Red hair, don’t care… (Week 3)

Welcome to week 3!

I didn’t sleep well again last night, even after taking an Ambien. I think I missed another one of my pills somewhere. And my Galaxy watch was freaking out which had me stressed out. I gave it to Fiks to work on and dozed off for a while. I woke up coughing and with him grumbling at me again, so I moved to the sofa and started watching Chopped again. I dozed off to that and woke up a few time in the night. When I was up and awake I walked over to my Sister house and said hi to my Parents, helped Poppa pay a bill, then I came back home and had some Tim Tams for breakfast and watched some Big Bang. When I felt more awake I went and checked on Fiks, who was waking up, then I told him I was going to be at my Sisters helping with my parents for a little bit. I went and helped Mom shower and then I came home and Fiks was making tea and having a breakfast sammich. I worked on some homework and got 14 out of 15 on my Chemistry quiz, yay! I also talked with my Cousin who’s been sick for most of the week, and her whole household is now sick. Poor Cousin. I wish we lived closer so I could help her.

I worked on some homework and dealt with the internet constantly crashing, so I ended up putting on the newest Spiderman and talking with a friend about it. I like how 2 of the 3 people who played Spiderman are actually British. I couldn’t focus on the movie and do homework so I focused on the movie and gave my brain a bit of a break. After the movie was over we went down the mountain in the rain to go to the grocery store. It was busy but not super bad, so that was nice. We ended up getting everything on the list that we needed, so another plus.

We came home, moved the laundry, took out the garbage cans and put the groceries away. After a little bit more homework I texted my Brother on when dinner would be ready, he made it sound like it was right then. So Fiks and I put our shoes on and went over. Well, it was almost ready. I took Lumi for a walk in the rain and then put him in my Sisters/Parents bedroom for the evening and right when I was closing the door my Niece and Sister in Law walked in, along with my Sister, so good timing. We had Lasagna Soup for dinner (more like deconstructed Lasagna), had some chocolate cake for Poppa’s birthday, and then we played with Ping Pong balls for a good 45 minutes.

When it was time we said our goodbyes and came home and I did some more lecture notes and some homework while having Big Bang on and Fiks played his video game. He’s playing High On Life. I really enjoy the bright colors of the game whenever I wath him play it. Been playing it for a few weeks now, not consistent every night tho. But he’s enjoying it so that’s the important thing.

I started gathering up the garbage and threw some old meal bags that we had in the fridge still away. And some bad chicken, god that stuff stinks. We both took out the recycling and then I sat and watched some big bang before going and jumping into the shower. I kept my hair dry and then flat ironed it afterwards and put some products in it. It always reminds me of watermelon. I then put on some lotion, came and kissed Fiks goodnight and went to bed.

I slept pretty good last night. Yay! Hopefully my sleep schedule will stay good for most of the week. I didn’t feel great when I woke up tho. I kept hitting the snooze button and then I was running late. Typical. I got up and dug through the laundry to find my scrubs, and socks and got dressed. I took my meds and then I ran and made my lunch, moved back to the bedroom and woke up Fiks who was nice and warm. He grumbled at me but got up and going. We kissed our goodbyes and I made my way down the mountain to work.

Since I got here later than usual I couldn’t park in the back lot,otherwise the horse vets wouldn’t be able to get in or out. I changed my shoes and ran inside the building and clocked in. I had a minute to spare, cutting it a little bit close for my liking. I got some hot water for my tea and then I started rooming clients and doing tech appointments depending on what rolled in when. It was hectic but I didn’t feel stressed out about it. My energy level was just low and sluggish. I’m going to see if I can go home early today.

I’m sitting in my truck working on this while listening to the Ralph Report and trying to remember which song was stuck in my head when I woke up this morning. It’s raining pretty decent. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Fiks to talk to him but he’s not responding to me.

My new hair…. And my new scrubs.

