Spring Break (Week 14)

Hi and welcome to week 14!

Sorry about week 13 going up late. I didn’t stay on top of it like I usually do, so I had to do a lot of back tracking. We also had an adventure on Sunday, another reason why it was posted late. And WordPress wasn’t being very friendly, so I couldn’t work on last week’s blog during the drive to the aquarium like I wanted. I would be working on that one, but my back is killing me now that we are home, so I’m lying down.

But this morning, when the alarm went off I snoozed that fucker for 10 more minutes. Then we got up and got dressed for our day. I wore my captain marvel dress and Fiks wore his button down WALL-E and EVE shirt. We swung by Starbucks and got warm drinks to wake us up as we drove to the aquarium.

It was a good drive, we only got rained on for like 10-15 minutes and then it stopped raining. We got there early and found a good parking spot, waddled down Cannery Row towards the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We got on fine, we even got in early and had an extra 10-15 minutes before the stampede began and got to see the octopuses and the otters.

Fiks and I wandered around for a while, then we went to the gift shop and started browsing. Fiks pointed out some very pretty jewelry and we had a few pins and magnets that caught our eye. Fiks surprised me by getting me the seahorse necklace.

After shopping and while we were changing out WALL-E for the seahorse necklace, M &L came up to us. We hugged and said hi, then waddled back into the gift shop. I texted my cousin a few pictures of clothes and asked how big the boys were. We picked out some shirts for them and then I went and bought them. International cahoots!

We met up with more people and then we went back upstairs to look at the otters. After the otters we went to the Into The Deep exhibit. Fiks and I had been to the exhibit last year before it opened to the public.

They have really cool and interesting creatures that you would never see without going into one of those deep dive submarines.

Japanese spider crab. Has a 6 foot + leg span. Creepy AF.

After the deep sea exhibit we made our way up to the third floor, where a surprise awaited L. We met up with the others that L knew was going to be there. Then she saw T and A and squealed, during this time M got into position.

She said yes, by the way.

Afterwards, A and T who had never been to the Aquarium before went back to the Into the deep exhibit. Fiks and I went and saw the octopuses again. We also did the wave breaker room.

We met up with the group again at the Into the Ocean exhibit, the one with the huge tank filled with different kinds of fishes, a few turtles, and a few sharks. It’s always fun to go to that room and see them interact with each other. After that we went up to the touch pools and did that for a bit. My back was killing me at this point, so we sat down at the kelp forest and Fiks started rocking back and forth with the motion of the kelp, and it made me smile. While we were sitting and being dorks with the kept forest, everyone else went around and saw all the exhibits in that area. Then it was time to leave for our lunch reservation.

Fiks and I stopped by a candy shop and picked up some amazing salt water taffy and chocolates and fudge. Then we walked our way back to the parking structure and the car. We hopped in and did the 5 or so minutes drive to the fisherman’s wharf for late lunch early dinner. After parking we made our way down to the restaurant and saw our party at the table, and we went and joined them. Fiks ordered some fish tacos, and I ordered half of a crab salad, because the salads were apparently fucking huge. My half portion was huge, only able to eat about half of it. Fiks ate the crab I didn’t get to.

After food we went over to one of the friends houses who lives local to the area. We had some champagne 🍾 and cheesecake to help celebrate M and L’s engagement. Then everyone saw what time it was and decided to start on the way home. We said our goodbyes and made our way home. We got back in a decent time. But my back was still killing me, so I just flopped onto the sofa and worked on this with some Game Changer on in the background.

My Sister texted me asking if we were going to come over for hot water reasons, and I said I would. So I gathered my change of clothes and walked my way over to my Sisters house. Mom wasn’t feeling well when I got over there, and was passed out when I got out of the shower. I said goodnight to Poppa and my Sister and then came back home. I read my book and watched Game Changer until it was time to go to bed. I was really surprised when Fiks came to bed with me.

I slept pretty well last night. I stayed in bed until Fiks got up, dozing off and on for an hour. Then I got up and grabbed a few cookies and flopped on the sofa and turned in “Unearthed” for a while. I think I fell back to sleep after a bit because I don’t remember finishing one episode or starting the next one. Whoops. After a while I got up and got dressed to go to the grocery store and the DMV for manual for Fiks.

