Lets do the time change again…(Week 11)

Welcome to week 11!

Here, like most of the USA, had our time change last night. We jumped ahead an hour, so I woke up and didn’t feel fully rested, so I slept a little bit longer until I remembered about the time change. I got up out of bed and went to the kitchen and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I turned on Bake Off while they were cooking and worked on last week’s blog a little bit before the timer went off and I went and got them out of the oven. Just right, nice and golden. I made 2 for Mom and Poppa and one for my sister, and two for Fiks and myself. I ran them over to my sisters house in the rain, and then I came back and ate mine for breakfast.

I started talking with my Cousin and we decided to do a movie today. Yay! We haven’t done one since I started school. We chose Wakanda Forever, since none of us had seen it yet. We set up a time and then I ran back over to my Sisters to see how the rolls went over and they were a success. My Sister showed me her next quilt project, which is really cool, and said I’d see them over at my Brother’s house since they’d be leaving for his place while the movie was going on. I came back home and took a quick nap and then woke up in time for the movie. I went and grabbed a soda to wake myself up and then chatted with my Cousin before we started the movie. It was so nice to see her face, I’ve really missed not doing movies with her since school. I told her about the school London trip and her and her husband are totally down for it, which is a nice feeling. We’d switch weekends on who travels where it sounds like. I’d be totally down for that.

We started the movie, and after 15 minutes I went and woke Fiks up. I thought that I heard him moving around, but I must have been hearing things because he was fast asleep. I told him I was watching the movie with my Cousin, and he hopped out of bed and joined me on the sofa. The movie is so good! No spoilers here minus if you haven’t seen the movie you should.

After the movie we watched some Bake off and then we headed over to my Brother’s house for dinner. I took my laptop so I could do some school work. Fiks helped my Brother make potatoes while I did school, and I helped make a salad after a little while. I threw everyone off because I sat on the wrong side of the table apparently. I was just trying to stay out of the way so I took the side closest too the wall. Dinner went well, even if my brother did start an over fire making Yorkshire Puddings. We had to open all the doors and windows and put on all the fans. My brother handled it really well, but he’s used to fires because of loving to BBQ so much, and by yanking out the Yorkshire’s and shutting the door he put out the fire.

After dinner and dessert we came home and pulled out the garbage cans and moved the laundry. We did chores, Fiks jumped onto his computer and I hung out watching YouTube videos and then when it was time I went to bed.

I slept pretty well for me last night, I only woke up once or twice and I was able to get back to sleep. I moved to the sofa after my alarm went off, and kept snoozing my alarm I had to wake up and get going, so I was running late. I made my lunch and woke Fiks up while getting dressed. He grabbed his keys when I did and we went downstairs, kissed goodbye, and off to work I went.

Today fucking sucked. A was in a horrible mood and taking everything out on me. She asked for a pair of scissors, I went and got scissors and got yelled at for getting them for her. I got yelled at for unpacking a box and the company didn’t send the amount of product she wanted, so somehow it was my fault since I unpacked it. I worked really hard on something we use every day that we needed to update. I printed it out and asked 2 coworkers how it looked and they were giving me some good positive feedback when A comes up, goes ‘this was a complete waste of time’ ‘we shouldn’t need to update this, we should be off this at this point’. She did a few other horrible things to me to, one got really into my head and I started crying at work. One of the other girls, L, asked what was going on and I said I didn’t want to talk about it.  I really kind of lost it with that because she was being kind to me. I locked myself in the bathroom for 15 minutes just crying and trying to calm down. I went up front after I thought I looked good, my manager took one look at me and stormed off after A, and then she told me to take a walk. I went and sat down at my truck with a wheel at my back as I called and talked with Fiks. He helped me through what was going on, then I went back in and finished my day.

We finished by 515 and I was home by 530. I got a hug from Fiks when I got home, then I went and jumped into the shower and got cleaned up and tried my best to let go of the day. I asked Fiks if he was hungry after I got done and he said no, so I just grabbed a snack tray and a drink and turned on Doctor who. I decided to restart the series (Well, restart with the 9th Doctor.)

I should have done homework, but I was just so mentally done that I just curled up and the sofa and watched that all night. Fiks was with his Monday night group, so I didn’t have to be social with him unless I wanted to be. When he was done he showed me a new channel which had new videos of what we’ve been watching on YouTube videos, we watched one called Game Changer. We watched an episode we’ve been watching clips of for the past few weeks, so it was nice to see it all. Then I went to bed after we put the laundry away.

How I feel about work today.

