Burn hives burn….(Week 4)

Welcome to week 4!

I slept okay last night. I only remember waking up once, and I was able to turn on my audio book (Harrow the Ninth) and go back to sleep. I woke up at some point and turned on Chopped and slept to that. Only reason I know that is because Chopped was playing on my phone when I woke up around 9 this morning. I got up and moved to the sofa and watched an episode of The Witcher before heading over to check on my Parents. They were doing fine, but I had to change Poppas bandage on his back after his shower. I went and sat down with Mom for a bit and my hands were still red, swollen, and on fire this morning. She said I needed to go back to urgent care and get a steroid shot. I agreed, so I went and got dressed and went to urgent care down the street again.

I was lucky enough to have almost the entire same staff treating me today. I had the same receptionist and doctor from yesterday, so I didn’t have to explain everything all over again. The doctor came in and said I needed a shot for my hives as they were red and puffy this morning. And my hands were swollen and my lungs weren’t as clear this morning as they were yesterday. I don’t remember the name of the shot they gave me, just that it was a steroid and began with a K. After the shot I stayed in the room for a bit, making sure I had no allergic reaction. I’m glad to say I didn’t, so I got to come home.

This is after having the shot 2 hours ago…

I came in and told Fiks what was going on and then I went and checked on Poppa. I peeled off his bandage off his back, the site looked pretty good. But you could tell they cauterized it around the edges. I changed the bandage and then came home and stripped the bed of the sheets and took them down to the laundry to get washed. I came up and Fiks was dealing with Comcast. They never showed up this morning and he was livid. He had an appointment for Thursday but no way that was going to work for us. He got us moved to an appointment tomorrow, but he’ll be at home and I’ll be at work. So I hope they come and fix it before I have class on Tuesday. 

I got to watch about half an episode of The Witcher before the internet gave out. So I then put on Sherlock season 3.

I didn’t feel good for most of the day after my injection. Just stayed on the sofa. Fiks came and joined me for the last bit of Sherlock then he fell asleep on the sofa. I finished one book and started the next (Soul Taken) and kept an eye on the 49ers game. As I write this the 49ers are winning, 12-16. We also made dinner, candied bacon and guda cheese burgers with fries.

They turned out really well. I managed to get The Witcher back on for a while. We still need to move laundry and do the garbage and recycling tonight. Ugh. I watched a couple more episodes of The Witcher before taking out the garbage and helping Fiks with the recycling. I then took a shower in an effort to calm down my hives. It kinda worked. I then watched 2 episode of Big Bang and then came to bed. I realized I still needed to make the bed, so I went and got Fiks and we made the bed together. I’m currently reading my book after doing my meditation.

Kenalog! That’s what the shot was called…

I slept okay last night. I had a few strange dreams, I think due to the hives because I’ve been worried about them all day. I woke up a few times, but I just rolled over and started my audio book again and would fall back to sleep. I even slept after Fiks’alarms went off and he got out of bed, I stayed for another 30 minutes. I’m currently sitting on the sofa next to him as he works on a presentation for work. I’ve still got hives on my hands, arms and feet that I can see, so I don’t know what to do about work.

I talked with Fiks about it and decided to go in and try. I got dressed and made my lunch and kissed him goodbye and good luck and went down to the truck. I crawled in and made my way down the mountain to work.

I got here at a decent time and got a good parking spot in the back. I sent out a few texts and put on my work shoes and went inside to clock in and put my bag in my drawer . I said good morning to A and L, and when they came in I said it to S and G. S seemed in a better mood today, we’ll see how it lasts. A didn’t stay long today, maybe until 1030? She was muttering about retiring as she was leaving.

A asked me to do towel packs between rooming, so I worked on that for a while. I did 2 towel packs, and S did one. I had to show her how to do them, each hospital does it differently, but she caught on really quick. We had a kitten, Boris, in for a castration today. He’s a super cute kitten, just look at him!

I’m currently on lunch sitting in my truck and listening to the Ralph Report. When lunch was done I went in and they were still doing the surgery on the ear hematoma on the angry Belgian Malinois. He was being sedated as I left for lunch. I was cleaning and puttering around in the treatment area and one of the other Doctors came and checked out the ear, and the Doctors were conversing over what to do when the dog started to wake up. So it was a quick frantic rush to sedate him again and then they proceeded with ear operation.

Once he was recovering in room 3, I started to clean up the surgery table and the tools that they used and the rest of the treatment area. S disappeared without a word to lunch. G came back and helped me clean and L was recovering the dog in the room. When the owner showed up and they were soon able to extubate him and L left the room once he was recovering. L went to lunch and S came back from lunch and we were making prescriptions and doing laundry and such other things. The rest of the afternoon went fairly well. We were closed by 515 and cleaning shortly after. We got out fairly quickly, we just had to vacuum and mop after shutting everything else down and bleeding the oxygen line. Oh shit. I don’t know if the drug box got locked…. FUCK!

