Sick time (Week 6)

I didn’t sleep good Sunday night, and was up with the sun on Monday morning. I went over to my parents place and gave Gucci his breakfast bucket so that he would have some bute in him for the farrier showing up. And oh my god, he showed up! No more miscommunication or being stood up. The new farrier was very nice and knowledgeable. He wanted to know Gucci’s history, why he was in a certain kind of shoe, what was his favorite shoe (Sneakers. No, I’m not making it up)


The farrier ended up taking 1 – 1 1/2 inches off his toes in the front. He was trying to make a better break over point for him. But he wound up with pretty new hooves all around. I was really happy with the farrier and would recommend him.


After the farrier left I went in the house and lied down for a while, trying to get some more sleep. It didn’t happen. Sherlock decided to lie down next to me and use me as his pillow. We watched the news, and then some How I Met Your Mother . Mom and I then took Sherlock to his vet appointment at Sage Veterinary . While we waited I took this cute photo of him.


We were called after Sherlock stepped onto the scales (74.4lbs), and went over his history. We then met the vet who reminded me of my Cousins Brother-in-law. He explained our options really well, and went as simple as he could go so we could follow along. After a phone call to my sister we opted to get a CT Scan for Sherlock. So we left him with the vets and then went and waddled around a local mall for a while. We hit the Disney Store where mom bought him a Simba to carry around at home. We hit up The Body Shop where I got some lipstick and bath bombs. We then went back to the vets and slept in the car for a while, until they called us and said Sherlock was awake and ready to be picked up.


I still had problems sleeping Monday night, so first thing Tuesday I went to the local urgent care and checked in. They said that urgent care wasn’t opening for another hour, but since I was having breathing issues I’d be at the front of the line. Well, I went and sat down and within 5 minutes I was in the back having my vitals taken. My heart rate was high (130), blood oxygen was low (93), and I had a slight temperature.


Went the urgent care officially opened I was sent down to get chest x-rays to make sure that I didn’t have pneumonia. I don’t. I have a virus that is triggering my asthma. The doctor prescribed me some Prednisone to help control my asthma and to get rid of the cough. I came home and flopped on the sofa and fell asleep to Psych for a while.

On Wednesday I went and did my interview at a local vet hospital for a receptionist position. I’d like to think that it went well. She mostly talked at me, asked me a few questions, but I think that I would really enjoy working there. It seems like a good atmosphere and good people.


Hair straight and down, make up on, this is me looking professional. I hope that it worked for them.

Thursday went fine, nothing exciting happened. I went into work and didn’t die, I didn’t spread my cough around. I did have a pan handler though. I had to ask her to leave in a polite but firm tone, and then I hung around outside the bank for a while because she just moved to the other side of the parking lot, watching people coming in and out of the bank. I think that she got someone twice. Once when she was outside the bank and once after she left the bank. If she did I feel bad for the guy who she got twice. I should have been more on top of it I feel like.

Friday came and I went into work again. I spent most of my day wearing a mask because I could not stop coughing, again. Its getting really frustrating.


During part of the day a gentleman came in and left his dog to hang out outside while he was doing business. Much appreciated BTW. His dog was a good boy and just hung out, didn’t bark or anything, and he was cute. Looks like a black German Shepard to me.


Mom and Fiks insisted that I go to the doctor again and get something for my cough. So off to Urgent Care I went, thankfully its just down the street from home, so its not out of my way. I explained what was going on and they gave me another mask to wear.


More mask time, yay! (Very sarcastic tone). Well, the doctor decided it was an upper respiratory infection (aka my face), and some mucus going down my throat and aggravation my cough. But my asthma was all clear, just orders to finish my medicine that I got on Tuesday. I got 3 more prescriptions for the cough/sinuses, and came home where I saw that the stuff for the new computer had arrived!


Fiks was super excited and started building the new computer right after dinner. He was up until 2 a.m. building the thing. But I must confess, it is a wonderful thing to have a computer that can run properly now.

Saturday was fine. Nothing really happened at work. I sat and read my book and watched some more Heartland. Oh, one of my friends was silly and sent me two Tiara’s to wear. I didn’t look at the box because it had Fiks’ last name on it, not mine, so I figured the box was for him. He had to point out that there was a box waiting for me to open.


But after work we had an appointment to check out a possible wedding venue, so we got all dressed up and went to the hotel. Once we got there and checked in we discovered there was a miscommunication somewhere and they had us down for March 10th. But they were super cool and gave us a key and let us look around. We found the ballroom and the ceremony site. I’m holding judgement because it was dark and we were doing the tour ourselves. I’ll wait and see what happens on the actual tour before I fully pass judgement.

Oh, and I did post one last week, I just don’t know what happened to the sharing part of it.

That’s all for this week!

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