10 Dresses (Week 4)

Monday went fine. It was raining for most of the day, so I didn’t really do anything with Gucci. I fed him his lunch, he made a run for it to some grass, and then came back for some all in one. (Alfalfa hay, oat hay, mixed with molasses).

I went with my mom to the mall to Victoria’s Secret to get a new strapless bra for trying on wedding dresses on Wednesday. It took a while but we found one. So yay. No, you aren’t getting any photos of me in the bra. Sorry boys.

I had ordered some photos of the dresses that I wanted to try on. Why photos you ask? Well, we don’t have a color printer and it was cheaper to order photo prints than to go to a print shop and get them printed there. Plus I can have 4 photos per page versus one photo per page.

Fiks stayed home sick on Monday, still sick from Disneyland. So I wound up getting him some medicine while I was at CVS picking up my photos. I was naughty and bought some Cadbury Mini Eggs too. I’ve been on a chocolate kick ever since I ate my chocolate frog. But back to Fiks. He worked on the Westmarch website most of the day, updating lands and the people who are in charge for this term.

We watched Psych: The Movie, two episodes of The Grand Tour, and an episode of the Incredible Dr Pol.

After he was done with that we worked on some wedding stuff. Like picking out colors. We think we’re going to go with Tardis blue and some shade of yellow.


The closest the book has to Tardis Blue is Cobalt, and the recommend a few different colors with it, but we decided to go with the color Honey. We then worked on what kind of stuff that Fiks and his groomsmen are going to wear. So we made progress last night. Thank you Gwendair for setting a fire under our asses and making us work on this.

Tuesday started out okay. Fiks stayed home from work again. I probably will take him to the doctor after I get off work. I woke up and watched some Psych on Amazon Prime.

Work went fine. They were actually happy to see me at the bank. Apparently they didn’t like who was sent to replace me. They wouldn’t say why, just that they didn’t like him. Also one of the tellers was at Disneyland at the same time I was. I listened to my podcasts and helped someone with the coin machine.

While we were cooking our microwave became possessed and started running ALL. THE. TIME. And it didn’t even heat up the food. It took some hitting, plugging and unplugging, and some magic touch from Fiks to get it running again.

Wednesday started out with some very excited messages from my cousin. She was excited about my dress shopping. But first I had to do a few things. Like go to the grocery store. It was like I hadn’t been in 2 weeks and we needed everything. Almost. It was a wee bit mental. I then went to my parents house where my cousin and I did a practice Skype. She said hi to my parents while we were talking. She was waiting for her bus to show up. I went out and saw Gucci, gave him a good 15 minute graze.


I came home, put the grocery’s away, got dressed for going to my first dress shopping. We went to Trudy’s Bridal, showed up a little early and just hung out until my sister showed up. Some of the dresses they have there are beautiful, some are just mental, and some are just…okay.

This is the dress at the entrance of the store. No, I didn’t try it on. 

We tried to Skype in my cousin, and she was there for the first 2 dresses, then something happened while I was in the dressing room and we lost the connection. So we went back to photos and Facebook Messenger.

My consultant was really nice. We bonded over Harry Potter. We are both Griffindor’s and our partners are Slytherin’s. We went over what I liked, what I didn’t like, I showed her my binder that I brought with me with photos of what I liked. I apparently liked a lot of different shapes. I was mostly going for A-line, something in between super floofy and straight up and down. I ended up trying on about 10 different dresses. Maybe 11. One looked like I “Should be getting married in Las Vegas on New Years Eve.” But I really liked 2. I wouldn’t say I fell in love with them, but they were my favorite from what I tried on.

Having some time to think on it I think I like the Harper dress more than the Arden… but only time will tell what I end up with.

I still haven’t tried on the 2 dressed I really want to try.

After trying on dresses we went to Rock Bottom Brewery. I got the fish and chips, ate about half, and brought the rest home. Maybe I’ll feed the rest to Fiks when he gets home from work. Wait, I’ve got chicken defrosting… hrm… Well I’ll figure it out.

Thursday started off kind of slow. I woke up and moved to the sofa and watched some Psych. Yes, I love that show. I talked to the lady who owns the boutique which has the two above dresses, and I will fit in the dress, she just won’t get a sample in my size until April. Sigh.