Anyway, I came home and saw that the washing machine was open. So I tried calling Fiks to see if he was doing something special with it, I didn’t get and answer. I walked up the stairs and closed the garage and ran back down and started the laundry, which reminds me, I need to go move it so Fiks has clothes for tomorrow. Sorry, I’m back now. I tried to take a shower but there was no water pressure due to the washing machine going, so I had to wait. I then remembered my chemistry quiz was due tonight so I went and did that. I didn’t do as good as I was wanting to which is frustrating. I thought I understood the material. Maybe I’ll go through the power point again and see what I missed.

I went over and said hi to Mom and Poppa and Sister. We chatted for a little bit then I came back home, ordered some dinner (Togo’s), and went and hopped in the shower. Once I was clean I came back out and started working on homework while letting Big Bang play in the background. Fiks was busy gaming with his other group so as long as its quiet he doesn’t care what I put on usually.

Comcast came out and worked on our internet, and it was doing really good and staying up, and then it crashed and stayed down for 10 or so minutes. Needless to say that Fiks was frustrated with that. He jumped onto discord over his phone and joined in that way until the internet came back up, now I’m afraid to jump on it and have something streaming while he’s gaming.

I slept okay last night. I was having really bad leg spasms so I went and hopped in the hot shower again and just stood under the spray for a while. After that I was able to sleep. Fiks woke me up with a kiss and then I remembered that I had to move the truck so he could get out. So I got out of bed and did that, came back in and flopped on the sofa for a little while watching Big Bang. When I woke up it was 10 o’clock, the time my first class starts. Well I clearly am not going to that one. But it gives me more time to work on chemistry class. I turned on Big Bang again (internet went down while I was asleep) and started to study. 

This photo popped up on my Facebook memories today. I really miss him and moments like this.

I did some studying before class started, and I was lost. The instructor explained some, but I’m still just as confused. I think I just need to focus and go over the lecture notes again. Doesn’t help that during class I got bad news that I couldn’t shake. I fucked up on something. After class was done, instead of staying around and doing the bonus work like I should have, I ran down the mountain to pick up medicine for Mom that I forgot to get last night. I came back and delivered Moms meds and came back and just flopped on the sofa for a while.

I watched The Witcher when the internet was up. Then I went back to big bang and tried to do some homework. Kinda hard to do the homework when we haven’t talked about it yet. I talked with a friend for a while before running into the bedroom to get changed. I changed into my sweats, was looking at my phone and coming to the stairs. Next thing I knew I was down on the floor and felt and heard a pop somewhere on my body. I’m okay. I skinned up my knee and my ankle is tender, but I’m able to walk.

I got hungry and started to make dinner. I opened the chicken and it didn’t smell, so I moved forward with my misanplas. I got to smash the chicken down and then smash the pretzels into little bits and rub those together to make the pretzel crust and then I cooked the chicken. I made the potatoes a few steps early, but that’s because one of the chickens weren’t done. Once it was done I moved on to cooking the carrots. Then it was dinner time.

Fiks texted me that he was on his way home right when I finished making dinner. I ate mine while waiting for him to come home. But first he swung by the local pup and got some beers, but at the pub there were 2 people playing bagpipes and a 3rd person playing guitar. Random but awesome.

He got home and had dinner. We watched some YouTube videos for a while. I got bored and then I started flipping through Instagram, Fiks watching them too when I would burst out laughing. He jumped onto TikTok and was doing the same after a while. When it was time I went to bed and meditated and read my book before going to sleep.

I didn’t sleep the best last night. I woke up numerous times and restarted my audio book. I had a hard time waking up this morning and was almost late to work. I scrambled around and got dressed and made my lunch and hopped in the truck and headed down the mountain to work.

This morning was a pretty good morning. It was a good pace, even if I felt like I was scattered brained and wandering around aimlessly. A was nice to me most of the morning and so we’re L and G. Appointments went fairly smoothly, doctor and tech. Our last appointment of the morning was a euthanasia emergency. It seemed that the dog was having congestive heart failure. She had fluids coming out of her nose, eyes, and blood coming out of her mouth. The woman was really upset and just held onto the dog the whole time. We had to wait for her to leave the parking lot because she was acting like she might come back in after she initially left.

I did a lot of cleaning over the lunch break. We had a kitten in for surgery, apparently she was in last week for a spay and had opened up her suture site. I turned around at one point and saw her licking at the site already/again, so I had to put her cone of shame on. I was puttering around for a while before being sent to lunch. I’m sitting in the truck writing this right now listening to the Ralph Report.

The rest of the afternoon went pretty well. We were closed and out of the clinic a few minutes after 5. We didn’t have any 440 appointments and we had a no show tech appointment, so we were able to shut everything down and start cleaning earlier than we usually would.

