This week went way too fast…(Week 10)

Welcome to week 10!

I slept really well last night, and I slept in until almost 9. I got up and put on a hoodie because it was cold and made my way over to my Sister’s house after grabbing a cookie. Lumi greeted me at the door and Poppa said that he was waiting for my Brother and Mom and my Sister were having breakfast still. We chatted for a little bit and then my Brother came over to take Poppa to Costco for some stuff. I came home to wake up some more and have some breakfast, which was more cookies because we don’t really have anything else breakfast-y. I mean, we do, but I don’t want to bake this morning. I just want to watch other people bake because I put on Great British Baking.

I did some homework for my chemistry class. Man is it getting difficult. I heard Fiks moving around in the bedroom so I went and said good morning to him before heading over to my Sister’s house to help with my Mom for a little while. Poppa came home right before I left. Oh, and Mom wanted to talk to Other Mother before I left. So I called her up and then they chatted for a little bit before they confirmed plans and said goodbye. Then I came home.

I said hi to Fiks who was now on his computer and he said hi back. I wasn’t in the mood for chemistry again so soon so I turned on GBB and took a nap. I woke up an hour later, it obviously wasn’t planned. But I was warm and snuggled in my quilt. When it was time I went over to my Sister’s house and grabbed Lumi and brought him back over to my house so he wouldn’t be dramatic when Other Mother came over to pick up Mom and Poppa for their party this afternoon. Once Mom and Poppa were down the stairs and loaded up with Other Mother I came home and looked for a movie to put on as background noise so I could do some homework. I ended up putting on The Batman. Very darkly filmed, and a different take on the story, but I liked it.

Needless to say I didn’t get any homework done while the film was going. I had to pause it a few times to take Lumi walkies in the back yard, so it took a little longer than expected. But its still a 3 hour long movie. Sheesh. While the movie was finishing my abdomen started hurting again, so I’ve kind of been curled up ever since, trying to get comfortable. Mom and Poppa came back from the party. Once I got them settled I took Lumi back over to my Sisters house and let him hang out there.

Fiks is currently in a Circle of Knights meeting. Been in it since 7. He didn’t get out of it until after 9. I checked on my Parents and Lumi while he was in the meeting, moved laundry and took out the garbage cans. He helped me with chores after showing me some new things on his video game and then I went to bed.

I slept okay last night. I woke up once or twice but I was able to get back to sleep both times. I restarted my audio book which I just started last night. The house of earth and blood: Crescent City. It’s good. I’ve read the book and one day this was on sale so I jumped on it. I woke up with my first alarm and turned it off. I slept until my second one went off then I got out of bed and put in my contacts then I made my way over to my Sister’s house. Mom and Poppa were already up, Mom was having her coffee and Poppa was puttering in the kitchen. I took Lumi for his walk, he was a good boy for it, and then we went back to my Sister’s house. I made sure Mom and Poppa were set for the day before coming home and getting ready for work. I made my lunch and grabbed my breakfast of oats, then I got dressed and woke Fiks up to get him to move his car.

I made it down the mountain okay and got to work one minute late punching in. Oh well. I started with the call backs, and A was the first one to say good morning to me. Well it was more like a grumbled “morning”. Today was just odd. I don’t know if it’s due to A leaving like an hour after we opened or what, but it was just weird. We had to put two kitties down back to back (separate cases and owners). One kitty came in to be euthanized so that was sad. But the other cat came in because he’d been straining to go to the bathroom and having diarrhea. Ended up he had a mass inside him, so the owners opted to put him to sleep.

I went to lunch and called and talked to Mom and Poppa for a few minutes while I was eating. I made sure that they were okay before hanging up and reading and listening to the Ralph Report. When time was up I went back into work. I did some cleaning and lunch time chores while L and G did the dental with one of the vets watching. I think if I stay here I’m never going to learn how to do that. Which makes me sad. So I don’t know what to do.

