Under Construction…(Week 2)

Hi from Monday.

Sunday night Fiks and I watched the new episode of Doctor Who. Well, I watched it, I think he played his video game through most of it.


I had a hard time sleeping Sunday night again, waking up multiple times, and even waking Fiks up once. I feel really bad about that one. So I eventually crawled out of bed and onto the sofa where I watched some Futurama and some MASH. Then I went out and ran a few errands on my way over to my parents place.

I got there and gave Gucci his cookie, he won’t come to the door anymore, just looks at me and then I’m a sucker and walk in and give it to him.


After saying hi to him I went inside on the hunt for my parents. Well poppa was at his computer and mom was upstairs taking a nap. So I went and got Gucci out and we had a nice 15 minute graze. Then I had to be mean and paste him again. Poppa helped me out with that tho. He showed me the tile saw that they’ve had since the 1970’s from when they were building the duplex and he showed me how it worked, sans tile, so that was pretty neat to see. I didn’t know that they had one of those. I went back upstairs to see if mom was still sleeping.

I tried to give Gucci his goodbye cookies, but he didn’t want them. I think it was too close to pasting time so he still had the medicine & apple sauce tasted in his mouth. I have to order him new medicine and pay my vet bill too. I came home and swung by the pharmacy to pick up my medicine, 3 out of 4 ordered, they are still waiting to hear from the doctor for one of them.

Then I came home and put on Disney+ and found The Rescuers Down Under. I guess reading about the wildfires devastating Australia made me think of the movie. I wish that I was more talented, so I could knit something and send it for the wild animals that they are rescuing.

I spent most of the afternoon working on the gift that Fiks gave me, the mechanical horse. Its a lot of work!

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He asked how I was doing, I thought I was half way done, but I was wrong, More like a quarter way done. I screwed up a couple of times, but I was able to fix it once I realized what I had done. Like I put the shoulder on backwards. I did something wrong with another piece. I did what I think is the hips wrong too. But again, all fixed now.

I got stuck and waited for Fiks to come home so he could help me on it. So after dinner we worked on it together. He discovered that I had put one of the face pieces on backwards, so we had to take the face apart to fix it. But we got pretty far, got some of the gears in and working properly now. (Again, something I had put in backwards).


I spent part of Tuesday morning on the couch watching Futurama and dozing off and on. Then I got ready for my test that I was taking for the local Sheriff office (black slacks, a nice shirt, and my barn shoes…because they were black), and went and picked up another prescription, and headed over to my parents house. My parents weren’t there, but the contractor was. I went and gave Gucci his hello cookie, gave him some pets and went inside. I waited for my parents to come home from mom’s acupressure/chiropractic appointment. They showed up around 1130. But mom said she was feeling better, so that’s the important thing.


Poppa and I pasted Gucci and then we played with Lumi for a while, throwing first his moose then his fish back and forth. We seemed to wear him out, which was nice for mom, so he’d just snuggle with her later. I left for my exam and got there a little early. Rather be early and have to kill time rather than be late and miss the exam.

There were over 30 of us, mostly women. Its a records clerk position. And the test was hard. I’ve never worked in an office, so I wasn’t familiar with the office lingo that they kept using. So I just guessed. A lot. I skipped some questions to come back to them later. I really used the piece of scrap paper that they gave us. Then there were like logic questions about how an office and filing works, again I just guessed. I think I did okay on the organizing names bit, finding which files they would go into. And then there was spelling. Slightly dyslexic, and grew up in a foreign country where some words are spelled differently, so I have a hard time telling when those words are wrong.

I spent my night watching TV and playing Spiderman. I kept talking to Fiks who was busy at work still. He didn’t make it home until late.

Thursday morning I had a doctor appointment over the phone. But first I flopped on the sofa for a while trying to wake up. But the appointment went well I think, we moved some of my medicine around, going to try a couple new things. I don’t sleep through the night anymore; haven’t for a while. I wake up between 1-2 am. I’m able to get back to sleep, but its not as deep.

After my appointment I got dressed and went to the feed store, picked up Gucci’s senior and some bales of shavings. Then I went to the grocery store. I listened to the Frozen 2 soundtrack as I walked around. My favorite song is Show yourself.

I called my parents house and asked if they needed any groceries and they did, so I had to run around the store again, getting what they needed. But its okay, I’m glad to help out. But apparently I was running late, because Gucci was waiting for me at his door and whinnied at me as I approached him.


I went inside with my cold groceries and my parents groceries. Lumi met me at the door, barking hello. I said hi to mom and poppa, and hung out with mom for a little a while. Then I went and got Gucci out and we tried to graze. He just couldn’t seem to focus on just grazing. He would take a couple bites then lift his head up and look around. We walked towards the fence and there was a herd of deer in  the pasture next door. (Side note: I cannot type and sing at the same time apparently) So we turned around and tried to graze again, but nope, he wanted to go for his walk. And he was walking really good. We met up with poppa while we were on our walk.

Then poppa helped me unload Gucci’s shavings and feed, then we went inside for lunch and I told them how my exam went. Then we hung out until my eyebrow appointment. So I went and got my eyebrows waxed then went back to my parents. I pasted Gucci and then I grabbed my stuff and made a few stops on my way home. I stopped by the vet to pick up Gucci’s medicine. I made a $200 payment yesterday, and his medicine cost me $200. No wonder I can’t seem to get my vet bill down. Then I swung by Kaiser and saw the vampires… I mean got my blood drawn for a test one of my doctors wanted.

