Taking a break (Week 23)

Hi from Monday!

I didn’t sleep well last night. Still having nightmares from the other day. I woke up early and moved to the sofa with some cereal and Futurama.

I fell back to sleep on the sofa for a while, and then I woke up and it was over. I got dressed and headed down the mountain. I swung by the bank I work at on Fridays to drop off the phone I accidentally brought home. But at least I know its charged. I then went to my parents house to see Gucci.

I’m giving Gucci a break from the camera this week, but I gave him carrots and some love and pets. I only had one carrot so he lost interest in me as soon as he didn’t get another carrot. I turned around and almost got taken out by zoomie Lumi. Poppa and I chased him back and forth on the driveway for a while and then we went back inside.

Poppa asked me to help put the sofa back together in the living room. So we moved the first hunk of sofa back to where it was. Then we moved a couple other items, like a cabinet and a grandfathers clock. After we did that Mom and I ran to the vets office to get Gucci’s medicine and new syringes. We got back home and then Mom made sandwiches while Poppa and I continued to put the sofa back together. We had lunch then Poppa and I went to paste Gucci which went so much better then the past couple of days. I helped move some more furniture around and then I needed to leave so I was home in time for my doctors appointment. I swung by the fridge to pick up a couple of carrots to say goodbye to the boy.

It must have been enough time between the pasting and me leaving because he took the carrots quite happily. I came home and moved my bike, put the garbage cans away and brought the laundry up. I double checked my text alert for what time my doctors appointment was, and I saw that I was ready at the wrong time.

I’m trying to take a break from Facebook for a while. There is so much hate in the world right now, and I’m upset from the officer dying. I need some time to myself. I’ve been browsing imgur and instagram a lot already. Still some stuff on there about how angry the world is, but no where near as bad as on Facebook.

My doctors appointment went well. We talked about the officer dying last week and my PTSD and my nightmares. She gave me tips on how to handle them. They haven’t been this bad in a while, so I needed a refresher I guess. I spent most of my afternoon watching Disney+. I tried Madam Secretary but then there was a shooting scene and I felt my heart beat increase, so I went back to Disney.

Fiks got home on time tonight. We’re doing steak and fries for dinner. We watched Avatar during dinner and after. When it was time I went to bed.

I didn’t sleep amazingly last night, I woke up 3 or 4 times. I woke up for Fiks to kiss me goodbye and then I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got out of bed and grabbed my cereal and turned the TV on to Futurama. I fell back to sleep after my cereal. I watched like the first part of one episode and then the last part of the last episode they broadcast. Then I moved onto Disney+ for a while for waking up.

I got up and got dressed and headed over to Gucci. I went over and said hi to him and gave him some carrots and love. He seemed happy not to have my phone (at a distance) in his face.

Lumi was just barking his head off while I was over with Gucci and while I came at the house. Poppa and Lumi met me at the door. Mom came down shortly after I showed up and we ended up watching Doctor Pol. After an episode we got up and pasted Gucci, who was perfect about it today. Then we made lunch and watched more Dr Pol.

When it was time for me to leave I grabbed two carrots and walked over to Gucci to say goodbye. He wouldn’t take them. I guess he didn’t cleanse his pallet between the pasting and me giving him the carrots.

I got to work okay. I got the best spot in the parking lot, the one that gets the shade in the afternoon. So I sat and read my book 35 and listened to music until it was time for me to go in. We seemed to have at least one jackass per hour. Mostly men. One was snarky because I turned him to a tell even though it was a non cash transaction. The non cash station was busy, what else was I meant to do? And then he was snarky with the teller, which I didn’t like. Almost had a fight break out at the end between two men. One was upset over 2 dogs sitting in a car with the windows down. They had water, the owner kept checking on them. The guy who was upset said he’d break the guys windows next time he saw him.

I came home and got cleaned up and then waited for Fiks to come home. He’d had a hard day. We did left over pizza and watched House and some Binging with Babbish. Oh, and 3D Botmaker. Then I went to bed.

I didn’t sleep really well again. But I was able to get back to sleep every time, so that was good. Fiks came and woke me up so I could get dressed and head to the grocery store. I listened to a station on Spotify which did Bon Jovi, Journey, Heart, and Pink Floyd. It was kind of a nice change.

I managed to get almost everything on the list, they were out of my cereal and I forgot to grab some coca cola. Afterwards I went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. On the way up I picked up the garbage cans for Poppa. I went over to Gucci and discovered that there were no carrots waiting for me, so I told him I’d be back with carrots. Then Poppa and Lumi came out bearing a bag of carrots. I dug out the good ones an left the yucky ones behind. I got about a good dozen out, and left like 2 dozen behind. I gave him a flake of hay, because he was low on hay I felt like.