I came home and took a shower and then I went over to my sister’s house to check on my Parents. They’d been pretty good, just stayed home and puttered all day. I hung out with them for a while, even took Lumi for a walk, before coming home. I looked up today’s extra chemistry session and watched that for a while and got some answers for worksheet 2. He went over almost all of them before switching over to something I totally do not understand. Something called electron configuration? Anyone out there who reads this that understands that? Message me, I’d really appreciate it.

Fiks picked up Chinese for dinner tonight, so that was nice. We are currently snacking on cookies and watching YouTube videos. We were watching a video when I remembered that the new season of Vox Machina had started. We moved to Amazon prime and started with the first episode of the new season.

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up with my alarms and moved into the living room where Fiks was finishing his breakfast. I turned on Big Bang after grabbing a couple of cookies and dozed to that until it was time to get up and leave for school. I got dressed and packed my bag and got the truck going and to the gas station I went. I filled up the tank, got some snacks for class and then I hit the road.

I made it to school okay despite many jackass drivers best efforts to crash it felt like. I had one person slam on the breaks in front of me while merging onto a huge freeway. It was just a cluster fuck day to drive to school. I got to campus on time and was working on this when my friend, C, came up and asked me what happened on Tuesday. I told her and then we decided to exchange numbers so if something like that happens again I’m not totally behind on homework and classwork. Class was fairly easy, and I took a lot of notes and I’m not sure that I needed to. Oh well. We also did square breathing, which I learned a long time ago. We did 2 different styles and I like the one where its in (for 4), hold (for 4), out (for 4), hold (for 4). I learned this from my mentor and at the police academy, so its been one that I’ve used for a while.

When class was done on my way to the truck I checked traffic and saw that traffic was actually flowing pretty well, so I decided to go home for class. I only got slowed down at one point on my way home, and it took like 10-15 minutes to get through. I had this jackass Prius on my ass for most of the drive home. They couldn’t keep up with me in the turns, but on straight aways they would catch up and ride my ass, thankfully there aren’t a lot of straight aways until I’m almost home. I got home and parked the truck and then I ran into the house and hook up my computer and started class. I got super frustrated with the internet, it kept crashing and my hotspot wouldn’t work correctly, so I kept getting dropped from the class. Eventually the hotspot kicked in and I was able to stay in class. I also stayed behind for the extra help. By the end of it my brain was squishy no squishy.

I went over and checked on my Parents and they were doing okay, they hadn’t really done much today. I came back home and flopped on the sofa and then I started doing some chemistry homework. I was lost so I went onto the STEM tutoring center and got help, not once but twice. But my brain was still goo and I forced myself to do it instead of giving myself a break for the rest of the day. So I got a shitty grade on the homework, which I’m mad at myself for. I’m done for the night with classwork and homework and everything to do with school.

I slept pretty well last night, but I was awake in the middle of the night for a while. But I was able to get back to sleep fairly easy. I snuggled up against Fiks in the morning until his alarm went off and he had to get up for work. I rolled back over until it was time for my alarms to go off, which I grumbled about. I got some cookies and turned on Big Bang for a while, before going and getting dressed for work. I grabbed my stuff and my school bag and went to the truck and down to work I went.

Traffic wasn’t horrible on the way down. I got there with 10 minutes to spare, and I even parked so I could get out without bugging anyone. I’m super proud of myself for remembering to do that. I said hi to G, L, and A. I said hi to S, M, G when I saw them as I was running around rooming clients.

Today was the day of big cats. We had 19.6lbs and 17lb cats, oh, and a 16lbs cat. Chunky monkeys. They were nice though so that was a plus. We also had big dogs today. The surgery schedule was light, only 2, and then an emergency pyometra surgery got scheduled. Remember Borris from earlier in the week? Well according to the owner he went crazy. So crazy that the owner doesn’t want her other cat fixed. SMH. 2 dogs were sick and something else happened to the other dog that I don’t remember.

I’m glad that I only worked until 11 today, because A was getting in a worse and worse mood. I couldn’t do anything right for her again. Back to usual I guess. It was after 11 and I was trying to leave when one of the doctors tried to pass me a dog, and I didn’t reach out for it so she handed it over to a different person. “What, do you have somewhere else to be?” “I’ve got to leave for school.” “Oh, okay.” I said goodbye to everyone, even though I’m pretty sure that A didn’t hear me because she didn’t respond after I said bye.

I drove to my house to do a change of clothes and made a sammich and made my way to school. I ate my sandwich in the truck after I got to school in one piece . Not as many assholes on the road today on the way in. On the way out I’m sure I’ll meet more. I’m currently sitting outside the classroom listening to the Ralph Report and waiting for the class to open.

