Back to School..(Week 15)

Hi and welcome to week 15

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.

I slept pretty well last night, even with a sick Fiks next to me. I got up between 6 and 7 and moved to the sofa and turned on Unearthed before falling back to sleep. I woke up around 10 and went over to my Sisters house to say good morning to everyone. Mom was resting with ice on her knee, Poppa was puttering on the computer, and my Sister went downstairs to work on the laundry, which is something Fiks and I need to do today too. I hung out over there for a while, having a hot crossed bun for breakfast before coming back home and working on blogs.

I heard Fiks get up at one point and went into the bedroom to check on him. He was watching TikTok videos about London, and when I joined him we watched a bunch of horse guard videos before I got up and moved back to the sofa. I really want to go back and that was just making all the feelings surface again, so I needed something different to focus on. I started working on this, and Fiks wasn’t too far behind me. He jumped onto his computer and puttered on there. After working on this for a while I turned back on Unearthed and dozed to that for a while before going back and checking on Mom and Poppa.

We got Mom out of the chair and into some clothes, which is better than the past couple of days. She’s been having pajama days, which is totally fine and understandable. She hurts all over, I don’t want to get dressed when I’m aching all over either. She’s bored of being in the chair and watching TV. Even though she’s bored of TV Poppa ended up putting on a movie she enjoyed, and I said I’d come back in a little while to see how she was doing. I came home and put on How Your Train Your Dragon 2. Fiks went and flopped on the other sofa while the movie was on and I started doing stuff for school tomorrow. Fiks said he wasn’t feeling well and passed out for a while.

Fly Flying GIF by How To Train Your Dragon - Find & Share on GIPHY

When it was time I went back over and started cooking. The ham and potatoes and baby carrots were already over there. Oh, and the stuff for dip. I had to come back home and grabbed my cooking pans because I don’t like my Sister’s. My Sister went and lied down the second I started cooking. Typical. Poppa came and helped me by cutting the potatoes while I prepared the ham and the baby carrots. I forgot to put tin foil over the ham until I pulled it out for the final time. Oops. Everything took a little longer than expected, but we weren’t hard pressed for a certain start time. Mom came up into the kitchen to supervise and be supportive, so that was nice. But it also wore her out since she hadn’t been moving a lot since Thursday.

While I comforted Mom for a little bit, telling her I had everything under control, my sister came out and stole some potatoes and carrots while Poppa was carving the ham. Apparently that was her “helping” me when we had already tested the carrots and potatoes. We dished everyone up a plate, and Poppa and my Sister sat with Mom in the living room. I brought home mine and Fiks’ dinner just to come home and discovered that he was thoroughly passed out. Could not wake the lad. I left his dish in the kitchen and I worked on my plate. I made a dent by eating all the veggies and like a piece and a half of ham, and one set of garlic bread. Then I lied down and watched some Doctor Who.

When it started to get dark I started the next load of laundry and took out the garbage and recycling cans. Then I took out the garbage and recycling. I kept watching Doctor Who until 830/9 when I switched over to Um, Actually for a while. Fiks got up around 920-930 and went and ate my left overs since he wasn’t super hungry like usual. When it was time I kissed him goodnight and went to bed.

Or the parody…

I slept fine until about 4, which is when Fiks woke me up snoring. He was so congested and so loud I knew that rocking him around wasn’t going to help, so I moved to the sofa and turned on Unearthed and slept to that for a while. It seriously felt like I had just gotten back to sleep when my alarms went off. I dozed until about 720, went oh shit, and got up and got dressed. I woke Fiks up and told him I needed to get leaving for school. I grabbed some cookies and water for my water bottle and then we opened the garage and went to our cars. I kissed Fiks goodbye and left for school.

The commute wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. Maybe it’s because some people are still on spring break. But it only took me about 35 minutes to get to school. I did my usual hot chocolate for waking up reasons, and then I went and sat down for a bit and enjoyed my drink and my waffle.

After eating my waffle and drinking most of my drink I started looking for my class room. I found it pretty easy, just involved walking to the other side of the building. I took my spot at a table and went and drank the rest of my hot chocolate outside due to lab rules, which is totally fine and I understand why. When I was done with my hot chocolate I threw it away and went back in and pulled out my laptop to write down notes.

My instructor seems pretty cool. She explains things well and makes sure that you don’t feel dumb for asking questions (which is one of my big things, I feel dumb asking questions). Shed rather you ask to understand than to be silent and fail. We already did a experiment today. We swabbed a part of our bodies (I did my left forearm and behind my right ear) and rolled them into a dish and wrote our names on the dish then we put them in an incubator until we have class on Wednesday where we’ll check them out and see what grew.

Once we were done with the swabs and the dishes and had written down what we did we were free to leave the class. Which was great because basically all of us needed to go get a special book from the book store. I also grabbed some better sharpies and then I grabbed something for a snack and checked out. I went and looked for the lecture class room just to find another class still in it. But I recognized a few people from lab so I found a seat and sat down.

I got ready for the lecture and started typing as we went along. Man, I need to work on my typing for when I’m not looking at the keyboard/screen. My spelling was atrocious today. We also did another exercise where we went over different microbes studied. When lecture was done I made my way to the truck and looked at the GPS. It was going to take me about an hour to get home. Not bad, not great.

I texted Fiks I was on my way home and started driving. I got down to the freeway home and traffic was stopped. Thankfully the GPS had me cutting through town, which I was going to do anyway. So at least I was basically constantly moving which was nice. I made it back into the freeway a ways up and then it was a straight shot to home.

I called Fiks when I got into town, and he never picked up. I opened the garage door and waited some more. Right when I turned off the truck he came out and we switched cars. I moved laundry while we talked and then we came upstairs. I went over to my Sister’s house and checked on everyone, and they were fine. I came home and changed into shorts and a tank top because it was warm, and then I turned on Unearthed and fell asleep until 545ish.

Sleepy Baby Panda GIF by Nat Geo Wild - Find & Share on GIPHY

Apparently I was tired. Fiks made himself dinner of a grilled cheese and I went over to check on my Parents. I looked at Mom’s arm and needed to change the wrapping, so I did that. We talked for a little bit and then I took Lumi to go potty. I brought him back in, grabbed a noodle bowl and said I’d be back in a little while and came home and made my dinner. I’m starting to feel good as I type this. Sinus pressure is building and I’m getting a sore throat. I turned on Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and watched that until it was almost time for bed, then I watched an episode of Um, Actually before taking a hot shower and going to bed. I also watched the new Spiderman trailer. So excited!

I slept okay last night. I remember coming out and snuggling up to Fiks for a couple minutes before going back to bed. I woke up with no voice and my head congested, so I texted my manager what was going on and she told me to stay home today. Good, because I don’t think I could have made it into work today if I was told otherwise, or at least make it through the full day. I grabbed a hoodie and moved to the sofa and turned on So I Married An Axe Murder (its on HBO max), and I slept through most of that. Then I turned on Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead. I watched most of that one. Afterwards I turne on Unearthed and slept to that for a while before waking up and ordering a Jamba Juice to get delivered. It sounded good for my sore throat and it tasted good too. Haven’t had one of those in a while.

I stayed home and on the sofa and dozed most of the day away. I watched a couple more movies and did some homework hoping to go to class tomorrow. Fiks brought me home some soup and a few sourdough bread bowls to hold said soup. When I was tired enough I went to bed.

I’m sorry gang, I stopped blogging because I got really sick and had little to no energy. My O2 dropped to 90% a couple times and I went to urgent care twice in 3 days. I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. I’m on inhalers, steriods, and antibiotics.

I will try to do better next week.

~Just keep swimming~

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