I put my cold and frozen stuff away, and the grabbed the fruit punch I had gotten for Mom, and my iced tea. I went inside and turned on the TV and put on Dr Oakley, Yukon vet. Then Poppa and I talked for a little bit once him and Lumi came inside, and we had chocolate muffins together. Mom came down while we were watching TV. Once she had her cup of coffee she came and sat down and watched it with us.

Mom kept jumping back and forth between Dr Oakley, and the news. I dozed on the sofa for a little while. Then Lumi came and poked his nose in my face and woke me up. Mom kept telling him to leave me alone, but he wouldn’t. I gave him some pets and then I got up and made Gucci’s medicine and then Poppa and I went and pasted him. Gucci was really good for us again, after he turned around towards the hay bag.

I stayed for a little while longer then I came home to watch Moana with my Cousin. We video chatted for a couple of minutes before starting the movie. Then she called me back and showed me her husband and son singing along to “You’re Welcome”.

It was really cute. We kept chatting through the movie, so that was nice. I was going to go on a bike ride afterwards, but by then it was in the 90’s so I decided to hide from the heat rather than die in it. I spent my afternoon on the sofa watching Disney+.

I started getting dinner ready for Fiks and I so it’d be almost done by the time he got home. I made pork tenderloin and rice. There was going to be broccoli but the head was dead. Fiks came home from getting his hair cut, and he looked good. He was itchy as hell from all the hairs that had fallen on him. He went and got cleaned up while I checked the dinner. He came out while the pork loin was resting after coming out of the oven.

Dinner was good. We spent the night watching YouTube, Binging with Babbish mostly, but we did watch and episode of 3D Botmaker. I went to bed and then read my book before falling asleep.

Its 438 am and I’ve been wide awake since 4, stupid nightmares. I tried lying in bed just trying to go back to sleep but it didn’t work, obviously. I had to fix the internet when I woke up because nothing was working. I had no idea the cable box needed internet to pull up the menu, but it does, So hey, lesson learned. But eventually I got the internet working, so that was good.

I just wish I could sleep.

I guess I fell asleep for a little while because Fiks woke me up on the sofa with a kiss. I crawled into bed to pass out again and slept for another 20 minutes. Then I came back out to the sofa and just watched Futurama. I got dressed for work and headed to the feed store. Where you can actually go inside and pick stuff up and place your order in person. I got Gucci a bag of cookies along with his senior feed.

When I got back to the truck there was a voice mail from Mom asking me to go to my sisters place and help her find her cat. So we looked under things in her house, looked under the house next door, checked the trees, put out food, everything we could think of.

We kept looking until my mom showed up and then took a little break. It was at that time I left to head over to my parents house to take care of Gucci. He was happy to see me, turned around and everything. I gave him 2 cookies and a carrot and put on his fly mask.

I saw his stack of buckets needed filled. Good thing that I remembered to go to the feed store because we almost killed the bag that was there. It would have got us until… Sunday morning if my math is right.

But anyway, after I said hi to the boy, I went into the house where Lumi was waiting for me. He wanted to play fish, so I tossed his Nemo fish around a couple of times and put it on Doctor Pol. Poppa came down a little while later, he’d been busy in the field all morning, so he was now clean and tired and sore. But he wanted some form of breakfast first, so he had a chocolate muffin and a bottle of water for breakfast.

I made up Gucci’s medicine and then Poppa and I went out and gave it to him. He’s being really good about it again, so that’s awesome. Then we backed the truck up and unloaded the feed and made up Gucci’s buckets. We then went inside and I made myself a sandwich and Poppa got pegged on the phone by one of his friends. He hardly got a word in edge wise, and during this time Mom came home from my Sisters house. Mom and I talked a little bit and then I headed off to work.

I got to work and I got a good parking spot, so that was nice. I sat and read my book and listened to music. When it was time I went inside and started my shift. The shift went fine. We were steady slow, which seems kind of counter productive statement.

I came home and got cleaned up and then waited for Fiks to come home. When he got home we did dinner, he did pizza and I did pork nachos. Nom. We spent the night watching Binging with Babbish. Then when it was time I went to bed.

I dd okay sleep wise last night. I woke up on time and got ready for work. I made myself breakfast and lunch and then headed over to my parents house. I got there and went over and said hi to Gucci and Poppa was walking Lumi. Lumi saw me and got very excited to see me. I gave Gucci his cookies, and then I gave him his breakfast.

