Searching for a title… (Week 5)

The rest of Sunday went fine. We bought girl scout cookies. They came to our door! Don’t judge us!

We also went out and got sushi for dinner. We talked wedding stuff. And then we went and got cupcakes!

So we were kind of naughty Sunday after the wedding expo. Oops. But the cupcakes were delicious. We only had one each, not the whole thing, so don’t worry. I had the one with the star on it and Fiks had the one with the chocolate heart.

Monday was okay. I started out by watching Heartland and then I went to the feed store to get what Gucci needed for the week. I showed up at my parents place and they had friends over. So I had to wait a while before we got the truck unloaded, but that’s okay. It was nice to visit them. After they were done I got Gucci out to graze him, and jumped on his back. But he didn’t want to graze, he wanted to walk around, so that’s what we did.


Once I was done with Gucci I put him away and went in the house and went over wedding stuff with my mom. We looked at the pamphlet for the venue that I had won $2000 off. That’s kind of the lead contender right now. I hope we’ll get to tour it soon. We did lunch and watched some Cake Wars, and talked some more wedding stuff. Like flowers and using them in multiple places, about some dresses, weight loss, stuff like that.

Tuesday was fine. I had a lazy morning since I didn’t sleep good the night before. And work went well. Nothing happened, I guarded a bike outside the branch. That’s about  it. See, nothing exciting here.

I didn’t sleep good again on Tuesday night, so I lied on the sofa for a hour before running and going grocery shopping. Kia’a was “Bright eyed and bushy tailed and wanted to bug someone”, and that someone was me. She asked how wedding stuff was going, slow but making progress essentially.

I then went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci and went inside. Mom told me this story that she saw on the news about someone who was affected by the mudslides in southern California, and how they were trying to hunt down the firefighter who helped rescue them. Mom also wanted to work on Gucci’s stall today, something that should have been a quick project turned into a 2 hour project. Gucci kept getting into mischeif while wondering around as we dug out his stall. He played with a dog toy, no biggie, but then he started to walk inside the house. Something my parents frown upon. Can’t really blame them though, I doubt that the floor would hold his weight.

I put him back in the stall, in his paddock, and mom had to stand there and keep him occupied while poppa and I worked on dragging his mats out of the stall and digging up what had gone under the mat.


Once we were done we put all the mats back and let Gucci go inside his stall and ate up  his lunch.


Thursday was kind of rough, I didn’t sleep good so I wasn’t feeling well so everything just seemed… worse. I made it through my shift and came home in one piece though. I kept up the rough night of sleeping Thursday night/Friday morning. I woke up with a sore throat and a cough. I’m hoping I’m not coming down with anything. But I’m going to fill myself up on Airborne and Emerg-C.

Friday was just frustrating all around. I didn’t feel good so then I had to be weak and ask for a chair to sit on at the bank. I usually stand for the 8 hour shift. With sitting down came dirty looks. Like I said, just frustrating. Oh, and my new farrier was meant to show up and never did. He totally forgot about my appointment and was going to try to make it before dark and didn’t. I got a text from him apologizing and even offering a different farriers number. I’m going to give him one more chance. So we have an appointment set for first thing Monday morning.

I continued the trend of not sleep good Friday night, and Fiks woke me up when he came back home from his party, which didn’t help me any. And then my cousin from Europe woke me up with photos. Like this one of police horses in the rain with there jackets on. Made me miss where I grew up for a little while.


I woke up with no voice and a cough when it was time to finally come out of bed. There was a CHP doing a traffic break on my way to work, thankfully he only made me a little late. When I saw the lights I thought I was screwed. And the on ramp to the freeway right next to my work was closed, and nobody could read signs apparently. So that was kind of entertaining to watch, people turning around or just coming to a dead stop in front of it. Some people were smart and came to me and asked for directions.

I got a phone call from a local vet that I applied to a while ago. They want me to interview for them on Wednesday. They liked my resume even though it has no vet clinic experience, and they liked my answers from the pre interview questions. It made me so happy, I’m excited about the interview. I hope it goes well and that I get the job.

I apparently coughed so much on Saturday night that Fiks slept on the sofa. Doesn’t make a girl feel any better about herself or being sick. But anyway, I digress, a bit. I still went into work and did what I needed to do. I did my patrols and talked to people when they would stop. I went into the club house to get a cup of ice and a woman approached me wanting to thank me for what I do. I said thanks. I felt really bad that I didn’t recognize her outside of her car.

I then went to my parents house to watch the Super Bowl. Or Superb Owl. Or the Stuper Bowl. Not the Puppy Bowl though, that was on a different channel. Fiks had made pretzels for the game too. They were good, nice and doughy and salty.


The Philadelphia Eagles even won the game!

Okay, thats it for the week!

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