Its Finals Week… (Week 13)

Hi and welcome to week 13!

I had a really hard time falling to sleep last night. I was up until about 1 and I went to bed a little after 10. I was going to come out around midnight and hang out with Fiks but I heard him arguing with Alexa to turn off the lights, so I just grabbed my book and started reading again. I’m currently reading Mirror Sight, but Kristen Britain. I read the other books in the series a long time ago and just listened to them via audio book, so I felt caught up enough to read this one. Apparently not, don’t remember all the references they are using. Oh well, I’m still enjoying the book and that is the important thing.

I eventually fell asleep and slept fairly well until 7, then I started tossing and turning until about 9 when my alarm went off. I got out of bed and made myself some breakfast and turned on Um, Actually and after the episode I went over to my Sisters to help with my Parents for a little bit. My Cousin in England and I started talking, figuring out if we could do a movie or not today (we are!) She had to go clean up for dinner and I had to help Mom with a few things, so it was perfect timing. After I was done with that I came home and watched some Doctor Who after kissing Fiks goodbye to go get his haircut and play some amtgard.

When it was time I went over to my Sisters and loaded up my parents into the car and took them over to my Brother’s house. We got them up and settled and then my Cousin video called because she wanted to say hi to my Brother. They chatted for a few minutes, it was a short visit because one of her boys needed a change after dinner. I came back and then I watched Doctor Who until my Cousin called me and we started Spiderman: Homecoming.

We started talking and then we started the movie. We chatted throughout and I tried to do my practice final on chemistry while watching. I did fine until I got stuck, then I started struggling, so I know I can do like…. 5 questions. Great. We said goodbye and then I tried to work on it some more and got distracted by Doctor Who, so that wasn’t really a smart move on my part. Fiks came home with treats from Costco, that was a nice surprise.

My Brother started texting asking for help with dinner, surf and turf shish kabobs (drool), so I gathered my school stuff and threw them into my bag and we headed over to my Brothers house. We showed up and started making the kebobs with Mom and Poppa, but there wasn’t a lot of room for them so it ended up being Fiks and myself, which was totally fine.

When we were done I busted out my workbook and started trying to do chemistry. I could do it if I looked back at my notes, some times I was completely lost and gave up after a while. But the food started coming in soon after, so it worked out well. I should have taken a photo of the food, damn it. I need to get back in the habit of that. We had home made chocolate covered strawberries that my Niece made, and they were good. Fiks and I bailed afterwards so I could come home and study.

We took out the garbage and recycling and then I started studying while Fiks went and took a shower. I re-watched the video on it on the problems I had difficulty with. I did fine until my brain turned to mush, after which I took a shower and then I turned on Um, Actually.

I slept good last night, even if my brain was mush when I went to bed. I got up and watched some Um, Actually while waking up, made up my lunch for the day and grabbed my oats, and then I went and got dressed. I had a hard time waking Fiks up, so I was late to work, but I texted my boss and so she knew. I got to work right before 9, so that was good at least. The day went pretty well. I don’t know if I went to work with a sore back and exasperated it there doing holds on dogs and bending and twisting all around or if I hurt it holding onto a dog. My pain was really uncomfortable. I had to keep moving to keep it from being intolerable, but I made it through the day (I’m writing this on Thursday, so I don’t remember a lot about Monday.)

Fiks picked up these beautiful flowers

I came home and Fiks was here and he made himself some pizza for dinner. I went over to say hi to my Parents over at my Sisters house and I talked about how my back was hurting. Poppa said his back was hurting so I took a look at it and his cyst had burst. I took him up to the kitchen and continued to express it until Poppa couldn’t take anymore, then we put a band aid on it so it wouldn’t ooze everywhere. Gross yet satisfying.

I made my way home and hopped into the shower and put it as hot as I could stand for my back. I soaked for a while and then I got out and got myself dinner. I ate and lied down on the sofa with some Doctor Who. I switched it over to Um, Actually while I worked on a cheat sheet for my Chemistry exam tomorrow. I could only sit for 20 minute increments, so then I would like back for for 20 or 30 minutes and rinse and repeat. Fiks was gaming with his Monday night group and he was having a blast. When it was time I kissed Fiks goodnight, brushed my teeth and crawled into bed.