I finally got home and put the groceries away and then I turned on the telly and watched the new Aladdin. I wanted to give it an honest shot, I really did. But I was still super sad/disappointed that it wasn’t Robin Williams as the Genie. It just couldn’t keep my attention like the original one does. But it was a nice attempt. I loved Jasmine’s costumes. Those were pretty damn amazing.


I worked on the horse a little bit more as I waited for Fiks to get home. It was another long night for him, poor guy. I just made two little gears but they took some work. There were 10 little circles that you had to punch out and sand, and then put into a ring on the gear, without knocking them out.


I took the medicine at night like the doctor and I talked about earlier in the day, I don’t know if it really made a difference or not. I still woke up in the middle of the night.

I woke up early and moved to the sofa and watched TV. Then I got dressed for work and grabbed my stuff and went over to my parents house. This is the view Gucci gave me as I walked over.


I still walked in and gave him his cookie, and then I was a sucker and gave him a carrot too. He insisted he have all the carrot in his mouth at once, even though it was broken up into 3 pieces. Well, he drops one piece, backs up, and looks at me like “Well, pick it up!” I laughed at him… and then I did.

I went inside and chatted with mom and poppa for a while. The contractor was working on the bathroom off the hall, so he had the air compressor going so he could use his tools. Poppa helped me paste Gucci. I felt bad, he had just been eating some of his senior feed. I left a little early to go get some gas in the truck. Then I went to work where parking was hard to find, but I got a good spot eventually.

Work went well for most of the shift. We had this weird guy come in, stick something black under his arm (it could have been gloves, a hat….something else), ignored the manager talking to him, did a lap around the lobby, ignored me talking to him, and left. Apparently this wasn’t the first incident for this week. Yesterday they had a gentleman walk in, walk around the whole bank, and leave. This man has a reputation for robbing banks, so they are afraid of people casing the joint. So on Tuesday I get to have a long day and go in at 8.

Friday started early. I didn’t sleep good and then I had to wake up early to get to my parents early so Poppa could help me with Gucci. So I went over to my parents house as the sun was rising and said hi to Gucci once I arrived. img_20200110_083404

I don’t know why he’s been so grumpy and stubborn lately. Maybe he thinks I’m not getting him out enough. I’m not sure. But Poppa helped me paste him and then him and mom took off for moms doctor appointment. Lumi and I chilled on the couch and watched Doctor Who. It was the David Tennant era, the episode where he loses Rose (spoilers), and Donna shows up on his ship. And I got to watch a little bit of the next episode before I had to put Lumi in the kennel and take off for work.

Work went okay for most of the day. Everyone seemed to be nice and polite. Then I had this asshole come in with his dog. I asked him if he was a service dog, he said no. I explained that he couldn’t be in the bank and he said he could, he had permission, and the people at the information desk said no he didn’t. So that kinda of pissed me off. It was just the last straw, the straw that broke the camels back. I had to go and take my break early and talked with Fiks while I tried to compose myself.

While at work I had a craving for sushi, so I managed to talk Fiks into wearing jeans and out to our favorite sushi restaurant we went. We had like a 20 minute wait because they were so busy, but we both just played Harry Potter. We finally got our table and ordered our food. Fiks got a roll that was called the 49ers roll. It had so much in it and it was deep fried and had cheese melted on it. But he was happy so that’s what matters.


Then we went and got cupcakes for desert.


Such good cupcakes. I got salted caramel again.

Saturday started early again. I was well awake before my alarm went off and I forgot to hit the snooze button, so I got dressed and everything 10 minutes early. So I hung out at home and took off a little early for work. Work went well. I didn’t get yelled at, no one ran into the arm, it was good. After work I went to my parents to paste Gucci. I saw poppa in the village going the way I just came, we waved as we passed each other. I gave Gucci a cookie and some carrots, and he decided to meet me half way today. So that was nice.


I hung out with mom and Lumi for a little while watching the 49ers game against the vikings. Then I went and pasted Gucci and gave him a fresh bucket of senior, I tried to give him some new hay, but there wasn’t any room in his hay bag.


I came home and we got cleaned up for gaming. And gaming was fun once we got going. That took a little while. But that’s okay. We spent our whole session in the town of Valaki. We decided to go and hunt some vampires, so we went to the coffin makers house to do that. Laoric found the vampires, there were 6 of them in one room. Well, they weren’t actual vampires, they were vampire spawn. Still hard to fight tho. One burst out of the crate my brother’s character was on and grabbed him. Laoric and his son were basically surrounded, we had 2 NPC’s with us, and then there was me. I shot an arrow and used hail of thorns as I wasn’t close enough to use my blood spear yet. But by the next round I was. So we did some fighting, defeated the vampires, and then I went to bed so I could get up for work in the morning and not be a total zombie.

Sunday was okay. It was cold, 33 degrees on my way to work. And at 9 it was only 45 degrees. So needless to say I kept the heater on most of the day and my hoodie on under my jacket just for extra warmth. But the day was okay. Again, didn’t get yelled at or have someone run into the bar. Rumor is that the arm is going away soon. So we’ll see how that goes. I listened to my podcasts and read my book.

After work I went over to my parents house and saw Gucci. He was good and met me half way again today. So I gave him his hello cookie and a few carrots.


I went inside to find mom was home. I woke up Lumi so he barked at me extra hard, waking mom up. Silly puppy. I talked with mom for a little bit and we had a shortbread cookie each, yum. I went down and made Gucci’s medicine, then went outside to give it to him. He was happy to see me until he saw the syringe, then he tried to run away, but he didn’t get very far. Then he decided that holding his head down would stop it from happening. Nope. I gave him a fresh bucket of feed and made up a few buckets for poppa. I went back inside and said goodbye to mom, and gave Gucci his goodbye cookies and then came home.

See you next week!





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