Happy Fathers Day (Week 24)

Happy Monday!

I woke up early and flopped on the sofa for a while before calling my parents to see if Gucci needed any feed this week. He did. So I got dressed and went to the feed store to pick up what he needed and some more cookies. Then I went over to my parents where we unloaded the feed and the hay. I hung out inside watching TV with my parents for a little while and just bsing, then I went outside to get Gucci out and do something with him.


Besides taking photos I gave him a good brushing and fly sprayed him. While I was brushing his tail, something big took off from the plants behind us. If it was any other horse I fully believe that they would have kicked out, but Gucci just ran forward and turned around and snorted at the plants. I have such a good boy.

We walked around for a little while, and Gucci tried his best to graze, but there isn’t anything there anymore. I’ll have to get a sprinkler for him to grow some green grass he can munch on. Then we went and visited the front door to get some more treats, because I’m mean and don’t hand them out as much as mom does.


I then came home and watched Thor Ragnarok. Great film, it had me laughing, which was nice. I haven’t laughed at a movie in a while I think. Fiks came home while I was watching the movie, being done with work for the day but he had to go do something for work later in the day, so he just stayed in uniform.

After he left I just watched TV, and then my parents called to remind me dinner was at my sisters house, so I worked my way over there. It ended up being garlic gouda cheese sausage and some chicken. There was also pasta and salad, so it was a good dinner. I didn’t finish everything I had on my plate because my tummy hurt.

We then came home and I started to watch my baking competition shows, which gave me the urge to bake so I made coffee cake. For some reason it sank in the middle which I’ve never had happen before, but I usually make them into cupcakes instead of a loaf type thing. But it eats, and that’s the important thing.

Tuesday rolled around and I didn’t want to wake up, but what is new there? Well today I am working at the golf course so I don’t have all morning to flop around. So I got up and had some breakfast, watched a little TV, downloaded a new book to my kindle, and got ready to leave for work.

Work went fine for the most part. I got a phone call from one of the older residents that she had a pipe burst and could I come out and help her with it. I dunno what I could do but its part of my job to try, by the time I got there one of the Sheriff Deputy’s was there and was already working on the water. I tried my best and helped the Deputy out and did what he asked me to do. Otherwise it was a pretty chill day. They had these pretty flowers in the bathroom at the clubhouse.


Poor Fiks. He was meant to have a Westmarch BoD meeting Tuesday night, so when I came home I ordered pizza for dinner and turned on all the lights to help him get ready. Well he had to cancel his meeting and didn’t get home until 830. I stayed up a little later than I normally do just to hang out with him for a while. He decided to torture himself with all the different hot sauces he got today. I still think he’s crazy.

Wednesday went okay. I got up and went and got my eyebrows waxed, one of the few beauty things that I do on a regular basis. That went well, then I ran over to my parents place to say hi to them and to Gucci. Poppa and I dug out Gucci’s food trough so now its nice and clean and ready for more feed.


After leaving my parents place I swung by work and asked for 2 days off later on in this month. We’ll see if I get them. Then I went to the grocery store and listened to the Baby Driver soundtrack. I came home after the grocery store and unloaded and put most of the things away in the fridge.

Once that was done I worked on the last of our Save the Date cards. I finished putting them together and adding the stamps, counted all of them to make sure I had everyone on the list (finally), then I went to the post office to mail them.


Buh bye! Hoping that they get to everyone in a decent amount of time. More worried about the overseas mail then the mail staying in the states. My poppa gave me a tip of writing “Via Air Mail” underneath the international postage stamp. I kind of flopped on the sofa and watched TV. I mostly watched Alaska State Troopers and The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Thursday was pretty chill. Nothing really happened at work. Fiks spent his day at the dreaded DMV, so we were texting a lot. He asked if I wanted to go and see and RiffTrax movie Space Mutiny. I said sure, so when I got off work we worked out way down the the cinema, grabbing some Jamba Juice on the way. We checked into the theater and got to our seats without too much hassle.


If you haven’t been to a RiffTrax they are fun. Some have you groaning and go ‘why am i here watching this?’, but generally have a good time because of the jokes. We were about an hour into the movie when it stopped playing. Fiks and I waited for a little while then decided to bail. The manager called us back into the theater and explained that the host for the movie had crashed and so it wasn’t able to play anywhere. So we ended up getting a refund and 4 tickets for any show we want. Maybe we’ll catch up on the ones we haven’t seen yet.

Friday I didn’t feel good most of the day. I was super nauseated again. But my mom was a hero and brought me some tums and a 7up to have at lunch time. The bank went fine, and I wasn’t kept there super late.

When I got home I asked Fiks what he wanted to do, and he said he wanted to go and hang out with some friends that were camping close by. But we went and got some booze and dinner first. While we were walking around Safeway he went on a hot sauce hunt and found something from England we had just been talking about at home that very day.


Nando’s! Its this chicken restaurant that my cousin took us to when we were over there 3 years ago for her wedding. I can’t believe its been 3 years already… Anyway, he got chicken strips and hot sauces and beer and he was pretty happy with himself. We went and got a plain sandwich for me. And then off to the campgrounds we go!

Once we got there Fiks tried to help them string some rope from one of the branches. One of the tallest branches there was.


They didn’t end up getting it. So they went with a lower branch on a different tree after trying for half a hour to get it on the other tree. Boys are silly. But we had a great time. It was good food and nice company. We hung out past dark and roasted marsh mellows and had s’mores for dessert. Nom nom nom.

Saturday was weird. I didn’t want to get out of bed, nothing new there, but it was raining. In June. In California… Unusual weather for us here. But the day went fine at work. Did my patrols, attempted to stop people at the gate. Read my book, listened to my podcasts, the usual.

I did get a few messages from a couple of friends that they had revived our save the dates and were excited. So that kind of made my day. One friend just sent me a image of the card with the caption of ‘eeeeeeeeekk!’ I seriously hope that she can make it, I haven’t seen her since her wedding years ago either. But thanks to Facebook we can at least talk to one another.

Saturday night we had gaming, so I came home and quickly straightened my hair for Sunday, and tried to help Fiks set up the living room. He’d already done most of it by the time I got home. So all we had to do was sit and wait for people to show up. Decoy showed up first, then Laoric and his son, then my brother, and we had a friend drop by and just hang out while we were gaming.

We took a break so Fiks and Decoy could be crazy boys and eat the Carolina Reaper pepper. This was after doing about 10 other hot sauces on pizza and garlic twists. This is just them starting to eat the pepper. I think that they are fully crazy.

Gaming continued after the craziness of the pepper challenge.

Sunday went okay. It rained again this morning and was cloudy for most of the day at work. I just did my usual thing of reading and listening to podcasts. Then I came home and got changed and went over to my brothers for Fathers Day dinner with the family. Poppa and my brother did the BBQing, and I saw his back yard since its been redone, its amazing. But we had pork ribs, potatoes, corn, and garlic bread. And for desert we had peach and olallieberry pie for dessert. It was really good.

And I just realized we never gave poppa his fathers day card… crap… we’re really bad at this.

Okay. That’s it.

Have a week!

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