I went back in once lunch was finished and did some cleaning and prescription filling for a while. We had a dog in for 2 mass removals, one on her neck and the other on her snout. She recovered well. I did more prescriptions with A, and then when all the lunches were done we just kind of puttered around. My abdomen started hurting after lunch, so I tried my best to do everything. I got scratched to hell from a Jack Russell Terrier called Rambo. My arms and neck are just red with scratch marks. Little shit. Then he tried to bite me as S expressed his anal glands and L held him. I was trying to keep him from biting L. Guess I succeeded. After Rambo we had a Cane Corso called Mousse come in, big beast of a dog. I started treating her like a horse and she didn’t really know how to deal with that,so for the most part she behaved. Took all 4 of us techs to do her nails. 2 to hold her, 1 to tap her head and 1 to trim her nails. After Mousse came a dog in distress. A man with his dog was waiting right outside the door that we come through and tried to hand me his dog. I asked for his dogs name and explained I wasn’t there for her but we’d be out as soon as possible for her. He asked what was going on and I told him we fell behind and we’re trying to catch up as quick as we could. So his dog was the next tech appointment and we gave her as many vaccines as we could without making her feel like shit. She was a 26lbs dog and needed her rabies, parvo, flu, bordatella, leptospirosis, and an allergy shot. She got her parvo, bord, and her allergy shot. She’ll have to come back in 2 weeks for the rest.

I came home around 5. There were 4 of us waiting to close and I was in a lot of pain. I almost closed the garage door on Fiks who was moving the laundry. He stopped the door and shook his fist at me. I just grinned and then parked my truck and came upstairs. We folded laundry for a bit, then I walked over to say hi to my Parents and see how their day was. Apparently it was a pretty chill day for them. Poppa printed out the periodic table that I asked and he was super excited about it, so we sat and went over the elements and he explained what he could about it. So that was nice and fun. I came home after a while, ordered some Chinese and then headed into the shower.

I got clean and dry and dressed and then I turned on the TV and got an episode of big bang in before the internet gave out. Apparently it’s been giving out all day according to Fiks. I kept trying to believe it would last but it didn’t. I ended up putting in the DVDs of Sherlock (the Cumberbatch & Freeman version).

I spent the evening watching Sherlock.

I slept okay last night, I remember waking up multiple times and restarting my audio book (Gideon the Ninth). Fiks woke me up and kissed me goodbye, then I remembered that I had to move the truck for him to get out. I got out of bed and moved the truck and then parked it once he was gone and crawled back into bed for a while. I got up with my second alarm and went and had some breakfast and slept through an episode of big bang and then I went and got dressed, loaded up my school bag and took off.

I swung by the gas station really quick and picked up a few things and then went to the postal annex and dropped off my old phone to go back to Verizon. Then I made my way over to school. The usual 35 minutes took 45, glad I left early. There were a few accidents and a lot of rubbernecking going on which I find very annoying and frustrating. Probably because I didn’t sleep the best.

I got to campus and went to my building to find the door locked, so I went back to the campus coffee shop and got a hot chocolate.

I went and stood outside class and enjoyed my drink. My friend from last quarter, C, showed up. So we chatted until the teacher arrived and then we went into class where we continued to talk until class started. The teacher started off with having us do a breathing exercise, focusing on our stress and tension. We then did a group exercise and one of the people that was in my group said he was high on pot and didn’t really want to be there. We then went back to our seats and worked on a hand out and then did a little promise to ourselves to work on an area for improvement. I said that I would stretch a couple times this week. Class was then finished and I made my way down to the truck and took off to come home. Got home in time for my next class.

Chemistry class was a bit of a struggle today, because on my end the internet kept going down and I couldn’t get my hot spot from my phone to work. It was super frustrating. I’ll have to go back and rewatch the video to understand the points that I missed and/or didn’t understand. We went over the periodic table and I totally didn’t get the math behind it because said internet kept giving out.

After class I went to get my blood drawn and again, my orders were not in. Apparently the doctor who is ordering them has a reputation of being bad about sending paperwork to places. This is really frustrating. I’ll try again on Thursday, which is my last chance before my appointment next Tuesday morning. I came back home and met my Sister walking Lumi as I was parking. So they came into the garage and said Hi and then I followed them back to my Sisters house to say hi to my Parents. Mom had done PT this morning and had done really well apparently, so she was tired. They’d also gone to Costco, so my Sister and Poppa were tired. We decided to take a nap.

I came back home and turned on Big Bang and slept to that for a while. When I woke up I had really bad tummy pain, so I didn’t go back over to my Sisters to take Mom to get her toe nails done like she wanted. I just stayed on the sofa for a while, then went and checked the mail and saw that my Karen Hallion pins and sticker had arrived. Squee!

All but the Last Unicorn pins are by Karen Hallion.

Fiks texted me he was on his way home. I started cooking and went and opened the chicken and it smelled, so I threw it away and asked him to pick some more up after he got his beer. It took a while for him to get home, and dinner took a while, but it ended up pretty good. Chicken with puff pastry (yay) and green beans (not a fan). I tried a few since they had garlic salt and cheese, but I still didn’t like them. Fiks ate everything and went and got the third breast and ate that and is snacking as I type.

