T-Minus: Gucci (Week 22)

Hi from Monday!

I slept really good last night. I got 6 full hours before waking up. That’s really good for me, I usually only get like 3 or 4 before I wake up. But I was able to go back to sleep afterwards, so that was also awesome. I woke up around my normal time and grabbed a bowl of cereal and turned on Futurama for a little while.

I dozed on the sofa for a little bit afterwards too, so I feel really good today. Fiks got out of bed about an hour after me. He made himself a bacon sandwich for breakkie and then joined me on the sofa for Futurama. I then went and got dressed for taking my truck to the mechanic to get its breaks worked on. Fiks said he’d follow me down so Poppa didn’t have to come to the village to pick me up.

We got to the mechanic okay. I parked the truck in front of the broken gas pump and went looking for the mechanic I had the appointment with. We met up and he said he’d take the truck for a drive to see how its doing then lift it up and give me a call. I said fine and then Fiks and I went over to my parents house.

We went and said hi to Gucci who was waiting at the gate for us. I got him to eat a piece of watermelon, because there were no carrots out there waiting for him. I went to give him a second piece and he turned his nose up at it. Okay, fine with me. We went inside and said hi to Mom and Lumi, we talked for a little bit and I threw Lumi’s toy for him a couple of times. Then I went and hunted down Poppa to say hi to him. I asked him if Gucci had a graze this morning and he said no, so Fiks and I went out to give him a graze.

He did pretty good at grazing until I told Fiks that I told him yesterday that he went on an adventure. As soon as those words were out it was like Gucci went “Oh yeah!” and stopped grazing and wandered off. Poppa has been working really hard around his stall taking big bushes out with the tractor, so Gucci went around behind his stall and started grazing on something I didn’t recognize. So I grabbed him by his fly mask and we went back to Fiks who was waiting patiently for us to come back.

I asked Gucci if he wanted to go for his walk, he sighed and started walking so I assumed that meant yes. So we went and did our laps with a couple little stops, like saying hi to Fiks who was hiding in the shade of the tree. Then I wanted to take a photo of all of us.

Haven’t done a photo of the 3 of us in a while, so that was nice. Then we went back to Gucci’s stall and put him away and gave him a couple of cookies.

When we got inside Poppa was in the living room and Mom had gone upstairs. I asked Poppa if we could use the tractor to dig out some of the bushes in Gucci’s paddock and he said yes. So the 3 of us went outside and got the tractor out. Fiks and I moved one of Gucci’s panels to swing it the other way to lock him into his stall, just a smaller version. Gucci got excited and tried to jail break on us. I grabbed him by his fly mask and took him back into the stall while Fiks moved the panel and closed us in. By then Poppa had the tractor out and ready to go.

I wish I had taken before and after photos, but I wasn’t that smart. I just was more focused on getting it done. Poppa took out some of the big thistles that were growing, and a couple of the bushes. One bush the root is on the other side of the panel, so we couldn’t get to it today. And I grabbed one of the thistles that I think are bad for Gucci (all horses really) and got that out of his stall. Poppa and I switched and I drove the tractor for a little bit.

While I was on the tractor the mechanic called so I jumped off the tractor and talked with him. He said one break pad was dead, the other one half dead, and the rotors were shot. So he gave me 2 choices on parts and prices and I decided to go with the little more expensive ones. Mom saw my hand shaking while I was giving her the phone back and I said I probably needed to eat something. So she went and made me a sandwich and I turned around and saw Fiks on the tractor.

Him and Poppa were backing it up back into the garage. So when I saw they didn’t need my help I went inside to have my sandwich. They were really awesome and moved the panel back to its original place. Then we sat down and watched The Dirty Dozen. Man, both Fiks and I forgot how long that movie was, and how slow it moved. But we stayed and watched it and then we came home. Well, first we swung by a Jamba Juice because it’s bloody near 100 degrees here today. Something to keep us cool until dinner. Then we came home and brought the garbage cans in and moved the laundry and put it away. Right now I’m just waiting for the call that my truck is ready and Fiks is playing The Trials of Mana.

