All glory to Hypno-Gucci (Week 23)

Hi from Monday!

I slept okay last night. I woke up a couple of times but was able to get back to sleep. I got up and had my bowl of cereal and turned on Futurama and then fell back to sleep on the sofa.

I woke up a while later and then got ready to head over to my parents house, but first I needed to swing by my work to get my name (finally) changed. So I went and did that. I met with the guy who does the name changing and we went upstairs and photo copied what they needed and then we went back down and on the way he told me to call back Thursday or Friday to see if my new uniform is ready.

After that I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci.

I gave him his carrots while I took off his blanket, and fly sprayed him and put on his fly mask. He kept wanting more carrots, but there were only 2 out there, so I couldn’t give him more. Then I went inside and said hi to Lumi and Poppa. Mom was upstairs getting ready. Poppa and I talked about police stuff and then I asked him for his laptop so I could fix his Fitbit. Boy, I thought that would take like, 5 to 10 minutes at most. Took me the better part of an hour. While I was working on the laptop Mom came down and I said hi to her as she was doing her hair. After she went back upstairs Poppa and I went to go and Paste Gucci. He was a little difficult, but I got it done.

I finally fixed the Fitbit for Poppa and then I took Mom out to do some of her errands. We swung by CVS to pick up her coffee and her prescriptions. Then we went to Whole Foods and got Poppa’s milk (almond milk), and Mom’s iron supplement. Afterwards we went back to my parents house where I dropped her off. I said goodbye to Poppa, Mom, and Lumi. Then I took a couple of carrots outside to say goodbye to Gucci who was happy to see me.

I came home and moved the laundry and then fixed my Fitbit. I had apparently unconnected mine while working on Poppa’s. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know. But after I got it reconnected I went for my bike ride. I rode to the doctors office and back, having to stop and walk up the hills still, but I got a little further up the hill then I did last time.

After I came home I sent an email to a place that I had applied to a job for, fingers crossed I get further along. Then I watched a bit of Chopped: Sweets as I was cooling down. Then I got cleaned up and watched some Disney+. Afterwards I put on some Madam Secretary and then some House.

Fiks got home at a decent time tonight. We were debating on what to have for dinner when he told me our favorite Chinese restaurant was open. So I called them up and they were! So excited! So I ordered our dishes and was told it’d be ready in 20 minutes. Fiks worked on his computer and I watched House until it was time to go get the food.

It was soooooooo good to have our orange beef back. The sweet and sour chicken was good too, and the fried rice and then spring or egg rolls. We watched some more of Avatar while we ate dinner. We didn’t have enough time to watch another episode before I went to bed, so we moved to YouTube and watched Binging With Babish. Then I kissed Fiks goodnight and crawled into bed and read my book 34.

I woke up a couple times during the night, but at least I was able to get back to sleep. I think I talked and said goodbye to Fiks this morning, I couldn’t remember by the time I woke up. I did eventually wake up and dragged my ass into the kitchen for cereal and then to the sofa for Furutama. And then I fell back to sleep for a while and then when I woke up I put it on Doctor Pol. Haven’t watched that in a while. I got dressed for work and headed over to my parents house to take care of Gucci.

As I am pulling the truck out of the garage I get a phone call from Poppa asking if I had just called him. I said no and drove away while chatting with my parents while they are waiting at the vets for Lumi’s appointment. I was so distracted by the phone call I couldn’t remember if I had closed the garage door or not.

I go to my parents house and run inside to give Gucci some carrots. He nickers at me as I get closer to him. Not a full out whinny, but a nice nicker.

I gave him some love as I gave him the carrots and put his fly mask on. Then I went back inside the house, turned on the TV and just hung out until Mom, Poppa, and the very lucky Lumi come back home. The vet couldn’t figure out which shots he needed, so he got off lucky and had nothing done to him, he goes back tomorrow.

