Do you believe… (Week 7)

Welcome to week 7!

I woke up with this song stuck in my head. I slept okay last night, I was hoping to sleep in longer than I did but oh well. I got up and moved to the sofa and put on Sing 2 and started to do chemistry homework. I’m really good at taking notes and guessing, but I don’t understand what’s going on. I gave up after a while and walked over to say hi to Mom and Poppa and to wish them a happy anniversary (it’s actually today, not yesterday). I sat down and chatted with Mom for a little bit, then I asked poppa if he understood what we’re doing in chemistry. He said he’d look at the book and see. I came home and put my chemistry book into the binder I have for it, and took it back over to Poppa.

I decided to make cinnamon rolls again. I set the oven a little lower and took 5 minutes off the time since proper time burns them. I watched the movie while I was waiting for them to cook, singing along with the songs, just not at full blast because Fiks was (and still is) asleep. I took them out when the timer was done and they looked better than last week’s. I ran them over to my Sister’s house and Poppa said he could understand why I’m confused in class. There’s a lot going on and to take in.

I came home and finished the movie while eating the roll. Then I decided to start a load of laundry so I had a pair of scrubs for work tomorrow. We’re meant to go over to my Brothers house for the super bowl. I’m thinking of taking my computer and note book so I can  get a head while watching the game. I’m currently watching the original Ghostbusters. Fiks came out of the bedroom not soon after I started the movie. He got his cinnamon roll and sat down at his computer and I dozed off during the movie. After I woke up at the end of the first movie I started the second. I just stayed on the sofa until the movie was over, then we went and got dressed and Fiks joined me. And after a few stops, we came over to my Brother’s house.

Brother let us in and I started on my homework, and Poppa would jump in and check on me, and I would sometimes wave him over for help explaining things. Brother made Sloppy Joe Nachos and Bruschetta for dinner. I had some of the bruschetta. I eventually gave up on taking notes because we came across a problem which answer doesn’t make sense. (The game is 21-27 right now). Brother is petting the dog, she’s on her back and he’s flopping her front legs around as my Sister goes over and pets her on the belly.

Poppa playing with Emily

Kansas City ended up winning the superb owl. I mean Superbowl. It was a good game to the end. We had some more cake from last night and then my tummy started to hurt so Fiks and I said goodbye to everyone and came home. We moved the garbage cans out and moved the laundry, took out the garbage and recycling and are currently on the sofa. Fiks is playing Metroid Prime and I’m working on this. I might start reading Killers of a Certain Age tho. Didn’t really read much of it last night.

Oh! As some homework for my stress management class I’m getting a massage next Thursday. I normally don’t do this for myself so it’ll be nice.

I browsed Instagram for a while before making my oats and coming to bed. I read my book and then I downloaded the next in the Green Rider series.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I eventually gave up around 4 or 5 and moved to the sofa and turned on Ratatouille and tried to sleep to that. I dozed for a while, but didn’t get to sleep. I put on something, Big Bang I think, and tried to wake up to that, and that put me to sleep. I got up and got dressed and poked Fiks because his car was in front of my truck in the garage. We kissed goodbye and off I went.

I got to work at a decent time, and I changed into my work shoes and clocked in. I wasn’t super happy about going in to today, and I think it was part anxiety, part lack of sleeping. I started rooming clients when they came in, and I did a few phone calls to report labs and to check on someone whose pet went to the emergency room over the hill by where I used to work. Then all these strange women started showing up and introducing themselves to us. Don’t ask me names because I don’t remember. It was the team that was onboarding us for the new hire stuff and transition over to their company. They wouldn’t wait until lunch, grabbing A, L and G and taking them off the floor and leaving it just myself and S to room, help with appointments, and do tech appointments. I was not happy nor impressed with them. They kept trying to take me away, and I refused to leave S by herself on the floor. The main Doctor gave me weird looks when I refused to leave. I later learned that she was complaining that there weren’t enough people on the floor. So I don’t know if the weird looks was a good or a bad thing.

