Not the easiest of weeks… (Week 7)

I slept better Sunday night that I had most of the week, which was nice. Only woke up a couple times coughing instead of almost every hour. And I was able to sleep in, minus ignoring a phone call, but I fell back to sleep afterwards.

So I went to Gucci’s vet and picked up his medicine that I had ordered over the weekend. Have you ever wanted to see the insides of a hoof?


Then I went over to my parents to deliver said medicine, and I took off Gucci’s blanket and gave him some pets for a while. Then I went inside and hung out with my parents for a while, and gave Gucci some lunch. But I let him graze while I was filling up his hay bag… crap. I just realized I forgot to give him is all-in-one. Oh well, he’ll get some tomorrow.


After I left my parents I went and did my sit along at the vet clinic I did an interview with on Wednesday. I think it went pretty well. Things were explained fairly clearly, and I think that it’s some place I’ll enjoy working. OMG, there was a cute Goldendoodle puppy who came in while I was there and was just all wiggles, licks, and barks. He could not sit still long enough for the scale to get his weight. It was so cute. The manager said that she’ll call me on Wednesday after she’s had some time to think about me. I really hope that I get the job.

Nothing really happened on Tuesday. I woke up and went to work after flopping on the sofa for the morning. Work went fine, minus one hack attack where I had to go and stand outside coughing for 5 minutes. I’m so over this cough. It hurts my chest and my back when I do cough, so it sucks.

Wednesday was Valentines Day.


And Happy Birthday to Decoy! Miss you buddy.

I went to the grocery store and got what we needed for the week, and what we didn’t. I was naughty and got some chocolate covered strawberries. Soooooo good. I have no will power and may have had one or two already.

I went over to my parents and saw that they were gone, but I still hung out for a couple hours waiting for them to come home. I let Gucci out to graze for 15 minutes and then I jumped on him and we walked around for a while. We worked on stopping, neck reigning, and listening to my right leg.


As one of my friends say, the view from the top!


When Fiks got home he got showered and changed and then we went out for sushi. But waiting in the car seat was my valentines day present, a bouquet… OF UNICORNS!


Sushi was good, even if it did take a while. It was super busy at the restaurant we went to. But all in all the day and night was good, even if I didn’t hear from the vet that day.

Thursday came and went without a fuss. Nothing exciting really happened at home or at work.

Friday rolled around and I went into work. They were tearing down a building across from the bank that used to be a Marie Callenders. Its now going to be an Olive Garden apparently. I thought that the building was going to be fine for that, but apparently not. And there was this super cute floofy dog that came into the bank.


What a good dog it was.

On my first break I called up the vet and asked if they had come to a decision about the position I was applying for. They said that they had and that they were looking for someone different. So I didn’t get the job. Which made me feel horrible and worthless. And I started spiraling after that. I’m stuck in a dead end job with no hope of promotion or anything positive in sight. I can’t go to school because I have to work so many hours to get my health insurance, so I can’t better myself that way. I can’t seem to get a job in any field that I want, be it vet or law enforcement. If I didn’t need health insurance so fing bad, I would just quit my job and go do something that I love: Horses. But I can’t go without health insurance, so I can’t do that. So needless to say I got upset and may or may not have cried a few times at work and lied to people and said that I was fine as tears were rolling down my cheeks before I could wipe them up.

Saturday came and I went into work. I had a heads up about a estate sale going on which wasn’t permitted by the homeowners association, so I was to put out a sign that it was canceled and to tell people that it had been canceled. Then I found this online…


So I basically had people lying to me all day on where they were going and what they were doing today. Which sucks. But it also sucks because I had to tell people it wasn’t happening. I had some people turn around. Some people called and gave me the dirtiest looks as they went through, like it was my fault or something. I was under orders to do it. I dunno, I feel like shit for doing it.

Sunday went better. I had a wedding come in in the morning instead of the afternoon like they usually do. I called home and talked to my mom. I made an appointment at a dress shop for February 28th and was browsing dresses most of the afternoon. Oh, and I found this little guy sitting up against the wall…


Wish that I had noticed it yesterday, might have made the day a bit easier. When I got home from work jumped in the shower and then headed over to my brothers house for dinner. So we got to see my niece, which was nice. I sat next to her during dinner and kept saying ‘hi’ and waving to her.


That’s it for this week!


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