I got a phone call around the time the guy said my truck would be ready. He fixed the breaks but there is still a little shake/wobble in the truck. He said bring it by one day and he’ll diagnose it for free! Swoot! So Fiks and I left to go and get my truck. He showed us the rotors and the break pads, all were in pretty rough shape. Said that the rotors got warped from being over heated, the same with the break pad cracking. He told me how to prevent it in the future. He said my back breaks are pretty close to coming due too. I’ll have to budget that money out. But otherwise everything went fine. I could really tell the difference on our way home when I applied the breaks. Soooooooooooooooo much better! But I could also feel the little shake/wobble.

We got home and moved more laundry and then we started dinner. We did steak and fries, with a glass of red wine. I can’t drink a lot of red wine, gives me really bad headaches and hangovers if I drink to much. But it was a good nice Merlot. We watched Avatar: The Last Airbender anime. Its cute. We watched like 6 episodes before I jumped into the shower and went to bed. Fiks jumped in the shower after I was done and kissed me goodnight.

I didn’t sleep well last night. The fan was making a funny noise, and I was getting too hot under my gravity blanket. I’m assuming that’s why I was hot, hopefully not having a fever. I woke up numerous times and struggled to get back to sleep every time. I was barely awake when Fiks kissed me goodbye for the day.

I woke up and got out of bed thinking that I had a doctors appointment that I had to wake up for. When the call didn’t come at the expected time, I looked up the appointment on the app I discovered it was on Thursday. I had my bowl of cereal and just passed out on the couch again while watching Futurama.

I eventually became awake enough and saw that it was time to go and get dressed. So I got dressed and grabbed my water bottle and filled it with ice an then went to my parents house to go see Gucci. When I pulled up Poppa was outside with Lumi who was hooked up to the horse trailer. So I drove up slowly so he didn’t into the truck and get caught up. I went inside to get Gucci a couple of carrots then I walked over to him to say hi.

I went inside and looked for Mom who was still in the shower, so I sat down and turned on The Zoo on Animal Planet. Then Poppa brought Lumi in because he was starting to get too hot outside, so Lumi and I hung out for a while. Then Mom came down asking why I didn’t come upstairs, I said I did, but she was in the shower.

After the Zoo I put it on Chopped. I haven’t watched that in a while, so we watched that until I had to leave for work. Poppa and I pasted Gucci, who was really good for it this morning. I made myself half a sandwich and a iced tea. I said goodbye when it was time to leave and then I gave Gucci a carrot or two to say goodbye for the day.

I got to work okay, and even got an okay parking spot. Not the best parking spot, but I did get a spot which gets shade in the afternoon. I sat there and read my book 32 while listening to music. Then I went in and tried to punch in but the phone hadn’t charged over the weekend so I had to have my boss punch me in. She offered to give me 2 days off in a row, but I decided to stay with my split days. I asked if she had any Monday-Friday shifts, she says not right now, check back in June.

The day went fine. I had one creeper creeping about outside. He wouldn’t let people near the ATM’s, was going through the garbage, asking people for money. Then he saw the other security guard and started running away, I guess he’s been kicked off the property before. I found out 2 people that I like no longer work there. 1 got let go by the bank in April. The other one just walked in and quit one day 2 weeks ago. Or maybe it was last week. I’m not super clear on the time line. But he’s the one who introduced me to Not Another D&D Podcast. And he was so funny and so sweet I’m really sad to see him go.

After work was done I left to come home and swing by the pharmacy. Well there was a line out the door. I must have been standing for 20 minutes waiting for my turn to go in from the time I got out of my truck to the time I got into the pharmacy.

Once I got to the pharmacy I only had to wait a couple of minutes to get my medicine. And then I had to have a mandatory consult with the pharmacist to go over the medicine. It was nothing new, just an increased dosage, so we both looked at each other like “why was this mandatory?” then I left and came home.

While I was at work I got a message saying the power was out on our street and to not expect it on until 630ish. Well I was home by 6 and it was on, so yay! I fed Jack when I got everything settled before going and cleaning up. Once I was cleaned up I turned on House (shock, I know) and jumped on the computer for a little while. Fiks showed up a little later and got cleaned up then we did pork nachos for dinner. I watched House and Fiks worked on the computer for most of the night. After an episode of Avatar I went to bed.