We got bought out by Western Veterinary Partners. They talked about how that we were a good fit, how they’d done their research and made sure we would get along. Stuff like that. I don’t like it and I don’t trust it. I understand that change is inevitable, but I’m not the only one who thinks that what they said sounds to good to be true. Small local company my ass. They are run out of Colorado and almost have practices in every state, and 22 in California alone.

They gave us goodie bags with a water bottle, sticker, and church key. Yay. Apparently there are going to be a few people hanging back all week to answer questions and handle any problems that arise. They are jerking around my manager, which sucks. I love our manager. I hope that they don’t get rid of her. They bribed us with Chinese for lunch from Panda Express.

The afternoon kind of flew by, and we were done and closed by 5 o’clock, so that was nice. I came home and Fiks came and greeted me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Valentines day.

He then went to the bedroom and started back on the laundry, so I went and helped with that before going over and saying hi to my Parents. They were good, they were watching The Kings Speech, and I sat down just in time for the swearing scene.

If you’ve never seen it I highly recommend it. Splendid acting.

Afterwards I came home and Fiks was warming up his pasta, so I went to warm up mine. His bowl was melting in the oven, so he ran up and put it in a proper bowl and then so did I. I had to warm mine up a couple of times because it kept being cold in the middle. I overate on breadsticks and wine, not able to finish my pasta. I’ve had a lot of rich food over the past week, and dairy, and my stomach isn’t agreeing with me. Oh! I had some Oats Overnight, it was apples and cinnamon this morning, could not deal with it very well. I didn’t even finish it all. I took it to work and got some good swigs of it down, and then I wasn’t able to get to it for a while and then I didn’t want to drink warm milk.

He started with his Monday night gaming group, and I bounced around from show to show trying to find something to keep me entertained. I eventually put on Last Night in Soho.

I love that that scene is almost one continuous shot, there’s only one place where it isn’t. After the movie was over I put the laundry away and went to bed. I started off sleeping fine, then I started having leg spasms so I went and hopped into the shower and had it as hot as it would go for a little while before getting out and crawling back into bed.

After the shower I slept pretty well. I didn’t wake up until my alarms went off, so I gave Fiks a nudge and rolled over and went back to sleep. I slept until he woke me up to say goodbye and to move my truck out of his way so he could leave for work. I begrudgingly got out of bed and threw on some clothes and then we moved vehicles. Afterwards I moved the laundry that was waiting and then I went upstairs, had some breakfast, and got dressed for school.

I left for school later than usual, but I still got there around the same time. So maybe I’ll start leaving later. I dunno. Anyway, it was cold as balls when I got to campus and was walking to class. I swung by the coffee shop and picked up a valentines day cookie.

I was munching on said cookie when C tried to sneak up on me and I caught her. She burst out laughing afterwards. We stood around talking while waiting for the instructor to show up. Did I mention it’s a cold windy day? It’s cold and windy. The instructor eventually showed up and let us in the room. Class went fine, we did a few things and got a few handouts. Then it was time to leave to come home for chemistry.

I made it home just in time, but I had a horrible headache starting. I only stayed through half the class, I couldn’t stand the noise or the pressure of the headphones on my head any longer. I went and gave Mom and Poppa a quick hi and their valentines day cards before coming home, lying down and resting. I kept meaning to go back to class afterwards but I never did.

I eventually woke back up and was hungry so I made dinner. Steak with potatoes and broccoli. It was good. Fiks’ steak had a better cook than mine, but other than that it was a good dinner. We sat down and watched YouTube videos until it was time for bed.

I slept fairly well last night. I remember waking up at one point and restarting my audio book, but I was fine until my alarms went off. Then I didn’t want to wake up. I got up with Fiks and went and got my Oats Overnight (birthday cake flavor) and started drinking that as I turned on Big Bang and watched that for a while before going and getting dressed. I emailed my allergy doctor and said that I was willing to do more testing. I just have to stop taking some meds, which will be difficult but it’s worth it I think.