I didn’t really sleep last night. I woke up every time my audio book stopped. I tried just sleeping without noise and I couldn’t, so I moved to the sofa and turned on Chopped. After being awake for a while I managed to sleep on the sofa. I woke up and thought I had missed Fiks leaving, so I went to the bedroom and saw him getting ready. I went and crawled back into bed for a few minutes, Fiks even joined me. I slept on his chest until he had to leave. I texted my manager that I wasn’t feeling well and stayed home today. I turned on Big Bang and fell back asleep to that for a while.

When I woke back up I jumped onto my computer and joined in the extra chemistry session that was going on today. I understood part of it, we still were working on the periodic table. I was very confused when I dropped in, but I think I got part of it. I’m sure I’ll have more questions for class tomorrow. We’re using Ptable for help understanding the periodic table, and its math. Who knew there was math with the periodic table? I certainly didn’t.

I think depression has been kicking my ass again. I’m taking my meds, but I’m not sleeping and I don’t really feel like going into work most of the time lately. I’m making myself go as much as I can, but some days just seem impossible to get out of bed/off the sofa. I’ve reached out to my doctor, even though I have a session with her in a few days. I just need a little extra boost/help I think.

We are continuing to have internet issues so I turned on the PS5 and put on the second disc of Sherlock season 1. Once it was done I went and jumped in the shower and then I went over to my sisters. It was only Poppa and Lumi, Mom and my Sister went out for dinner. Poppa and I walked Lumi and then he wouldn’t go after begging to go out. Dumb dog. I came home and had some prosciutto, cheese, and crackers for dinner while watching Big Bang. I think I’m going to put on Sherlock season 2 next.

I didn’t sleep well again last night. This is getting very old, frustrating and annoying. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought someone was in the house. Ended up being someone getting home at 230am and being stupidly loud. So that was a wonderful adrenaline dump in the middle of the night (not). I turned on Chopped and slept to that, and then Fiks woke me up to say goodbye. I kissed him then fell back to sleep for a little while longer before my alarms started going off.

I moved to the sofa after grabbing some breakfast and turned on the TV and turned on Big Bang for and episode. Then I went and got dressed and packed my school bag then got in the truck and headed to the gas station to fill up. Then I took off and went to school. GPS kept wanting to take me weird ways to school, and I wasn’t comfortable doing that so I just went the way I knew. Man, driving today I was surrounded by jerks who’d cut each other off, break check, go slow and other annoying things.

I go to campus in one piece. I grabbed my bag and headed up the stairs to the coffee shop and got a hot chocolate again. Needed it for the caffeine boost. I waited outside the classroom and then after a few minutes the teacher showed up and let us in. My friend, C, showed up late today and was very distracted, I hope that everything is okay for her. I didn’t really get to talk to her today. We did some breath work and then went over the lecture. No one seemed to be really ready for class today and wanted to participate, so the energy was really low. We went over a few things and watched a few videos and then class was done.

I hustled down to the truck and then drove home. I got home with time for me to get to class. And then the internet crashed. I messaged my teacher that I was having internet issues and was going to be late. I managed to hop on for a few minutes before it crashed again. I turned on my hotspot and did class over that. I got Togo’s delivered because I was starving and Togo’s sounded really good. And it was delivered really fast. We went over more periodic table math and a few other things. The teacher was grumpy and low energy, so it wasn’t very fun today. But I stayed behind for some extra help with worksheet 2 problems before going to attempt to get my blood drawn.

I got to Kaiser and parked the truck, grabbed a mask and went inside. When it was my turn I scanned my ID card and said I was hoping there were orders for blood work. They said no. Fucking frustrated, annoyed, and pissed off for wasting my time and gas for the 4th or 5th time just to be turned away. I tried calling them when I got home but the line was busy. I’ve continued to call them and their line is busy.

I went over to my Sister’s house and said hi to Mom and Poppa and Mom said she wanted to go get her toes done. So I called up the nail place she likes and asked if we could make an appointment for this afternoon. They said we could come down and be seen. We got the car out and Mom down the stairs and into the car, and off we went. We were lucky and got a parking spot right outside the store and walked in. I got my fingers and toes done in the time it took Mom to get her nails done.