I didn’t sleep great last night. Fiks and I kept fighting for the blanket. But it was hot at the same time so we didn’t want the blanket. Very confusing. I woke up a couple times and then when it was time to wake up Fiks said I was determined to stay asleep. But I woke up and got ready with him.

Once I got to the grocery store I turned on The Piano Guys for music and then I started walking around the store. I got almost got everything on my list. It wasn’t too busy, I only had to wait for 1 person in front of me. The cashier seemed kind of out of it, but we got everything in their respective bags. Then I went over to my parents house.

Gucci was already out and grazing, and my Sister was there throwing ball with Lumi. Lumi was a dork and dropped the ball behind Gucci and then shoved the ball between Gucci’s back legs. I called Lumi off and got Gucci to turn around for a carrot, then he was able to get the ball.

I gave him some pets and some love and then we walked down the fence line to say hi to Poppa. He was doing good. He was mucking Gucci’s stall out when I got there. I put Gucci away in his stall and put his fly mask on. Poppa had already given him breakfast, so I didn’t need to do that. Then we grabbed my groceries that needed to be chilled and the stuff for Mom and Poppa and took them inside.

My Sister had gotten a box of mixed donuts and brought it over. Mom was up having her first cup of coffee when I walked in. We kept trying to find not depressing news to watch, and were unsuccessful. My Sister left and then it was just us. After Poppa ate his cereal we went out and pasted the boy. He stuck his nose in his hay bag in effort to not get pasted, so I just waited for him to bring his nose back out. He has to breathe sometime, right? Once his nose was out I pasted him and he was pretty good for it. All that struggle for nothing.

After pasting him I made up his buckets for the next 3 days. He decided he needed to supervise me.

When I got back inside Mom was back downstairs and we watched Tanked on Animal Planet. I just know what its about, I’ve never watched it. It was really cool to see them build and place a couple of specialty tanks. Like they did one for Dunkin’ Donuts, and then they did one for a pizza place and they were able to serve beer out of it.

After that I watched The Zoo and then Mom talked me into taking the dog up to my place while her and Poppa were out on and adventure. So I moved my groceries to the front and gave Gucci his goodbye carrots and then grabbed Lumi and loaded him into the truck.

We got to my house okay. I parked the truck and unloaded the groceries and then backed into the garage and parked the truck and got Lumi out of the truck. That dog has gotten heavy! I had to lift him out of the truck. We don’t want him jumping out of the truck because that’s how our old poodle, Sherlock, broke both of his hips. I brought him up with the groceries and then I put them away and got ready for the movie with my Cousin.

Well at first we started watching the SpaceX launch together. I started out on the Discovery channel and then I moved to YouTube and turned on the NASA channel. Then we got everything set up for watching The Incredibles.

We did a quick video chat and I say hi to her son and husband, who had the launch set up on their laptop, so I did the same. Then we started watching the movie. We were fine up until my Roku crashed and then I fell behind. So we had a second video chat and got me caught up to where she was and then we started again. Once the movie was over I turned my attention to back to the launch.

I watched it off and on throughout the movie and up until it got scrubbed at T-Minus 1653. Afterwards Poppa called me up and we talked about the scrubbed launch for a little bit and then he said he was coming up to my sisters place and that he’d take the dog back home.

Poppa showed up and we talked for a little bit before he went to my sisters place, saying he’d be back for the dog later. So Lumi and I watched a lot of Madam Secretary after the movie and waiting to get picked up. I continued to watch Madam Secretary until just before Fiks got home, then I turned it on to House again.

Fiks got home and we fed Jack and then Fiks went and got cleaned up and I continued to watch House. Then we stopped to figure out what we wanted for dinner. We did left over pizza, I just had a slice and he finished the rest of it off. After dinner we did some Gin and some Rum tastings. I didn’t really enjoy the gin, just not my thing. Too much of a alcohol burn for my taste. But the rum, the rum was good. It had this taste that I couldn’t place, Fiks discovered it was molasses and I totally got it. Then he gave me some of his New Orleans Rum that was a gift from Deimos. It was amazing. If we ever do orange ice cicles with that rum will be totally amazing.