I slept pretty good last night, I didn’t want to wake up this morning. I woke up to a grumbly Fiks, apparently we didn’t have any warm water, so he didn’t get to take a shower this morning like he wanted. I got up with him and had some breakfast while he was getting ready. He said he was going to check on the water heater when he went down to the car, and I decided to go with him. We went down to the garage and saw water, and made a comment about the storms and the sand bags no longer working to keep the garage dry. Then we realized the water was coming from the water heater in a pretty good stream. I went and told the land lord and he came out and checked it out. He said he’d have to get a new one installed. Hopefully that won’t take too long.

Fiks left and I went and got set up for my doctors appointment, which went well. It was a good check in, I feel like I’m in a good balance mood wise. We set up another appointment for 2 months and then I started to get ready for my final. I worked more on my cheat sheet, and kept running over and checking on Mom since my Sister and Poppa were gone. I tried to study but was starting to feel my brain turn to mush, bad thing before a final, instead I turned on Doctor Who for a while until it was time to start my final exam for Chemistry.

The instructor let us into the zoom room and then when it was time he started to go over all the questions on the exam. Then the exam started. I started out feeling okay, I knew the material and was going at a good steady pace. Then disaster struck. I spilled my tea all over my notebook and on the page of the exam. So I had to REWRITE MY ENTIRE FRONT PAGE OF THE EXAM. Fuck me. I lost 30-45 minutes by doing that. Then I started getting to the hard questions and not being able to find the formulas on my cheat sheet. Ugh. I couldn’t remember all the steps for the ones I did know either. I still had a good hunk of the exam to go at the 10 minute mark. I started to have a melt down/panic attack, so I did some square breathing and then I calmed down enough to realize there wasn’t much more I could do but scan and submit my exam; so that’s what I did.

I went over to my Sister’s in tears, certain I had flunked the exam and therefore the class. I was going to have to take it again. Mom and Poppa gave me kind and encouraging words, so that was nice. After I talked with them for a while I came back home and flopped on the sofa and watched some Doctor Who to make me happy. During this time the exam was being graded. I got mine back and yep, I flunked. I got some feedback from my instructor and he advised going to the DRC for my test anxiety to get more time. I’ll do that next quarter, but I also told him what happened with my tea and the page. No response for that.

I eventually made dinner. Sticky honey garlic steak with rice. It was really good. Fiks came home while I was finishing cooking. We watched the episode of Doctor Who I had on and then we watched some Um, Actually. We stayed snuggled on the sofa for a while, and then we walked over to my Sisters so Fiks could have a hot shower. I watched part of Mama Mia 2 with them while he was showering, then we came home. Fiks sat on the sofa with me until it was time to go to bed. He actually came with me tonight, so that was nice.

I woke up in a funk today, despite sleeping well. Fiks kissed me goodbye as he headed off for work. I was in a funk, tried to shake it off as I got ready for work. Today is 2 years since I lost Gucci. I didn’t hit me as bad as last year, but it still hit me pretty hard.

💕Hey Monster Paint. Love you💕

I really miss him, though it has been nice not having to worry about him hurting in all these storms, or his stall flooding.

I went to work and S & A were working on doing equations for medications for the dentals. Didn’t see anyone else there so I figured that it was because she was the only other one there, so fine. Whatever. I started on the call backs after I punched in and between rooming people. We had a new girl, M, start today. She has a good personality, and a voice that carries. She really wants to jump in and help. She was with G for most of the morning. The manager came up to me and said that M was going to be with me the rest of the day, which was fine. Then I was informed G & A would be doing turns on the dental. What the actual fuck?! I wasn’t going to make a scene in front of M, but my feelings were really hurt by this, and honestly, what the fuck? When will I get a fucking turn?

