What a week…(Week 6)

Welcome to Week 6!

Once I got to sleep I slept fairly well, just getting to sleep took a while. I finished my book (Soul Taken) and started a new book (Wait For Always). I woke up with Fiks around 9 and came out and started to bake cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I was going to do this with M & L here for breakfast, but they had to cancel, but I still had the desire when I woke up, so I made them. I’m working on this and watching Bake Off: Professionals right now. I’ll have to go over and help with my parents after breakfast for a little while.

Our house is starting to smell like cinnamon rolls, yummy.

I went up before the timer was up because I could smell cinnamon. Here is our conversation:

Me: Awww, they’re burned

Fiks: I could smell it from here! (Then why didn’t you say something)

Me: I don’t know why, I set the oven right.

Fiks: Then they were in the oven too long.

Me: They came out before their minimum time!

Fiks: Then the oven temp is wrong.

Felt like strangling the snarky smart ass that is my husband. But I didn’t. I even was kind and gave him a cinnamon roll before heading over to my Sister’s to give every human there a cinnamon roll. I’m sure that Lumi wanted one too. I came home after my Sister told Mom she had to have her egg before her cinnamon roll so she didn’t have a sugar crash. I ate my cinnamon roll while finishing Bake Off and fell asleep for a while. When I woke up I went back over to my Sisters house to help with Mom and Poppa for a while, and I rewrapped Mom’s hand before coming home. I put on Sunset Blvd (the original), and started on my chemistry homework, well, lecture work I guess? Going through the power point a head of schedule.

After an hour I went back and Mom wanted her hand rewrapped, so I rewrapped it and then came back home and did some more homework. I sat down and had some nibbles for lunch as I took notes. Once the movie was over I put it on TV and had that going for a while before deciding to take a break from chemistry and relax. I put on Fringe, I still have a season to go apparently. During this time Fiks got up from his computer and said that his back was hurting, so he was going to go lie down in bed for a while. I read my book while I listened to music when I wanted a change.

When it was time I got up and went to go check on Fiks and get dressed to go over to my Brother’s house. He said that he was cold (he had all but 2 blankets on him), I asked him if he wanted to go to my Brother’s house and he said no. I said I’d bring him back some dinner and went over with my Sister. Mom and Poppa were building shortbread cookie houses with my Niece (like ginger bread houses for Valentines day), and Poppa was doing it with an engineers precision, nothing was coming out right. I helped him build and hold, and then we had spaghetti for dinner with salad and broccoli and garlic bread. For dessert we had Tuxedo cake from Costco. I got some of everything for Fiks.

We got Mom down the stairs and loaded into the car and came home. I went and checked on Fiks and he said he was still cold, so I put a third quilt on top of him and left him alone. Poppa was kind enough to help me take out the garbage and recycling. I started a load of laundry and turned on the TV and after scouting for something to watch I finally put it on Fires of Love documentary on Disney+ so I could work on this and do some classwork. I didn’t like the documentary so I put on something else. I took a shower and flopped on the sofa and a little while later I heard Fiks get up and start moving around.

I went to bed, and he joined me for a while. I read my book and started a new audio book (Green Rider), and fell asleep against Fiks. I woke up in the middle of the night and he wasn’t there. I went looking for him and found him on his computer. He said he couldn’t sleep, so I went back to bed. When my alarms went off and he was asleep in bed next to me.

I got up and had some breakfast while watching Big Bang . I kept snoozing my alarm, so I was running a little later than I wanted. I got dressed and Fiks woke up while I was putting my socks on and taking my meds. I finished getting dressed and ran and made my lunch, and then Fiks snuck up on me in the kitchen. He was up to move his car for me so I could go to work. We kissed goodbye and I hopped into the truck and took off.

I was almost late to work. I’ll have to be better on Wednesday. It was L, A, S, and S today. No G. We weren’t super busy this morning, lots of people not showing up for their appointments. As usual, A was in a mood, and it’s just gotten worse throughout the day. When I left for lunch she was on the edge of a screaming match with one of the doctors. At least there weren’t any owners in the building. S and A got to work on doing a dental on Tony, a orange cat. He ended up losing all but 2 teeth poor guy, and he was matted. I don’t know what I did right, but A asked me to jump in and groom him while they were working on the dental. I gladly did so. I felt so bad about some spots tho, he’s practically bald in some spots because his fur was so matted. I got A to laugh, which I nearly fell over from.