I made myself lunch and halfway through Fiks shows up, so I made him a sandwich and all of us sat down and watched Dr Pol. First time in a while something gory/bloody wasn’t on while we were eating lunch. Fiks left a little before I did to get to work. Well, I didn’t go straight to work. Remember how I said I couldn’t remember if I closed the garage earlier? Well it was driving me nuts and I was worried about my bike so I swung by home really quick, discovered I had closed the garage, turned around and went to work.

I got there with time to spare. Had a hard time finding a parking space tho. I sat in my truck, listening to music and reading my book. When it was time I got dressed and went inside the bank and went to go to the work phone to discovered it unpluged and dead. So I had to ask my boss to punch me in for the day. But the day went fine, nothing really happened. It was just a nice, chill, steady day.

I got home and got changed because it was still stupid warm I didn’t want to take a shower and sweat, so I decided to take a shower before bed. Fiks got home at a decent time tonight, so that was pretty cool. We did left over Chinese and then we sat and watched Avatar for the rest of the night.

I went and jumped into the shower and got myself cleaned up and then I crawled into bed and went to sleep.

I didn’t sleep good last night. I tossed and turned all night. I finally gave up trying to sleep around 530 and got up and had my bowl of cereal. Then I went back in the bedroom and quietly got dressed since Fiks was still asleep. His alarm went off while I was getting ready, so I didn’t feel too bad.

We kissed each other goodbye and he went to work and I went to the grocery store. I listened to Daughtry while walking around, haven’t heard his music in a while. The grocery store went fine, there wasn’t a lot of people and I got through it pretty quickly. I went to my parents house and said hi to Gucci who gave me not one, but two whinny’s

I gave him a couple of carrots, took off his blanket, put on his fly mask and gave him his breakfast. He got his flake of hay and his bucket.

“Don’t bother me mom, I’m eating!”

I grabbed my cold/frozen stuff and the bag of carrots and went and opened the door. I put my cold and frozen stuff away and then I went inside. Mom and Poppa had just come down stairs in the time that I had been putting my groceries away. Lumi was bouncing and zooming around this morning, free from his kennel.

Mom and I sat down and watched the news for a little while. After a while Mom went upstairs to get dressed and left me alone with the noodle. I apparently lied down at some point and took an unplanned nap. I woke up with a blanket on me and Mom was back downstairs. I woke up and then realized that I needed to paste Gucci, so Mom and I went and did that. Apparently Gucci was also taking a nap, when he heard us he jumped straight up in the air. Poor guy. He was a good boy for pasting tho.

After we went back inside and then it was time to take Mom to her nail appointment. Poppa was taking Lumi to the vet and needed the small car, and Mom can’t fit the big truck in where her nail lady is, so I dropped her off then I made my way home. I put the groceries away and then it was movie time with my Cousin.

I haven’t watched The Incredibles 2 since my Cousin and her family were over for our wedding last year. We did a quick video chat and then started it at the same time, and then started texting each other. I really miss them. 30 minutes I before my interview I asked my cousin which shirt to wear, thankfully we both picked the bright one.

I added a little lipstick and had flat ironed my hair before the movie with my cousin so I wasn’t rushed to do it. The interview was over Zoom, so that was my first time sitting down and using it. I helped Poppa with his Zoom meeting a couple of weeks ago, but I didn’t have time to figure it out.

I think the meeting went well. She made it sound like I was going to get a second interview. I hope I do. Its a physical therapy/gym place. They’re looking for a cashier, and administrative assistant, a billing person, and someone else that I don’t remember. They said that they would get in touch with me by tomorrow morning at the latest for if I come back for a second interview. Fingers crossed.

I have been playing phone tag with Fiks’ insurance company representative for a couple of days. Finally got a hold of her, and we talked and figured out what we needed to do. So yay!

After that I just watched some Disney+ for a while, then some House. Apparently I’m on the last season of House, didn’t think I had gone through that many episodes. Fiks got home at almost usual time, so that was nice. But it was so hot even with the air conditioning on that we waited for it to cool down a little bit more. We made tacos for dinner. We haven’t have had those in a while. We watched some more Avatar while we ate, and continued to watch until it was my bed time.