M followed me around as I did the lunch time duties, and I showed her where to look for stuff to do and we breezed through the list. S went to lunch first, and G & A worked on the dental first. When S came back, M and myself went to lunch. I had a few messages from friends and Fiks, who asked about the water heater situation. I said that I’d call the landlord and see what was going on. The water heater guy came out and inspected it, and he said he’d do it, but it might take a couple days for us to be seen. Well, the landlord asked if we could be on a cancelation list and the guy said sure. So that’s where we are today. I called and talked briefly to Fiks, and something was off. But his work phone rang so he had to hang up. I ended up reading my book for the rest of lunch.

It started downpouring when I was on lunch, so I got to run through the rain back into the clinic. G was just heading to lunch when I punched back in, M not too far behind me. We started cleaning stuff and filling prescriptions. I showed her how we do those and let her input a few into the computer. Then we started up with appointments again. I did the first few with her watching, and then I shadowed her to make sure she was doing everything right. I think she’s really smart and will get the hang of it fairly quickly. The last appointments of the day involved big dogs who needed x-rays. Needles to say my back wasn’t happy with me afterwards.

I came home and grabbed my stuff to take a shower at my Sisters. I said hi to Mom and Poppa and my Sister before I jumped in the shower. Its been annoying not having any hot water at our place, but I’m grateful that there is hot water close by that we can use to clean ourselves. We still have cold water. I waited for Fiks to come home and when he did he was having a bad day. I hadn’t made anything for dinner, so we ran out and got some Carl’s Jr for dinner from down the street. Then we came up and watched some Um, Actually. When it was time I went to bed.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I remember startling when Fiks finally came to bed. I eventually got bored of trying to sleep and moved to the sofa. I turned on the TV and turned on Discovery+ and put on a new show called “Unearthed”. My Sister and Parents introduced me to it, and I really enjoy it. But it was also enough noise that I was able to go to sleep for it. I remember grumbling when my alarms went off, and then I stayed on the sofa until Fiks left for work. Then I went and got ready for school.

I got to school okay, even if it did take time. I lied last week. I got one more hot chocolate today. This is the last one of the quarter.

I sat down and ate my cookie and drank my drink and waited for the teacher to roll by. One of my classmates, L, swung by on the way to the library to drop off some books. While she was gone my friend C came and sat with me, and then L joined us. We were all waiting to hear the teacher walk by with her wheely bag, but it never did. At 9:55 we decided to go and wait by the door, and we saw that the door was open. The teacher hadn’t walked by with her wheely bag, that why we didn’t hear her. She had bags of snacks that she was putting out on a desk, and I went and sat with my back to the wall so I could face the door. Some habits never die.

The final started. We went around in a circle going about what we were taking from the class, and how it had changed our lives since January. I kinda came up with mine on the spot, forgetting to write anything down before class. But that’s okay, I still did it. And I still had 2 exams to take for this class as well that are due today. Needed to get home and work on that. C and I walked to the parking lot, both parking in the same lot for once. We said goodbye, promised to stay in touch, and left.

I was making good time home, and then I hit traffic. Long story short, it took me over an hour to get home. I got home, dropped off my bag and went and checked on my parents and grumbled about the drive home. They were fine, I walked Lumi for them before coming home and taking a nap for a little while to Doctor Who.

When I woke up I worked on my last 2 finals for my stress management class. Between the exam and the paper, it probably took about a hour and a half to two hours. Not great, but not bad. And at least I finished it this time. I went and told my parents that I was done with school for the quarter, yay! Then I came back home and started working on dinner. Pork with potatoes and red bell pepper with a honey brown sugar sauce, yummy.

I texted Fiks that I had made dinner and sat down to eat mine. He showed up not too much later. We sat down and watched some YouTube videos before heading over to my Sisters for his shower. I just hung out while he was getting cleaned up, then we game home. We both flopped on the sofa and watched some more TV until it was time for me to go to bed.

