Hello there


I know that I have written in a while, but for some reason today I feel like it and have felt inspired and productive, so I’m going to take advantage of it while its happening.

So lets see, what’s happened since I last wrote.

My cousin in Europe gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Harvey Donald J., born on December 7th. He’s a cutie in the photo that I have, but I might be a bit biased. But I am now an aunt to a child in a whole different continent.

:: Giggles and cries at the same time ::


Isn’t he a cutie! Now I get to be the aunt to corrupt him from afar! Buwahahahaha! Corrupt him with what I have no bloody clue, but I will. It will more than likely be horses because I need to spread that around some more. And you have to start them off young. Maybe I’ll send him a stuffed horse for Christmas.

Lets see, what I else.

I went and got my hair cut and colored. Lobbed off a good 6 inches or so. It was starting to be so long that I couldn’t fit it all under my helmet. And I was having constant headaches because my hair is thick and heavy and when it gets to be that long it just pulls on my head. To think I used to have it down to my waist for a couple of years. Its now in a bob, sorry, I don’t have any good photos of it yet. I’m hoping that I’ll get one soon. Its still a red color, its not as flaming red as it used to be with the splat! packs, but its red, so I’m happy.

I also have been really sick. Ended up having to go to the doctor and get some cough medicine and some antibiotics. Its a little over a week and I still have the cough. Its been better than it was, but I’m frustrated that I still have it. So I’ve been trying to take it easy.

Today I woke up after a lot of sleep, and I was kind of like ‘okay, lets go!’. Not enough to do something awesome and work out, but I got up and went and saw Gucci, who was being a good boy and hiding inside his stall while it was raining. After I said hi to him I went into the house and spent some time with my parents. My poppa was working out on sending out Christmas cards, and my mom and I worked on wrapping presents for Christmas. By wrapping I wrapped and stuck to-ies on them and then handed them off to my mom to wrap in ribbons and put bows on. She’s a lot better than I am at it.

I made a huge dent in the Christmas presents wrapping wise. The only ones I didn’t get done were mine (Some are meant to be my birthday presents, so I decided to leave it up to my parents so I am somewhat surprised on what I get on the appropriate days). And some of my sister in law’s presents. They are just super awkward to wrap and if they aren’t simple then I’m no good at them. But mom, poppa, brother, sister, and boyfriend are all wrapped and everything. So that’s good.

I did something productive that I have been wanting to do for a few months now. I went and got a storage tote to put some of my t-shirts in that I don’t fit in/wear right now. It cleared up a lot of space in my closet.

I’m still working on losing weight, and I’ve lost close to 15lbs in the past 2 months, which is good progress. Part of the medication I’m on makes me want to eat less, and being sick with no appetite helps I’m sure. But its a step in the right direction. Now I just need to start going to the gym and/or working out and hopefully loose more.

Okay, I think that I am done for the day.

Thanks for reading, you are awesome.

And Just Keep Swimming!


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