One of the horse doctors who used to help me with Gucci got into an accident over the weekend. He’s okay, but his truck isn’t. Found out that his truck has over 430k miles on it! Apparently he wants to fix it instead of getting a new one, he’s super attached to that truck for some reason. You be the judge if you’d fix it or replace it.

Here’s a cute picture of Gucci that popped up on my memories on Facebook today. Man, I miss him.

So anyway, back to work. After grooming tony and cleaning the dental table, I started rooming clients because everyone else was missing. I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel like I’m being left out again. It’s hard to keep a good attitude about it. Anyway. We had a kitty come in, a Maine coon called Tigger. He has 6 toes on every paw, and his paws aren’t small to start with.

He was a good boy for his nail trim, and then I took him back to his owner. I kept rooming clients for the rest of the afternoon, and when it was time I started closing duties. S and I were on the same page for a lot of the closing duties, each of us trying to beat the other to it, but with a good attitude, you know? S & S started closing while I was dealing with locking things up and bleeding the line of oxygen. I ran around behind them taking down the stools that were on the tables, and once everything was done we were able to leave for the night.

I texted Fiks I was on my way home, and my drive was pretty good. My Sister texted me half way home to pick up some Mom’s medicine. I walked over to my Sisters house after getting home and divesting myself of my pens, nametag and knife. Mom was eating dinner and Poppa was puttering around. I hung out while she was eating dinner. I said I’d pick it up when I go into town tomorrow for my eyebrows and oil change. I changed her bandage, her hand looks pretty good, but still has some healing to do. Then I came home and jumped in the shower after showing Fiks the jewelry I got Mom for her birthday/anniversary/vow renewal.

Oh! I ordered Oats Overnight, getting a variety of flavors to try. Mom said I used to love them (that’s my memory too), but I stopped eating them when Poppa did. They are meant to show up Wednesday. And I ordered a new 100 year Disney dress, and that’s meant to show up on Thursday. I just hope that it fits. Its really pretty tho.

I’m not super fond of the shall, but I like the rest of the dress. I just hope it fits. I spent part of the night going over the lecture, and when my brain felt fried I stopped and tried to find something to watch. I finally ended up watching the first episode of His Dark Materials. My Cousin read the books and liked the show, same with L at work, so I decided to give it a shot since Fiks was gaming. I think I enjoyed it, I didn’t finish the first episode before starting to dose off, so I paused it and went to bed to meditate and read my book for a while.

I slept pretty well last night, I only woke up once, so that’s good for me. I feel dumb because I was planning on getting my blood drawn this morning and I have to fast for it. Guess what the first thing I did this morning was? Yup, had breakfast. I sat down with Fiks while he was watching YouTube videos and I tried to remember the lyrics for the song above. I wasn’t feeling 100% so I decided to stay home from my first class today. Thankfully chemistry is online, so I can stay in my PJ’s as long as I want. Until my doctors appointment and I have to go into town, then I have to get dressed, but that’s not until 3.

I napped until chemistry started, and then I had a hard time waking up from said nap. So I ran and grabbed a coke to wake up, and I was pretty alert most of the rest of the lecture. I had read far enough ahead that I didn’t need to take too many notes, but I did make a few time stamps for myself to go back and watch.

After school I went and got dressed for my doctor’s appointment. That went fine, just short but I didn’t want to talk about everything I had down. Afterwards I went and hopped in the truck and made my way down the mountain to Target where Mom’s prescription was waiting. But I stopped by the bundt store and got some Bundt cakes for Fiks and myself. After that and getting Mom’s prescription and wandering around Target for a while, I went and got my eyebrows done. I got there early so I just checked in and read my book for a while. After that I went and got my oil changed, finally. I was like 20k miles overdue.

Afterwards I went home. I gave Mom her prescription and changed the wrap on her hand before coming back home and flopping on the sofa for a bit. I got hungry, so I started to make dinner after emptying and refilling the dishwasher. Then I started cooking. Fiks got home about 2/3 of the way cooking. He made the sauce while I worked on other things. It turned out really well, and I did a good job on the steak, so yay me!

We sat down and watched some YouTube videos for a while and then we started watching Vox Machina. After we were done watching I went to bed and Fiks went and hopped in the shower.

