Back To School…(Week 2)

Welcome to week 2!

I slept okay last night. Only woke up once and then I woke up again at 930ish and grumbled to myself to get up and go have breakfast. When it was close to 10 I got up and went over to my Sisters house to help with my Parents for a little bit. My Mom seemed really weak, so I suggested that she had her blood pressure taken. But first she needed to take her meds and then sit still and relax for 10 minutes. I left before the 10 minutes were up and came home. Fiks is still asleep. I have to start on some homework, so I have Suits going on in the background.

Man, Chemistry is hard! Either that or the program that the instructor chose is hard. I can’t figure it out. So I’m taking a break for a while. Fiks woke up a little bit ago, and started loading the laundry baskets. I ran it down to the garage and started the first load of laundry and then I came up and Fiks was working on cleaning the kitchen. We talked a little bit while his tea steeped and then I came back to my computer and started working on more chemistry and got to a point where my brain hurts.

I gave my brain a break and watched some TV for a while, and played on my new phone. Bigger than my last phone, I hope it fits in my scrubs pockets (even though I’m not meant to have my phone on the floor, I carry it pretty much all the time, just on vibrate). My new case showed up, so I put that on it too. I tried doing a couple more problems then took another break, deciding it was time to go to the grocery store and get our stuff for the week. Fiks came along with me. We got in and got everything pretty quick, and came home. We got the cold and frozen stuff put away, then we jumped on our computers. Fiks got back to playing his video game and I got back to doing my homework. The break seemed to help, got most of it done. I’m taking a break again right now. I only have one section left to do, so that’s good.

I talked with my Cousin while doing my break, trying to figure out when we can meet up and do movies. Its going to be hit or miss it feels like. Because 10pm/2pm is too late for them on a work evening which I totally get and understand. I usually start going to bed around 10, and I don’t have 2 kids, so I get the desire not to start a movie that late in the evening. Its okay, we’ll figure it out. Maybe on the Friday’s that I don’t have school in the afternoon. I worked on my class work for a while, then I noticed what time it was. I grabbed the other load of laundry and ran downstairs while Fiks closed up the house. I moved the laundry, grabbed my Niece’s birthday present and we loaded into the car and went over to my Brother’s house for dinner.

They were watching football when we got there. Apparently my Brother had tried to smoke them out of the house, so the doors were all open and the fans were going on full blast. We had buttermilk chicken, carrots, corn bread and scalloped potatoes for dinner, and apple pie for dessert. Oh, and a really tasty Chardonnay from Pride Vineyards that we got for Christmas from a friend. I played with my Niece for a while. Mom was worried about getting caught in the rain so we loaded her up into the car after dessert and dropped her off at my Sister’s house before coming home.

We got home just in time, I had just put the garbage can’s out and we finished folding the first load of laundry when it started to rain. We still have to take the garbage and recycling out to the cans, but that can happen in a little while. I worked on this and played on my phone before getting motivated and doing the garbage and recycling. I had to drag Fiks away from being social with his friends on line, but it wasn’t pissing down rain like it had been, so at least I chose a good time. I watched some more Suits and then I put on YouTube for a few videos before going and hopping into the shower. But I did hang up my scrub tops again,so points for me.

I slept okay .I woke up and woke Fiks up in the middle of the night. I felt bad about that. Then I had an emergency warning go off around 5 am about flash floods in the area. I just rolled over and went back to sleep until my alarm went off. Fiks was in the kitchen making his breakfast and tea. I had to wait for the toaster, which was strange. I’m not used to that. But I got my waffle in the toaster and then moved to the sofa and ate my breakfast while watching Suits. When it was time I got up and dressed for work. My new phone still fits in my scrub pockets, yay! Anyway, I went and made my lunch and then I kissed Fiks goodbye and came down to work.

