(Week 15)


Sorry about the lack of blog last week. I didn’t stay on top of it like I usually do, then the next thing I knew it was Sunday and I had to remember a whole week, so I just decided to skip it. Sorry folks.

But today, ah, today is another Monday, which means another day off. Yay! I lied in bed and dozed for a while before getting up and moving to the sofa where I dozed some more. Then I got a text from the farrier that he was going to be at my parents in 40 minutes, so that got me up and going.

I swung by the feed store to buy some shavings, but they’re out until Friday, which means I won’t get any until next Monday. Not going to work for me. So I went over to my parents and said hi, got a good look at Poppa’s hand. It looks good. They did like a zigzag from his palm up his thumb and its got stitches in it. But it’s a healthy color and he can move his thumb more, so that’s good.

Then the farrier pulled up, so I went and got Gucci out of his stall. He watched Gucci come out of his stall (in a straight line he’s fine), and I told him he still hops when he turns, so he had me turn him, and wouldn’t you know it, he actually hopped when someone else was paying attention. So they took off his old shoes and took the pads off them (discovered that only 10% of horses don’t like that pad. Bloody typical it would be Gucci), and then we discussed what our options were. There was just a straight old black flex pad. Or there was a pad with no flex in it what so ever. I decided to go with the no flex pads, give them a shot. Probably going to be more expensive, but hopefully they’ll work.

After the farrier was done I decided to clip him up, so I pulled him back out of his stall and over to the garage where I trimmed his whiskers, chin/cheek hair, and his bridal path. He stood perfectly for me while I was clipping him. Then I decided he needed a brush, so I grabbed the shedding blade and started going at it. Boy, is he shedding. You can literally grab it by the handful and just pull it off his body.


On Tuesday I flopped around the house for a little while before heading over to my parents house for Gucci. Gucci was good, he let me paste him without any problems. I went to work and found out that there might be a march of the homeless people from their encampment to city hall. So the bank wanted beefed up security so they called and my supervisor showed up and was there my whole shift. So no podcasts for me. But thankfully there wasn’t a march, so that was nice.

Wednesday was kind of a busy day. I woke up and went to the grocery store. I listened to The Ralph Report instead of music since I didn’t get to listen to it yesterday. But the store went fairly well. Then I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci and put my cold stuff in the fridge. Mom wanted to go see the wedding venue and see about the chairs to see if her friends chair covers would fit. So we went up and looked at the venue and the chairs, she thinks the covers will work for them.

After that we went to Jamba Juice for lunch and then over to my seamstress we went. We were early, so we tried to go shopping but we couldn’t find anywhere we wanted to go into, so we just went to the dress makers and hung out there for a while. Then it was my turn to have my second fitting. It went pretty well, just a few adjustments needed to be made.

Then my mom tried her dress on for the seamstress and she only had to have her shoulders fixed on her dress, so that was easy. My sisters dress however, has to basically be re-made because the store ordered the wrong size so it was like 2 sizes bigger than my sister is. So that’ll be a lot of work.

After that we came home, I packed up my groceries and came back to our place to rest before dinner and dancing. One of my friends wanted to meet up for dinner at the restaurant below the ballroom, so we did that. I had a cheese quesadilla (spelled it right on the first try, yay!), Fiks had a burrito and our friend had tacos. All were good.

We then progressed upstairs to the ballroom where we waited for our dance lesson to start. Well the ballroom was filled with a class and the little room we were in the first week for dancing lessons had been booked out, so no where to dance for us. But it seemed to have worked out because Fiks was tired and not super into dancing that night.



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