Half a week (Week 15)

Sorry for lack of a blog last week. Last week sucked except for Monday, and again I was out of spoons to put energy into a blog post. Let’s try this again.


This morning started early. Like 7 o’clock early. I had a doctor’s appointment over the hill at 830 so I got up to have some breakfast. I tried to wake Fiks up but he slept through it (especially since he’s sick with a cold). I got up and had some crumb cake for breakfast and watched some Heartland before going and getting Fiks up. I managed to get him up and finished getting dressed. He got dressed then off we went.

It was raining this morning. We were driving northbound over the hill. coming down the mountain on the other side when something about the car in the fast lane caught my eye. I watched him hit the center divide and grabbed Fiks’ attention as the car bounced off the wall and spun out across both lanes, what left of the front has spun around and was looking at us. Fiks moved over into the fast lane to avoid hitting them, managing to avoid running over the bumper. I started calling 911 and didn’t get through for what felt like a few minutes. I told them what happened and that we were unable to stop and help. They took my information and we hung up. I was shaking afterwards. Thankfully we were in Fiks’ car, because I think my back end of the truck would have broke free with me hitting the brakes.

We got to my appointment on time, and I sat and read my book while still coming down and waiting for my doctor. When it was my turn we went back to her office and talked for a while. We decided to change one of my medications, but I have to be weaned off it before I can fully start my new one. Great. Hopefully it’ll take the shakes away. Fiks was waiting outside for me in his car, so I hopped in and home we came.

We had to come the back way home for most of it because there had been an accident traveling southbound going up the mountain. The app that we use for our GPS took us this way, which is a good thing because Fiks had to drop his car off at the mechanic by 10. We got home at 945ish and we ran up and grabbed the grocery list and then we jumped into our respective vehicles and I followed him down to the shop.

I waited for him to come to me after he was done dropping off his car and to the grocery store we went. I drove slower than I usually would have because of the rain and seeing the accident this morning. We got there in one piece. We hopped out and grabbed our cart and got our groceries for the week then we came back home. We were sitting on the sofa watching Fiks play Herizon Forbidden West when he got the call that his car was ready. He defeated the enimies in the area then we paused the game and went to pick up his car. Then we came back and he played his game some more. I went and dropped my truck off across the street for its alignment fix and waddled back home just in time for the movie with my Cousin. We decided to watch Into The Woods. No one had watched it for a while, so that was fun for me and my Cousin at least. Fiks zoned out towards the end.

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Afterwards we put on Daredevil on Disney+ and watched that until it was time for Fiks to take a shower. I decided to start making dinner. Chicken and broccoli with goats cheese and a cherry demi glaze. Turned out yummy. Forgot to take pictures of it tho. Need to get back in the habit of doing that.

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I slept okay last night. I woke up and Fiks was still in bed next to me, he hasn’t been feeling well for almost a week now. I asked him if he over slept, and he told me he called out sick. So I went and got my muffin and ate that for breakfast while watching Psych. I only have a few episodes left of that to watch. When it was time I went and got dressed and made my lunch after kissing Fiks goodbye and then I headed down the mountain.

Well fuck me I guess. Today was horrible at work. I was dammed if I did and dammed if I didn’t. I couldn’t do anything fucking right this morning. Despite how hard I tried. And believe me I fucking tried. I walked in and one of the techs was pissed at me as soon as I walked into the building. I roomed and made packs that we needed just to stay off the radar. I was doing fine until one of the doctors needed to xray a dog. Then it just went to hell because I couldn’t hold the dog right by myself, and I didn’t feel like I could ask for what she needed from me because she was just so pissed off.

I was happy to go to lunch today. I called Fiks and had a panic attack on the phone with him, so that was fan fucking tastic. Thankfully he talked me down and through it. I managed to eat some lunch and listen to a podcast and read my book for a little bit before heading back in.

The rest of the afternoon was just keepemy head low and doing the basics. I basically did the check list by myself and got the hell out of there to come home. No way was I going to stay for dog training after this shitty shift. Plus I’d have to run home to get the dog anyway, and I’d be late getting back.

It was one of the few times that Fiks came down and greeted me at the truck after I parked in the garage. I also spent some time getting the laundry. He gave me a hug and a kiss and then we made our way inside. I took a shower and then we ordered sushi for dinner. Yay.

We watched more Daredevil as we ate dinner, and then we called and talked with my Mom, Poppa and Sister. That was fun. We snuggled on the sofa for a while, and then it was time for me to go to bed.


I slept okay last night. I woke up to Fiks kissing me goodbye. Then I woke back up when he came back to tell me that my truck was in his way, I was half way awake when this was happening. After letting him go I crawled back into bed and passed out for a while, before moving to the sofa and dozing there for a while. I managed to over sleep, so I didn’t have time to make myself lunch. I got dressed and left the house and saw my Poppa waving at me in the rear view window.

I got to work on time and started by keeping my head down low and started rooming clients. We had a new girl start today, G, and she was shadowing L for the morning, and then she was shadowing K while L was at lunch. When it was time for her to leave, and after L came back, I went to lunch. I called and talked to Fiks for a while after running and getting some lunch (pizza), and then it was time to go back into work.

You know how it was a ‘damned if you do and damned if you don’t’ day for me yesterday? Well, that happened to K today with A. I also kept getting in trouble with A today, but that’s nothing new for me. I kept working with Doctor M in the afternoon, she’s being really cool and taking me under her wing right now. We talked about school (which started last week), and wants to talk about our plan on how to sign off on my skills.

I got off work and headed home, hitting up the pharmacy to pick up the rest of my prescription that I didn’t get fully filled on Monday. Well, they only had 41 pills today, apparently they are on back order. I just hope that 41 is enough to get me through for a while. I’m meant to wean off one of my meds over the next 6 weeks and start a new one up at the same time. After I parked the truck and dropped stuff off I walked over to my Sisters house and said hi to her and my parents for a while, before getting really tired I came home.

I jumped in the shower and grabbed a snack and started watching Heartland for a while. Its the newest series on Netflix, and there are only 10 or so episodes. I’ve been working on this while watching it and waiting for Fiks to come home.

After Fiks got home we watched some Daredevil until it was time for me to go to bed.


I slept okay last night, I did wake in the middle of the night and was hungry. But after a quick snack I managed to go back to sleep. I woke up when Fiks kissed me goodbye, then when my first alarm went off. Then again when my second alarm went off, and I moved to the sofa after gathering my breakfast muffin and turned on the TV. I woke up and got moving, sleeping in a little to late. I got to work late, but I didn’t get in trouble for it so that was good.

K and myself just kept ourselves busy all morning long before the patients started coming in. Seemed to keep A off our backs. We had L & G again, and a new girl H. I got the new girls mixed up a couple of times, I felt bad about that. I know that G is staying, and I think H was a working interview, but I’m not 100% sure. I just did my best to keep busy while staying out of A’s way. I had a problem folding up the gown properly, so I had to L jump in to help me fold it because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Then at the end of the morning we had 2 euthanasia’s, so that kind of sucked. When it was time for me to leave I did and made my way over to my Sisters house after coming home and changing and grabbing a snack.

I walked over to my Sisters house and woke up Poppa and Lumi, Mom stayed asleep on the sofa for a good hour after I got there. My Sister came out of her office out of a while and then took off to do whatever she wanted to do. We hung out and watched TV and did Lego’s for the rest of the afternoon. After my sister came home I walked home and waited for Fiks to come home. When he did we watched Daredevil until it was time for me to go to bed.


I’m going to call it here guys. I know its not a full week, but I’m sick an don’t have a lot of energy.

~Just keep swimming~

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