I slept okay last night, I only woke up once or twice. I found Fiks passed out on the sofa, so he eventually came back into the bedroom and then bed. I woke up to Fiks’ goodbye kiss and then dozed for a little bit more. Then I moved out to the living room and did the Futurama, cereal, doze afterwards thing.

I eventually woke up all the way and got dressed and headed over to Gucci. He wouldn’t stick his head over the gate, he insisted he had to get his carrots from in between the bars on his gate.

I gave home some pets and some love and put on his fly mask before heading into the house. Lumi was bouncing around in the house, and Mom and Poppa were busy in the kitchen. We all sat down and Poppa had his breakfast and watched Mysteries of the Abandoned for a little while. Poppa and I then worked on switching his insurance agent over.

I made myself lunch and I was about to sit down when Fiks came inside and said hi to everyone. I made him a sandwich and we ate lunch together, so that was nice. We were watching Dr Pol over lunch. Then Fiks had to get his truck ready for work and then he left, and I followed suit shortly after.

I got to work on time and got a good parking spot. I sat and read my book for a little while and then went inside for work. The shift was fine, nothing really happened, they were just preparing for what could happen later on in the evening after they closed. So they were getting all their glass measured for being boarded up in case of another riot. I talked to the manager there and told them about my interview and what should I do since I hadn’t heard back. He said do a polite poke, so I did. The business I was apply to also was getting themselves ready for a riot and boarding up their place too.

I came home after work and got cleaned up and was starting dinner when Fiks got home. It was at a decent time, but I was just hungry. He made the same as me, nachos, for dinner, then we stat down and watched some TV. Well, I watched TV and Fiks played on line games with his friends for most of the night. I kissed him and went to bed and read my book for a little while before passing out. I came out and Fiks was passed out on the sofa, I left the bedroom door open for him for when he was ready to come to bed. And he did… eventually. I woke up at 615 and he was still in bed, so I kissed him and woke him up so he could make it to work on time.

I slept a little bit longer after him, but not a lot. But I must have been moving slow because I still left the house at the same time and got to my parents at the same time. I went over and said hi to Gucci when I got there, he was pretty happy to see me.

I gave him a couple of carrots then went inside the house to see Poppa and Lumi. Lumi started barking and I stopped his barking by petting him. Didn’t want him waking up Mom. I talked with Poppa while I was eating my breakfast bagel and got a couple strawberries out of it. Nom. Love strawberries. Anyway, Poppa and I went out to give Gucci his medicine and he was really good for it. Not happy with me, but good for it.

I stayed a little longer then I had to swing by work to get my new uniforms. Thankfully there was parking there, because there isn’t always parking. The guy gave me my uniforms and off to work I went. I got there in time to read for a little bit and then it was time for the new uniform. It was HUGE! I think they misunderstood me when I said I wanted 2 XL shirts, thinking I wanted 2XL shirts instead of just 2 XL shirts. Told me boss and she said wear it even tho its huge, so I did. I got the right size ordered now…. hopefully.

The bank was fine, apparently it was really slow all week so they weren’t really prepared for the rushes that came in. I got to help out a lot. Didn’t get to listen to a lot of podcasts because I was interacting with people. And then there was the coin machine. Seemed liked it was used for 2 hours straight by different people.

If only, right?

Anyway, the day came to an end and I came home to find Fiks on the sofa and in the dark. He said he wasn’t feeling well still. I went and got cleaned up and came back out and asked him what he wanted for dinner. We went with Pyes. I had the cornish pastie and he had the cheesy steak and mushroom. We watched House while we were eating dinner.

I also had received my boxed from Amazon and Fiks had brought them in, so that was nice. I opened them up and discovered my new FitBit and accessories for it and Poppa’s fathers day present. No, I’m not going to reveal it on here. But here’s my new FitBit and accessories.

After House and an episode of 3D Botmaker racing I went to bed. I slept okay last night. I didn’t want to wake up with my alarm, but I did. I got dressed and got my breakfast ready and my lunch packed and went to work.