I started rooming once the files started coming back, and I went and got a dog who was here for a nail trim. Well, the owner was really rude to me and handed the dog off to me. I just shrugged it off. The dog did well for the nail trim. I walked her back to her owner and the owner started yelling at me and ripping me a new one for no reason. I just walked away and got the next dog and brought that dog in for her nail trim. I later told my manager what happened and said if she gets a complaint about me I’m sorry. I didn’t say anything bad, I just walked away while getting yelled at. She laughed, knowing exactly which client I was talking about and said if they’d ever get a complaint about me they would know something was seriously wrong.

We closed a little behind time but we finished cleaning in a good amount of time. G and I left, and then I made my way home. I sent Fiks a text I was heading home. When I got home he was working on making dinner, so that was nice. I asked if he needed help and he said no, so I walked over to my Sister’s house and said hi to Lumi and my Parents. I took Lumi for a walk where he did his business and then we took him back. I came home, hopped into the shower and then dinner was ready and done .

I slept okay last night. I got up and went over to my sister’s house and said hi to Mom and Poppa and Lumi, then I took Lumi for a walk. I made sure that they were okay before I came back home. Fiks was still in bed when I came back and got ready for school. I had some breakfast and then I went and got dressed and packed my bag. I kissed Fiks goodbye and hopped in my truck and swung by the gas station to put some fuel in. Then I left for school.

I got to school in one piece. I saw my friend C heading to the classroom so I joined her and we talked while we waited for the instructor to show up. We talked about the Vet Tech Program and when the application deadline is. She wasn’t feeling very positive about getting in the first time, so I tried to talk her into it. She said since it was a lottery system she didn’t think she’d make it. Then our instructor showed up and let us into the room.

Class went well. We watched a Ted Talk and then we did some exercises. We did one where she rang a bowl and we were to sit down when we couldn’t hear the hum, and I was one of the last ones standing. When class was over I made my way to the truck, and this guy who was heading in the same direction jumped out of his skin when I sneezed behind him. I grinned under my mask, I didn’t mean to scare him but boy was his reaction funny to me.

I got home in one piece and logged onto the computer then into the zoom meeting for chemistry. And during the break I fell asleep. Whoops. I woke up when class was over and my phone rang for my doctor’s appointment. My appointment went well, just a little short. Afterwards I went over and checked on Poppa and Mom, and she asked me to take her to her knitting groups dinner. I said sure and came back home and fell asleep again watching British Baking Show. I woke up when it was ready to go get Mom ready for going.

I gathered my things and locked up the house and went over to my Sister’s house. I walked Lumi and then we walked Mom down the stairs. I pulled the car out once she was ready and then I loaded Mom up in the car and off to the restaurant we went. We got there in time and just waited for her friends to show up.

She asked me to stay with her once her friends showed up, so I called Poppa and let him know what was going on. I ordered a burger with brie cheese, apples, arugula, and a balsamic glaze with fries. Mom had the same. All of her friends ordered a different kind of burger. Mom ate half of hers and saved the other half for Poppa. I said I needed to get my homework I’ve been ignoring all day done, so we came home.

I got her settled with Poppa and Lumi before coming home. I started on my homework and then Fiks came home. I told him I was too full to steal his fries, and I kept doing homework. I finished it around 9 and submitted it and then Fiks and I watched YouTube videos before I went to bed.

No, its not a mistake, I had both of these songs bouncing around in my head all day long. They don’t even have the same beat!

I didn’t sleep very well last night. I woke up wide awake at 330 and stayed in bed trying to sleep until 4, gave up and moved to the sofa. I fell asleep at some point after turning on GBB. I woke up to Fiks sitting in the love seat on his phone. He kissed me goodbye when it was time and then he went off to work. I spent some of the time waking up, then I went over and walked Lumi and came home, made my lunch and got dressed for work.