I got to work early and it was raining. I got to have some tea this morning, so that was nice. I did the phone call backs and checked on the pets that were in the emergency room over the weekend. They were both doing good. I did my best to stay busy. I was rooming and helping with the appointments. It’s lunchtime now, so I’m working on this after eating my lunch. I’m talking with Fiks and another friend.

I went back in when lunch was done and started puttering and cleaning what was left to do. I did a 4 towel pack and just tried to keep busy. We did our dental/mass removal surgery on Sydney during lunch. I cleaned the dental table and the operation table. I was the one who roomed most of the clients when we started having clients again. We had this beautiful black German Shepherd come in to be euthanized, she couldn’t walk or control her bladder anymore. Should have been euthanized a while ago. The owner started to leave after placing her in the room, and the dog started to cry after him. I said I think she wants you to stay with her. Took some talking but he ended up staying. If he left I was going to be so pissed off about it, but he didn’t so I didn’t. We were done after that so we started cleaning up and we’re out of the clinic around 5.

I came home and paused in the driveway to put the garbage cans away, and Fiks came running down the stairs to help (I think). Then he saw how wet the garage was and went and checked the back door. The sandbags were still holding, but they can only do so much when there is that much rain. I parked the truck while Fiks got the laundry out of the dryer. I unloaded my pockets and walked to my sister’s house to check on Mom and Poppa.

Mom had been having a pj day, watching ice road truckers most of the day. When I got there it looked like she was watching the sound of music. Poppa was still without a voice, but he said he was feeling a bit better. The DayQuil and NightQuil I got him has been helping him get through the day. We talked a little bit about work, they had me look at an injury on Lumi. Looks like he has some kind of small puncture wound on his knee. I cleaned it up and left it alone. He’s leaving it alone for the most part it sounds like.

I came back home and turned on the oven before going and hopping into the shower. When I was done and clean I worked my way back to the kitchen and started cooking. We had fries and a steak sammich with cheese and caramelized fig onions. Soooo tasty!

I’m not sure that I’ll be able to make it to class tomorrow, and of course tomorrow is the first day. If I go I can get to campus, but as of right now (811 pm) I can’t get home. I don’t know what to do. I emailed my professor, telling her I can’t get out and back to home right now, hopefully she’ll respond tonight. I’m currently trying to find something for background noise/mindless TV. Fiks is on with his friends, so it doesn’t really matter to him what I put on. I’m trying to find something I haven’t watched before, but that’s not working. I need something that I have seen before. I could aways turn to Big Bang Theory. After trying to find something for 10 minutes, I finally went to Big Bang Theory.

I have some class work that I have to do, and I have to pack my bag too. Sigh. I can pack my bag in the morning if I’m able to go… So I guess I should do the classwork that I have to do for my online class, since I’ll be home for that one. Fingers crossed….

I slept pretty good last night. Only woke up once. And then Fiks woke me up to say goodbye and then remembered that I had to move the truck so he could get out. So I was half asleep and pulled my truck out after wishing him a good day and giving him a kiss. I went back to bed after parking and woke up with my alarms saying get up to go to school. Well I had messages saying school was closed due to a power out, so no first class today. Thankfully my second class is online so I just needed to be home for that. I walked over and said hi to Mom and Poppa and then came back home and fell back asleep.

I woke up in time for class. I jumped on and was co-host for the meeting again since my instructor was running on a hot spot still. We started the lecture and one of my classmates made up a discord room for the class. When I have time I go over there and they are making fun of him and bitching about the class. I didn’t want to participate or get defensive or upset so I just left the chat and focused on class. He reminds me a lot of Poppa; very sharp and bright with a dry sense of humor. I stayed though the class and then went over to my sister’s house to take care of my Mom while Sister and Poppa were at a physical therapy appointment for Poppa. We watched Ice Road Truckers and ordered some presents for Poppa for his birthday.

