Born To Blog Jive, Baby…. (Week 8)

Welcome to Week 8!

I didn’t sleep well last night. I woke up wide awake at 4 am, after not getting to sleep until closer to midnight. I downloaded the next audio book in the Green Rider series and tried to sleep to that but I just tossed and turned. I eventually gave up and moved to the sofa. I turned on the TV and watched Monsters University and then Monsters Inc. I managed to get a little sleep between both the movies, so that was good. I put on Robin Hood next and I did homework to that. I heard Fiks get up and move around but he never came out. I went into the bedroom and he was sitting in bed reading his book. He only had a little bit left and wanted to finish it. I told him I was going to go over to my Sister’s house and say hi to my Parents.

I walked over and they had music playing and Mom said hi before I even opened the door all the way. They were all happy and chirpy, which I’m normally fine with. But since I’d been up for 6 hours already I wasn’t exactly thrilled by it. Poppa wanted to make cherry pie for dessert, which meant looking for ingredients. Which somehow led to me making ranch dip. I grumbled about it but I made it anyways, and I brought Poppa over some milk for the cherry pie.

I came back home and waddled into the kitchen, and then I was going to waddle into the bedroom to snuggle with Fiks when I noticed him on the computer looking at me. I clearly hadn’t noticed him because I was startled by this. I apologized for not seeing him, then I flopped on the sofa and watched the first Hobbit movie and slept through most of it, so as of now I’ve gotten some sleep. I need to do classwork but I’m finding it hard to have the motivation to do it.

The Hobbit GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I put on the second Hobbit movie and did my best to stay awake through that. When it was time and the movie was over we went and got dressed to go over to my Brother’s house. We showed up a little late and we’re put straight to work. Fiks cut up the garlic bread and I made the salad, without the almonds just to be safe. I still have to email my doctor’s about stopping taking some of my medicines to do an allergy test. I made the salad and we sat down to watch some old school Loony Toons with my niece.

Bugs Bunny Horror GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

We dished up our dinners. Skirt steak, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, rice, garlic bread and asparagus. It tasted good (minus the asparagus – I don’t like it). We’re still watching cartoons as we’re waiting for dessert to cook. Brother made pineapple upside down cake and Poppa made cherry pie. I’m looking forward to cherry pie.

I played limbo with my sister and niece, well, I did the splits numerous times and then I rolled on the floor. We did dessert and then we came home.

I just love watching Deadpool dancing in heels.

I slept better last night, but I didn’t feel great when I woke up, I was already nauseated. I didn’t want my breakfast of oats. I thought about calling out sick, but I decided to at least go in and try. I was there for a little over an hour before I was praying to the porcelain god (aka vomiting into the toilet). I went and told my manager, she sent me home. A was pissed and angry when I told her, so I just left. I came home, put the garbage cans away, moved the laundry, then went upstairs, got changed, turned on the TV after grabbing a ginger ale, and slept until Fiks came home.

I woke up to the garage door closing and Fiks walking up the steps. He went and got changed out of work clothes, we sat down and talked for a little bit before he took off for the grocery store. I lied back down while he was gone. Once he came home with lunch we snuggled and napped on the sofa for a while. I went over to my Sisters house to check on my Parents after a while, then I came back home, put on the last Hobbit movie, and started doing some homework. I didn’t get very far to be honest.

I tried refocusing on homework after the movie but it didn’t happen for too long. I put on Monsters vs Aliens and watched that before going and taking a shower. Afterwards I came out and put something on discovery+, I don’t really remember what. Hollywood murders or something like that. They were talking about Drew Carey’s fiancé, that’s all I really remember. Fiks was done with gaming so he came and sat on the sofa with me for a while before we went to bed.

Today fucking sucked. A was a total bitch to me all day, either ignoring me and what I was doing, or snapping at me. Like I was getting ready for a blood draw, and she walks over and bumps me out of the way so that she could do it. I felt like I was being annoying or a burden for most of the day for the other employees. I even apologized to S about being annoying and she said I wasn’t being. I was on the verge of tears for most of the day. I’m working on this on Friday, so I don’t remember much else.

