Back to our regularly scheduled blog… (Week 9)


Hi from Monday!

Sorry about the lack of a blog last week. We had a family problem come up and I was just a wreck. I didn’t want to bring anyone else down.

(Don’t ask me about why Christine looks like that, I have no idea)

I didn’t sleep well last night, so I tried to sleep in and failed. My Sister shot me a text asking me to call her, so I got up and called her and found out that she had discovered her answer to her question. Fiks got up with me and he fixed both of us a cup of tea. Fiks’ little brother, D, met up with us yesterday, so he woke up too and had a couple cups of tea with us. I went over to my sister’s house after tea and we talked for a bit before I came back home. Fiks and D came up with a plan while I was gone.

We jumped into Fiks’ car and headed over the nearest Walmart to pick something up for his brother. The drive was pretty good and we got there in one piece, so yay. We grabbed our masks and headed into Walmart and to the electronics section. While we were browsing there were 4 employees in the section. The second we wanted to buy something they all disappeared. The person that came to help wasn’t from the electronic section so she was good but kinda lost at the same time. After Walmart we ran across the parking lot to Best Buy and picked something up for Fiks then we started our way home.

We decided since it was still burger week we’d go to a local burger place for lunch. But first we swung by the station for Fiks to pick something up that was delivered there for him. Then we headed off to burgers.

Fiks managed to fit his little car in the last parking spot next to the restaurant. We walked in and looked at the menus for a bit before ordering. They used to do famous/fictional people who’d been arrested for your table number which was always fun; now they just hand you a numbered buzzer. I went and got a table outside while the boys waited and got their beers before coming out and joining me. We talked about traveling and our trip to England and Ireland last year. Once burgers were consumed we made our way home.

The boys jumped onto their computers and I turned on Spiderman: Into The Spider verse.

Spider-Man GIF by Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse - Find & Share on GIPHY

I actually took a nap during the movie, missing probably the second half of it. But I woke up while end credits were rolling, then checked on the boys. They were both still playing on their computers, so I turned on Big Bang Theory and started working on this.

I went over to my sister’s house for a bit and got an update on everything. I helped get mom settled and then I came back home. I asked Fiks and D what they wanted for dinner and they voted for Chinese, so I ordered dinner and watched big bang until it showed up.

Fiks and I jumped on the Chinese, D followed shortly after. It must have been a hit because it was all gone. D moved to the sofa with me and we looked for Dune, but I don’t know Fiks’ password to rent it. So we ended up watching the Legend of Vox Machina since D hasn’t seen it before. We spent the rest of the evening watching that.


I had a hard time falling asleep last night, but once I got there I was fine. I was slow to wake ul this morning, but when I did I went over to my sister’s house and checked on her and mom and getting and update. After hanging out with them for a while I went back home and curled up on the sofa and turned on Big Bang Theory. I managed to doze for a while. One of my coworkers texted me to see if I was coming in today, and I explained why I wasn’t.

D came out and then jumped in the shower. I went and got dressed during this time and I waited for him to be ready for breakfast before heading back to my sister’s house. She was taking a nap and mom was watching Downton Abby, so we sat and chatted quietly for a while, then I came home. D and I are currently watching Bug Bang while he plays on his computer and I work on this.

Big Bang Theory Wine GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

My sister brought Lumi over while her and Mom went out so he wouldn’t chase my sister’s cats. He goes over to D, thinking it’s Fiks and realized it wasn’t him and was unsure of him the rest of the time he was here. I waited for the phone call I’ve been waiting for, and that takes half an hour. But it answered some questions, so that was good. D went and took a nap while I was on the phone, so I curled up and took a nap after the phone call. Today has just been hard and stressful.

When D wakes up we order pizza for dinner and watch more Big Bang and wait for pizza to arrive. I took Lumi for a walk and he wasn’t very good, so I brought him back. He growled and barked and lunged at our neighbors and their kid, which is not okay. Thankfully we were basically home so I just brought him in the house.

My Sister let me know when her and Mom came back. My Brother also met us there. We got together and went over what needed to be done before next Friday. It’s a list. Hopefully we can get it done or at least make a dent in it. Fiks made it home before I came back from my Sister’s. Which is fine. I had some luke warm pizza and we turned on Drunk History and watched that for a while.

GIF by Drunk History - Find & Share on GIPHY


I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I gave up in bed and moved to the sofa for a while. Fiks woke me up and helped me to bed, where I crawled in and passed out. I slept until Fiks kissed me goodbye in the morning. Then I just dozed until my alarm went off. I got dressed and cleaned up and then I moved out to the sofa with my cup of yogurt and turned on Big Bang Theory for a while.

When it was time I got up and drove to work. K and L were excited (I think) to have me back. A was nice to me and even asked about how everything was going. The Doctors all asked if there was anything they could do to help. They said to take care of myself to take care of my family.

