2020 Vision…With Contacts… (Week 1)

Hi everyone,

I know I gave up on this last year. It was super close to my wedding to Fiks, and it was one thing I could let go that was sort of stressing me out. I know a blog isn’t meant to do that, that its meant to be fun and a way to express yourself, but at the time it was just one more thing. So I’m trying it again.

The wedding went well, super well. The only hickup (that I know of) was one of the boutonniere’s wasn’t delivered with the rest of the flowers. But one was made and delivered, so everyone looked sharp. Everyone was amazing and made the day so special for Fiks and I. I never thought this guy would be more than a friend, let a lone my husband, but I am so glad he is.

K+I Second-248

My cousin from England stayed for a extra week or 2 after the wedding, so that was nice to get some actual time with them. I swear, the only day it didn’t rain in May was our wedding day. It seemed to rain or be foggy every day after that for them, so no wonderful California sunshine. It was hard to see them go even though we were going to see them in a couple of weeks.

But we went on our honeymoon to England and Scotland, which was a total adventure. My accent came back on the plane over. Fiks had to learn how to drive on the other side of the road in the other seat. (I kept pressing for breaks sometimes, because I was in the drivers seat for the USA.) Lots of whiskey, photos, and good times. We did the Harry Potter train from Fort Williams to a little fishing village called Maileg. We were almost in a different town every night while we were in Scotland for a week. And we almost hit a whiskey distillery every day too. We took our wedding clothes over the pond and had a wonderful photo session in Valley Gardens, which is in the town where I grew up.


I’ve been job hunting for most of the year, and have been striking out left and right. But the new year is starting with a test for a new job. Fingers crossed on that. Fiks has entered the management program at work, so he’s gained more responsibilities at work on top of him having to do the program. But he seems to be doing well with it.

I was in my friends wedding in September. So much fun. It was the sight that the movie Scream was filmed, so of course at one point someone wore the scream mask. And they didn’t have cake for dessert, they had something called Wicked Slush . It was a really fun wedding and a beautiful location.

So that was 2019.

This is now 2020.

I’ve started coloring again. My brother, sister in law, and niece got me an amazing coloring book, so I’ve been super into it. There are two of every image, so if I screw up, I can just go to the double. I haven’t screwed up too badly… yet.

And Fiks got me this amazing gift. I can’t wait to get started on it.


Its a mechanical horse… Kind of. Its made of wood and rubber bands, but you can make it walk!!! Its kind of one reason why I started the blog again… So I could show you guys this. Apparently it started out as a joke with Fiks and one of our friends. They sent him a video of a mechanical horse walking. But Fiks thought it was cool and I’d be into it, so he looked into it and found this guy.

So new years day we slept in, had waffles for breakfast and then I confused Fiks by saying bucks fizz instead of mimosa. Its where you put orange juice in with champagne/sparking wine. We watched some Dr Pol as we ate and then we grabbed the dog from my sisters and went over to my parents house.


We went and said hi to Gucci once we got to my parents place. We got him out and let him graze. I was going to give him 15-20 minutes because the grass is so rich right now, but I think total time we grazed was like 10 minutes.


We went for a walk, doing a couple of laps on the driveway. He took a couple of tender/limping steps on his right front, so I went down and felt his hoof and it was hot compared to his left one. So now I’m on abscess watch. He gets new shoes on the 13th, so maybe he can last until the farrier shows up. Afterwards I gave him a fresh bale of shavings and gave him 5-10 minutes so he could roll before I pasted him. Yes, we’re still pasting him, coming up on a year now. We still use applesauce as the carrier.

Fiks hadn’t been over to my parents place in a while, so Poppa showed him all the new stuff. The new granite counter top, the new oven, the new dishwasher. They still have the old fridge in. But the new fridge is waiting in the garage to be installed. While poppa was showing off the kitchen I went upstairs to say Hi to mom. Her hip was hurting her and it hurt to sit so she was lying down in bed. She asked us to go get sandwiches, so after pasting Gucci we went and got sandwiches.

We came home and I played Spiderman. I got the game for Christmas.