I made it down the mountain okay, I walked into work and man, did today suck. A was in one of her moods and taking it out on everyone, even L complained about it at the end of the day. And she’s one of A’s favorites. I said I thought it was just me and she said no. We also had to put a pet to sleep today, and it really bugged me because I really liked the dog. Her name was Daisy and she was a Basset Hound. When I started working there she was 98lbs. The owners had put her on a diet and now she was 77lbs. We took x-rays of her today because she had stopped eating, well she had an huge abdominal mass. Like most of her torso huge. The owners opted to put her down, and I totally get why. But it sucked. I went in and asked if I could pet her and told them how good of a girl she had always been to me. I told them I’m sorry for their loss and left. I called on my lunch to check in on my Parents and they were doing fine. When I was done talking with them I called Fiks and he let me talk about Daisy without judgment, one of the many reasons why I love him.

When work was done I came home and divested myself of my knife and pens and name tag and walked over to my Sisters and said hi to my parents. They were doing good. I talked with them a little while before making my way home with my meal box. I set it down on the stairs to the kitchen and took a shower. I then gorged myself on junk food for a while, while watching TV. I got properly hungry and started makin dinner. Chicken cordon-blue with wild rice and butternut squash, yummy.

Fiks sent me a text saying that he was coming home right when I finished cooking, so that was nice. I wrapped up his plate and started eating my dinner while watching GBB. When he got home he knew I needed a hug and gave me one. He then went and grabbed his dinner plate and ate while we finished GBB and then we watched YouTube videos for a while.

I can’t wait to see this live. No dates for that yet, just a dream.

I slept really good last night. I didn’t want to wake up this morning. But I got up with my alarm and moved to the sofa after grabbing a few biscuits and turning on GBB and I slept to that for a while. I got up and packed my school bag and went and got dressed and woke Fiks up, who was happily snoring still. I felt bad waking him up, but he was good about it. We kissed goodbye and I made my way over to school.

I got to school in great time. Mostly because there was no traffic on my way over. I got there in such good time I went and got a hot chocolate and a cookie, and waited for my friend to show up. And then the heart burn kicked in, so I sat down and drank some water and browsed Facebook for a while. I heard my teacher before I saw her, so I got up and gathered my things and then my friend showed up and I asked how she was doing. Tired, but good.

Class was good, we touched on some deeper stuff, but it was good. I got a little emotional, but so did the rest of the class so I don’t feel super bad about slightly tearing up. Once class was done I walked to the truck and hopped in, texted Fiks I was on my way home, and proceeded to leave campus. It was starting to rain, so I didn’t go super fast, but I did make good time coming home. I was going to call Fiks when I got close to home, but I hit all green lights, so I didn’t get a pause to stop until I was outside our house. So I opened the garage and gave him a call, and I saw the front door open so I knew he knew I was home. We rearranged cars and then came into the house.

I hopped onto my computer and jumped into chemistry class. Class went well, even if the instructor was going really fast today. Fiks left while we were on our break in class, so I got another kiss and hug out of him. My brain was squishy no squishy after class. I went over to my Sister’s to say hi to my Parents, apparently they had just gotten home. Mom and Poppa had just gotten their hair done, and my Sister hung out with them. The hair dresser was asking about me, I sent him a text asking for a hair appointment, but I never heard back. I’ll have to try again tomorrow or call him.

I turned on bake off and took a nap. I stayed on the sofa and worked on this for a little while and joined a zoom meeting for an international exchange student program where I’d be in London for 2 months. I really want to do it but man, is it expensive! Like $10K+. I just hung out until Fiks sent me he was on his way home. I called him and asked him how hungry it was, because that depended on which meal I cooked and if he had to stop and get some chicken. But he wasn’t super hungry, so scallop bacon corn and cheese risotto is it! It turned out really well, so well that Fiks and I scarfed it down without thinking about taking a picture.

I didn’t sleep great last night. First I had a hard time putting my book down to go to sleep. Then there was the thunder and lightning. I woke up with really bad abdomen pain around 2, so I moved to the sofa after getting some bread, thinking part of it was heartburn. I put on the Great British Baking Show and finished off season 9 before putting on Ratatouille and sleeping to that. Fiks came and got me up and put me back to bed when he was leaving for work.

