Wedding Stuff (Week 13)


So Monday I woke up a few times before I actually got out of bed. It was so warm and comfy. But I had places to be. So I quickly had breakfast, and got ready for the day, then left. I went and fed Smoke first, he was happy to see me, even if I was a little late with breakfast.


Then I went to my parents house to say hi to Gucci and to pick up my tiara and veil for my wedding hair appointment. Then I went to the salon where my trial was. My hair dresser was really nice, seemed to really know what she was doing. She kept looking at my favorite hair design photo as a reference.


It turned out pretty well. The big braid didn’t turn out as big as the photo, but that’s okay with me. Then we did make up, just a basic set, since I don’t wear makeup often to begin with. I wasn’t super fond of the lipstick color, but the rest of it was nice.

After that I went to my parents and said hi to Gucci, and my sister was there. So I showed off my makeup and hair do. Then we went out for Chinese for lunch at Uncle Kwok’s . We had a lot of pot stickers to eat.

Once we were done there we swung by and fed Smoke some dinner, then went back to my parents since I had them both in my truck. Plus I still needed to paste Gucci.


Tuesday was an okay day. Woke up, flopped on the sofa for a little bit, forgot about walking the dog (once I realized this I walked him), and just spent some time with myself before getting ready for work. I got dressed, and off to my parents I went. I said Hi to Gucci once I got there, then I pasted him. He wasn’t super happy with me about that. Mom and poppa were already in San Francisco so Poppa could have surgery on his hand again. Everything is fine, they just removed some scar tissue and made it more easy to bend.

Work went fine, it was a nice chill day. We had some people ask about the homeless camp on the other side of the property. Asked if they caused any problems (oh yeah, they do), and a couple other things that I can’t remember. Then there was this guy and his VW Beatle with his 2 dogs inside, super cute sweet dogs.


Wednesday was okay. I woke up a little early so I flopped on the sofa for a while before getting ready and going to the grocery store. I grabbed the dog and took him to my parents house before going to the grocery store. I said hi to Gucci and then we went inside and said Hi to Poppa. His hand was in a cast again, and he was being good and keeping it elevated.

I listened to the Sing soundtrack while walking around and being bad by giving into temptation (Cadbury mini eggs be the culprit). But the rest of shopping went fine. I went back to my parents and put my cold groceries in the fridge and left the rest in the truck. After putting stuff away I mucked out Gucci’s stall (its a lot harder to muck with him in there, let me tell you).


I hung out with poppa and slept on the sofa for a while until mom came home from getting her nails done. Then we just kind of hung out at the house for a while. I mucked out the stall with moms help. While I was mucking it started to rain/downpour, so we didn’t let Gucci out of the stall. So it was awkward cleaning him out. Poppa had physical therapy for his hand in the afternoon, so they went and did that while I waited for the farrier to show up and do Gucci’s shoes.

Gucci did pretty good for the farrier. He stood well for all but 1 leg (but it was his bad one, so we just go with it). We put him in a elevated shoe with a frog support. The farrier was nice, as always, and told me that if he wasn’t moving well or looking comfortable in his shoes to let him know and he’ll come and change them out. He was a little sore walking away, but that was to be expected.

I then came home and puttered around the house in my wedding shoes (high heels), so I’m trying to get used to them before our dancing lessons start next Wednesday. I’m not sure if I’ll start out with the heels, but I know I’ll end up in them at some point. Fiks decided that he needed to break in his shoes too.


Wednesday night I didn’t sleep super well, so I moved to the sofa and had breakfast, but kept nodding off and on on the sofa. Which didn’t help me any. I got dressed and went over to my parents house for, of course, Gucci. I gave him his hello cookie and then went inside to say hi to Mom and Poppa and Lumi. I changed into my wellies and mucked out his stall with Mom’s help. Then we pasted him afterwards, so he really wasn’t happy with me that day.

Work was another nice chill day. Nothing really happened, so that was nice.

Friday I woke up early and went to Gucci before work, and Mom and Poppa were out with the dog feeding Gucci breakfast. I mucked him out while he was eating and then I pasted him, which he didn’t like. Then I went off to work.

Work went fine. We couldn’t find my work phone for almost a hour, but thankfully one of the tellers knew where to look. So I did my quick patrol and then we put it on the charger for a while. But nothing happened at the bank, so that was nice. Mom and Poppa were busy during the day so I called to see if they were home or if I needed to feed Gucci. Well, they weren’t home so I went to go and feed him.


I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t super into his food, but he wasn’t. But other than that he seemed to be feeling fine. After that I worked my way home to Fiks. Later that night I found out that my parents had fed him earlier in the day, so that’s why he wasn’t super hungry at dinner time. Would have been nice to know.

Saturday went fine, it was a sunny day so lots of golfers. I seem to have a better success rate of stopping people on Saturdays then I do on Sundays. Maybe its because the people are better at it, or I’m not as burned out as I am on Sunday. But I got out of my little booth for a while and did a patrol of a house. Other than that I sat and read my book and logged people in. After work I went to my parents to muck out Gucci and give him his medicine. This time I let him out to graze since it was dry enough, so I didn’t have to fight him in his stall to clean up, I just had to talk to him as I walked past with the wheel barrow.

I didn’t take as long as I expected, so I went home to Fiks and to get ready for gaming with Laoric, my brother, and Laoric’s son. Gaming was fun, combat, you know, the usual stuff. As usual the interesting things happened after I went to bed, but that’s okay, because Fiks ran me through it on Sunday, so I was up to date for the next session.

Sunday was good. It was bright. Very bright. I wouldn’t have people, then I’d have a line of cars. It was like that all day. My parents were both at church so I fed Gucci dinner, and he wasn’t happy with me. Especially after I gave him his medicine. If he would just eat it when its put in his bucket, I wouldn’t have to paste him every day.

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