How to train your Gucci (Week 23)

Well hello there.

Monday was  kind of a lazy day. I spent a lot of time flopped around the house after sleeping in. I did go over to my parents to see Gucci and to possibly give him a bath, but that didn’t happen.


We tried to graze but as you can see there isn’t much green grass to be had. But I got him out and I gave him a good brushing and fly sprayed him for the day. My mom wasn’t feeling well, so I left after I was done with Gucci. I had asked my poppa if he needed help with anything and he said no, so I didn’t feel bad about leaving.

I watched a lot of Say yes To The Dress which kinda made me feel like I got the wrong dress. Everyone in that show has a moment, a click, with the dress they end up buying. I didn’t have that, I just liked it more than I did every other dress that I had tried on. Fiks came home and asked me if I had done a few things, which I hadn’t. Its a few phone calls that are going to be very hard for me to make. But once of the places I need to call is closed until Thursday, so its delayed until then.

Tuesday went alright. I flopped on the sofa after I got out of bed. I talked with Bill the Nun who was going in for eye surgery today. Well, she was getting lasik eye surgery later on in the day, so I was trying to help her out the best that I could. Oh, and I put a deposit down on our DJ and Photobooth company for the wedding, so that felt kinda good and bad at the same time.

Work went fine. It was kind of slow actually, which was a nice change of pace after Friday which was totally mental. Apparently is was busy as hell down at the Tuesday and Thursday bank too on Friday. We did have a creeper guy come in and try to walk out with my water bottle. Something about him just set me on edge. But he ended up leaving and I ended up washing my water bottle off after he handled it.

Wednesday was fine, another sort of lazy morning. I slept in until 10, got up and went to run some errands and go grocery shopping. I swung by Gucci’s vet to pick up some Bute for him since he had run out. Then I went to the grocery store. I listened to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 while I was shopping and waiting in line. I got stuff to make rice crispy treats and coco frosty treats, because Ian and I are bad.

I went to my parents where my dad told me that Gucci had destroyed his blanket in the middle of the night and wasn’t wearing it when he went to go feed him breakfast. I went to inspect it and up, it was destroyed. The front where the straps go through were busted, beyond the point of jury rigging a solution. I got Gucci out and we tried to graze again, and then I went and brushed him. He didn’t want to ground tie and kept moving around, so I had to get after him about that. He’s gotten used to just doing his own thing and wandering around the property, so his manners have kinda disappeared.

My mom came home after getting her nails done while I was brushing Gucci, and I told her about the blanket situation, so we went to the feed store down by them to go get him a new blanket.


I spent some time looking at the new Breyer horses that they got in. Didn’t see any that I had to have, but they did have some cute ones. Like they had a Black Beauty one that came with the book. We then got Gucci his new blanket and a new bucket. We went home to try it on, and it looks really good on him. Fits him pretty well, it doesn’t match the rest of his blankets and stuff because its green, but its okay.


While he was standing around being a model, he was kind of being a brat and pushing mom around. So I did his trick that is also kind of a reset button for him.




The rest of Wednesday went fine. Came home, unloaded the groceries. Watched some TV.

Thursday was a hard day. But one of my highlights of the morning was the How To Train Your Dragon 3 trailer dropped. So excited. Literally got goose bumps watching it. I love the other two so I can’t wait for this one.

Remember earlier when I said I had to make a few tough phone calls today? Well, I tried to do it before work and it didn’t go well. I had the number programmed in my phone and I just sat there looking at my screen for 5 minutes shaking and having my mind go blank on me. So I didn’t do it.

I went to work, and straight away there was a problem person outside the building. I asked her politely to move along and she just threw a fit and called me a bitch. I’m glad my smart mouth didn’t go off after that comment because I think it would have just caused more of a scene. But the rest of the day at the bank went okay. I just didn’t want to be there.

I came home crying to Fiks about my day, and him being my better more balanced half helped me calm down. He even helped me place the difficult phone calls. He didn’t place them, but he supported me in making them and that’s what I really needed then.

Friday went okay, was just a long day and another day of just not wanting to be there. But hey, I wasn’t called a bitch today, which was nice. We had flurries of people throughout the day, I spent most of it talking with Bill the Nun and at the end reading my book.

I came home and Fiks had a box with him. Well it was holding a game from the people from The Penny Arcade called Thornwatch. We’ll have to have friends over one night to play it. We went out for sushi for dinner. We hadn’t been to sushi in a couple of months, at least since Bill the Nun came down and took our save the date photos for us. We then went and got some ice cream… which isn’t sitting super well in my tummy right now. Hrm. Well we ended up having friends over and ended up playing Thornwatch.

Saturday was okay. Fiks left to go down south again this morning. I just miss coming home one weekends and spending time with him, ya know? Oh well. Nothing really happened at work. It was pretty chill. Had some good people come through to play golf. And I had a wedding, but it didn’t seem to be too huge. But not everyone stopped for me so it could have been bigger than I noticed.

I actually slept Saturday night and had a hard time waking up Sunday morning. Like I kept nodding off at work for the first 2 hours. Whoopsie. Hopefully I wasn’t busted while my eyes were shut, but I think I got every car that came through. The day was pretty chill. The phone had died and I didn’t realize it, another whoops. I went to check it towards the end of my shift and it was dead. But it was working this morning, so it must have died somewhere between.

Fiks came home today, yay! He’s tired and sore, but he’s home. That’s all I can really ask for.

Alright, that’s it for this week. Sorry there aren’t a lot of photos, I’ll try to be better next week.

Have a week!


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