After the tasting we came back to the living room, I jumped on the sofa and Fiks jumped onto the computer. We stayed like that up until I went to bed. I kissed him goodnight and went and jumped in the shower because it had finally cooled down from being stupid hot.

I didn’t sleep really well last night, but better than the night before. I woke up in time for my doctors appointment. Things are going well. She set up a video conference call with another doctor for me since we still can’t do in persons and also not getting in now means I won’t get in until almost the end of the year.

I ate my cereal and watched Futurama after my appointment and then I dozed on the sofa for a while. Then I realized it was time to get dressed for work, so I did. I swung by the feed store on the way to my parents house and got Gucci’s feed and another stud chain for his gate. Then I made my way over to my parents house.

When I got there I went over and said hi to Gucci. He was happy to see me but not enough to give me a whinny. But he made his faces at me, which is almost as good. I gave him the carrot that was out there and I put it his fly mask. Then I went inside and said Hi to Mom and Lumi who were watching a movie that was depressing, so after said hi to Poppa and we unloaded the feed we changed the channel. We watched The Zoo on Animal planet.

Then we watched one of Mom’s Hallmark movies and I immediately wanted to slap the main character. She just drove me nuts with how she looked and how she acted towards other people. She was meant to be a dating guru and was just… I did not find her a nice person. Sadly there was no more good animal shows on so I was kind of stuck with that. But I left before it was over, so I don’t know if she changed or not.

I got to work okay. I even got a good spot that means that I would have my truck in the shade through part of my shift. But work went fine. Nothing really happened, no problem customers and I was able to listen to most of my podcasts. I stared to not feel well towards the end of my shift. But I toughed it out and came home, got cleaned up and then I went to my sisters house for dinner.

I got there and Poppa was BBQing, so I stopped to help him. I went upstairs with the burgers and told Mom I wasn’t feeling well and that I had already taken some medicine. I went back outside and helped bring in the sausages and Mom had my Sister get more of the medicine I just took. I didn’t take any more, and I just had a sausage to keep her off my back. Afterwards I came home with food for Fiks and turned on House. Fiks got home a little later, and after he got cleaned up he had the garlic burger I had saved for him and the bratwurst.

We watched a couple of YouTube videos before I went to bed.

I slept okay last night. I only woke up once or twice, I don’t really remember. I got up with my early alarm and got dressed and fixed my breakfast and lunch and headed over to my parents house.

When I pulled up Lumi was hooked up to the horse trailer and Poppa was out in Gucci’s stall mucking it out. I went over and said hi to Poppa and then I went and gave Gucci a couple of carrots. I took Lumi inside with me as Poppa wanted to weed some more while it was cool. I turned on Futurama and was watching that until Poppa came back in like 20 minutes later. We then pasted Gucci and then Poppa wanted me to fix his FitBit and since he doesn’t have a phone he’s hooked it up to its kind of difficult.

Mom came down while I was working on the computer and Poppa changed the channel to the news for her while she was drinking her cup of coffee. I ran out of time trying to figure out Poppa’s FitBit, so I’ll have to work on that on Monday. Then I headed off to work.

I got to work early, so I sat and read my book 33, I stopped reading and got dressed for work before the doors opened. I was able to walk in and get my phone. I looked for sugar for my tea, but couldn’t find any, and I forgot to ask at 930 for sugar in the back, so I went without tea today. No wonder my feet were dragging.

But the day went fine. Nothing really happened. It was steady and we’d get waves, but nothing exciting. The day flew by kind of fast and I was able to leave on time which will make her happy.

Fiks and I got home at the same time tonight, so after we got cleaned up we decided to cook dinner. We did steak, fries, and corn break with a nice Zinfandel.

I LOVE Zinfandel’s, so good. I love them when they are super fruity and jammy, and this one met that. We then sat down and watch more of Avitar: The Last Airbender. I kind of got drunk off my 2 glasses (lightweight, I know) and went to bed early. I read my book and then I quickly fell asleep.

I didn’t sleep really well last night. Weird dreams. I don’t remember them, minus them being weird. Then Fiks woke up at like 530 not feeling well, which kind of woke me up. I just lied in bed and listened to my audio book. When it was time I got up and and dressed and made my breakfast and lunch and then Fiks and I left together.