It was fun. I had a hard time at one point, so I handed the remote over to Fiks and he beat the part for me. But I did all the rest. After a while my eyes started to hurt so I turned the game off and turned it to Doctor Who and did some more coloring, finishing off the picture I started earlier in the week.


After I was done coloring and after dinner (nachos) I opened up the mechanical horse to look at the instructions. They’re kind of like Lego instructions, but way more complicated. It will be interesting to see how it goes.


I kept watching Doctor Who while Fiks played video games on the computer. I think he said he was playing Half Life. We saw the new years episode from last year, and then the new episode came on.


This will not be filled with spoilers. I liked the episode, I like the Doctor. She’s from Yorkshire so hearing her speak makes my accent come out. There a twist at the end that had Fiks and I going “No!” and since I said no spoilers I can’t say anything else about the episode.

On Thursday I woke up, went to the sofa and watched/dozed through some MASH . Then I went over to my parents place and saw that they had workers there for the kitchen. So I parked my truck near Gucci’s stall and went and said hi. He wouldn’t turn around so I walked in to give him his cookie.

I went upstairs to find mom and poppa, and we all chatted for a little bit, them Poppa and I went down to paste Gucci. After pasting him we came back in and Poppa tried to remove the tape? from the new stove fan.


I hung out with mom the rest of the time we were there. Then I went to work. Work was fine, nothing really happened. Well, I had one person trying to tell me how to do my job. Then I was asked by one person how I’m always so happy.

We watched The Witcher and Letterkenny while we had dinner.

Friday was okay. Went over to my parents house before work to paste Gucci, I gave him a little while because poppa had just given him breakfast. But yesterday after I left for work, poppa and the contractor and the electricians helped bring in the last appliance, the fridge!

Work went fine. Just stood my post and listened to my podcasts. I had a couple of nice conversations. And it was a busy day for the coin machines (which I stand right next to).

After work I went to the grocery store and got food for us. And then we swung by the local pub and picked up some pyes. I got a Cornish pastie, or their version of a Cornish pastie. Fiks got lamb curry. We ate it all so it must have been good.

Saturday I got up with my alarms, but I was fuzzy for a few hours after. But the day went well. We now have a gate that we control to stop people from zooming past and not checking in. Had that since November. People seem to finally be getting used to it. After work I went to my parents house to give Gucci his medicine and found him lying down. He wasn’t sick, just down. I think he has an abscess in his right front so standing on it hurts.

I went inside and asked how long he’d been down. No one knew he was down. I explained he wasn’t sick, just down. He did take a cookie and two carrots from me after all. So I made his medicine and poppa and I went out to paste him, and he was standing up in his stall. So that was some relief.

I zoomed home and jumped into the shower because it was my niece’s birthday. So we got dressed and went down to the pizza parlor to find we’d beaten them their, but my parents were already waiting, so at least we weren’t alone. We picked a table and waited for the birthday girl to show up, which she did.

We all ate some pizza and then we gave her presents. Fiks and I gave her a Minnie Mouse and some Minnie Mouse cupcake cups. Minnie was a hit with her, which was nice because I wasn’t sure she’d know who Minnie mouse was. Mom and poppa gave her some slime, which she is obsessed with. They also gave her a pillow case and duvet cover with butterflies on it, super cute. We then went and got cupcakes for dessert. I had the salted caramel (shock I know) Fiks had the hot chocolate, my brother and poppa had mint, my mom and niece had ice cream Sunday, and my sister in law had a peanut butter one. Fiks and I bought 4 to bring home.

I woke up at 330 Sunday morning and have basically been awake since then, so Sunday has been a very long day. Work was going fine until an employee of the restaurant ran into the arm. She was trying to get in behind another car when the arm/gate came back down. But she pulled over and gave me her info, which I then forwarded to the property manager. So that’ll be interesting. I still had most of the people stop for me, which was nice.

I went over to my parents and saw the boy. He was up but still not putting a lot of weight on his right front. But he accepted my cookie.


He was a good boy for pasting too. I hung out with mom and poppa for a little while, and then I came home. We’re going to have burgers and fries for dinner. Yum.


See you next week!