What a week! (Week 9)

Monday was a hard day for me. Its been a hard date for me for the past couple of years. 2 officers were gunned down 5 years ago today. I didn’t know them personally, but I was a dispatcher that day and I’ll never forget it. The little PD that I was a dispatcher at responded to the Officer Down call, leaving only the Chief, a Lieutenant, and 2 volunteer police officers behind in the little city. Everyone else responded to the call. The officers from our little PD were gone for hours, coming back 10 or 12 hours later. It was hands down the roughest day of my short lived police dispatcher career, and it was the day my downfall started. But I’m not going to get into that. I just want to pay my respect to two hero’s who were gunned down.

Fiks didn’t sleep last well last night, getting an hour of sleep before he went to work. So he stayed home today. We went over to my parents and fed Gucci his lunch.

We helped poppa with some computer stuff and grabbed a couple of things off the front porch to bring up to our place. We went to lunch and then we went to the police station and paid our respects. I forgot flowers, again. I’ve always meant to take flowers but then I get so wrapped up in the memories of the day that I forget to buy some.

After we visited the memorial we came back home. I did some coloring and Fiks played on his computer.

Bill the nun texted me and we started planning Shenanigans. So that was fun.

I was lazy Tuesday morning. I moved from the bed to the sofa and started watching Monk, since we finished Psych on Saturday. Both are good shows if you haven’t seen them.

It was unusually slow for the bank today. Very few people until the last 15 minutes, then it was busy. And we had a cute K9 visitor today. This was the best picture I got of her. The rest are blurry because she was wiggling so much.

When Fiks came home we did something cool in our bedroom. We have twinkle lights we got last year for darkshore and hung them up in front of our glass sliding door in the bedroom. And Fiks got planet lights so we hung them up too. It’s our own little solar system in our bedroom.

I woke up Wednesday and kind of did thing in reverse. I went to the feed store and got Gucci his bale of hay, and I asked if they were hiring. They are, full time, but they are looking for someone to work on weekends. It might be worth it just to get away from security, but I’m not sure. I really want my weekends back. I went over to my parents and we unloaded the hay and I helped poppa move a couple of things and said hi to mom and then I went and let Gucci graze for a little while.


Then I went to the grocery store (I usually do that first or second thing before heading over to my parents place), and it wasn’t too crowded, which I like. I listen to music while I shop to help keep me calm, I’m not that amazing with crowds when I’m by myself. Today I listened to the new Theory of a Deadman CD. Then I came home and put my groceries away and waited for my mom to show up so that we could go dress shopping.

We went to Elegant Lace Bridal and it was different than Trudy’s Bridal, which is where I went the first time. They gave me these colored rings to put on dresses that I wanted to try on. We were going through dresses when I met my consultant, Dee. Really nice lady, if you end up going there ask for Dee. She explained how the dresses worked and then showed me to the dresses in my size and the style I was looking for, A-line.

We started with the dresses that my mom, sister, and I had picked, which was about 5. I liked a couple of them but wasn’t overly wowed. Again, not a super lacy fan and that’s what a lot of the dresses are right now, super lacy, or sheer. She was telling me of dresses that were practically see through or were black, I guess those were the trends for this year. Then we moved on to the dresses that Dee picked out and we hit somewhat gold on one.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pun intended because the dress was actually gold. Now, I know its a ballgown but she says that we can take the poof out of it and make it more of an A-line, which is what I was originally looking for. I love the corset on the back, and its not over bling-y or over lace-y. My mom and my sister asked for a jacket to cover my shoulders, which I really thing is that they want to cover up my shoulder tattoo. I’m not really sold on the idea. But none of the jackets were what my mom and my sister were looking for. Then we tried on a key hole back, which we just put over my shoulders on a couple of dresses. I tried on a few more and none of them matched up to the dress above. My last one was itchy, and I couldn’t decide if it was the dress or my skin acting up. So I was done dress shopping for the day.

Thursday went okay, it was raining for most of the day. And it was also windy. It was slow at the bank, I talked with one of the tellers for like 10 minutes uninterrupted, it was that slow. It was busy for the last 45 minutes.

Fiks was awesome and took me out for sushi for dinner. Yummy. I ❤ sushi. And then we went and got cupcakes for dessert.

He was an animal and shoved the cupcake into his mouth and ate it in like 2 bites.

Friday was busy at the bank. First Friday of the month and the first was yesterday. I was behind on all my breaks because it was so busy and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it super busy.

I did better today on not eating candy. When I wanted to eat candy I ate cuties/Satsumas instead. Only I didn’t take enough with me to counter all the cravings. So I did eat some candy, but not as much as I usually would. So it’s progress.

I had a rough time falling asleep Friday night. Took a bath, didn’t help. Audio book didn’t work. I ended up falling asleep to the sound of the rain. I’ve always loved the rain. The sound and smell of it. I ended up falling asleep to the sound of the rain.

giphy (64)

Saturday rolled around and I went into work. It rained off and on all day, so it wasn’t super busy at the golf course. Since it was slow I tried to track down a dress. Well, not any dress, the dress. The one I’ve wanted to try on for months.

Well, no one in the state carries this dress anymore. And the only way to see it is to order it to buy it. So I guess that knocks that dress out of the running. Unless I want to fly to another state to try on a dress, which I really don’t. And I don’t think that I could afford it.

Fiks swung by while I was gone. How do I know this you may ask. Well, silly, he left me a door tag. And I collected on it when I got home.


We watched Guardians of the Galaxy when I got home. Well, when Fiks got home. He started without me. But I was here for Volume 2, so that was good. We had waffles for dinner, well, I had waffles. He had chicken and waffles. I will never understand the combination of the two.

Sunday came around and I clearly left my brain in bed. I forgot the top half of my uniform and didn’t realize it until 2 hours in. Fiks was awesome and brought me my shirt so I could take off my jacket if I wanted. So far I havent.

But I did spend time talking with a friend, so that was nice. We haven’t talked for a while, both of us failing on the communication part. But we are hoping to get together this week, which will be good.

Work was fine. Busy in the morning and slow in the afternoon. Fiks went to the bay area midreign today, so I haven’t really talked to him today. Hopefully he had a good time.

Alright, that’s it.

Have a week!

giphy (65)

P.S. I ❤ David Tennant… and his Doctor.

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