The drive down was fine. Listening to Heavy Queens on Spotify still, singing along with Halestorm. Fiks went into the DMV and I stayed in the car and read my book while he was gone. When he was done he hopped back into the car and off in the direction of the grocery store we went. I saw Poppa on the doorbell so I answered because he looked upset. Mom had fallen down and they needed help getting her back up. I wanted to go back and help with Mom, and Fiks being an awesome guy headed in that direction.

While we were on our way, Poppa called me and said they got her up and in a chair, but she was bleeding. I said I’d take a look when we got there, we were only a few minutes away. Fiks parked the car and I got out and ran to the house and Mom was shaking and bleeding from her arm. She had a skin tear, I thought she might need stitches so I called urgent care and they said to get down as quickly as possible. Quickly as possible still took 45 minutes.

Mom wanted to go in her car. I grabbed my car keys for her car and went to start it. And it was dead. Great, just what we need. We ended up going in Fiks car and made our way to urgent care.

Poppa and I ran inside for a wheel chair and checked her in and ran back out and got her and pushed her into urgent care. We weren’t waiting too long before she was taken back for her vitals to be taken. She kept looking at me for answers and I kept saying I wasn’t there when she fell. She had a bump under her left eye and was sore on he whole left side.

We then went down for a CT scan to make sure there wasn’t a brain bleed or anything. Came back negative so that’s a plus. Then we went back for her CT results and met the doctor. She was really nice and checked Mom over really well, and we went back downstairs for x-rays this time. There was a lot of shuffling going on, I got on a lead gown and positioned myself to help hold Mom up while they x-rayed her shoulders and hip.

When we were done with x-rays we went back upstairs and waited for them to call Mom back. When they did I rolled her into the room and we waited while they got everything together to clean her arm up. The nurse that helped clean up and bandage her arm was really nice. I liked that. Once she was done wrapping Mom up we waited for the doctor to come back in. She came in saying that Mom hadn’t broken anything (yay), she did have a rotator cuff injury (possibly old?). She also possibly had a hairline fracture that is associated with dislocation of the shoulder and it being popped back in by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. I said to my knowledge she had not dislocated her shoulder, nor did we pop it back in.

We finally got out of urgent care and went to Fiks and Poppa who were waiting outside. They met us with an applause and we loaded Mom into Fiks car and headed over to CVS. I went inside to get her prescription just to find out that there was none of the medicine available to CVS in the area. I went back to the car and told them what was happening and Mom wanted to go home, so we did.

We got Mom settled in and then Fiks and I went to the grocery store in town so we didn’t have to go down the mountain and get stuck in traffic. We didn’t have a lot to get, so it was fine. Then we came back home and put the groceries away. Fiks got ready for his Monday night gaming group shortly after, and I started watching Doctor Who for the rest of the evening. I went and checked on Mom a few times and changed her bandage before she went to bed because she bled through what they had put on her. When Fiks was done with gaming we went back over to my Sister’s house so he could shower. Then we came home and I went to bed.

I slept pretty well last night, only waking up once or twice, which is good for me. I woke up, grabbed some Oreos (the breakfast of champions) and headed over to my Sister’s house after kissing Fiks goodbye. I checked her wrap again and it was okay. Shed bled through her wrap again but I didn’t have anything to wrap it with so she’d have to wait until after work.

Poppa and my Sister and Lumi left for Poppas eye appointment and I stayed with Mom. We put on Downtown Abbey for a while, and we were surprised when Poppa and my Sister and Lumi came back within 45 minutes. My Sister wanted to work on her garage door, so we worked on that for a while. Then the water heater people showed up to install the new one. Yay! I had pulled the truck out of the garage and parked it on the street by then so I wasn’t pinned in. We got them all set and then went back to working on the garage. We got her code set upstairs, so that was a win. I sat down with Mom again and Poppa and my Sister worked on the garage clickers next.

My sister left to go get some quilts and I saw Lumi licking at a huge red spot on his groin/thigh. I took a look at it and it looked like a hot spot. So I put a cone on him and said I’d see if I could get some cream or make an appointment for him to be seen. Then I went and got dressed for work and packed my lunch. I went back over and said goodbye to everyone and left them with my house keys in case they needed to get in while I was at work.

