A Short Week…(Week 9)

Welcome to week 9!

I slept pretty good last night, only waking up a few times but I was able to get back to sleep every time. I woke up around 9 and got up and made a cinnamon rolls. I tried to be quiet as to not wake up M & L,  and turned on the oven, and then I got the rolls in the oven and came and sat down and turned on The Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson. I cooked them for less time and at the correct temperature and they still burned a little bit, I don’t really know what’s going on with that. I put the frosting on and then I put some on a plate and M & L came out of their bedroom, so I told them I was running over to give some to my Sister and my Parents. I did my best to not let them get wet while I was walking over to their house in the rain. When I got there the door was locked, so I waited for them to unlock the door and went in and gave everyone hugs and offered up the cinnamon rolls.

I came home and M &L were up and having breakfast, they enjoyed the cinnamon rolls. L started working on her tunic again, since her and Fiks fixed it late last night. We chatted for a little bit and I offered to make tea. I turned on the kettle and came and finished last weeks blog before going working on this weeks and trying to find the song stuck in my head. Thankfully I actually had the title right this time, so it popped up right away. Fiks eventually came out of the room and said good morning to everyone. He just got done making his breakfast and I just got done handing out tea to everyone.

M & L worked on their projects and sat at his computer doing stuff. L worked on her tunic which turned out really well, she just needed a little help from Fiks last night, otherwise she did it all on her own. Its a really pretty shade of green. She then showed Fiks and I her next project which includes making a corset. So that’ll be an interesting experience for her. While she was doing that I was working on chemistry homework and M was just starting another project. After she was done making her tunic they started loading up the car. They were talking with another local amtgarder about meeting up for lunch. We went to a local Mexican restaurant and met up with K there. We then ordered lunch and chatted and BS’d about things before heading our separate ways.

Fiks and I ran to Target really quick and got a few things, before heading home for a while. I turned on Hot Fuzz after showing Fiks a job opportunity which is literally down the street from me. Walking distance so I wouldn’t have to drive. I follow their Facebook page and I really enjoy what I see happening there. I sent an email asking a few questions, I’m waiting to hear back before I submit my resume to them. I then turned on Hot Fuzz and started working on homework again.

(Never not funny to me)

During Hot Fuzz Fiks went and lied down, or was it just after? I don’t remember. Anyway, Fiks went to lie down and I was already flopped on one sofa, giving my brain a break from chemistry. We started watching Um, Actually on YouTube. Fiks fell asleep and I just watched the episode until it was time to leave. I went and woke him up and he wasn’t feeling well enough to go to my Brother’s house for dinner, so I took his car and said I’d be back with some soup for him later.

I got to my brother’s fine, everyone asked where Fiks was and I said that he wasn’t feeling well and everyone understood that. I worked on the salad while my Brother worked on the soup. Mom and Poppa, Sister in law and Niece were all watching Frozen shorts where Olaf explains the movie in a few minutes. They were cute and funny, I don’t remember seeing them before. Right before my Sister showed up my Brother put the garlic bread in the oven and broiled those for a few minutes before dinner was ready. We all came to the table and ate salad, soup, and garlic bread. Apple pie was for dessert, I didn’t have any as I was too full of soup and garlic bread. When it was time we loaded everyone up and made our way home.

I opened the garage door and pulled out the garbage cans in the rain before parking Fiks’ car. I got the laundry out of the dryer and came upstairs and checked on Fiks and offered him his soup before runny back down to the garage and grabbing the laundry. I flopped on the sofa after a few minutes, then I got up and took out the garbage and recycling before sitting and working on this. We are still watching Um, Actually. I watched that until it was time to go to bed then I went and read my book for a while and tried to go to sleep. I wasn’t very successful. I ended up taking an Ambien and 2 melatonin to finally get to sleep.

I was startled awake around 2 am by Fik’s snoring. I’m used to him snoring, but this was loud. I moved into the living room and I could still hear him over the Great British Bake Off. I worked on my resume for a little while in an effort to go  to sleep, it must have worked because the next thing I knew my alarm was going off. I slept a little longer on the sofa before and grabbing my breakfast and then I made my lunch. During this time Fiks woke up so I went and got dressed and told him I needed to leave for work.

I got to work after my start time. I need to start leaving sooner so I punch in on time. I walked in and A was in a mood already, and filling prescriptions, so I got a grumbly “Morning” out of her. L, G, and S were all standing around the computers, so I had  to ask to punch in, which probably didn’t help me being any more on time. I don’t know what was wrong with me today. Depression was kicking my ass and I just couldn’t get out of my head, which made for a long miserable day. Everyone else was laughing and smiling and I felt like I was forcing myself to smile. We only had 1 doctor on today, so it wasn’t like it was a crazy day or anything like that. We even got done early, I was home by 1720 .

I opened the garage door and saw that Fiks had parked his car in the front, so I pulled into my neighbors driveway and called him. He didn’t answer. I figured he was asleep and parked the truck and went into the house to wake him up. He was awake and on his computer, but he still wasn’t feeling well. But we got the car situation sorted and then I came inside and took a shower. I turned on the extended edition of Lord Of the Ring: The Fellowship of the ring.

I ate some dinner, lied down, and fell asleep for most of the movie. I woke up when Fiks started talking to me after he was done gaming. Fiks came and joined me on the sofa for the end of the movie and then we watched some YouTube videos and then I went to bed.

