Waiting for the vet take 2 (week 12)


On Monday I was woken up by a call from the vet office about Gucci. The vet wanted to come and check him out and see how he was doing. 330-4 O’clock, sounds great. So I move to the sofa and wake up some more before getting dressed and going to the feed store to get Gucci his food for the next 2 weeks. So I got his senior, his alfalfa, and some shavings and off to my parents I went. When I showed up Gucci was lying down again, so I walked in and gave him a cookie, some love, and left him lying down.

I told mom that he was lying down and agreed that his feet must be hurting him a lot for how much he’s lying down. He’s never really been a lie down horse unless he’s not feeling well. Poppa and I unloaded the truck and mom let Gucci graze while I mucked out his stall and gave him 2 bales of fresh shavings. He rolled in celebration.

Afterwards we went inside and talked about going to Costco to get something for my brother for his birthday. Poppa asked me to run and take the Fusion in to get smog tested, so I did that. I think I was in the car longer than it took to smog the car. But it passed, so that’s the good thing. So I went back to my parents house, picked up mom, and off to Costco we went.

We found decent parking, yay, and then after a little bit of searching and getting side tracked by sunblock (always important to have), we found a present for my brother. So we checked out and got some food. I forgot how huge their slices of pizza were and ordered a slice of pizza and a churro. I’m such a pig… apparently. While we were eating the power went out and apparently Costco doesn’t have backup generators, who knew?

Then we came back to my parents and waited for the vet. We watched some M*A*S*H and then I got a sheepish phone call from the vet’s office saying he won’t be able to see Gucci until after 6. So I could wait or reschedule. I decided to reschedule. I got up and we went out and pasted Gucci then changed his wrap since the vet was no longer coming.

I didn’t sleep good Monday night, so Tuesday was kind of hard for me. I didn’t want to wake up to go to see Gucci, let alone go to work. But I did anyways. So I grabbed Lumi from my sisters place (who almost shoved me down the stairs by pushing on my back) and off to my parents we went. Gucci was okay when I showed up, he took his cookie quite happily. Lumi and I went inside and saw Mom, so Lumi went nuts. Mom was nice enough to come outside with me to give Gucci his medicine.

Work went okay, I only had once crazy event. This mom and daughter drove up and were parked in front of a different business but in the same complex. They were yelling at each other and the daughter was crying, I wasn’t really sure what to do. Then the mom got out of the car, went around to the driver’s side and popped the hood. I’m assuming she did this so the daughter couldn’t leave. Well, her daughter started up the car with the hood up and drove off out of the complex and down the street. I called 911 because that’s just fing dangerous. I’m not really sure what happened to the mother, I lost track of her after she crossed the street.

Wednesday was nice. Gucci had his appointment with the vet, so I woke up early and went over to my parents place. The vet showed up on time (yay!) and asked to see Gucci walk. He saw that he was a little sore on his left front now (the right front had the abscess) so he pulled the shoe off and a huge amount of muck came out from between his pad and his hoof. Poor guy. He then checked his hoof with the abscess and said that it had popped at some point. We put him in the Soft Ride boots after wrapping up his hooves.

Since he had improved it was time to give him his shots and float his teeth. So the vet got everything set up for floating his teeth and his assistant who’s another vet gave him his tranquilizer. The vet put the speculum in his mouth and started up the drill and to work he went. Gucci didn’t seem quite drunk enough to me, and he was fighting a bit more than he usually does, but he got super drunk later, so I think that they just didn’t give it enough time before it kicked in. The other vet said we needed to check his sheath, so we did that and she pulled off 5 beans, and a bunch of other gunk.

The vet left and Gucci and I hung out for a while while he sobered up. It took a while, and he wanted to turn towards the tractor, but once he started moving he was chugging along and went right to his stall. I had taken out his hay bag and his pellet bucket so he couldn’t eat anything. But he decided to try and eat the stuff that had fallen on the ground, so I had to scoop that up in a bucket and throw it out, and I cleaned out his trough just to be safe.

Afterwards I went to the feed store and I bought some more vet wrap for him, because I don’t know when the farrier will be able to come and I’ll need to change his wraps on Saturday anyway. Then I went to the grocery store and listened to the Wicked soundtrack from where I left off last week. The grocery store went okay, I think I spent as much time in line to get checked out as I did walking around the store.

I went back to my parents and they had a contractor come in to talk about redesigning the kitchen. I showed mom some of the hair styles I like for my wedding hair, and she agreed on the ones I really liked, which was nice. Then a movie that I liked came on, so I watched that while they talked with the contractor. I checked on Gucci a couple times and gave him his hay and his bucket back. Once the movie was over we pasted him with his cushings medicine and 2 grams of bute. Then we made a bucket with 2 more grams of bute in it for dinner.

Thursday went okay. I woke up, not wanting to go to work, got dressed and went over to my parents to take care of Gucci. He was already waiting for me at the gate when I pulled up, which hasn’t happened in a while. And he whinnied for me, so that was great to hear and see. I gave him his hello cookie then went inside to make his paste.

After pasting him I went down to work. Work went alright. I had a guy try to pick a fight with me over a sticker on my truck at lunch, but that was the only crazy type thing that I had to deal with, so that was kind of nice. I just ignored the guy, who got more pissed off, who then left. I did keep an eye out for him just to make sure he didn’t come back and do damage to my truck.

Friday went fine, went over first thing to paste Gucci and then headed to work. Work went fine minus my Sgt showing up unexpectedly. I had my ear piece in listening to podcasts when he showed up. Whoops. He was just there to place a lens over the camera on the phone. After that he left and the rest of the shift went fine.

Saturday I didn’t want to wake up for work, fell back to sleep between my alarms. But I did get up in time to make it to work. The day went fine, nothing happened. Just logged people in and read my books. I did hear some people yell “Fore!” a few times. One was even “Fore! Fore! FORE!” I laughed at that one. After work I went over to my friends house and fed Smoke, who was happy to see me but dissapointed that I didn’t have a carrot.

Then I went over to my parents to give Gucci his medicine and dinner and change his hoof wraps. Changing the wraps took a little while, but it went okay. He took his paste pretty well, then he got to graze while I made up his dinner, so he was happy about that.

After that was gaming. It was me, Fiks, Laoric, and my brother. It was a fun time, we finished the house off, and then met some of the town’s folk. I followed a lady who was selling pies, but what she said made me suspicious, so I didn’t by any.

Sunday was alright, I had a harder time getting people to stop for me, so I felt pretty worthless at work. But I read my books and logged people in the best that I could, and I did my one house patrol, so I got out in the sunshine for a while, which was nice.

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