Taking it easy… (Week 10)

Monday was kind of slow, which was a nice change of pace. I went over to my parents house and let Gucci out for a graze.


Good looking Quarter Horse butt, even if it is a bit muddy. He did enjoy his graze and then followed me back into his stall with a carrot that he tried to snatch out of my hand. I help my dad with a Facebook issue, and then I went to my doctors appointment. It went fine, we decided to up one of my medications in the morning to see if we could get me off another one. We also set up an appointment with a nutritionist for me. So hopefully I can get on the right track for loosing weight and eating correctly.

Instead of cleaning up I flopped on the sofa and watched monk. I did clean up a little bit, like the box and the ottoman. Fiks had a meeting last night on fund raising in amtgard.

Tuesday morning was lazy, and then I went to work. I got to work and realized I had forgotten to put my rings on. My fidget ring and my engagement ring were safe at home on my bedside table.

Naked hand!

I talked with Bill the Nun a bit on how it is so weird to get used to wearing a ring on that finger, and then when you don’t wear it it feels abnormal.

While I was at work I got a phone call from my parents. My mom’s purse had been stolen from her shopping cart, with all of her cash and credit cards in it. I left work early and went to my parents house to see if I could help any. They were in the process of canceling all of her cards when I showed up.

I woke up Wednesday and I remembered to put my rings on! And worked on my resume and a job application for a position at the feed store down the street. I think I talked about it last week. So I dropped off my application on my way into town to go grocery shopping. I met with the manager who was very nice, she used to vault but no longer has a horse of her own. She uses her friends to get some horse time in. She said that she was in the middle of placing an order, but would look over my resume and then call me back either later today or tomorrow.

The grocery store went okay, I kind of buzzed through it. I listened to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack to help me get through it. I then went and picked up my mom from getting her nails done, and we went back to her house.

I said hi to Gucci and went inside with my mom where we had lunch. I then let Gucci out to graze and I used the shedding blade on him, and then I brushed his mane and braided his tail.


Not the best, but not half bad for not braiding a horses tail in over a year. And his tail was knotted, so that didn’t help me either.

I came home and flopped on the couch for a little while and watched more Monk. In between episodes I was productive. I finally got our Christmas tree down stairs and into storage. I vacuumed up the living room, and I emptied the dishwasher.

I didn’t sleep well last night, so I kind of fell asleep on the couch this morning. But I got dressed for work and made it there on time. The day was waves of people and then dead. It was this way through the whole of my shift.

We had company over Thursday night, Laoric and his 2 kids. We discovered our house isn’t very baby friendly. Interesting things everywhere! But we played Betrayal on the house on the hill. It was really fun. I couldn’t roll dice to save my life, or Fiks’ or Laorics.

After that we played exploding kittens. Its a card game that was made by the same people who make the oatmeal comics. Fiks was the first one out, so it was a battle between Laoric and I. Laoric won. But I was super close to winning.

Friday came and I went to the bank. Stood around for 8 hours. Nothing really happened today. I talked with some customers. One guy had even been to my home town in Europe, agreed that it’s a beautiful town. That kind of made me homesick.

Oh! I did get a phone call from the feed store today wanting to set up an interview. So we set it up for Monday at 1500. I’m excited. I didn’t have anything to write on so I used my hand. It works, right?

Saturday went alright. It drizzled most of the day so I didn’t have very many golfers. But there were a few hard core players; mostly from colleges getting ready for the tournament I’m assuming is happening on Monday. And a wedding expo, a baby shower, and a bridal shower. I had a decent amount of people stop for me too. It was a nice change.

I went home to get ready to go and look at a wedding venue. Hung out at home for a little while and watched some TV and then we were off. Thankfully the venue is just on the other end of town so we didnt have to travel too far.

The woman who met us and is the coordinator actually planned my brother’s wedding, so it was nice to see her again. She gave us a very nice tour, starting with the gym and the pool. She showed us a couple of rooms and then the ballroom the reception would be in. It’s huge! And then we went outside where the ceremony would happen. It was set up from an early event in the week. And it was beautiful. They had the lights up and the chairs out. It’s going to be a tight fit for our guests but I think it’ll work out great. She answered all of our questions and gave us an estimate on what it would cost and what the deposit would be. It’s a lot more affordable than the first place we looked at.

Daylight savings started today, and I apparently needed the extra hour of sleep. I could not wake up this morning, I kept yawning and nodding off at work. But I eventually woke up enough to do my job… I read my book, talked to my cousin for a bit, and started watching a new show, Bitten. It’s based off a really good book series that I enjoy.

Alright, that’s it!

Have a week!

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