Work was fine for most of the day, just busy in the morning. I just read my book 35 and listened to my podcasts for most of the day. Well, that and played with my new FitBit a lot. Still trying to set it up and figure it out.

Then with a hour into my shift I heard a bunch of sirens go by. Nothing unusual there, people don’t drive smart on that freeway. But then there were more, and more, and like a solid stream of sirens for 10 minutes. Then sirens going by off and on for another 20 minutes. I started looking online what was going on, and I eventually found out because someone had a scanner and was listening. I’m not really going to go into details because its hard for me, but it was bad. Really bad. One deputy ended up dying on the way to the hospital, one was life flighted out, and another who was injured was just taken to the local hospital.

I became numb, anxious and nauseated over discovering what was going on. (This is before finding out the deputy died), but I went over and pasted Gucci, who was happy to see me. He nickered and made faces at me.

I gave him a couple of carrots and some pets and love and then I went inside to say hi to everyone. I accidentally woke Poppa up when I walked in because he was sleeping on the sofa by the door. Lumi was on the back couch and Mom was in her seat. I told them what was going on and then I made up Gucci’s medicine. Fiks called me at my parents house to make sure that I knew what was going on and how I was doing. I told him how I was feeling, but that I’d be home soon. Gucci wasn’t great for pasting. The syringe is old and wearing out so its really hard to depress the plunger. He only lets you have so much time in his mouth with the syringe. We ended up getting the halter on him and then I was able to paste him okay.

I came home and FIks met me at the door. The life flight helicopter was in the sky heading towards the hospital. He gave me a hug and we talked a little bit then I went to go get changed. We watched The Ralph Report Cocktail Party until it finished. Then Fiks did the docking simulation for the Space Station through the SpaceX website I believe. It was interesting to watch him do it.

I ordered pizza for dinner and we watched some Avatar while waiting for it to show up and then while waiting for gaming to start. We logged on to Roll20 and met up with Laoric, who was asking us about the incident. He’s also the one who broke the news of the officer who died. I know that he was just talking, not trying to be rude or mean, just sharing information. I immediately had a panic attack and ran into the bedroom. Fiks came in after me and helped me through it. It took me a little bit to come down, but I did so I was eventually able to game. Gaming was fine and fun, I went to bed at my normal gaming time.

I didn’t sleep great last night. Kept having flashbacks. So I had a hard time waking up this morning. I got dressed and packed my lunch and made my breakfast and went to work. I got there okay and got myself set up for my shift. I got a hot chocolate around 8 to help wake me up, helped for a little bit, but then I started to drag again, so I went up around 11 and got a Pepsi (Definitely a Coke girl), but I needed the caffeine to stay awake. It seemed to help. I finished book 35 and started book 36.

After work I went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci and gave him a couple of carrots and some love and pets.

I think of me sticking the camera in his face everyday. Maybe I’ll take different horse related photos next week, see if that gets him a little happier for me. Anyway, Poppa and Lumi came out to meet me and Poppa was teasing me about taking photos of Gucci every day. I gave Lumi some pets and the 3 of us all ended up walking back into the house. Mom was on the phone with one of her friends when we went in, so I just waved and was quiet until she was done.

Once she was off the phone she came over and said hi and we stuck the dinner in the oven and Poppa poured some Pink Panthers for us. We enjoyed them with pretzels. We watched The Smithsonian Channel for a while. It was talking about the Queen and her many and different castles Then it turned to an episode about her Coronation. Both were really interesting and made me miss England.

Fiks showed up just in time for dinner. It was rice casserole with salad. Its good, its wild rice and chicken cooked and then some Ritz crackers crumbled on top. After dinner Fiks and I went to go paste Gucci who gave me a hard time, so we had to use his halter again. I’m hoping the 2 new syringes will help us out so we don’t have to halter him every time. We went back inside and had Poppa’s cherry pie for dessert. Nom nom nom.

We did some adulting when we came home. Like laundry and taking out the garbage and recycling .

See you next week!

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