Sharks, Horses and frogs (oh my!)

I blame my boyfriend for this…

Its not true, I don’t hate you’re blog. And I really do appreciate you reading mine.

Also, go San Jose Sharks! 5-0 last night in game 7 against the Nashville Predators. And what a game! I mean after a point it was just a slaughter. But some of the shots in the beginning and that went over the goalies shoulder were amazing. We are on to round 3 for the 2nd time in the team history! Here’s a quick overview if you’re interested.

Now they are on to round three against the St. Louis Blues.


Sharks eat Blues! Nom nom nom!

Okay, so now that is out of the way…

Today I had an interview for a horse riding job. I was super excited, nervous, and anxious about it. I’ve just been hopping on Gucci and just goofing around and letting him do what he wants. I’ve also just gone and helped some friends out with their problem horses (rearing, stopping, bucking). I haven’t seriously ridden for almost 2 years.  Last night I was so nervous and anxious that I picked out my clothes. This is something I do for my law enforcement interviews because I’m so nervous.


So my breeches (aren’t the black ones with the red sexy?) came out of the closet for the first time in a few years. I decided to go with the beige ones (the pair under the black) since that is more of a traditional and professional look. I also decided to wear my blue polo and under armour to cover up my tattoo.


I know that my professionalism has nothing to do with what is on my skin, but I do want to give my best impression. That and I do burn like no body’s business. It’s not fair. After I burn I don’t even tan, I just go back to being pale and white just to burn again. And since you are probably going “wear sunscreen”, I do wear sunscreen, and I’ll still burn. That is how sensitive my skin is.

Since I said that I would say either way after my interview today.

I got the job!

My interview was up at Glenview Farm which is located at Zayante Creek Equestrian. Patti Kirstead is the owner and the trainer of the stables.She was looking for someone who has a flexible enough schedule to ride horses 4-6 hours once a week and then fill in when required. Which sounds like it’ll keep me busy. So imagine about an hour a horse. That’s a lot of horses to ride a day. I’m excited.

The facility is beautiful. The horses are happy and healthy, which is a huge thing for me. The stable could look horrible, but as long as the horses are happy and healthy, I could care less what the stable looks like.

I rode a somewhat difficult mare named Elle. She’s a little bay about 15 hands. Gucci is 16.2 hands for reference. So she’s a good 6 inches smaller than what I’m used to riding already. But that’s what makes great riders, adaptability. She was a little mouthy and hard to get into frame, but once I got the feel of her frame, I found her fairly easy to keep in it. We even jumped a few fences. I haven’t jumped in 2 years, so needless to say I was rusty. I think that the whole ride was rusty, but that is something that I do. I tend to focus on the worse instead of the good things.


So its good that I was able to get her into frame and keep here there. It was a good thing that I jumped a brand new horse without fear and with confidence. It’s good that I got the new job that will bring me happiness every day that I work there. Its a good thing that even though I was scared I called her when I saw the advertisment for the job.

I already feel like a part of me is coming back. I’ll start the job within the next two weeks.

I worked on a new picture for the last 24 hours and he’s done. Look at my froggy. Look.


Today as a grounding skill while I was getting anxious before my interview and ride I did my tactical breathing. I learned this in the police academy, hence tactical. So you breathe in for four, hold for four, out for four, hold for four. You do this a few times and it helps lower your heart rate. And this morning while I was at home dealing with my nerves I colored in the froggy.

On my way home from work I swung by my local tack store and got a saddle bag cover so that its easier to take my saddle around, and I’m not so worried about banging it up. I also got a

I also downloaded the Calm app from yesterday to add that to my arsenal of grounding and meditation, as well as rain sounds. I like the rain sounds one. I love the sound of the rain. It definatley helped me wind down last night to be able to go to sleep.

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