I went to work and was the last one there. Today was just crazy and stressful. We had a cat in for a ultrasound who had a mass. We x-rayed a dog and found a mass. The owners were understandably upset about the results. Then we had a dog with kennel cough come into the building, which shut down the room for the rest of the day. That made things difficult since we weren’t allowed to use that room for dogs anymore. Today was just a cluster fuck. Not enough people, too many appointments. A was playing favorites again with G and S when it came to surgeries. In the afternoon I was running outside and taking patients histories from the owners and then inputting them and then I’d run outside to get them when we had a room ready. Chaos. Didn’t get out of work until 545. Still had patients in the building at 530, so come to think of it that wasn’t a bad turn around.

I came home and went over to say hi to Mom and Poppa. Poppa and Lumi were the only ones home, so I sat and chatted with him for a bit before coming home and taking a shower. Mom and Sister came home while I was in the shower, so I went over after I was dry and hungry. I chatted with them for a bit before heading home. Fiks was coming home and wondering what was for dinner. I said I hadn’t made anything but we could do Chinese. So that’s what we did for dinner. We watched some YouTube videos and now he’s looking for a deck of many things.

Apparently he has the deck of illusions. So we played with a regular deck and did the deck of many things. I love it when he’s the dm, and his voice, and his imagination…. I guess I love the guy. Anyway, that was fun until I pulled the void card and lost everything, including my soul. 😭

I slept okay last night. I woke up around 4 and restarted my audio book and fell back to sleep until my alarms went off. I got out of bed and made my breakfast, and I finished the last episode of the Big Bang. Then I got up and dressed and headed to school after stopping and getting some gas.

I made it in good time. There was no traffic jam on part of the way there, not complaining but I am very confused about it. So I got to school in a good time. I sent out a few texts after parking and sitting in my truck. I made my way to the coffee shop and got a waffle and a hot chocolate.

I saw C, so she wasn’t able to sneak up on me. We talked about how expensive getting a drink of coffee is for 5 days a week for a year. Yeah, it’s expensive. $5 for 5 days a week is $1500 a month for 12 months is a lot of money. We discussed it over my hot chocolate… Yeah… I can stop any time I want.

We made our way to the classroom and the instructor was on her way. So we chatted while we waited and then we went and sat down at our chairs and waited for class to start. We did our exercise which was really emotional for some reason. And then we talked about the midterm for a while, then we felt rushed through the lecture.

I made it home in good time, which was great. I jumped onto the chemistry lecture and even though I had a headache I was able to stick with it today. I didn’t really understand what was going on until the end, and then I got confused all over again. I’ll go back and rewatch the lecture to see where I got confused.

After I went over to my Sister’s house and checked on my parents. They were doing fine. I walked Lumi and then I came home and flopped on the sofa for a while before getting up and leaving for my appointment..I drove down the mountain and got to my appointment at the spa for my massage. Massage was good, hurts so good kinda good. She got my knots in my shoulders and neck, so that was wonderful afterwards. At the time it hurt like a mother fucker. Lots of deep breaths.

I came home and brought up the laundry and moved Fiks new hoodies into the dryer. I then went over to my sister’s to check on my parents and they were doing good and my sister was on her way home. I came back home and flopped on the sofa for a while. I woke up and didn’t feel well, so I stayed home and ended up having a ramen bowl for dinner. I was going to cook but I didn’t feel up for it.

I slept really well last night, I didn’t wake up until Fiks kissed me goodbye in the morning, then I still had a hard time waking up and getting out of bed. But I did it. I went and grabbed my breakfast and sat on the sofa and tried and tried to wake up. When it was time I went and grabbed my scrubs and got ready for work. I grabbed my unfinished breakfast and made my way to the truck, then down the mountain to work.