Class went fairly well. We did an experiment where you had to calculate mass, volume, and density of objects. Like we had to figure out the density of a wood block, volume displaces by objects and stuff like that. The team I worked with worked really well together, I didn’t feel totally left out and felt like I was actually contributing to the project and the results. (I had problems with this in my biology class last quarter). I stayed behind after the experiment was done and got some extra help from the instructor. I just hope it helps.

When class was done I made my way home. I must have picked the right time because it didn’t take me too much longer than usual to get home. Once I was home I grabbed a hand full of gummi bears and went and checked on my Parents. They were doing good, just had been home for most of the day, so a little bit bored. I came back home and took a shower to get cleaned up then I flopped on the sofa for a while with Big Bang on in the background. It was great except for when the internet crapped out for about 15 minutes. That sucked. I’ll tell Fiks about it when he gets home.

I called and talked with him after getting no response from my texts to him. He was busy finding papers and batteries from 2002. And dust dinosaurs 🦖. I went back over and checked on my folks and turned on Knives Out Glass Onion after hanging out and talking with them for a while. I came back home and turned on Spirited Away, one of my favorite animes. I’m just waiting for Fiks to get home with dinner right now.

Fiks brought home shrimp and chips and we continued watching Spirited Away together. Thankfully the internet didn’t crap out during the movie, just after when we were trying to watch some videos on YouTube. When it came back up we watched the 4th episode of Vox Machina. Getting hit square in the feels before going to bed, probably not a good idea.

I slept okay last night, I remember waking up a few times. I remember Fiks waking me up to say goodbye as he went to work. I woke up with my alarms and went and grabbed a couple of cookies and before curling up on the sofa and watching some Big Bang. When it was time I went and got dressed for work, thankfully I didn’t have to make lunch today. I fed the fishies breakfast and then I went and locked the door and hopped in the truck and went down the mountain. I got to work at a decent time, started doing the lab reports before we had our first client. And then our second client showed up a few seconds later.

I went and got the second one first, since he was just a tech appointment. A cat who gets fluids a few times a week. I made sure A was okay with him before I went and got the appointment that was waiting. She also had a tech appointment. I approached the car and her dog came out barking and lunging at me, I’m used to this from that dog, but he still scares me. Mom gets on him about his behavior, so that’s good. I went and got the other dog and we went inside and got the appointment rolling. When I came to the back after calling the Doctor, I saw that A had been bleeding on her hand and that she had put a Band-Aid on it. Apparently the cat I left her alone with lost his shit on her.

The day was pretty busy. We were at a good pace all day. I did the rest of the lab reports and callbacks between rooming clients. I caught myself getting frustrated because neither of the other two people S & S weren’t exactly jumping at rooming clients. But I’ve been there too, so I roomed what I could to help out. One of the doctors fell behind, so we were scrambling to get her up and moving on time. We had a big German Shepard that we had to put to sleep, so that was sad. We had to carry her in on the stretcher, she couldn’t walk anymore, so it was time, but still sad. We were still seeing clients until 130- we’re usually done at this time. We started cleaning the floors and were out within 15 minutes.

I came home, removed my pens from my pockets and then I walked over to my Sisters house and said hi to my parents. I said I’d be back in an hour to help them out, but I needed something to eat and to rest a little bit. I got changed and grabbed a prosciutto snack tray and some Ritz crackers and turned on Big Bang for a little while. When it was time I got up and got dressed, and helped my parents out for a while. No sign of my Sister even though apparently she was home. I got Mom settled back under her warming blanket and came home and passed out for a while. When I woke up I had a text from my Sister asking to help take care of Mom while her and Poppa were at church, so I went back. She was watching Great British Baking show. I turned on the oven for the pizza we were to cook and then we went and sat back down. When it was time I threw their pizza in the oven, and then I ordered one for Fiks and myself from Round Table Pizza. Once the pizza was cooked we turned off the oven and left it in there to stay warms as we were waiting for Poppa and my Sister. They eventually came home, and after I helped Poppa open a bottle of Processco.

I came back home and dug my computer out of my school bag and set it up for gaming tonight (here’s hoping the internet doesn’t crap out on us during the session), Fiks came home shortly after I started working on this and took a shower. While he was in the shower the pizza showed up. I got myself a slice and a garlic twist and sat down and watched some YouTube videos for a while, waiting for gaming to start.

We got started fairly close to on time – I got to talk with my brother in law D, and do a check in with him since we didn’t talk since last week. He asked how my hives were doing, so I gave him the update. We then started gaming. I managed to cast charm person on our target and got him out of combat in one piece, so that’s good. We’re currently running away from a bad guy and I left all my team behind on the boat trying to save this guy. I basically flirted with him to get the information we needed out of him, after some hilarity from my team and failed seduction on his side, I basically left him high and dry and ran away. We went back to a pub and left the night there.

I’m going to call it here. See you next week!

~Just keep swimming~

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