It wasn’t too bad of a day. Not super busy, a nice pace and everyone was helping with everything it felt like. It was just the 4 of us and the 2 doctors, but it was okay. I called and talked to Poppa on my lunch and he sounded good. It was a short conversation but good. It gave me enough motivation and positivity to get through the rest of the day.

I got home and D was dozing, so I went outside and did a few phone calls not to wake him up. I came back inside and said hi to him, he was on the sofa. We ordered dinner (sandwiches) and then I went and got cleaned up. We watched some more Big Bang and waited for dinner to show up. It showed up and we ate dinner, then my sister said that they were home, so I went over to her house for a little bit. We chatted for a while, went over the schedule and called and talked to Poppa again.

When we were done talking to Poppa I came back home and waited for Fiks to come home. I didn’t have to wait too horribly long. We watched some Big Bang Theory for a while and then I went to bed.


I slept pretty well last night. I didn’t wake up until Fiks’ phone started blowing up. Apparently the other manager was up sick all night and so Fiks had to go in early to work to get everything ready for the day. I dozed until my alarms went off and then I got dressed and moved to the sofa after grabbing some breakfast. I turned on Big Bang and watched that for a while before getting up and going to work.

I got to work on time and just puttered around, kinda feeling in a fog for some reason. I followed K out and watched a patient intake. Then I started to stock and fill stuff as L and S came in. Clients stared showing up and so we started rooming and doing appointments. The day was going pretty well and then it started to slow down and all of us started asking each other where S went. I figured I was just out of the loop. Nope. No one knew where she went. She grabbed her keys (because her car was gone) and left at some point in the morning. The manager called and texted her, and she never answered. I hope she’s okay.

I went to lunch and called and talked to Poppa. He sounded good, so that was nice. I called and talked to mom next, and read my book (The Deepest of Secrets) then I went back in. I started to help and then A sent me back out to lunch. I said I came back to help clean since S had gone missing, not a good enough answer. The doctor said thank you for thinking of everyone and the clinic, but go back to lunch. So I went back and talked to Fiks and then I read more of my book.

I went back in to work when my lunch was over and started cleaning the operating room. When I was done with the operating room I had to clean the dental table because they were done there too. Lots of cleaning to do in an hour. But I managed to get it done. Then it was time to start rooming again.The rest of the afternoon went fairly well and I had to stay behind to help close because S never came back. But we weren’t there too late so it was fine.

I came home to D and we talked for a few minutes before I went and got cleaned up. Then I went back out and asked D what he wanted for dinner; he wasn’t sure and neither was I, so we hung out on the sofa and watched Psych for a while.

Psych GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

We finally chose Chinese again. While waiting for the food to show up I went over to my sister’s house and hung out with Mom for a while. We called and talked to Poppa and he was doing really good. Then dinner showed up so I ran back home and ate dinner and hung out with Fiks and D for a bit before heading back over. Fiks and I walked Lumi who did great until a car passed then he lost his shit. Super frustrating. Fiks came back home and I hung out with Mom and got her settled into bed before saying goodnight and coming back. I got my ice cream out and sat down and watched more Psych with the boys until it was time for me to go to bed.


Not a huge surprise since we just watched the movie on Monday

I slept okay last night. D left to go back home when Fiks came to bed. I woke up around 430 to a text from D saying he got home safe, which is what we asked for. Then I just tossed and turned the rest of the night. I didn’t take all my sleeping pills because I needed to sleep lightly. But at least I got a good few hours of sleep.

Fiks woke me up with a kiss and then I snoozed my alarm and then when it went off again I got up and headed over to take care of Mom. She was already up and moving, so that’s good. I took Lumi for a walk and he did fine until a car past and lost his shit again. We went back to my Sisters and hung out until my Brother came over. We ate breakfast and I helped give Mom a shower and get dressed. Giving her a shower was like giving a horse a bath, I got soaking wet too. I made sure her and my Brother were okay before I came home and got changed.

I met them down at Home Depot and hung out with Mom while my Brother went inside to get boxes. We then went to my Parents House and unloaded the boxes. We let Lumi go and play in the field for a few minutes before heading back in. We hung out and watched TV before Lumi and I had to leave to get him to his groomer appointment. I made my way home after swinging by the local grocery store and getting a prosciutto and brie sandwich. I got home in time for my movie with my Cousin and we watched Newsies. Well, over there its called News Boys.

I don’t know how she got so far along without watching it, my Sister made us watch it all the time when it came out. She was (and might possibly be still) a Christian Bale fan. We didn’t really talk during this one because she hadn’t seen it. I hadn’t seen it in years and I still remembered most of the lyrics to the songs amazingly. Afterwards I turned on Big Bang Theory and took a nap to that. Then my Sister texted me to see if I was up to take care of Mom while she went to Scuba Diving class.