Oh! Fiks and I made rice crispy treats!

I could not wake up this morning, which sucked because I was meant to have a doctors appointment this morning. I sent an email to my instructor saying I wouldn’t be able to make it to class. I later discovered that I sent it to the wrong instructor so when I was more awake I sent it to the correct one. But I slept through most of the morning. I thought I missed my doctors appointment so I called up the office, and they asked if I had done the bloodwork yet, I said the orders still hadn’t gone through, so they were going to send them again. I’m getting really frustrated with this whole process, very tempted to just request a new doctor. This has been going on since November.

I ran over and checked on my Parents at my Sisters house really quick, they were doing good. I came back and set up for my chemistry class. I should have gone over it a little bit more before starting class, but I kept up and understood most of it, which was a nice change from the last couple of weeks. After class I went down the mountain to go to work.

I took one of the files back for a doctors appointment and one of the doctors looked at me and went ‘Where did you come from?’, I said school and turned around and went back to the front. I wanted to be a smart ass, but considering I was technically out of dress code I behaved. I was in jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie instead of my scrubs. Work went fine, it was just running files back and forth and checking people in and out. I learned some of the closing duties and then I went to CVS to pick up Poppa’s prescription.

I waited in line for 20-25 minutes outside in the truck for my turn. I should have just gone inside, but I was pinned in and couldn’t go backwards and forwards. I pulled out my kindle and waited for my turn. When I got there, the medicine was too big to go through the shoot so I had to go in anyways. I walked up to a window and waited for my turn, and I said I just paid for a prescription but it wouldn’t go through the shoot, so the pharmacist ran and grabbed it for me, and then I went to leave. I saw that there was easter candy out, so I got some Cadbury mini eggs and then I came home.

Easter Candy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I came home and went over to my Sister’s house with Poppa’s medicine. I hung out and talked for a little while before coming home and working on homework for both classes. I did my midterm for stress management and a few assignments that I hadn’t done yet. I then texted Fiks if we could do Chinese for dinner since I was so behind and he said yes. So I worked on school until he told me he was ready, then I called in the order. When he came home I stopped doing homework and ate dinner while watching some YouTube videos. Then I watched the Wednesday lecture and started on the worksheet. I started to understand part of it and being able to figure it out for a few problems, so that was a great feeling. After I was done with homework I watched Fiks play some Metroid and went to bed.

I woke up to the sound of thunder and might have squeaked…possibly screamed just because I was startled. I hate thunder. I kept rolling over and trying to go back to sleep and it wouldn’t happen. It was thundering for 45 minutes to an hour. I couldn’t get back to sleep afterwards so I moved out to the sofa after a couple of hours and turned on Lilo and Stitch, and managed to doze to that for a while. Then I put on Beauty and the Beast and dozed to that until Fiks came out to go to work. We talked a little bit before he left, and he noticed snow on the deck. Well, hail that was still there. We kissed goodbye and I crawled back under the blankets for a little while.

A photo I found on Facebook from the CHP about the snow up on the summit.

After I woke up again I went and got dressed for work (scrubs this time) and then I went and got my Oats and oh my god they were disgusting. Meant to taste like maple syrup and pancakes. Tasted nothing like it. I threw it in the sink and grabbed a rice crispy treat and headed out the door just to see hail still on the deck.

I drove down the mountain and got to work a little late. There was a lot of traffic going back down the mountain because they were getting turned around because it was closed due to snow. But since I was working up front today it wasn’t that big of a deal. But I still felt bad for not being on time.

The morning was weird. It was slow, but we only had 1 doctor seeing appointments, the other one was in surgery and the third was off on an adventure until Tuesday. It was just weird, used to being active. My manager was up front with us for a little while then she ran and picked up a dog and brought him back to work. Cute little pit bull named Taz. I should have taken a picture now that I think about it. When I was done I came home and got everything ready for chemistry.