I slept better last night, but still not great. I managed to stay in bed, which is an improvement. I kissed Fiks goodbye when he left for work. Wait, we both left at the same time. Sorry, brain fart. Fiks turned left, and I went to turn left when a massive wave of traffic came rolling up the way I wanted to go, so I turned right. A little longer to get to the freeway, but at least I was constantly moving in the correct direction.

I got to work okay. I parked in the back and walked in and sat down up front and punched in. Benny kept coming up and saying hello to me, wanting more attention since his sister dog, Dottie, passed away last Saturday.  Since he was sad and lost I gave him more attention than I usually would have. When it was time I started answering phones and checking clients in for appointments, and some drop offs for surgery.

The morning went fine, we were busy so it kinda flew by. My manager asked how school was going and I told her it was finals week. She asked how finals were going and I told her it was kinda hard. But that’s okay. G came back and sat down with Benny and T came and punched in when it was her time. I like T, but she’s a gossip and a bit of drama in my opinion. When it was time I left work and made my way home.

I got home and went over to see my Parents and they were doing fine. I helped with them for an hour and got Mom settled on the sofa before coming back home and taking a quick nap. That was really nice. Then I got changed, went over to tell my parents that I was leaving for my appointment down in town. I was doing a salt bath float.

I walked in after parking the truck and went to the bathroom before being shown to my float room. The lady explained what to do pre and post float, answered my questions and then left me alone to do my pre float shower. You wash your hair with shampoo and their body was before you hop in. They give you ear plugs so you don’t get salt water inside your head, and I used them.

I crawled into the tub and turned on the music and then I just floated. I did some breathing exercises while I was in there, turned off the lights at one point and just… Was. I wasn’t thinking of much, which was nice. I managed to stay in the tub for about 50 minutes, then I crawled out and took the post shower. I got dressed and went out of the room and checked out. I bought myself some lotion and then I came back home.

I took a shower at my Sister’s house because I felt crusty, so I clearly didn’t get all of the salt off me from the tub. Then I came home and sat on the sofa and tried not to fall asleep, well I did. When I woke up I went over to make sure that my Parents were okay and had dinner. At this point Fiks texted me he was on his way home and I asked him if I placed an order would he pick up Chinese. He said yes. So I called and placed the order and then when he got home we made our dinner bowls and sat down and watched the episodes of The Mandolorian that we had fallen behind on.

Baby Yoda GIF by moodman - Find & Share on GIPHY

After Mando we went over to my Sister’s for Fiks to take his shower. Then when we came back we finished Mando and then moved to YouTube. When it was time we went to bed. Fiks passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow, my brain took a while to shut up. I picked up my book again and started reading for another hour or so before getting tired enough to go to sleep.

Beep beep beep beep.

Shut up.

Beep beep beep beep.

5 more minutes.

Beep beep beep beep.

Fine, I’ll get up.

I got up and got dressed, grabbed a handful of cookies and threw them into a bag and then I headed down to the garage to the truck and then down the mountain. I got to work a few minutes early, so I hung out with T until it was time to go. Then the day started with a run.

T doesn’t like answering the phones I’ve come to learn, so I grabbed most of the phone calls. The ones she did get were “take them to the er” most of the time. I ran the appointments back as they came in. The day was busy, but a good busy and went by fast. We did have a euthanasia at the end of the day, then a client called and said her dog passed away in the back seat of her car, could we take care of him. Right around this time the manager came in and took over the call. We took care of the dog and I stayed until we knew what kind of treatment was wanted for the last patient of the day. I printed what was needed and then I left.

I went and swung by the station and Fiks came out from the back, said no, and instantly hurt his hand. I laughed and said that it was instant karma. I chung out for a while and then when it was time I came home. I went over and checked on my Parents and took Lumi for a walk. Then I came home and took a nap.

I woke up and went over because I was meant to take Poppa to church and he never came and got me. Well, that was because my Sister came home and took him. Mom was watching Red Notice so I sat down and watched that with her. Fiks came over for his shower after he got home and then the movie finished. I put on Yellowstone for her and then Fiks and I came home and ordered Togo’s for dinner. Then we started gaming.

Alright. I’m going to call it here

~Just keep swimming~

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