On my way to work I swung by the feed store and picked up some vet wrap and some non stick telfa pads. Well, a whole box of telfa pads. Then I went to work.

I got to work okay, I thanked my manager for letting me come in late, then she asked how Mom was doing. I told her she fell down the stairs yesterday and was bruised and bloody but nothing was broken. It made its way around the clinic and the vets said that they hoped she got better soon. But the day at the clinic was kinda crazy. Nothing besides rooming and Tech appointments were being done. And we had a girl doing a working interview today too.

When it was lunch time I went and did the call backs that hadn’t been done. I got to leave messages for most people. And I made an appointment for Lumis hot spot for tomorrow. One of the vets said I should have brought him with me, but I didn’t know what the schedule was like or if we had any open runs for him to hang out in. S and the working interview V got to monitor a mass removal, which again hurt and sucked. But I got to help the doctor open things so I guess that’s a step in the right direction. When that was done S went to lunch and V left. G and S worked on the dental and I puttered until it was my turn to go to lunch.

I was really hungry when I got to lunch, eating almost everything I had with me. I read my book for a while and listened to The Ralph Report. When lunch was done I went back in and helped clean up the dental table. Then appointments started back up and we got going again.

All the tech appointments showed up at the same time, so at least we got those out of the way. Then we worked with the appointments until the very end of the day, going past 5 o’clock. We had a Saint Bernard come to the clinic. It took 30 minutes to load him into the car at home and so we just saw him in the car. He had an ear hematoma and an ear infection. I went and got some medicine ready for the doctor and brought it back out.

After we were done cleaning I went home. Well, I parked the truck and went over to my Sister’s to get the house keys. I also changed Moms bandage, but it didn’t look too much worse than when I left this morning. It was a lot of dry crusty blood. When I was done with that I grabbed my shower stuff from her bathroom and made my way back home.

Wednesday and Thursday were super busy and stressful. I didn’t have time to write during these days and I don’t want to stress myself out by looking back over what happened. Wednesday I went and got my hair cut and colored, its not as bright as I wanted, but I’ve grown to like it.

I’m going back next week to get it to the color red that I want and maybe add something else to it. After getting my hair done I had to take Lumi to work because of his hot spot. I got him an appointment with my favorite vet and she came and looked at him and gave him some steroids and antibiotics for it since it was his first time. It was really weird being on the other side of the door at my clinic. But Lumi was a good boy and behaved himself while he was there, so that was good.

Thursday was pretty busy at work. We had a surgery today to remove bladder stones from a 25lbs-ish dog. These are the stones. These are pretty big, even for a dog. No way in hell that she could have passed most of them by herself. I don’t think that humans could pass many of those by themselves.

I came home and Mom and bled through her wrap again. She wanted to go to urgent care. I said I’d rewrap it and we eventually ended up going to the emergency room because she wouldn’t stop bleeding. We got seen pretty quick which was nice. Some people has been there for hours I over heard. They put something on her arm to make her stop bleeding and seal it up while it healed and then they wrapped it. We also got x-rays of her left knee done, because it was black and blue and she didn’t tell me it hurt until we got home on Monday. We got home from the emergency room around 10, and I was starving not having eaten dinner like everyone else. So I ate dinner, Fiks and I watched some Um, Actually before I went to bed. I needed to wind down a little after the events of the day.

I slept pretty good last night despite the stress of the evening. I woke up with Fiks’ alarms and nudged him. He just grumbled at me and turned them off. I went back to sleep also. until my alarms went off, then I got up and got dressed and went over to my Sisters house to check on Mom. Whatever they had put on her had worked, because there was no bleeding through on her bandage, and her leg, while black and blue, looked good. I let her and Poppa go back to sleep and I came home, grabbed my breakfast of champions (Oreo cookies), and woke Fiks up so I could go to work.

I got to work with plenty of time, so that was nice. I went in and sat down and waited for my punch in time roll around, and then I punched in. I started taking phone calls as soon as they came in, and started checking people in when it was time. I told them what happened to my Mom last night and asked if I could leave early so I could go do a few things for her and be home in time for my Sister and Poppa to leave for Church. Everyone said yes, so that was nice and relived some stress. The morning flew by, and before I knew it, it was time for me to leave. I went and ran my few errands and came home.