I had a hard time getting to sleep last night,but once I got there I did fine. I didn’t want to wake up. I curled up on the sofa next to Fiks and tried to wake up. Once he was done with breakfast and had kissed me goodbye I fell asleep again. I woke up and scrambled to get dressed, and I didn’t have enough time to make lunch when I was done, so I was going to have to buy something. I got into the truck and went down the mountain and got to work at a fairly decent time. I was the last one in the parking lot, so I figured that I was late. I change into my work shoes and go rushing in to find I’m the first one there.

There was a stack of lab reports to, well, report to the owners. I was going to jump on them, but then I saw that there was a client, so I went and roomed them. When I got back there was another client, and C & S were busy helping A with a tech appointment, I roomed the other client. When I was done no one had touched the labs, and they were just standing around, so I started working on the labs. Then S asked how to do the lab reports, so I showed her. I left her with half the stack and took the other half.

The day was just a mess. Full scheduled and short staffed so I was stressed out trying to get everything done and keep it running smoothly as possible. I think I was just adding extra stress to myself. I helped A pre med a patient that was in for a mass removal, then we had another mass removal come in. We had him lying on the table when we heard a thunk in the cage behind us, we assumed that it was just the drugs kicking in until the doctor said “I think she just had a seizure.” All of us turned around and looked at her and she was still kind of shaking. A and the Doctor ran over to her kennel and then started taking care of her, and the three of us just kept the dog down on the table while glancing over our shoulders. The Doctor wanted her hooked up to a ECG for a while, so A did that and while that was going on the Doctor removed the mass on the dog.

After that S & I got sent to lunch, and I drove down the street to the pizza place and picked up a couple of slices and a soda before coming back and eating it in the parking lot. I listened to the Ralph Report and worked on this a little bit before heading back into work. I felt very ADD when I got back, like I couldn’t keep what I was doing in my head long enough to do it. I eventually got to help with the dental when G had to go to lunch. I did my best, I think I screwed up but I owned up to it. And I got things figured out with help from G when she got back, so that was nice.

My Manager said that I was going to be working up front on Fridays until school was finished. She said that she needed the help Friday mornings since one of the girls was quitting. Its nice that I won’t be losing hours like I was afraid of happening. The afternoon was just as chaotic as the morning. We had more hands, but we had cardiac ultrasounds for 2 dogs that had come in during lunch, so it was like we didn’t since it took 2 of us and the cardiologist to do the ultrasounds. I did some closing duties when it was time, and I was running around turning off oxygen and locking up the drug box when S & G started vacuuming and moping. I asked if they wanted me to stay and the said that they had it, so I left for the day.

I got home and realized that I left my water bottle behind, it’s okay I can get it on Friday morning. I walked over to my sister’s house to say hi to my Parents and to pick up my packages Poppa had picked up for me. My meal box (home chef), oats over night, and my Disney dress. I was kinda tired so I gathered my things and made my way home and took a shower and flopped on the sofa for a while.

While I was relaxing my Sister and Lumi came over to say hi. And my Sister gave me a heads up that Mom had removed her bandage because her hand was itching. I said I’d be over in a little while to rewrap her hand. I went over after a while and rewrapped her hand. Then I came home and did some homework and puttered until Fiks said that he was coming home. I asked what he was doing for dinner, since I hadn’t made anything, and then I had a snack tray for dinner while he had Mexican. We sat down and watched YouTube videos for the rest of the night.

I woke up around 4 and realized I didn’t make my Oats Overnight for breakfast, oh well, I can do it tomorrow. I rolled back over and went back to sleep until my alarms went off, then I begrudgingly got out of bed. I went to go kiss Fiks hello, but he said he’d had peanut butter for breakfast, so that was a no go. I got my pudding cup and a Tim Tam and sat down and watched videos with him until he had to leave for work. Then I turned on Big Bang for a little bit before going and getting dressed for school. I got my stuff into the school bag, hopped in my truck and swung by the gas station to fill up. And I got some snacks, salted caramel Twix and a cookie dough milky way.

After I got filled up I went to school and went to a new parking lost, which is supposed to be closer to my classroom. Its flat, but I still think it takes the same amount of time to walk to and from. I went and got something to eat and a hot chocolate since my pudding cup and Tim Tam had already worn off.

