and got my frozen stuff put away and settle into watching mode.

My Cousin was running behind because they were craving donuts late at night, and apparently they have a Krispy Kreame over there where she lives. Lucky. So they went and got donuts with the kids in the car. I just needed to wait for them to get back. Which was quicker than anticipated because I was still working on this and had Big Bang Theory going on in the background. My Cousin called me and I scrambled to get up and throw the movie in the player. We chatted for a little bit while I was doing this then it was go time. The third Johnny English movie wasn’t nearly as funny as the second one ,just a FYI. After Johnny English was over I went back to Big Bang and took a nap for a while.

After I woke up from my nap I went over to my Sisters to see if she’d returned (she hadn’t), and how Mom was doing with the animals. She had also started Raya and the Last Dragon, cute movie, I enjoy it every time that I watch it, so it was cool watching it with her.

While we were watching Raya we deiced to get the food out for dinner, a frozen pasta dish. I turned on the oven and waited for it to get warm before throwing the pasta dish in there. It took basically 2 hours to cook. I should have pulled it out to defrost when I first dropped Mom off, but oh well, lesson learned for next time. After Raya we started watching Hamilton.

I told Fiks that it was dinner at my sisters house, so he came over after he was done with work and watched Hamilton with us while eating dinner which was finally done. At the half way mark my Poppa and Sister finally came walking in. She found herself a nice car. Expensive, but nice from the paperwork. The car wasn’t at the dealership, it is coming up from Beverly Hills, so I guess its going to take a few days to organize to get it up to this dealership she was at all day.


I didn’t sleep really well last night, lots of tossing and turning. I got up after Fiks kissed me goodbye and before my alarm, grabbed a cinnamon roll and turned on Dr. Oakley for a while. When it was time I got up and got dressed and headed down the mountain to work.

I got to work with a couple of minutes to spare. We weren’t super busy today, and I did my best to stay out of A’s way, but it didn’t always work. We weren’t super busy today, not having a lot of appointments tech or for the vets. We realized it was Presidents Day Weekend so we are figuring that was the reason we weren’t busy.

After work I went over to my parents house to pick up Mom to bring her and Lumi up to my Sister’s house. I went in and said hi to Mom, and Poppa came out from around the corner. We ended up switching vehicles around, Mom has an easier time getting into the car than the truck. We loaded them up and off we went. We pulled up to my Sisters and she came out and helped me with Mom and Lumi, getting them into her place. After making sure that they were all settled in I made my way over to my house.

I came in and got cleaned up, and had some left over pizza from lunch the day before. I turned on Big Bang and watched that for a while, managing to get a nap in for a little bit. Then my Sister brought Lumi over (so he wasn’t locked in a room while they weren’t there, because she has 2 cats), and they went to the grocery store while we stayed behind. I must have drifted off because Lumi woke me up with his barking at my door. My Sister had come over to collect him.

I watched a little more Big Bang and then I heard Poppa backing the truck up, so I went out and he handed over the keys. I backed the truck into the garage and then watched another episode or two of Big Bang and then I started making dinner. It was a chicken pasta dish that I forgot to take picture of. But Fiks came home while I was cooking it, so we managed to have dinner together while watching YouTube videos. Fiks then jumped on the Switch and started playing Legends of Hyrule. There is even a two player mode so I got to play for 2 missions, so that was fun. Fiks didn’t play too much longer after I stopped playing, then we both decided it was time to go to bed.


I didn’t sleep very well last night again. I started having muscle spasms in the middle of the night, so I had to go jump into the shower and soak under the hot water for a while. I then crawled back into bed and slept for a little while before waking up tossing and turning. I gave up around 7 and got out of bed and grabbed a cinnamon roll and turned on Big Bang and dozed on the sofa for a while. Fiks came out around 830, so he sat down on the sofa with me for a while before we started watching more Vox Machina. After 2 episodes it was time for me to go get dressed and leave to Mom’s house.

I got to my parents house and my Brother and Niece were there keeping Mom company. After the cartoon episode was over, Brother and Niece left and it was just Mom and myself. We watched some of the Great British Bake off for the rest of the morning, both of us managing to get a nap in. I helped her with a couple of things around the house and then it was time for me to leave for my eyebrow appointment.

I got there early, so I sat and played on my phone for a while, and waited for my turn. It wasn’t the same girl as last time, but they seem to have a really high turn over rate there, so I wasn’t totally surprised. The girl who did my eyebrows did a good job. I made my way home afterwards and had a snack after saying hi to Fiks. I turned on Big Bang and had a snack with some iced tea and just sort of flopped around on the sofa for a while. Fiks is busy on his computer playing Horizon Zero Dawn.

We’re doing dinner over at my Sister’s house in a little while. Tacos. We went over when it was time and Mom and Poppa had beaten us there, making margaritas and watching the Olympics on Peacock. After my Brother and his family showed up we did tacos, which turned out pretty good, but its hard to screw up tacos. We kept watching the Olympics throughout dinner and after dinner, and during “take that”, the game not the band. The night was fairly uneventful except for when Lumi started chasing on of my Sister’s cats. Then I had to tackle him to get him to stop chasing the cat. He got a time out afterwards.

I think I’m going to leave it there for this week.

~Just keep swimming~

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