Thankfully, I had the day off. I got a email yesterday saying that class was online, they didn’t want anyone to drive to campus today in this crazy weather, so I got to sleep in. I snoozed my alarms and I thought it was just 5 more minutes that had passed when my phone started ringing. I thought it was my alarm going off when I noticed it was my doctors appointment. Well, okay, not awake for this enough yet, but oh well. I answered their questions and then hung out on the phone and moved to the sofa while waiting for my doctor. Good news is that I don’t have celiac disease, I’m just basically to stay away from dairy and apparently that will solve all of my stomach problems. :: rolls eyes :: I wasn’t awake enough to argue with him. He said I could call him if I needed anything, and trust me, I will. I turned on the end of the latest season of Bake off and watched that with Fiks before he went to work and I started school.

School went fine for both classes. I was a little late to my first one, but that was okay. I got in while she was still doing the warm up for the class. I took notes on the warm up style, and then I just listened to the rest of the lecture. I went over and said hi to my Parents and my Sister in between classes. Chemistry went fine, just struggling still. I kind of understood what we went over this week, which was nice. And I have the two days off for the last study sessions, so thats nice. Apparently we’re going to have a practice final both those days. And trust me, I could use all the help I could get to pass this class.

After school I took a rest while watching Doctor Who, and ended up taking a nap. When I woke up I did some munching and then I started working on this. I made my way into the kitchen and cleaned said kitchen so that I could cook dinner. I waited a while before I started cooking and then I made broccoli and pretzel crusted chicken. I should have seasoned it before putting the smushed pretzels on them. And I should have made the breasts smaller, because they took forever to cook. Like 35ish minutes to cook. But other than that it turned out well. Fiks jumped on his computer and started playing Breath of the Wild while I was watching Doctor Who.

A twofer today, same song, but two different versions.

I didn’t really sleep last night. I tossed and turned a lot, got freaked out by something and then I moved to the sofa and turned on Kung Fu panda and managed to sleep to that, and I hit play again when I was done and awake from the end of the first one. Then I slept through my alarms, I woke up at some point, I think it was Fiks making noise in the bedroom. I got up and started getting dressed, made my lunch, and waited for Fiks to finish getting dress so that I could leave for work since he was parked in front.

I got to work late but that was okay, I told my manager I was running late. A said she wanted to talk to my about Monday, and I said okay, went and told the manager that I’d like her to be there when we talked because I didn’t want it to dissolve into a screaming or crying match. Then  A kind of cornered me in a room and told me she had no idea what she had done to make me so upset with her. I told her she was mean to me, which made her cry, which derailed everything else I wanted to say to her. I had to tell her being mean didn’t make her a bad person.

The rest of the day was fine. We weren’t slammed with appointments, which was a nice change. Breathing time in between appointments. I was able to do my call backs between rooming clients. The afternoon was busy. We were taking x-rays of the last patient, who was a wiggly husky with an asshole owner, so that was fun to deal with. 😑 I didn’t have to actually interact with the owner, but I heard him through the door talking to the doctor and he’s an asshole. The other doctor said that it was the couple that nearly came to blows in the appointment last time she saw them. Can’t believe the girl is still with him. Anyway. We closed up shop and got done cleaning just before 6 o’clock and came home.

I went over to my sister’s and said hi to my Parents and my Sister. They’d had a chill but good day, so that was nice to hear. I came home and took a shower and asked Fiks if he’d pick up Chinese on his way home, he said yes. So I didn’t have to cook tonight, yay. I watched Doctor Who until we sat down for dinner, which is when he changed it to The Mandalorian. After Mando we watched YouTube videos for a while, and then I went to bed.

I slept really well last night, so we’ll in fact that I didn’t want to wake up this morning for class. Thankfully it was online again so I was allowed to sleep in. I moved to the sofa and turned on Doctor Who to wake up to and then I jumped on the zoom for class. I had a hard time staying focused in class today. I still have homework to do for the class today too. Need to focus and do that for a while. Maybe after dinner. I was more awake for Chemistry, after having a soda, so that was nice. I (thought) I understood what was going on, but we’ll see what happens later.

I basically stayed home the rest of the day and did homework and watched Doctor Who. I’m in the David Tennant years now ❤ I got a text from my manager asking me how long I could stay tomorrow, and I told her. Apparently the other person is freaking out because she’s going to be alone for most of the day. Tomorrow is a really important lab, I can’t miss it. I can stay to cover her lunch and then I have to go to class. I helped my sister run some errands, like taking the Fusion to go get its oil changed and to pick up some of my prescriptions.