I was working on this when my friend C came walking up and sat down next to me. She asked me if I had seen the kids, they were so cute. I said no, I hadn’t. I looked up and saw our instructor walking to the classroom, I said that she was on her way to the room so we went and got our seats. The Instructor told me what I missed on Tuesday (coloring, bloody typical), and then said that Midterms were next week so we were going to go over that. But first an exercise. We had to find an ‘awe’ moment, so C and I asked if we could go see the goats, and she said yes, just to be back in 5 minutes.

The goats are so cute, bleating and playing. A few of the kids chased the big old goat from last quarter up the ramp to the top of the scaffolding and the big goat just wanted to be left alone. I took a couple pictures then we made our way back to class.

The rest of class went fine, we went over our midterm and what we needed to know. We watched a Ted Talk video on how to make a friend out of stress. She went over the homework then it was time to leave. I got a notification that there was a 6 minute traffic delay on my way home, not bad. I’d be cutting it close to class but I’d make it. I was what would usually be the 20 minute out position and it said 30 minutes. Not great. Well, it actually took me 25 minutes just to get past the reservoir and a little ways up the hill. Then it took me another 15 to make it home. I was 10 minutes late to class and since I was already late I swung by my Sister’s house and wished Mom a quick Happy Birthday.

I came back home and jumped onto the computer and jumped into the class lecture. It didn’t seem like I missed too much, so that was good. I took notes, even though I felt totally lost. I’m going to have to rewatch the lecture video or something. Poppa came over and asked when I was taking Mom to go get her stitches out, and I said I’d do it after class. I jumped on my computer and did an extra 20 minutes of class, and then I felt my brain turn to goo and I decided to say goodbye and thanks for the lecture. I grabbed my wallet and kindle out of my school bag and threw them into my backpack, grabbed the keys necessary, and walked over to my Sisters. I got the car pulled out of the garage and turned it around so it would be easier for Mom to get into and then we loaded Mom up.

We went down the mountain and to the urgent care we went to last week. We were there maybe 20-25 minutes total. She got her top stich out and then she got it rewrapped. We got some more vet wrap and antibiotic cream and then we made our way back to the car and came home. Poppa greeted us when we got home and we helped Mom get into my Sister’s house and then he helped me park the car in the garage. I went back up and got Seabiscuit going for Mom and then I came home and flopped on the sofa for a while.

After an hour I went over and helped my Parents out for a while before coming back home and working on this. I’m meant to be working on homework, but I’m obviously not doing it.

I did some homework. I don’t really understand what we’re doing, so I’m not doing great on it. I ordered burgers for Fiks and myself from Habit Burger down the mountain. Then I watched more TV until the burgers came. I was hungry so I didn’t wait for Fiks to get home, and he was still putting out some fires at work. But he did come home and he ate his burger while we watched a couple of YouTube videos. I gave him control of the TV and now he’s playing the Metroid Prime fps game he downloaded last night.

I cleaned up the kitchen and filled the dishwasher to start at 1 am, then I made my first Oats Overnight.

I picked the s’mores flavor to start with. You add 8oz of milk and then the oats and then you give it a good shake to mix it and put it in the fridge overnight for breakfast in the morning. I’m excited. I smelled it after shaking it and it smelled like s’mores!

I didn’t sleep the greatest last night, but I did sleep so I guess that’s a good thing. I woke up when Fiks kissed me goodbye and then again when my alarm went off. I tried to stay in bed but I didn’t for some reason, maybe anxiety about the day. I went and got my Oats Overnight and flopped on the sofa and snuggled down to Big Bang for a while before going and getting dressed. I packed my school bag and left for work.

On Friday mornings I’ll have to remember to hang a right instead of a left. High school traffic back up. But I got to work early and punched in just in time for my start. Apparently only my Manager and myself knew that I was working up front today, so everyone was confused as to why I was there. I asked for a quick refresher from G (different G, this one works up front) and then I started checking people on and having the surgeries sign paperwork. My Manager showed up and said yes I was meant to be there.

She showed me some new things to do between checking people in and phone calls. I got back into the swing of it okay I think. Some stuff is still a bit rusty but that’s okay. I clocked out when it was time for school. I swung by home and got changed, then I ran over to my Sister’s house to say hi to my Parents quickly. Then I ran back to the truck and got going to school.

The drive wasn’t bad, made it to school at a good time. I sat in the truck and ate some lunch and worked on this before heading to the classroom. I was going over the power point for the lab when another classmate came and sat down next to me and we started chatting about class. The teacher showed up and let us in the room, and I just waited for everyone to trickle in. R from the first week showed up today. So I worked with him, C, and S. I’m not really good at chemistry, I’m just really good at paying attention and taking notes.