I got home and Fiks’ car was still parked in the front of the garage, so I parked in the driveway. I went inside and got out of my scrubs and into my sweats and grabbed a selection of movies that we were possibly going to watch with my Cousin and the bag filled with errands and went over to my Sisters. Mom was sitting in her chair with her leg up, and my Sister and Poppa were getting ready to go to Church. Mom and I watched Downton Abbey after they left and while waiting for my Cousin to call.

We ended up watching How To Train Your Dragon, so I put that in the Blu Ray player and we did a video chat with my Cousin and her Mum over there for a little bit. They saw Mom’s face and asked what happened, and we told them that she tripped down the last stair going into the living room. They wished her healing vibes and we started the movie.

It’d been a long time since Mom had seen How to Train Your Dragon. She was enjoying the movie. Poppa and my Sister came home about halfway through the movie, so they sat down and watched it with us. Poppa didn’t remember seeing it and my Sister hasn’t seen them for a long time. Poppa fell asleep at the climax of the movie, and once it was over I put it back on Downtown Abbey for Mom and came back to my house and took a nap.

After I woke up from my nap I went back over to check on my Parents because my Sister had left for a quilting class. I made sure Mom and Poppa got dinner before I came back home and watched some Doctor Who for a little while. After an hour or so I went back over to my Parents and Poppa was feeding Lumi dinner. After he was done eating I took him for his walk then I gave him his medicine in the pill pockets.

I came home after making sure my parents were okay and then I came home and started cooking dinner. I peeled and cut the potatoes and they were both bruised beyond repair, so I used some different potatoes for dinner. The Brussel sprouts could have either been quartered or cooked longer, because some of them were huge. But the pretzel crusted chicken with honey butter was amazing.

Fiks came home a little time after I was done cooking dinner and then we sat and finished the episode of Doctor Who I had been watching, then we spent the rest of the evening watching videos on YouTube.

I slept okay last night. I woke up with Fiks’ alarms and then I woke up with mine. I got up and got dressed and went over to my Sisters to check on my Mom before I left for work. Still no bleeding through the bandage, so thats good. Her leg is all black and blue still, but its not boiling hot like the doctor at emergency told us to look out for, so that’s good also. I let her go back to sleep and then I came home and made my breakfast of champions (Oreo’s), and then I headed to the truck to get to work.

I got to work okay, and I waited to punch in while talking with T. As soon as opening time rolled around we started fielding phone calls and checking people in for appointments. We only had one doctor today, but her schedule was packed, tech appointments got a break every hour just so they could tach up. There were some phone calls which confused me, so I handed those over to T, and I did my best to remember everything that she showed me. We had a euthanasia at the end of the day, so I stayed and did the body tag for that. Then the day was done, so T and I left for the day.

I went and swung by the station to say hi to Fiks, and he was up working the counter and helping people, so I moved off to the side so he could help the customers that came in. I thought he did really well, especially since he doesn’t usually work the front counter. When the regular person, J, came back from lunch we went in the back and hung out there for a few minutes before I had to come back home and check on Mom and Poppa.

I came home and parked the truck then went over to my Sisters. Mom and Poppa were doing fine. Mom was a bit stiff and he leg hurt still, but she’d been getting up and down and walking on it, so that’s an improvement. Then I came home and took a shower before curling up on the sofa and watching some Doctor Who. And passing out. When I woke up I went back over and checked on my Parents and asked Poppa when he needed to go to church. Not until 8, and I’ll be gaming then. Hopefully my Sister will be back by then. Then they told me that she was back already and just resting in the bedroom. They were fine otherwise. So I came back home and watched more Doctor Who and fell asleep again until Fiks got home, and he kind of startled me awake.

He took his shower and came out and then he worked on lacing up his new New Balance shoes he got from Amazon earlier today. We ordered Togo’s for dinner because I’m still burned out on pizza, and we just hung out until it was time for gaming. Gaming was good, even if we did get our butts handed to us and we destroyed not 1 but 2 vehicles. I hope we can get a new one….

Alright, I’m calling it here for this week.

~Just keep swimming~

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