I parked and then I changed into my work shoes and walked into the building right when the surgeries were walking in. A asked me to run up front and help R with checking everyone in. I checked with her and she said she was doing fine, so I started grabbing the surgeries and bringing them back after making sure they didn’t have any food or water this morning. I started doing callbacks when I wasn’t helping A & G with surgeries or rooming clients for the doctors. I felt horrible because I called one client just to find out that they were putting there dog down at home, and I felt like such a shit asking how she was doing. But the doctors wanted to know.

The morning went by in a blur, every time I looked up another half hour had passed. I got snapped at by A for laundry, and it wasn’t even backed up so I don’t know what that was about. I helped with a gown pack before getting sidetracked by a doctor bringing a patient back. Oh, I had a dog lunge and bite at me 3 different times, so that was fun. No one could handle this dog, not even the doctors.

When it was time I left for the day, putting the cone back in its spot. Then I went and got a couple of bundt cakes because I got a coupon for buy one get one, so I got 4 and paid for 3. Then on my way home I swung by the market and got a sammich and chips and an ice tea, then I came home. I went over and said hi to my Parents and said I was hungry and needed to change, so I said I’d come back after a little while. I ate my sammich and chips and got changed and watched some TV before heading back over to help my parents with a couple of things.

I came home afterwards and fell asleep watching TV. Apparently I was tired. I went back over and checked on my Parents and they were fine, so I came home and watched a lecture video and got answers for the Worksheet 3. I have to submit Worksheet 3 now. I cleaned the kitchen and then I made a mess by deciding to cook. I made a Korean BBQ Shrimp and rice with bok choy dish. It turned our really well. Fiks came home after I was done cooking it, so he got it while it was fairly warm, which must have been nice.

Did you know Jeremy Renner can also sing?

I didn’t sleep super great last night, so I was tired when I woke up this morning. I don’t remember Fiks leaving this morning to be honest. I just remember resenting my alarm clock since I had to get up earlier than usual to get to work earlier than usual. I got some breakfast and then I went and got dressed, and headed down the mountain to work.

I got to work okay, I was a minute or two punching in late, but instead of a 4 digit code I have to punch in a screen name and a password, so maybe that took up the extra minutes. I started by sending out lab reports to people, and I was just about to start making callbacks when I noticed that there was a post-it for me to do something they couldn’t do yesterday. I went and did that and then I started to do call backs, and clients started showing up. Did I mention it was just me & A in the back today? Yeah, so I was not expecting a good day. I was surprised and happy when E showed up around 10 o’clock and helped me room for the rest of the day. He roomed while I did call backs and helped do other duties that I have to do. The day finished on a good note, and we got out by 115.

I swung by the station to say hi to Fiks. We talked about how our days were going, and then he got a phone call so I took that as a que to leave. I kissed him goodbye and headed to CVS to pick up some prescriptions for Mom, I also might have got some sour gummi bears while I was there. I walked next door to Whole Food and got more supplements for Mom, I was very tempted to pick up some lunch, but I still had half of my sandwich from yesterday.

I made my way home and dropped off my stuff before walking over to my Sister’s to drop off Mom’s medicines. Poppa asked where the Gummi Bears were, and I burst out laughing and said that they were at my house. I came home after a little while and had something to eat and watched some TV. I lied down for a little while and then I went back over and checked on Mom and Poppa and Mom was sleeping. I took Lumi for a quick walk, and then when I came back Mom was awake. I decided to come home and do some more homework, which really turned into lying down and watching more TV. Yes, I know, I’m horrible.

Poppa came over when it was time to take him to Church, so I made sure that he had his phone so he could call me if my Sister didn’t show up to pick him up. I came back and went over and sat with Mom and watched Downton Abby until my Sister and Poppa came home. Fiks got home shortly after I did, and he started a load of work laundry. He said he wanted pizza and wings for dinner, so I ordered pizza for dinner. After pizza showed up we watched Ghostbusters: Afterlife. I loved it. I love the originals. It was good and fun and a nice nod to the originals.

Alright, I’m going to leave it here for this week.

~Just keep swimming~

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