The Greatest Blog (Week 1)

So on Monday we went and saw the greatest showman. I really enjoyed it and having being sneaky and buying the soundtrack a few weeks ago was able to whisper sing along with the movie. The only one who noticed was Fiks, so it’s okay.

The Greatest Showman cast

Tuesday went fine, it was mental at the bank though. First day after a 3 day weekend and the first day, well, second day of the month. Everyone trying to take money out, put money in, and opening new accounts. Had one woman throw a fit because she had to wait in line to see a teller, so she jumped the line and started yelling at everyone. I was just about to intercede when they waved me off.

I got home and Fiks had my anniversary presents all ready for me. We got a new battery pack which holds 2 batteries and attaches to the camera via the battery slot. It makes it a lot bigger and heavier. But if it gives us double time with the camera, I can’t really complain.

The big thing at the bottom is the new battery pack.

He also got the Scots version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stane (stone). It is friggin’ hilarious. Here’s a little bit of Fiks reading it. We’ve only gotten to page 14 in it. He did a live read on Facebook last night and it went over pretty well. I had to go into the other room because I was giggling.


On Wednesday it was raining, so I didn’t get to sit on Gucci and let him graze which was my plan. Instead I spoiled him with pets and carrots. No pictures of him though, I wasn’t that on top of it. I went with my mom and did a few errands. Like we went to my work and I did a time off request. Super exiting, huh? And then we went to a local craft store and looked around a bit. I found some pretty fake flowers. I didn’t buy any though

And I found an ornament with my middle name on it. No, I didn’t get it. Fiks has a very strong aversion to glitter. I used to love the stuff but now I’m kind of over it. It was cool though.

We’re going to ignore that this is the masculine spelling of it and mine is the feminine spelling. Noelle.

I went and looked in the scrap booking isle and found a couple pages I liked and I ended up getting some stickers too. A great way to start off my new scrap book.


I got the album for Christmas.


I’m looking forward to scrap booking again. I didn’t do it last year, and I didn’t really finish the last one I did. I only got about halfway through before giving up on it. Well, actually I filled up one album and needed to start a second one, and I didn’t get around to do it. So all I have to do now is order prints of my pictures and then I can start scrap booking again. It’d be for a few pages, but it’d be a start.

I JUST GOT MY TRUCK BACK!!! :: Happy Dance ::

I wish that I had been smart enough to take photos of the damage, but I thought that it wasn’t that bad and that I’d be getting the truck back later in the week. Not over a month later. But it looks amazing. Looks like it did coming off the lot. They even took out a dent that wasn’t part of the accident, which was unexpected. The body shop did such an amazing job with it, I was grinning from ear to ear. I even gave it a hug.




I didn’t drive super fast coming home. I was careful, I’m kind of nervous to drive in the rain now. Wait, since I have my truck back that means that I should start going to the gym again. Hrm. Well, we’ll see how that works out.

So Fiks got some big news on Thursday. I can’t share it as of this writing. But I will share when I can. So we decided to make a celebratory chicken. I’m still getting the recipe down, this is my 3rd or 4th time cooking a whole chicken.

Roasted chicken with ranch roasted potatoes and then we had steamed broccoli with cheese.

The bank was fine on Friday, but Gucci got really sick. I went and saw him on my lunch and took his temperature. It was 103. Horses sit at 98-100. I was unable to stay around and wait the couple of hours for the vet to show up. So back to work I went. The vet showed up a couple hours later and gave Gucci some medicine. He also took some blood to be tested, so I’m waiting to hear back from that. He left medicine behind to get him through the next couple of days. He also prescribed grazing twice a day for 15-20 minutes.

Prescribed night time graze. Sorry the photo isn’t the greatest.

I had to wake up early on Saturday to take care of him before work. Gave him his dose of banamine, took his temperature, and gave him some food with his medicine in it. He wasn’t doing super well. Still had a temp of 102. I gave him some grain with the antibiotics on it. He ignored the feed.

He’s just not feeling well. Makes me sad.

I went to work afterwards, and at that point it was hurry up and wait to hear from the vet. When he hadn’t called by 10 I called the clinic and he called me back. He explained the blood test wasn’t back yet, he’d call me when he got it. He explained that I had to get the antibiotics down him. When I got off work I went back over and made a paste with the medicine, put it in a tube, shoved it in his mouth and depressed the plunger. I had to do this twice and then give him banamine on top of it.

Current kit: Thermometer, banamine, Uniprim in paste form, Uniprim in powder form, and a bag of wheat bran to keep everything moving.

My mom helped me dose him and then we let him graze for a little bit  before I changed his hoof wrap. And then we grazed some more.

Hmmmm…. Grass….

I had a pretty sunrise on my way to Gucci Sunday morning.


My poppa helped me with pasting him and taking his temperature. He was at 101 degrees this morning. Then I went onto work. Apparently there was a burglary early in the morning at one of the houses. They opened the garage up somehow, stole a bike, a couple of boxes, and broke into both vehicles. And the daughter walked in on them doing this. Yet the resident didn’t want to file a police report. Odd and dumb if you ask me.

The vet called back with the blood results around 10 am. There was nothing showing signs of an infection, but since Gucci still wasn’t feeling well he went back out and took another look at him. His temperature was down to 100 (normal range), so the vet thinks that its hindgut ulcers again. So he left behind some probiotics and said we had to get him to eat them. Great. One more thing to try and shove down his throat.

I hope you all had a good week!

giphy (59)

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