Hey everyone, happy Wednesday.

So today is my one day off this week, between the horses and the security job. So I slept in a little bit, not as long as I would  have liked to, but at least I slept after my boyfriend left which hasn’t happened it a while. I woke up because someone was doing something on the other side of the wall where our bed is. I think they were cleaning the walls or something. It was a grating noise.

Anyway, I started off my day kind of lazy. I woke up, watched The Price is Right and read my book (the billionaire’s voice) in the commercials. I finished my other book, City of the Lost, yesterday after writing my blog. Once I got into the book I was reading it every day. It kind of turned out the way I was thinking it would, but it was still a fun read. And the current book is good too, even if it is one of my guilty pleasures of a smut book. But after The Price is Right I got dressed and went over to my parents house to see Gucci.

I decided on my way over that I wanted to ride him today. So I went and got him out when I first pulled up, and groomed him. He was a very dusty boy, and I didn’t really do a great job of grooming him either to be honest. I just wanted to get on and ride him. I tacked him up and he took the bit happily. He takes it better after having months off then some of the horses I work with every week. He’s just a good boy.

We walked around the house a couple of times, and then we went across the street to one of the fire trails for one of the neighbors houses. Gucci was unsure of the footing at first because we had to take a different entrance to the trail due to down trees. At first he wouldn’t go and backed up and  tried to turn around. But I asked him to go again and let him pick the path that he wanted to go on, and he worked his way through it to the trail. So we went on that for a little while until the bushes had grown too wild to get through and turned around. We then went up the hill to a different fire trail and into the field next door. I was looking for the old deer path we used to walk on, but I couldn’t find it. We turned around and went home. It was still a good 20-30 minute ride, which was nice. Just me and Gucci.

After we were done riding he was all sweaty and so I decided that I had to hose him down. Holding him while trying to clean him was special. He just kept wanting to play in the water coming from the hose. I think I might have gotten as wet as he did with how much water he sprayed back at me and from the leak in the hose. But I got him cleaned up and put him away for lunch.

He enjoyed the walk, but not the bath. 

I hung out at my parents house for a while, reading my book and watching TV.  I watched The Incredible Dr Pol, a show that I like to watch but we don’t get at home. I still want to be a large animal vet tech, and I know that the show doesn’t really get into anything, but it still makes me feel like the vet tech career is a step in the right direction for me. Even if it is going to take a few years. 3-4 months to get myself and my shit together before I go back to school! I’m already excited and nervous about it. Its a plan that I really want to follow through on and succeed at.

My sister went off on vacation for a week, so my parents are cat sitting for her. So guess who I got to officially meet and pet today? That’s right. Lincoln. Whenever I go over to her place he always hides, and I haven’t really played with him before or petted him. But today he kept coming and asking for pets. And then we started playing with the shoe laces and he would get it wound up on his tail and then start chasing his tail around. It was pretty cute.

Sorry about the blurry picture, but he was a wiggle worm while I was trying to take the photo.

After that I went and I got my eyebrows waxed. One of the few beauty maintenance things that I do for myself. But lately I’ve been having to reschedule because my depression has been getting the better of me. But I was good and I went today. So point for me. And another point for me for going and riding Gucci. Something that I have been wanting to do for a while.

And that’s been it for today. Kind of lazy to recharge to keep me going through the rest of the week. Hopefully tomorrow will be an easy day with the horses, not too many to ride and so I can rest a little bit more.

Oh, we have the King of Westmarch coming and crashing with us tonight. He’s going on a trip to Hawaii tomorrow and is staying with us until his flight tomorrow morning. My boyfriend is going to go and pick him up and bring him back here after work. Maybe we’ll go out for dinner once he gets here, or order dinner in, I’m not sure. Maybe I should clean up the apartment a little bit more before they show up. I think that’s what I’ll work on, then get back to reading my book or maybe even do some coloring.

Alright everyone, that’s it. Off to clean now.

Just keep swimming!

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