When it was time I came back home and hooked up my raycon Bluetooth earbuds and did my doctor’s appointment. It went pretty well. I didn’t have a lot of notes because of switching over to my new phone. After that I went and finally got dressed and went down the street to the doctors office to get some lab work done. Well they couldn’t find the requested paperwork so I got to come home and call my doctor’s office about it. Once I got through they said that they had the orders but hadn’t sent them over for some reason. So I get to go back on Thursday after class.

I ended up taking a nap for a while, which wasn’t planned. When I woke up I called Fiks and he was not having a good day. I didn’t want to pressure him about dinner so I just had a prosciutto tray with ritz crackers for dinner. I went over to my Sisters house and her and Poppa were opening some of his birthday presents. He got a safe and some books and a daily history calendar. I then took Lumi for a walk and had a message from Fiks saying he was on his way home, so I made my way home after telling him I just did nibbles for dinner.

Fiks got home and we watched YouTube videos and talked about his day. Well, what he could talk about. We snuggled on the sofa for a while and then I went to bed to read and meditate. While I was reading Fiks came in and hopped into the shower. When he was done he got into PJs and came to bed. I was done reading and turned on my audio book and tried to sleep. I kept having muscle spasms so I went and took a hot shower to stop them. Works like 95% of the time, and I think between that and the Ambien I took I passed the f out.

I had a hard time waking up this morning, which made me late for work. I got to work just in the nick of time. I was going to get a mask on and A turned around and yelled at me for shit that wasn’t done yesterday. I snapped back I didn’t work yesterday so I don’t know why it wasn’t done. A little bit later in the morning she apologized to me, which seriously threw me off. I bounced back and forth between doing rooming and tech appointments. But I wasn’t the one who roomed the kennel cough dog. Needless to say the room was bleached and no more dogs in that room today. The rain has been getting harder and harder and my pants are getting more and more soaked and A keeps commenting on my pants. I can’t roll them up because they are soaked. Just going to get more soaked.

I’m currently on lunch. I got a phone call from a dealership saying they still have the truck I want and want to help me out. Sigh. I want one. I talked with Fiks who is down at the courthouse waiting for jury duty. Hes already in the box and knowing his luck will be picked. I hope he doesn’t tho. He doesn’t need that extra stress.

I went back into work and did what I could. I cleaned the microscope and the pipes. I cleaned the dental table when they were done and got the bed ready. I was active but I can’t really remember what I did. All I know is that I didn’t stop moving. A left after placing her orders, I roomed almost every appointment that came in. We had to put a dog to sleep, and the owners were really upset about it. The poor girl had lost 1.5lbs in like 2 months, had a really hard time breathing. The owner couldn’t afford to do much so then they made the hard choice of putting her to sleep. The owner held her while we injected her with the medication to end her suffering, she had the dog since she was a little girl, so I know how hard it was to say goodbye. Then we had another person who brought their cat in to be euthanized. This owner was happy and cracking jokes, I know that everyone handles everything differently, but that really bugged me she was behaving that way. The cat was literally skin and bones, you could see her spine, holding off her vein for the doctor her leg was practically translucent.

It kept raining all afternoon, my pants were wet from the knees down basically. My jacket was soaked, but not soaked through, so that was nice. L and I closed, G going home since she started early today with A. L said really nice things to me today. She said I had really grown and had really improved, I was more confident and more able to handle situations, and to not worry about blood drawing, I’ll get the hang of it. It made me feel really good about myself, so that was nice.

I came home and walked over to my Sisters house to be greeted by Lumi in a cone of shame. He had an injury on his leg that when I first saw it said it needed stitches, but I was ignored. He went to the groomers today and they said he needed to get it stitched up, so then my Sister listened to them and he went to her vet and got stitches and some antibiotics. But what do I know? Oh, and guess who gets to give him his medications? That’s right, this gal!