He was so excited to see the hay he almost ripped it out of my hands. I put the flake of hay in his hay bag and then I went inside. Mom wasn’t up yet. I put it on Nat Geo Wild and it was Dr Oakly, or was it Dr Pol? Either way it was a vet show. We watched TV for a little while and then Poppa and I went out and gave Gucci his medicine. He was a really good boy for it again. We went back inside and after a little bit Mom came down and was greeted by Lumi, then me. Then it was time for me to head to work.

I got to work early, so I was able to sit and read my book for a little while and then I got in my uniform and went inside the bank when it was opened. I had poured sugar in my tea mug at home, so all I needed to do was add hot water, and bazing, hot tea! First time for that in a month or so.

The day went fine. There was a lot of people using the coin machine today, so I didn’t get to listen to a lot of podcasts. And I would talk to the greeter so I had to have my podcasts off so I could have a conversation. We talked about Ford’s, tattoo’s, and whiskey. It was a good day. I got to talk to Fiks. Then my mom called and told me to pick up Poppa after work and take him up to my sisters house.

So after work I went over to my parents house and kissed Gucci hello and then Poppa and I chased Lumi around for a little while. Then we loaded him into the truck and off to my sisters we went. I dropped them off first and then I came home.

Fiks and I snuggled for a little bit and then I got cleaned up. We ordered Chinese from our favorite place in town. Then I watched Fiks play Final Fantasy VII for a little while before heading and picking up our dinner. The fire department was parked in the parking lot and getting dinner themselves. We got dinner and came back home and watched some Avatar. Then we watched YouTube for a video or two and then we went to bed.

I slept okay last night. I woke up a couple of times, but I was able to get back to sleep. I woke up with my alarm and hit the snooze button for 10 more minutes. I got up with my second alarm and got dressed for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye and then I came and made my breakfast and packed my lunch and headed off to work. Fiks headed up north to visit Bill the Nun and her husband. They got together for a whiskey tasting.

I got to work and it was a busy day, it felt like it was non stop cars all morning. It wasn’t, they’d just come in flurries so I was just slammed with cars and then read my book 37 and listened to my podcasts. I was doing fine and then a resident, A RESIDENT, drove into the gate/arm, making it detach. I called the HOA lady and let her know, I think she hates me because I only call her when things go wrong. The grounds keeper and I tried to turn it off, but we didn’t have any keys to do that. Once I was settled back in, then I started listening to music from Spotify. I started making a favorites list, so I was listening to a couple different stations and looking up albums.

After work I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, giving him 2 cookies and some kisses. Then I went inside To let Lumi out and made Gucci’s medicine.

I went and gave him his medicine, he was a good boy for it. I gave him his dinner bucket and a flake of hay because his hay bag was empty. When I came back in Lumi was chilling on the fire place, and I sadly had to put him back into his kennel. Then I went over and said goodbye to Gucci and gave him 2 more carrots, which he took. Then I headed home.

I swung by my sisters place first, to see how she’s been doing. Lincoln still hasn’t come home yet, and no one was at my sisters place. So I came home and got changed and then I passed out on the sofa for a little while. I texted Fiks when I was awake and made myself a bowl of left over Chinese for dinner. I watched some Disney+ for a while, then I put on The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was listening to a podcast which was talking about the music from the movie, so that planted the bug in my brain.

After the movie I went to bed.

I did okay last night, considering Fiks was gone. I found myself in the middle of the bed with all the pillows, Gucci and Toothless. I had kicked his blanket off in the middle of the night apparently. But I got up early, got dressed and made my lunch and breakfast. Then I took a load of laundry down and got that started before I left for work.

I got to work early, so I had plenty of time to settle in before cars started coming. The gate was still broken from yesterday, so no real stopping people for me. Some did, some didn’t. I logged as many as I could. I sat and read my book, eventually finishing that one and starting book 38. Then someone showed up to fix the gate, and gave us keys so we could open the door and turn it off if/when it happens again. But the rest of the day went fine.

After work I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci and gave him 2 cookies. He was happy to see me, doing little nickers when I was approaching him. I gave him some pets and some love, then I went inside and said hi to Mom, Poppa, and Lumi. They were watching a classic movie. I forget which one tho. Poppa helped me paste the boy and then I made up 2 buckets, one for dinner and one for breakfast, before we headed back in. We all stood around and talked for a little while then I came home.

Fiks was home by the time I got here, so that was nice. He even came home with cookies from Bill. He swung by the bar in San Francisco on his was home, so that he could do his Whiskey’s of the World tasting with the video. They had done their own tasting at Bill’s house but things went wrong with the bottles. Fiks is currently doing the tasting, and I think that everything is going okay. He seems to be having fun. I put Ghostbusters (the original) on.

After Ghostbusters we snuggled up on the sofa and watched some YouTube videos in between doing the laundry and the garbage.

That’s it for now!

See you next week!

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