I slept for another hour or so, kept snoozing my alarms so I could sleep some more. When it was time I got up and got dressed, I grabbed some bread and honey, my waterproof jacket and headed to work. It wasn’t raining too bad, but it was raining. I got to work early and was able to park and change shoes and go inside with time to spare.

I did okay at work today. A was there and greeted me morning, she didn’t stay long since we didn’t have any surgeries today. The morning felt like it was dragging. And I screwed up on checking someone in. I checked in the wrong patient for the wrong doctor. I’m not 100% sure how I checked in the wrong patient but I did. I will do my best not to make that mistake again. Besides that one screw up the morning was good. When it was time I punched out and made my way home.

I got to town and decided to order a sammich from the market, so I went and got one and some chips and a raspberry iced tea. Then I made my way home. I went over to my Sister’s house and checked on my Parents. They were good. When I told Mom that I stopped by the market she commented that I should have called them or gotten them a sammich. Poppa said there was plenty of food for them to make a sammich, so that seemed to please her.

I ate half my sammich while watching tv and then I curled up on the sofa and debated going to class since the lab was going to be recorded. But I decided to go so that I just got it over and done with. There weren’t a lot of us for the lab, but we made it through at a good pace. After the lab I went over and checked on my Parents and they were doing fine, but Lumi had been begging to go outside. So I took him out and he did his business and then we came back in, and after making sure they were set I came back home and attempted to take a nap.

I started having abdominal pain, so my nap wasn’t very successful. I called Fiks to see how he was doing and he was getting ready to come home. I offered up a few things, but since my tummy hurt I didn’t want anything super oily/greasy. I came up with the idea of sushi and started working on an order. I was going to door dash it, but they add an extra $3-$5 per roll, which adds up quickly. Its a 5 minute drive from out house, so we just placed the order, hung out and watched YouTube videos until it was time to go and pick it up.

We came home with our sushi and then we sat down and spent the evening watching The Mandolorian on Disney+. We had 2 episodes to watch. They were good. I was expecting Grogu to do something totally bad ass with a weapon, but it didn’t happen. That’s okay though. We watched YouTube videos afterwards and when it was time I went to bed.

I slept okay last night, but still had a hard time waking up this morning. I stayed in bed until the last possible moment, got into my scrubs and grabbed some breakfast to go and off I went to work. I got there early, so I just waited for my punch in time and then I started answering phones and checking people in. A saw me up front, and asked if I was up there all day, I said yes and she turned away and snapped something. I don’t know what she said, probably nothing nice. I don’t know why I care anymore. I try not to, I really do, but somehow I still do care. I dunno. Anyway, I started answering phones and making appointments. It wasn’t so bad today. Maybe because we only had 1 doctor and tech appointments, we didn’t even have a full schedule of tech appointments, so that was good. The day went by fairly well. No blow ups or melt downs, which I was having a lot of anxiety about.

When work was done I went and visited Fiks at the station. He’s had a day. I gave him a hug and some kisses and some back scratches and hung out for a little while before coming home. I dropped off my stuff at home and walked over to my Sisters house to say hi to my Parents. They were doing good. I’m going to help them with a few things later today, but I needed something to eat and a rest, preferably a nap. I grabbed my sammich from yesterday and finished that as I tried to put on a new screen protector which was an ordeal. I didn’t get it set right, so I did a second one. Once that one had set, as soon as I put it in the case it shattered. Better that than my phone. But I was getting very frustrated with it. And I think I’m allergic to something in it, because if I got some on my fingers my hand started itching/burning.

I just realized I didn’t take my oats for breakfast….Fuck.

I went over and helped my parents for a while before coming home and curling up on the sofa for a while. When it was time I took Poppa to church and then I went and hung out with Mom for a while. Fiks even joined us for a little bit. We eventually left and I ordered pizza and then I went to church and hung out with Poppa for the rest of mass before bringing him home. Pizza showed up shortly after, and then we started gaming.

I’m going to leave it here for this week

~Just keep swimming~

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