We got a fish

So today is going to be another long day. Its only 6 and I’ve been awake for 2 hours. We got home 6 hours ago. Not the greatest recipe for a good day. But its okay, I have hope.

So yesterday was busy, but we had fun. I forgot to show what coloring I had done to help center and ground myself yesterday. So here we go. She reminds me a lot of the Sphinx from The Never Ending Story.

I also realized I never said what I did good yesterday. So here goes. I did good by playing amtgard and getting exercise. I did good by using my breathing exercises, coloring, and meditation app on my phone. I did good by agreeing to do something very spur of the moment; also by interacting with people that I don’t really know.

I woke up with a song from Pitch Perfect 2  stuck in my head. I blame my cousin because she showed me a gif from the first one a few days ago. But here’s the song.



Today also starts the week of National Police Week.

I know that not everyone supports the police. I’m not telling to you. I am just saying that I am. I think that most people who become police officers are amazing people who do a very difficult and thankless job. Thank you to those who have died in the line of duty, you’ll never be forgotten.

Thank you to the boys and girls in blue who help keep us safe.
Thank you to the officer who saved me years ago.
Thank you to the officers at my department who make me feel welcome whenever I show up.
Thank you for everything you do. You don’t get nearly enough credit or positive recognition.
‪#‎Weseeyou‬ ‪#‎Backtheblue‬ ‪#‎NationalPoliceWeek‬


I just found this great article on the 7 reasons why horseback is riding is the best therapy. I have to agree with all the points they make. My boyfriend and family always notice a change in my attitude after I have gone for a ride. Or just been around my horse. I know that Gucci calms me down and helps centers me. I almost always feel better after doing something with Gucci. Even if its giving him a bath where I mostly get soaked.

So today we went to a pet store to go look at the equipment we’d need in order to get some fish. I totally blame our friend instead who has 4 aquariums. But anyway, we were going to look. We weren’t going to shop for a fish and then we met this guy…

2016-05-15 13.33.18

Cute, right?

Well, we kept walking around browsing the other fish. Seeing which ones would get along together and how much stuff would cost. Trying to figure out what size would work where we want it and how much it would weigh. But I still kept going to back to the beta fish. I even asked my boyfriend to help me leave so that we didnt buy a fish today, but he hesitated and so now we have a fishy. I’m super happy with the fishy. We bought him a bowl, rocks, a log he could hide in, some fake seaweed and a little heater for just in case. We want a happy and healthy fish.

His name is Stormfly, based off Astrid’s dragon from How To Train Your Dragon.


So we wound up at my parents house and settled him down and in there. We took the 30 minutes to let him adjust to the water around him, and then he was silly and didnt want to leave the bag. But he did after some confusion. And then he swam around and was super happy it seems.

After we settled Stormfly in I went outside and groomed Gucci. He was so dusty. I found myself focusing on the actions of grooming him. My hand wrapped around the brush and the force I had to press behind it to get through his coat to release the dirt and the loose hairs in his coat. The fact that he closed his eyes and sighed as I groomed his face and started to lick his lips in relaxation and trust. I moved onto his mane, brushing out the knots in his long now becoming multicolored. I love it when his mane does that, I think its so pretty. I then moved onto his tail and sprayed some detangler on it to help me get through the knots he had gathered. The fly’s were really bad today so after the grooming and the fly spray I decided to put his mask on. Its like a horse version of sunglasses. He can see out, but the flys cant get in.

2016-05-15 16.40.47

I worked at lot on my coloring today. It was a lot of going in and working on pictures that I hadn’t finished yet.

While doing laundry I decided to make a desert for family dinner. I chose cupcakes because we wanted to try out this new frosting bag. It takes 3 different colors and swirls them together. It took a while to get them all attached, but I think they ended up looking alright.


We decided on where Stormfly should live. He’s on one of my bookshelves in the living room so we can see him most of the day. I wrapped lights around the shelf to give him some extra light and then put some of my nicknacks around him. He seems to be okay now.



So today I did good. I took my medicine when I needed too. I did my horse mom duties and enjoyed it. We made cupcakes and frosting. I helped with dinner. I used music to help ground and center me. I did my breathing exercises. And we got a fish.

Its mental on how happy that getting Stormfly has made me. I know that we can’t get another fish in the same tank, but I do hope we get more.

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