I slept well last night, I didn’t want to wake up with my alarms, but I did. I moved to the sofa, had some breakfast and then I dozed on the sofa for longer than intended. I realized what time it was and went and got dressed. I got my school stuff together and ready before going and waking up a sick Fiks. He got up and moved his car for me so I could get out and get going. I stopped by the gas station really quick and filled up my tank before heading to school. I didn’t go very fast because of the rain. I got to school in one piece and texted Fiks to let him know I got there okay. I got my bag and headed to class.

My friend, C, was hiding out from the rain, hanging out in the dry spot of our building. She asked me if I had a problem doing the homework and I said no. I didn’t know we had homework since I missed class last week. We were talking about it when the teacher rolled up, so we went into class. We were the only ones there for a while, then after 10 everyone else seemed to trickle in. Class went well, we did Zentangle for a warm up, so that was nice and different. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but didn’t know where to start.

After class I rushed home and hopped on the computer after checking on Fiks, who had made some soup that was bad. Poor guy. I asked him if he wanted something from Togo’s and he said no, he wasn’t feeling hungry anymore. Don’t blame the guy to be honest, but I ordered myself a Cesar salad wrap and a bag of chips. I slogged my way through class and then I turned on the TV to Great British Baking show and fell asleep for an episode. When I woke up I went and did a few errands. I finally got my blood drawn for my gastroenterologist – I’ve only been trying to do this since DECEMBER! The blood work orders finally went through to the correct place. I then picked up my prescription and headed down the mountain to get Mom’s medicine, then made my way back home. But first I stopped by the market down the street to pick up some 7up/Ginger ale for Fiks.

I came home and Fiks was on his computer playing Cyberpunk. I sat down on the sofa for a while and watched more GBB until I got hungry. I asked Fiks if he was hungry, he said no, so I just did a snack tray and a drink instead of cooking a meal for one. I kept watching GBB until it was time to go to bed, basically.

I slept okay last night. I woke up and Fiks was still sick and staying home. I moved to the sofa after grabbing my oats and watched more GBB until it was time to get up and head to work. I dug through the laundry baskets looking for a set of scrubs and then I got dressed. I kissed Fiks goodbye and he mumbled back at me, I made my lunch and left for work. I got down the mountain okay, parked, changed my shoes and headed into work. I said good morning to A and she mumbled back at me, better than snaping at me I guess. Clients started rolling in and we started working. B & E came in around 10 and started helping G, L, and myself. But it just wasn’t a super busy day.

I asked for a few days off at the end of the month for study sessions for my finals. My manager said yes and then A must have overheard me talking to her about how nervous I was about it, and so she started talking about school. I think she was trying to be nice to me, telling me I could pass the class. Apparently she wanted to be a vet, not just a vet tech, she was trying to get into UC Davis’ veterinary program. I was blown away by that.

The rest of the day went by okay, we were done and out by 535 or something like that. I made my way home. I moved the laundry when I got home, and I came up the stairs to find Fiks cooking. He was trying to smell the chicken and said he couldn’t smell it because he was so congested, so I took a whiff and boy was it bad. I ran out to get some more chicken from the market and then came home. Fiks took over cooking while I went and took a shower and got changed, and then I flopped on the sofa. I basically turned into a couch potato for the rest of the night. I watched GBB and some YouTube videos before heading to bed.

I slept really well last night. I had a hard time waking up this morning. I made my way out of bed and to the kitchen, passing Fiks who was dressed for work and on the sofa. I made myself some breakfast and then I sat down next to him. I snuggled close as we watched a few YouTube videos before I went and got dressed for school. I sat down next to him again and after a little while I said goodbye. I made my way to school okay, got there sooner than expected because traffic wasn’t as bad as the GPS said. I went and got myself a hot chocolate and a cookie, I went and sat down to enjoy said hot chocolate and cookie when C came by and said the teacher had just walked to the classroom. I gathered up my things and followed her to class.

Class went well. We did a breathing exercise where you just focus on saying ‘in’ and ‘out’ with your inhale and exhale. I was doing fine until a student came in late and started acting really weird, so my imagination went whiled and to the worst case scenario and gave me a bunch of anxiety. It sounded like he frustrated the rest of the class with his behavior too. The instructor got up and talked with him during the exercise. The rest of class went fine, I still have homework to do for this class. We were let out early and so I made my way home.

I got home and logged onto Zoom for my chemistry class. It went okay. Just a lot to take in still. I don’t know how well I’m going to do on the final because I don’t understand most of what is going on, I use google to try to explain things further, but it doesn’t aways work. After class I went over to check on my Parents at my Sisters house. It was just Poppa and Lumi, and Poppa had broken his stapler. So I offered mine up and rushed home to grab it then went back. He got stapled what he wanted, and I offered to take Lumi because I saw that he was kind of driving Poppa crazy. So I got a bone for him for my house and we came home. He ate his bone most of the afternoon and took a nap.

I took Lumi over to my Sister’s house once Mom was back. Then I flopped on the sofa for a while and watched TV and took a nap. I rested until Fiks came home basically. I don’t remember what we did because its Sunday and I’ve ignored this for most of the week. So I’m going to leave it here.

~Just keep swimming~

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