I made dinner tonight, it was orange garlic shrimp and rice. It turned out really nice, Fiks enjoyed it when he got home. We just hung out and watched YouTube and Game Changer video clips for the rest of the evening. When it was time I went to bed and mediated and read for a little while.

I slept okay for me last night. I didn’t want to wake up, I kept snoozing my alarm until the last possible instant and then I got up and got dressed to go to work. I woke up a soundly sleeping Fiks (which I felt bad about), and he moved his car so I could pull out the truck and go to work. I got there a minute or two late due to traffic, but nothing had happened yet, so that was nice. I clocked in and then the day started. We seemed a little bit busier today, but I think that it was because it was only 2 of us, instead of 3, but it wasn’t like horrible. A was kind to me, but I think that was only because I wasn’t in the back. L wasn’t very talkative, but I got a hi out of G, S, and S, so that was nice. We managed to make it through the morning, and T was kind enough to stay up front for her lunch, incase things got a little crazy. When she got back from lunch she said I could leave, so I did.

I came home and parked the truck, ran into the house to change clothes and packed my back pack for school. I then swung by the market and picked up a sammich, tea, and a bag of chips and headed off to school. There was like no stop and go traffic, so I got there in good time. I checked to the see if the bookstore was open and it said it was online, so I walked across campus to the bookstore (never been there before), just to have it be closed. Grrrr. I walked back across campus to class and started working on the labs. We had to do 3 labs today, hence it being important that I was there today. I was totally lost for 2 of them, which sucked. I can follow instructions, but figuring out the math is kind of beyond my skills right now. And its starting to show. I did lab for almost 4 hours today, and I wasn’t the only one there that long. Sigh.

I came home and went over to my Sisters to check on my Parents, and they were fine. Mom was eating dinner, Poppa was preparing his dinner while I was over there. I said I was tired and I came home and flopped on the sofa for a while before heading back and taking Lumi for a walk with Poppa. Fiks texted me he was on his was home, so I asked him to stop and see if there were fish n’ chips at the pub, and he said he’d look on his way. They were there, but apparently they were very busy. But he came home and we watched some Game Changer for a while. Fiks fell asleep on the sofa, and when it was time I tried to get him to come take a shower and come to bed, but he just grumbled he wanted to stay on the sofa. That’s what I did, but I left the door open for him so he wouldn’t have to deal with it when he got up and came to bed.

I woke up a few times last night. I came out at about 2 am and Fiks was awake and on his computer, I tried to get him to come to bed but he wasn’t tired. I went back to bed in my mostly sleepy state. I woke up around 630 and he was still in bed. I shook him and asked him if he needed to wake up for work and he just grumbled at me. I woke up when he kissed me goodbye, and again when my alarms went off. I got up with the last one and got dressed and grabbed a pair of jeans and some cookies and I went to work.

I got there in better time today, I had a few minutes to sit down and get myself situated before the phones started ringing and people started showing up. I was up front with T again. The day wasn’t bad, neither S or S really wanted to talk to me today, don’t know why. Maybe A was picking on them instead of me? I answered the phones and checked people in and out and got prescriptions for those who came in. We had 2 euthanasias, one was planned the other wasn’t. That was a sad end to the day.

I got changed into my jeans and swung by the station to check in on Fiks. He was having a rough day again. We chatted about it for a while until he said he needed to get back to work, then I left with a kiss goodbye. I went to CVS and bought some candy (which I really need to stop eating) and then I went to whole foods and wandered around there for a little bit, grabbing a drink and a loaf of fresh baked sourdough bread. Then I went over to my optometrist appointment and did that. My prescription has changed again, so one eye is stronger than the other.

I came home and went over and checked on everyone at my Sister’s house. They were doing fine, so I made my way back home and flopped on the sofa for some Doctor Who. When it was time I went over to my sister’s house to keep Mom company while Sister and Poppa were at church. We watched some Downtown Abbey while we hung out.

Downton Abbey Mary Crawley GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I came home shortly before my Sister and Poppa got back, which was fine. I saw them as I was walking back home. Fiks got home shortly after I did and we talked a little bit more about his day. He hopped into the shower and I ordered pizza for dinner. I started working on worksheet 5 for chemistry, watching the video from earlier today. Man, was he in a mood today. He also sent out an email saying that he’d give you a chance to resubmit it if you got it in by a certain time. I submitted before the cut off and got an email saying that he wasn’t able to take a resubmission from me, so I was very frustrated with that. I gave up after that, Fiks shut down his computer and we went to bed.

I’m calling it here for this week.

~Just keep swimming~

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