Knightly Virtues (Week 2)

So I know that it was announced last week, and I didn’t get around to it because Gucci took up my time and energy. But on Friday night it was announced that Fiks is is getting knighted at Darkshore XXI.


So proud of him and happy for him. There is still a long way to go, like making new garb. He wants me to make garb with him so we look good together. Which I think is sweet. He also has to pick a theme for his knighting, and find a sword, and do other things. I’m so excited! I was thinking of making him a tail, a white tail, to go along with his white belt. But I don’t know. I have to come up with something cool and awesome… that is IF I want to give him a present then. I’ll probably be running around and taking photos of him, grinning from ear to ear.

I’ve been obsessed with one of the songs from The Greatest Showman. I can’t seem to get it out of my head. So here, hopefully it’ll get stuck in your head now :op

On Monday a big a storm came rolling in. Rained just throughout the day. I got up and went to take care of Gucci this morning. He was wet but standing inside his stall when I got there, so I was thankful for that. He’s eaten most of what I gave him for dinner and most of his hay during the night. Signs of improvement. But I still had to dose him, and I gave him another scoop of senior for dinner.

No Photos while I’m eating a cookie!

On my way home I saw a FedEx truck just down the street from our apartment. The person was tall and wearing shorts, but I couldn’t see his face. I figured it was Fiks. So I pull up and go “Hey you.” Who turned around was not Fiks. It was one of his coworkers. We laughed and introduced ourselves to each other and went on our separate ways.

I came home and took down the Christmas tree. Now that part of the room looks naked. I still have to vacuum up some fallen pine needles and tape the box. (Trying to sing and type at the same time is kinda hard)

My Gravity blanket showed up on Monday. Been waiting for a while for it to show up. It’s a good blanket. It’s heavy, 20 lbs. It’s meant to help with sleeping and anxiety. I hope that it works.

I slept great with my gravity blanket. Helped me. Get back to sleep after I woke up in the middle of the night too. I normally struggle to get back to sleep. Gucci showed signs of improvement Tuesday morning. He stuck his head over the fence while I was making his breakfast. He took feed out of my hand. He took his medication well and then he dived into his breakfast. A little bit of stress and worry has been lifted.

Work went fine. As a nice tip to aid you and the bank: if it has a coin counting machine, empty your piggy bank at home and put it in a baggie. Or something that’s easy to get the coins out of, instead of bringing your whole piggy bank into the bank. Yes that happened today and they couldn’t get all the coins out. The rest of the night was fairly quiet. Gave Gucci his medication without too much hassle. Fiks helped me with that, and we let him have a graze to get the medicine taste out of his mouth.

We cleaned up Nightfurys tank for the week so it’s one less thing to do on Sunday before we leave for…

Disneyland! And Universal Studios! But Disneyland! I got a lanyard and some pins for Christmas so I picked some out tonight and put them on the lanyard.

First off, happy birthday poppa! I love you! Not that he reads this, but the thought is there. Wednesday I went to the feed store to get Gucci some hay and feed. When I went to pay there was this cute cat sitting on his heating pad on the counter.

He demanded pets with the dirty look and flick of his tail. When I got to my parents house Gucci was down, which was strange. He’s normally not a lie down in the day kind of horse, so I was slightly worried.

He let me go in and pet him while he was down, which doesn’t happen normally. But he was fine. He got up on his own and I had to chase him around his turn out to take his temperature, and then the thermometer didn’t work. Typical. He finished the last of his antibiotics this morning, which is a good thing. His supplement for his hind gut ulcers also showed up today. So I cleaned out his trough of the old food he hadn’t eaten, and then made up his buckets for dinner and breakfast tomorrow. Not a lot of food, just a scoop of pellets and a scoop of senior with his medicine mixed in. Hopefully he’ll continue to improve over the week while I’m here. And while we’re gone. He got two 20 minute grazes with me today too. He seemed pretty happy with that.

Thursday was fine. In the morning I just lazed about on the couch watching Psych (Now streaming on Amazon Prime, FYI). Work was fine, I spent most of the shift talking to one of my friends who is recently engaged. We were talking wedding dresses and such, and found out that we kind of have similar tastes. She’ll be able to pull off whatever dress she winds up getting, because she is tall and pretty. I’m… not. So I have to find a dress that I don’t look like a fing cupcake in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We talked about the Father Daughter dance, and I shared what two songs I was stuck between. She fell for My Little Girl by Tim Mcgraw

The other song is Dear Daughter by Halestorm.

So I dunno. I like both of them. Maybe I should let my poppa hear them and let him pick. Since he would be dancing to the song too. Anyway, after work I went and fed one of our friends horses’, Smoke. Then I went to my parents and fed Gucci, he’d been good and eaten almost everything he’d gotten today. Good to see that he’s improving. I also rewrapped his hoof. The duct tape from yesterday just did not hold up against him and the wet that he has in his paddock right now.

Friday went fine. I didn’t want to get out of bed. But I did and went to work at the 2nd bank I work at. Everything went fine in the morning. On my lunch I went to the mall and bought myself a belt that fits, so my pants aren’t falling off anymore. But I walked past this cool puppetry store that had a larger than life unicorn.

He looks kind of along the lines of Joey from War horse.

But those puppets are so cool.

Saturday was pretty uneventful. Chill day at work. Went and saw Gucci and fed him dinner. Let him graze for a while.

Needless to say he’s a muddy boy.

Sunday was fine at work. Had a report of a loose dog at one of the holes, but no golfers nor walkers saw a dog. So I dont know. I’m currently sitting outside a restaurant we are going to for poppas birthday dinner.

I think that’s it for this week. See you after Disneyland!

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