I went and said hi to my Parents when I got home, making sure that they were doing okay. They were. I took Lumi for a walk since it wasn’t raining, apparently he hadn’t gone all morning because of the rain. He was a good boy. Afterwards I came home and got changed and sat down and watched some TV while waiting for class to start. Class was good, not a lot of people showed up. It was online, because the instructor couldn’t leave his house, so it was a dry lab. We did the lab and went and did the post lab and the lab quiz together, so we were all able to get a good full grade, so that was nice.

I went over to my Sisters afterwards and helped my Parents with some stuff. We were waiting for my Sister wake up, and I think mine and Mom’s talking woke her up. I helped them with some stuff and then I came home and watched some TV. When it was time I went and got fish and chips and shrimp and chips for dinner. I took Mom and Poppa’s over to them and sat with them and we talked about England’s fish and chips.

When I came home I tried to clean up for our guests coming over tomorrow. I hung up the prints from Disneyland in their spots. I hung one over the fish tank, and hung the others in the bedroom. When Fiks was done with work he went and got some fish and chips and we watched some YouTube videos while he was eating. We actually spent the evening watching videos. Um, Actually and Breaking News with Brennan Lee Mulligan – who is fucking hilarious – were our most watched videos last night.

I slept pretty good last night. No thunderstorms waking me up last night. I remember groggily waking up when Fiks kissed me goodbye and then I went back to sleep for a while until my alarms went off. I woke up enough to go get something out of the fridge for breakfast and then I moved to the sofa, turned on the TV and dozed there for a while until it was time to get up and get ready for work. I got changed into my scrubs and left for work.

I made my way down the mountain okay, got to work a little later than I wanted but whatever, I don’t know what my start time is on Saturday anymore. If I was late the manager will tell me on Monday. I walked in and saw the call back sheet, so I started working on that. I called the first person and left a message, and during that time the first client came in. I grabbed the file and went and roomed the first client of the day. It was basically that for the rest of the day. The other 2 people working with me didn’t want to room, and would disappear for long periods of time. I was the only one rooming all day basically. I met a cat who was bribed with getting a Taco Bell taco if he was good in his appointment. No, I don’t know what kind of taco he eats, I didn’t think to ask and when I went back to talk to them they were already gone. We had a euthanasia where the woman was in no way ready to say goodbye, but her dog was clearly suffering and in pain. She was doing top of her lungs sobs as she held her dog as we waited for the sedatives to kick in. I won’t go into too many more details, but it was a hard euthanasia, and I’ll leave it at that.

At the end of my shift I went and saw Fiks at his work and got a hug, telling him what had happened. We talked for a little while and then I came home. I took a shower and then I stripped the guest room bed and washed the sheets and stuff, and then I had some lunch and watched TV. I would get up and do stuff for 15 minute sessions and then sit down for 15 minutes before starting again. I get overwhelmed easily when it comes to cleaning, and our house isn’t the cleanest. So I have a hard time finding something to work on, I tried working on what Fiks wanted done before he got home. I felt bad because I cleaned up the living room and just moved stuff into the kitchen for the garbage and recycling.

Fiks came home and he helped me clean. We got it better before our guests, M & L showed up. I don’t think we got it to where Fiks wanted it. He went and took a shower and I talked with M & L for a while. M has numerous crafts to work on, L brought down some of her sewing for Fiks to help her with. Maybe. It depends on what happens after their meeting which they are currently in. I’m listening to P!nk as I type this.

I went over and checked on my Parents and my Sister and talked about the play that they saw, and they had a good time. They went and saw My Fair Lady in San Jose. They came home with a magnet and lots of smiles. I’m glad they had a good time. After a while I came back home and just worked on this while they finished their meeting. When the meeting was done I was overed some sparkling Rose wine. It was pretty good.

L & I hung out and talked while M & Fiks talked guns for a good hour at least. Then Fiks came out and helped L with sewing her tunic. I went to bed and read my book until I started to fall asleep. I turned off the lights and then Fiks came to bed, so I turned on the lights so he could see what he was doing and then when he crawled into bed I turned off the lights and he was out, but I took a little while. I started the 4th audio book in the Green Rider series.

Alright, that’s it for this week folks

~Just keep swimming~

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