It’s a Tuesday!

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday!

So since its Tuesday I worked with horses today. I got there kind of early, 9 am, which is kind of becoming my norm. I can’t seem to sleep after my boyfriend leaves for work. Maybe that is the time to fit a workout in. Hrm… I’ll have to try it and see what happens. Anyway, back to horses.

I started my day off with Ella. She had a fun time rolling in her shavings and had them all over her, from tips of her ears to her hooves. I did a quick brush and got all the shavings off of her. This was after I took my photo of her for the day. I tacked her up and put her on the lunge line and she was fairly quite. Didn’t have a super long lunge, which was fine. I got on her and we went around and worked on keeping her in frame at the trot and picking up her canter. She likes to trot really fast instead of canter some times, so we worked on that today. She also likes to fall out of the canter with me, so I had to spur her which got a squeal out of her and a swish of her tail. If she just did what I asked I wouldn’t have had to spur her along.


While I was riding another girl who works for my boss showed up, and I was suddenly afraid that I was fired and she hadn’t told me. Or that my boss wasn’t coming in today and forgot to tell me. I was realistically leaning towards the latter, but that little fear stayed around. My coworker told me that they had the day off yesterday, so she came in to work some extra horses today. Phew.

So after I was done with Ella I moved onto Diamond. We got along a little better today. He was nice and quiet on the lunge line before I rode him. Then he was pretty good while I was riding him too. I’m getting used to the fact that he’s not the fastest horse at the trot, but I was able to get him in frame. Then we went around at the canter a few times, did a flying lead change across the diagonal, which he wasn’t expecting. We normally just do a few laps and then stop and change direction at the walk. Did a few more laps of cantering and then I let him be done with that for the day.


After Diamond I got out Sherman. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite horses to work with, even if he was a little difficult today. I got him out on the lunge line and he took off with a kick and a squeal, and then proceeded to behave the rest of the time on the line. He seemed tired and quiet, so I stopped lunging him and got on. He didn’t do anything bad with me today, he was just difficult to get into frame. He likes to carry his head up high, and trying to get him to lower it today was more of a struggle then usual. He usually gives in after a few minutes, but today he just went with his head up high and was being kind of a dork. But the ride was good. At this point I was running out of energy and it was just getting hotter and hotter.


After Sherman I got out Marley. So remember how I’ve said he was a horse that was for sale? Someone came out and tried him this weekend. Even with a few hickups, like him being a brat in the cross ties and a little crazy on the lunge line, the person who was trying him out liked him. They are apparently coming back again to try him once more. I hope that he finds a new and happy home.

But until then he is still in the workout program at the barn, so I asked if he was a ride or a lunge horse. My boss said it was fine if I lunged him, I wonder if she saw that I was starting to run low on energy. Anyway, so I put him in the circingle rig and lunged him for about 20 minutes, 10 minutes each way. He was a pretty good boy for most of it. He didn’t want to pick up the correct lead at the canter going to the left, so that was a little frustrating, but he figured it out after having to have him break to the trot a few times.


He was a dork and didn’t want his photo taken after I had put him away. I did the buckets for the day and then just packed up my stuff to come home. Well actually, I swung by my security job and did something there really quick. For some reason my boss wanted me to do it instead of the person who was there today. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. But I got it done.

So I came home, made myself some lunch and put on Psych. I’m bouncing between that and Doctor Who.

I’m not really sure on what else to talk about. Oh, I pre-paid my gate fee for Feast of Mars, so that was good. But that also means that now I have to go. But I want to go… I think… Our friend is getting knighted and I don’t want to miss that. And I love taking photos at the event. I get to see people who aren’t local, which is nice. Especially since I am working weekends now I don’t get to see anyone at the local park either. But camping again sounds like fun, and hopefully this time will go better than last time. With the people and the awards and everything. I just hope its a good time had by all.

I think I’m going to go take a shower now, because I’m sweaty and I smell. Plus there is no group therapy tonight, so I don’t have to drive anywhere tonight. Unless I want to. Hmmm… Maybe I’ll wait and go to yoga. I don’t know. Just wait and see I guess.

Just keep swimming!

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