We played bunny for a while with him and then my Sister took him outside since it wasn’t pissing down rain. I asked if they had gotten my meal box and they said that it never showed up. According to Home Chef it was delivered. I’ll reach out to them tomorrow and let them know it wasn’t delivered. Or if it was it was to the wrong house and I don’t even know where to start looking.

I came home and jumped into a hot shower and got warmed up and cleaned. I listened to the Ralph Report for a while. After a bit I turned on the TV and watched Big Bang until my tummy started grumbling. I called up Fiks and listened for a few minutes him talking and joking with his coworkers. I asked him if he saw the box and he said no, so yeah, just thought I’d check with him. He told me at the last minute he was excused from jury duty, so that was nice to hear. I ended up making myself potstickers and working on this for a while.

Fiks came home and made himself rice and sausages for dinner and then we watch we d YouTube videos for a while. I went to bed early because I wasn’t feeling well, Fiks followed shortly after because he was tired.

Once I got to sleep last night I slept fine. I remember Fiks kissing me goodbye and hoping I felt better. I then woke up when my alarm went off and moved to the sofa after grabbing a slice of brownie for breakfast. I slept a little bit longer then got ready for school. I didn’t leave on time so I got there later than I wanted and couldn’t find parking in the parking lot I wanted, so I went to the next one I knew of. Once I was parked I went to the elevator and got a ride up because Im low on energy today.

I went and found my classroom and found one of my classmates is from my vet tech class last quarter. It’s nice to know someone. We chatted while waiting for class to start (Stress management). We then made name cards for our desk and got together in groups and introduced ourselves. Then my instructor went over the syllabus and what we needed for class. Seems like I need to order a few more things. Or go to the bookstore. When class was done I went to my truck and loaded my GPS and made my way home. It said the trip would be 35 minutes, perfect, just enough time to get home and get ready for class.

I was driving and instead of my time decreasing it was increasing. There were a few accidents on my way home, causing me to be late. I texted my instructor for my second class and said I was going to be late due to traffic. I wasn’t as late as I thought I would be, so that was good. I came home and plugged in my laptop and jumped into class. I was doing pretty well for me. I even stayed to take more notes just to make sure I understood what was going on. And then my brain started hurting, so I gave up while I still understood the material and tried to take a nap.

I turned on Big Bang for a while and took a rest. I went to go say hi to my Parents at my Sister’s house but when I got there my Sister and Lumi were the only ones there. I somehow ended up picking up my parents from the dentist in a little bit.

No, they no longer have a mean dentist. They have a really nice one, this song just popped into my head while going and picking them up. Mom got a temporary crown put in today, so that’s a good thing. I brought them back and got them settled at my Sisters house before coming home. I watched one more episode of Big Bang before starting my homework. I got pretty far before getting stuck, and then I went over to ask for help from Poppa. He was stuck like me and we ended up just guessing, and we got it right. So we tried to reverse engineer the answer and still couldn’t make it happen. I’ll just have to ask my instructor tomorrow after class to explain it.

I came home and made dinner, pasta with prosciutto, tomatoes and sauce. It turned out pretty good, but I forgot to take a photo of it. I sent Fiks a text I was making dinner and I never heard from him, so I called him up. He was packing up to come home. I attempted to do some more homework and was stuck, so I decided to call it for the night. Fiks came he soon after and ate his bowl of pasta and enjoyed it, but it wasn’t enough food so he made himself some chicken nuggets. We watched YouTube for a while then I went to bed.

I woke up around 130 and started coughing, so I moved to the sofa and slept and coughed there. I was trying not to get Fiks sick. Well, I failed at that. I woke up with my alarm and went to the bedroom to find Fiks getting ready for work. He looked like I felt. I apologized for getting him sick and then flopped down in bed after texting my manager that I was sick with no voice. I didn’t go in. I moved back to the sofa and dozed some more until I realized I needed some medicine. I got into jeans and my waterproof jacket and went down to the CVS in town. They didn’t have a lot to choose from, so I got 2 boxes one for me one for Fiks when he gets home. Or if I end up running down the mountain I’ll swing it by his work..I also need to drop my old phone off at the ups store to send it back. Maybe after my lecture at 1.

