Welcome to 2018

2016-05-29 18.27.18

Hi everyone.

I know its been literally months since I’ve done a blog. And I’ve missed doing it. So i’m going to try and start blogging again. Maybe I’ll do it like one of my friends does and just do it once a week so I’m not feeling pressured into doing it every day.  I love looking at her blog and seeing how week has gone, how her family is doing. I’m bad at keeping touch with certain people. Its not that I don’t like them, I just don’t know how to break the ice. I’m sometimes awkward with conversation.

Let see, what happened in 2017 that I didn’t really talk about.

Well, Fiks and I got engaged. He proposed at Darkshore XX at the night of the masquerade ball. 20170506081313_IMG_1029-1

I think that this is one of my favorite photos taken at the ball. I love the smile that we both have on our face.

20170506081321_IMG_1032-1 (1)

Of course there is always this one of him down on his knees asking me too. Thank you to Bill the nun for being in on it and taking the photos. There is also a video, so once I figure out how to download and upload it, I’ll put that on here too.

I had to quit my horse job. They changed the rules for how many hours you had to have for health insurance per week at my security job and I just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So I needed those days to have them open to work. I now work at 2 banks during the week and I’m still at the golf course during the weekends.

We also moved. Moved to a new apartment in the same county, new town. Its small, which is nice. And no crazy neighbors setting off fireworks whenever they bloody well feel like it. Even in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. That was the most frustrating part for me. But Fiks and I sometimes miss being down by the ocean and hearing the waves crash when its quiet.

I still color. I got myself a few new books to color from. I stopped for a while, and I kind of started to spiral downwards again, so I try and color at least once a week now just to help keep me balanced.

I also crashed my truck back in November. It was raining and my back end spun out from me and I did one 360, mostly missing the wall. And then I did another one and dragged my front all along the wall. I walked away from it okay. But the truck suffered some major damage. We thought that it might get totaled. But it didn’t, thank God. Its still at the repair shop being put back together last time we talked to the shop. I hope to get it back soon.

My sister was amazing and got me a Christmas tree for my birthday. (I’m a December baby) So we had a full sized tree to decorate this year. I don’t think that we did badly. Its our little nerdy tree filled with horses, and Doctor Who, and other traditional items.



So I decided to spoil myself and get a new camera after Christmas. I’m really hoping to get some great photos from it. Its a Canon Rebel EOS T7I. It came with multiple lenses so there will be a lot of playing around with it for a while in order to get used to it. I can get the images onto my phone via wifi or Bluetooth I also got a new phone (the Pixel 2) with a pretty good camera on it. So I’ll be able to take photos on there too.

Gucci is fine. He’s still living at my parents house.  We actually went and saw him today. We gave him a good brush while he got his 15 minute graze, he got his lunch. And then he went a little crazy and threw a shoe. And my farrier is going out of the country on Thursday. So I’m hoping that he can fit him in before he leaves.

This was obviously at Christmas time

So we brought in 2018 with some champagne and Chinese. We also watched Despicable Me 3, Archer, and playing with Alexa which Fiks got for Christmas and I got him a second one for the bedroom for our 5 year anniversary.


What are my goals for 2018….

Well, there is always the loosing the weight one. I’ve gained a lot over the past year and I’m hoping to change that this year. Which means eating healthier and working out more. Working out will be easier once I get my truck back.

I’m going to look for a new job. I’m really unhappy at my current one. I’ll even take a pay cut as long as the place makes me happy and has benefits. That’s what I need mostly.

There is the getting wedding stuff sorted out. I have my cousin in Europe to bounce ideas of off. I got a binder from The Knot at Christmas that came with a bunch of helpful tips and hints, and timelines to follow. I’ve been feeling lost and over whelmed on where to start with the wedding stuff. So hopefully this will help me out and get things moving!


I hope to ride Gucci a little more often. Even if its only bareback while he’s grazing. I’ve been really bad on that front. And I miss riding horses, especially him.

I guess that’s it for today.

Happy new year, and I’ll see you next week!

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