We came home and I parked the car and was going up the stairs when I heard Lumi barking and Poppa yelling at him to back off. Then it was go to the bathroom. I ran in and grabbed Lumi by his collar and got him into the bathroom. He attempted to bite me a few times. He didn’t break skin but I got a nice bruise forming. I checked over Poppa and then once he was okay we went downstairs and got Mom out of the car. We got her inside after parking the car and got her settled into the sofa.

I came home and turned on Big Bang and tried to do some homework, but I just couldn’t focus. I ate some dinner and checked on Mom and Poppa a couple of times before settling in for the night. Fiks got home late and then we watched YouTube videos for a while before I went to bed. Fiks jumped on his computer and played games for a while to decompress from work.

I slept pretty well last night, so that was nice. I only woke up once and was only up for a little while. I turned on Chopped on my phone and fell asleep to that again. I remember Fiks kissing me goodbye, and he was dreading today. I told him I was only a text or phone call away if he needed me.

I got changed into clothes for school, packed up my bag and took off. But first I swung by the gas station to pick up a few things, including lottery tickets. Fingers crossed for a win! Then I took off to come to school. I got here in a decent time and found the building okay. I went to eat my sandwich and the meat tasted funny, so I didn’t eat any more. I worked on my bag of chips for a while then I went to find the classroom.

I found it okay. There were lots of us waiting for the teacher. He said he’d be there by 1245, well it’s 1300 and he’s just showing up. I went and found a seat and sat down on the 2nd to last table. We went over the lab safety stuff and went over what was in mine and my lab partner drawer. A lot of beakers and cylinders and science stuff. When we were done with that I left because they were going over worksheet one, and I’d already done that and turned it in.

I came home and grabbed some snacks and turned on Big Bang for a while. When the internet died I went over to check on my parents. I was meant to help Mom with something, but she wasn’t feeling up to it today. We’ll do it tomorrow after I get home from work. Thankfully tomorrow is only a half day.

I spent the evening watching Sherlock season 2, talking to a friend, Fiks, and trying to organize a day and time to meet up with my lab partner (Fridays before class, shrug, better than nothing). I got a text from Fiks and asked him to pick up fish and chips on his way home. He was successful. We watched the end of the Hound of the Baskervilles together, then some YouTube videos. I gave into my desires and started The Witcher season 2.

Lots of season 2s today. Despite it being around 40 degrees Fahrenheit I decided I wanted a root beer float. Nom nom nom.

I was enjoying it until the ice cream started to upset my tummy, then I just drank the root beer part until Fiks got out of his shower, then I handed the drink off to him. Stupid stomach.

I slept really well last night. I didn’t wake up until Fiks’ alarms went off at oh my god it’s early. I remember kissing him goodbye and then rolling over and going back to sleep until my alarm went off at a more reasonable time. When I woke up my hands were burning and red, and I was covered on hives. I went grabbed some cookies and turned on Big Bang and snuggled down for a little bit longer before going and getting dressed for work. I fed the fishes, took some benadryl and then I left. It was fucking cold this morning, it was 33 degrees in the SUN! It was warmer down by work, but not by much.

I changed my shoes and then I grabbed a mask and my water bottle and headed into work. My manager, M, was working the front today and A was in the back when I got there. I said good morning to her and started doing the test results and phone check ins on patients. I got 5 or 6 done before S took over and did the calls. Fine, whatever. The day was a good pace, so that was nice. At the end of the day we had an emergency laceration come in. Ended up the dog had severed 2 tendons in his back right leg right above his paw. The doctor handed him off to me and I helped sedate him and get him up on the table. A let me stay and help which was a huge surprise. I got to take his vitals and help him recover. Once he was recovered he went home and we punched out and left to go home.

I came home and went over to check on Mom and Poppa. Mom saw my hands and hives and wanted me to go to urgent care to get treated. So I ran home and got changed and went down to urgent care. I didn’t have to wait too long for anything. I even got referred to an allergy doctor, so that’s awesome. Maybe we’ll figure out what’s going on. I picked up my prescription (benadryls bigger stronger brother), and came back home. I helped with my Mom for a bit before coming home and taking the medication and napping for a little bit.

I woke up and ordered pizza for dinner and then I went and took a shower to help with the hives. Could not get the water hot enough for my taste today, which is probably best for my hives. I turned on Witcher again for an episode and then it was time for gaming. And then our internet crashed and wouldn’t come back up for a while. I sat and read some homework for my stress management class before putting on season 2 of Sherlock.

That’s it for this week!

~Just keep swimming~

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