My lecture went fine. Then we went over homework problems. And we got to go over the one Poppa and I were stuck on last night. He explained stuff, I don’t think I understand fully but I understand better than I did before. My brain was goo (or squishy no squishy as Fiks put it) by the end of it. I then grabbed some snacks and turned on Big Bang for a while. And I passed out for a while. I woke up and walked over to my Sister’s since it wasn’t raining. I said hi to everyone and got a bottle of water. Mom wanted to meet me at the hair dresser tomorrow, but I don’t understand why. She just got her hair done last week. I don’t have time to go from work to up here to load her up and then go back down the mountain and into town to the hairdresser to make it on time. Plus I think it’d be kind of rude just to show up with Mom for my hair appointment.

I came back home and called Fiks to see how he was doing. Meh. He was like me. Hitting energy walls left and right. He just texted me that he was coming home, but I think he’s swinging by the fish n chips place before coming home to pick up dinner. T just texted me that she was having fish n chips too for dinner. I was right, he swung by and got some shrimp and chips from the truck. So we sat and ate dinner while watching YouTube for a while. After that I went and hopped in the shower and washed my hair. I then came out and Fiks was playing games on his computer and so I put on Big Bang for a while before heading to bed. I had a hard time sleeping so I moved to the sofa so Fiks could get a good night’s sleep.

I didn’t sleep great last night. But I slept most of the day so it’s just logical. I turned on chopped and slept to that. I woke up to Fiks kissing me goodbye for the day. The rain was insane last night, and the wind was howling around the house a couple times. I woke up and had some cookies for breakfast then I went and got dressed for work because I was running late.

It was positively pissing down rain when I was leaving. I wasn’t sure about making it into work to be 100% honest with you. But then I saw the CHP doing a traffic break and keeping everyone at a certain speed. But it was still super heavy rain. Some points I couldn’t see the car in front of me except when they would hit their breaks. But I made it to work and I changed my shoes in the rain and ran inside. A few jokes were made about it being wet and then I went to the back and said hi to A, who asked if I was feeling better. I said I had a voice so it was an improvement over yesterday at the same time.

The day was just crazy. Between the weather and the patients it was non stop. The rain did stop around 11 tho. Then we got word that parts of mountain towns were being evacuated. Our new tech, S, needed to leave to go get her pets from the evacuation zone. So she left around 11. Then it was just me, A, S, and the doctors. We didn’t get out until after 2, when we are normally done by 130 at the latest. The reason why we were so late was we had to do a euthanasia on a cat. Her poor chest cavity and abdomen was filled with fluid. It took a while for the owners to come to a decision about what to do with her.

I texted my hairdresser, W, that I was going to be late. Thankfully he was super cool with it and needed a bit of a break between appointments anyway. But I made it here and we got to dying my hair. I’m currently sitting under the dryer letting the color soak in. I hope it’s a lot brighter this time. I was kind of disappointed with the color last time. I told him I want it bright so fingers crossed. Omg I love it! I’ll have to take a picture in good light and hope it shows up.

I came home and went to go see my parents but they weren’t home. Later discovered that Brother came and kidnapped them for the 49ers game. (We won BTW, yay!) I got changed and watched some Big Bang while listening to the rain and working on this. When it was over my Brother brought them home. I went and kept Mom company while Sister took Poppa to church. When it was time I came back home and ordered pizza and tried to do some home work.

Fiks got home shortly after the pizza showing up early. Fiks came home and jumped into the shower while I ate pizza and then it was time to start gaming. Gaming was fun, I like my new character, Nix. We managed to level and then we called it a night an hour or so later.

I’m going to call it here.

Have a good weekend and I’ll see you next week.

~Just keep swimming~

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