Me: 1 Diamond: 0

So, its Tuesday, which means its a riding day.

I struggled getting out of bed this morning. I was very happy and warm and snuggled up good. The bed was unwilling to let me go. It was sad to leave the bed to get up. But I did it anyways.

I had a Isagenix Shake for breakfast which managed to hold me over for most of the morning. I’m trying to use up my Isagenix products that I stopped using last year after not feeling or seeing the results that I wanted. Figured that I should use them up, and who knows, maybe it will help me lose weight right now. So after my struggle with leaving the bed and getting dressed for work, I showed up to work a little later than I wanted, but I stopped by Safeway on the way up to get a sandwich in case I got hungry.

But I started off my day with Ella. Who wasn’t quite as pissy as she was last week. But she was a little bit of a pill while I was tacking her up and lunging her. She decided to go a little wild and crazy on the lunge line, which is just fine with me. Go crazy, girl! But she was really good while I was on her, so I can’t complain.

2016-08-02 09.23.15

So after Ella I moved onto my next ride of the day, Diamond. Diamond was a little bit of a handful. He was wild and crazy on the lunge line, and then he seemed to cool down after getting some of his bucks and kicks out. So I figured that he was good. I was wrong. He kept spooking down at the far end of the arena, next to the round pen. There was nothing new there today, so he was just being a brat and trying to spook and get me off. Then when we were cantering around he decided it’d be a good time to try and dump me, and did a few bucks and kicks. But I managed to stay on. I yelled at him about it and we worked through it. Me: 1 Diamond: 0

2016-08-02 10.45.54

Sherman was after Diamond. He seemed like the one sane one today, even though he was a little crazy on the lunge line. He wasn’t nearly as mental as the other two. He had a few moments, but it was mostly squealing and running really fast for a few strides, realizing it took too much energy and then going back to a regular sane canter. He was really nice and quiet while I was on him, but I just couldn’t seem to get him to lower his head and go around in a nice frame today. He would go in frame for a few strides, and then he would lift his head.

2016-08-02 11.59.00

Once I was done with Sherman I moved onto Dude, who was kind of a brat at the end of the ride today. While I was tacking him up and riding him he was fine. He was even nice and forward and did a little trotting today. I don’t know if he was allowed to trot, but when we did it didn’t last for long, so I figured that it was okay. But when I dismounted and was talking to my boss he got his teeth around my forearm in an attempt to bite me. He wasn’t able to bit down because I pulled my arm out quickly and turned to discipline him just like I would any horse. Then I got told off for disciplining him like I would any other horse. Frustrating to say the least.

2016-08-02 13.19.46

After that I came home and I had some lunch and watched some TV. I am starting a new group tonight, so I am doing this now instead of later.

Oh, last night I was bad. I had a bottle of cider. I might have gotten a wee bit tipsy off it, but I saw it and it just sounded so good and looked so appealing. I’m not meant to drink anymore. Its a mix of its a depressant and that I’m not allowed to drink with some of the medication that I take.

2016-08-01 17.50.22
Ignore the mess on the ottoman 

I also did some coloring in my new Doctor Who book. Its not quite done yet, but I figured I would share since its kind of a cool picture. And for those of you who aren’t Doctor Who fans, this totally happened one episode.

2016-08-02 14.15.54
“Dinosaurs, on a spaceship!” In a coloring book! 

Oh, and for those people who are into watching the horse events from the Olympics here is the schedule. Note, these are all Eastern Time, so you’ll have to adjust your schedules accordingly. I’m super exited. I think that I am going to schedule to record some of the ones I really want to watch since I’ll be at work for most of them.

2016-08-01 04.51.28

Okay, that is it for today.

Just keep swimming!

giphy (30)

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