Then I went to work, which was fine. I kind of had an England moment; it was positively down pouring without a cloud in the sky. I felt bad for one of the tellers, she just kept being the bearer of bad news to customers, which always sucks. I had one lady who I kept my eye on, she wasn’t doing anything bad per say, just gave me that feeling that I needed to watch her. Does that make any sense?

Once work was done I went over to my parents and re-wrapped Gucci’s hoof. The duct tape can only stay on for so long in the rain. I think that he’ll need a full wrap change next time I see him, his hoof is starting to stink. While at work I signed up for a local bridal expo, and got a coupon to print out, saving $3 per person. I’m going to mark up what I want to look at and who are preferred vendors for a venue.

We did watch the Sharks game for a little while. Until they started to loose right around my bedtime. Fiks switched it over to video games. They ended up loosing by one point.

Friday was fairly calm. It was slow at the bank, which my day a little more boring. One of the tellers who I don’t usually get along with was nice and gave me a stool to sit on. But only after numerous customers wound up saying something about me standing all day being sucky. And I got to see a service dog. I didn’t get to pet her as she was on duty, but she sure was a cutie.


I wound up talking to one of my friends, Kia’a, about wedding stuff on and off through the day. I even shared a Pintrest board with her… my wedding one… it doesn’t have a lot on it so I wasn’t overly worried about sharing it. She said that she’d send me some inspiration… hopefully that will help. We also looked at places that do cakes. Like Gale’s Bakery.  They do tastings there and some of the cake sounds delicious, and sound edible to me. My mom was recommending a baker too, somewhere that my brother got his cake from. But I’ve never been impressed with the food coming from that bakery, so I’m not overly into trying food from there.


Saturday started our very cold, 36 degrees cold. And I couldn’t find my thermal under armor which sucked. When I first got there I was informed that there was a dead skunk in the middle of the road. I tried to do something about it, I really did, but I don’t have a shovel or gloves in my little booth, and I didn’t want to touch it with my bare hands. I called Dispatch and asked them what to do, and they said they only had protocol for dead deer. Not helpful, and so I texted my supervisor and never got a response from her on what to do.

But the rest of the day went fine mostly, people stopped for me and I sat and read my books and listened to my podcasts. While out on my patrol I saw some deer walking through a property.


When I got home we worked on editing a video for my cousin in Europe, and that took a couple hours. A lot longer than it should have. I was also asked by one of my friends to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. The only thing is that she is having her wedding the weekend before mine. I didn’t think that I could do both, so I sadly had to turn her down. I felt really bad about it too. So I’m sorry Kia’a. I truly am.

Fiks came over to the sofa and we worked on our wedding binder some more, and tried to work on our budget. We calculated what we could save up for the wedding, and that we need to talk to my parents and see how much they will help us.

I woke up a couple times during the night, which is nothing new, but at least I was able to get back to sleep which is a good thing. I got an email Sunday morning from a job recruitment site for a job at a local vet, so I turned in my resume. I really hope that I at least get an interview there. I need a new job badly. I’m so unhappy at my security job.

Anyway, so today we went to the local bridal expo. And it was mental. So many people. But we did find a few more venue’s to look at, one just down the street from where we live actually. And I won $2000 off the venue booking, so essentially it would be free to book there, we’d just have to do the food, the dj, the photographer, flowers, videographer, and I’m sure there is something else we’d need to do. But still, it opens up another venue to us.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So many things to look at and consider now. We did test out some cupcakes, some pie, some desserts. Everything I tried was good, Fiks tried other things than I did. So we got some comparisons. We got a lot of flyers and business cards. We just have to settle down on a location I think and then everything else will fall in line… I hope.

After the wedding expo we went back to my parents and saw Gucci. I changed the wrapping on his hoof and while Fiks was letting him graze I brushed the mud off him and put fresh shavings down in his stall. then we went and begged some carrots off of my mom. He loves doing that, going to the door and saying hi and getting carrots in return. Hopefully tomorrow I can hop on him and let him graze. Man, I miss doing that.

Alright, I think that’s it for the week.

Have a good one!

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