We went through the different chemical reactions at the different lab tables and we all chipped in on the project. Or tried to. I sat down and  started doing the post lab, which I found really difficult. It could be because I got hit with news out of the blue at work, and then it was cemented into fact. Our clinic got bought out. New ownership starting Monday. Nothing is meant to change, no one is getting fired, but I’m not sure I like it. It was rumored to be bought by a local company. No. They run out of Colorado. I already worked for a big vet med company and I didn’t like it.

I made my way home, sitting in traffic for most of it. Saw some spectacular driving, like passing on the right when it’s just the shoulder. I got home and went over to my Sister’s house and said hi to my Parents. They were okay, Mom was in a bit of a mood. I checked her hand and thought it looked okay, so we left it alone for the day. I came back home and flopped on the sofa for a while.

I started working on the new paperwork and logins for the new company and just got upset. I decided I wanted to talk to Fiks and vent. Well, he’d had even more of a shock at work than I did. So we vented to each other for a while. We hung up and then I tried to focus on homework but couldn’t. Fiks called me up after a while and offered Olive Garden for dinner. I said yes and told him what I wanted.

When he got home he dived into the soups and the wine and started Vox Machina. We watched that for most of the evening. When it was done I decided to take a shower. Then I came out and Fiks was playing Metroid, so I watched him play that for a few minutes before heading to bed. I remember waking up at one point and Fiks was next to me reading.

I didn’t want to wake up this morning. I also didn’t want my oats, but I had some anyway and then I took it to work with me after getting dressed. Took me most of the shift to finish them. I got to work okay, and was like a minute late punching in. But I started with the test results straight away, where a huge pile was waiting for me. I got those done, then a client came in so I roomed them, then went back to reporting and scanning before starting on the call backs.

Call backs went fairly well, A took one call because I wasn’t there yesterday for the surgery and she had a lot of questions apparently. A talked with one of the doctors and got some medicine prescribed, but the owner didn’t want to come down and pick it up. I don’t know what the end result was because I was rooming. I roomed practically every appointment today, so to say I was frustrated by the end of it is an understatement.

One of the girls up front put her dog, Wasabi down today. Wasabi was a jerk who liked me for some reason, so I’d always help with him. It sucked because the owners were already crying before we brought him back. I gave the girl a hug once he was gone and let her cry on my shoulder a bit. She wanted a paw print from him right then, so we started trimming the fur off one of his paws and then covered it in sharpie and tried to get a good print. We ended up getting 5 or 6 prints for her, she can choose when she gets in on Monday.

I came home and went and said hi to Mom and Poppa at my Sister’s house. They were good, Mom was watching Downtown Abbey and Poppa was working on something. Mom and I chatted for a bit before I came home and got out of my scrubs and into a pair of leggings and a hoodie and flopped on the sofa. I had a snack tray of prosciutto and cheese with some Ritz and iced tea. When I was done resting I went and got hot iron going to straighten my hair for Mom and Poppas vow renewal at church. I got in my dress after doing my hair and then Fiks came home and got cleaned up and changed, and off to church we went.

We got there right before mass started. Mass was good, but they’ve changed some of the stuff from when I was growing up. I remembered some of the prayers, but they’ve changed some of the responses, I’d automatically respond with what I knew just to have it be wrong. It was fine. The Father came over and redid the vows with Mom and Poppa at the end of mass. 51 years together (married). Brother took some photos of all of us at the church, then we made our way into town for dinner.

Dinner was good, we went to an Italian restaurant in town. Fiks and I had eaten there once before, but that was before COVID, so a long time ago. We all had a good time. I ordered a drink called Beez Kneez. It was good. Lemony and honey. I can’t really describe my dish I had for dinner, and I forgot to take a picture.

After dinner we all went over to my Sister’s house for cake.

They went to a bakery down the mountain for the cake. I’ve never been impressed by this place, but everyone raves about it. :: Shrug :: I did enjoy the cake last night tho, so maybe that’s what they talk about? It was chocolate with berries and hunks of fudge. After cake we came home and got undressed. I worked on this for a while, during which we watched the last 2 episodes of Dirty Jobs. Then I turned on Big Bang and fell asleep to that (unintentionally). Fiks woke me up and we went to bed.

I’m going to leave it here for this week.

~Just keep swimming~

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