I got to work and grabbed all my stuff and went into my little booth and punched in before getting in my uniform. Once I did that I got dressed and settled in, got out my book and turned on my podcasts and started my day. It wasn’t anything spectacular, it rained off and on throughout the day. I got more golfers in the afternoon. They must have been rescheduled from from earlier in the day.

I called my parents to tell them about the SpaceX Rocket launch happening today. When I called Poppa answered and told me it was like T minus 8 minutes to launch. I thought we still had a hour to go. Then I got a line of cars and I looked up the SpaceX live feed on YouTube so I could watch the launch. Almost missed it because someone wanted to stop and talk to me.

After I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci. He was waiting at the gate for me. I felt kind of bad because there was only one carrot outside for me to give him. He kept begging for more.

I went inside and wasn’t bombarded by Lumi, so I asked where he was and my Sister had come and picked him up. Fine with me. Poppa cut up a apple while I was making his medicine up, should have thought it through more so he could have a slice of apple before the medicine.

After pasting him we made up his buckets for the next three days, and we gave him a bucket for dinner tonight, but he wasn’t super into it because of the pasting. Afterwards I came home and got cleaned up and jumped onto the laptop. Fiks is currently watching the Westmarch Court on the computer and I have House on the TV. After Westmarch court there was a online party, so Fiks did that while I watched TV and talked with Bill the nun.

I slept okay last night. I only woke up a couple of times. I feel bad because I think I woke Fiks up when my alarms went off this morning. But I kissed him goodbye for the day and then went and made my breakfast and packed my lunch and off to work I went.

Work went fine. Nothing really happened. I didn’t have any phone calls or have anyone run into the gate, so that was nice. I read my book 34, listened to my podcasts and checked people in and when necessary give directions. I also talked with my Cousin today, they were having a chill day today. Apparently it was nice and warm and sunny over there while it was muggy and overcast here.

I had to mute a few people on Facebook today. I’m assuming most of you have heard of George Floyd? He was murdered by a police officer this week and there have been protests breaking out all over the country. I have a couple of people on Facebook who are super angry at police. Believe that there is no such thing as a good cop. And if you have a different opinion then them, then you’re wrong, you support murders. They ‘yell’ at you, fight with you, then block you. I like these people otherwise, that’s why I didn’t just unfriend them, just muted them for a while. If you’re one of them and find this or is told about this, fine, block me. Don’t listen to what I have to say.

I totally agree that what the cop(s) did was wrong. But there are good cops out there. I live in a town filled with a department full of good cops. I’ve worked at a department filled with good cops, and I hope to continue to meet good cops. Its just the bad ones that get noticed.

I know that some of you won’t agree with me, and that’s fine. You don’t have the same experiences I have, and I don’t have the same experiences you’ve had, and that’s fine. We aren’t made to have the same experiences at the same times with the same outcomes, sadly.

Anyway, after work I went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. I ran inside the house because I didn’t see any carrots out on the bin. I grabbed him 2 and then made my way over to him. He was making his silly faces at me as I approached.

I gave him his carrots and petted him and gave him some love before heading back into the house. Poppa and Mom were looking for something and trying to figure stuff out, so I helped them with that and then Mom and I went out and pasted Gucci, gave him his dinner bucket, put on his blanket and took off his fly mask. After that we went back inside where Poppa was doing stuff on the computer. Dinner is at my Sisters house tonight, and so I brought Mom up to my sisters house and then came home and took a shower. Fiks and I will go over to my Sisters later.

We went over to my Sister’s house just in time for dinner. We had pork and carrots and roastie potatoes. Nom. We talked about George Floyd for a little bit, talked about my Sister’s work might be closed for the next couple of days due to the protests. Poppa and my Sister took Lumi and the dog she puppy sits, Jack, for a walk. While they went for the walk, Fiks and I cleaned up and put the dishes in the dishwasher and pulled out the brownies to cool.

When they came back we had dessert, and then Fiks and I came back home to do adult things. Moving the laundry, putting it away, taking out the garbage and recycling, and moving the vehicles around so Fiks could go to work tomorrow.

That’s about it.

See you next week!

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