I was, so I did. My Sister got home before it was time to put Mom to bed, so that was nice. I came back home and Fiks and I hung out and until it was my bed time.


I slept pretty well last night. Fiks woke me up with a kiss and then I dozed until it was time to get up and have breakfast. I kinda over slept curled up on the sofa so I quickly got dressed and headed down to work. I got there and everything was fine to start. I started rooming people and then I was helping with tech appointments. A’s attitude towards me got worse and worse throughout the day. She got confused on an appointment. Then I couldn’t find a client because a receptionist wrote down the wrong parking spot, so she got mad at me for that. The dog was a little shit. He was going along fine then just lost his cool, turning and biting me, then at A. We went and got a towel and wrapped him in that while I trimmed the rest of his nails. We were done with clients and V and M were doing the vacuuming and the moping so I was running around doing little things when she yelled at me. I just got my stuff and left. I said goodbye to V and M and made my way home.

That’s basically how I felt about A at the end of the day. But…. I have 3 days without her, so that’ll be nice. I went and swung by my sisters and said hi to Mom and checked in on her for a while. I took Lumi for a walk but he wouldn’t go to the bathroom for me, so we came back home. I set everything up for Mom and made sure she was okay before I came home (she was). When I did get home I ate my half a sandwich from yesterday and watched Big Bang Theory for a while before jumping into the shower. I curled up and watched some more Big Bang and took a nap for a while. I went back over to my Sisters to check on Mom to discover that my sister was home. I hung out with them for a while, during which time they ate dinner. I ate a molasses cookie. Nom.

We walked Lumi again, but since my Sister was involved he actually went. So that was a nice change. Then I came back home. I looked at the recipes for making dinner and neither really jumped out at me, so I decided to order pizza. I then called and talked to Poppa for a few minutes. He sounded on top of it and with it, so that was nice.

Fiks got home before the pizza arrived, so that was a nice change. He went and got cleaned up as I waited for pizza and gaming to start. Pizza showed up 15-20 minutes into gaming, after the first combat started. So when it wasn’t our turns we went and picked our food and came back in time for our turns on the initiative list. There was a lot of combat tonight, not too much role playing. Which was fine, I wasn’t feeling super role playing-y tonight anyways. We did like 3 or 4 combat sessions tonight, so we were busy. When we were done Fiks and I went and crawled into bed and fell asleep.


I didn’t sleep the best last night, I woke up coughing so I moved to the sofa and turned on Iron Chef America to sleep to. Then I woke up to Fiks standing over me asking if I was okay, I told him what happened (me coughing) and to go back to bed. I must have fallen asleep again and woke up when I kicked my laptop off the sofa and onto the floor. I then got up and moved back into bed and turned on my audio book.

I woke up to a text from my Brother asking me a question, so I responded. Then he swung by the house and dropped off car keys for me. I went back to bed and tried to go back to sleep, but I failed. So I moved to the sofa and turned on Big Bang Theory and managed to doze to that for a while before Fiks woke up and moved out into the living room with me. When it was time I got up and got dressed, and then I went and headed over to my parents house.

My Brother, Sister in law, and Mom were at my parents house getting things ready for the movers on Wednesday. So Mom and Lumi were in the living room, and my Brother and Sister in law were in the dining room working on cleaning things out. I helped Mom with packing some stuff up, and then I asked what they needed me to do tomorrow. Its mostly take out my tack trunk and move some stuff out onto the porch. We’ll see what we can do.

Mom and I did a COVID test before going and seeing Poppa in the hospital. Once we were clear we went and got Mom some fast food (Burger King), and she ate it on the way to our destination. I dropped her off at the bench and then parked the car before running up and walking her to do the door. We got all checked in and visited Poppa for almost 2 hours. I was crying when we first went in because… well, I got upset over something and we’ll just leave it at that. We played Uno and Poppa won 5 out of 6 hands, I won the last one, then Mom wanted to leave, so that’s what we did.

I dropped her off at my Sisters house and got her all settled in before I came home and saw our new fish! Fiks got 2 purple and black stripped guys because they didn’t have pink and black striped guys, so they were acclimating in the bag in the tank. I turned on Big Bang Theory and zoned out to that for a while. Then I went and got Lumi from my Sister as she and Mom were heading out at my Brothers for dinner. Fiks and I stayed home and did a box meal, I was kind of over Chinese since we had it 2 times this past week. We had Chicken and potatoes with peas. Yay for everything but the peas. It turned out really well.

I took Lumi back to my Sister’s place once I learned that they were back. He was very happy to see my Mom and Sister and started playing and bouncing around.

I came home and called and talked to Poppa for a while before Fiks and I took out the garbage and recycling for the week. Fiks is currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn as I finish this up with Big Bang Theory going on in the background.

I think I’m going to call it here for the week.

~Just keep swimming~

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