Hakuna Matata (Week 6)

Hi from Monday!

I started my day off the same way I’ve started my days for a while now; moved to the sofa and watched MASH. When I finally decided to start to get moving it was around 1030. I drove myself (yay!) over to my parents house and went and said hi to Gucci. I think he was grumpy because it was cold and windy.


I was expecting to see the contractor and the electricians at my parents house, but no workers were there. Lumi met me at the door and I gave him back his fish which he’d left in the hallway. Poppa came out to say hi and then I went upstairs to say hi to mom who was still getting ready. I made my way downstairs and poppa said that Gucci might need a water change (he did) and hay (he did). So I went back outside and checked on his water and gave him some hay. I told poppa he needed a water change, but we could do it whenever, so I went into the living room and played with Lumi for a while.

I talked with mom once she came down. I think I’m okay to stand, but there is no way I can sit for 2 8 hour shifts. I can barely sit for 2 hours on the sofa, and that’s comfy! So I need to talk to my boss to see what we can come up with. Then poppa came out so we grabbed the dog and went and emptied Gucci’s water bucket. I lifted the bucket with water in it, which is something I shouldn’t be doing yet, but I wanted to help poppa since the bucket was so heavy. We cleaned it out and then I gave him some electrolytes in his water to encourage him to drink it.


I went back inside and we made sandwiches for lunch, then I pasted the boy and then I came home. I was tired so I turned on Netflix and then turned on Dracula. No spoilers but it’s a really good show, and I’ve only watched one episode. But it is by the makers of Sherlock, so I’m not surprised that its a good show. Fiks came home and surprised me, but he was doing miss sorts, so he was running up the mountain to pick one up. It was nice to have a quick visit with him.

I didn’t really do much in the afternoon. Just watched Netflix and Disney+ while I read my book (4). Fiks didn’t get home until late, a 13 hour day for him, poor guy. We did watch an episode of Sabrina together, so that was nice. Afterwards I went to bed and read my new book (5).

I kind of had nightmares most of the night, so I tossed and turned a lot. And then when I finally got out of bed I moved to the sofa and watched some Futurama before getting ready to go to my parents house. I should have checked the waze for traffic before I left because it took me 20 minutes to get from one exit to the next, they are maybe 1.5 miles apart. The right lane was closed for tree trimming and people don’t know how to merge without being dicks it seems. But once I got past the tree trimming everything went fine. When I made it to my parents house Gucci was lying down. I went over to make sure that he was okay, but I told him to stay down if he wanted.


Lumi was waiting at the door for me. I told him to get down, it was just me, but that just seemed to make him more excited. I think he’ll be a good dog, he just needs some training. Poppa was painting when I got there, so I kinda left him alone to paint. I went up to say hi to mom who was almost ready to come down stairs. I told her I didn’t know what to say to my boss, because I don’t think I’m going back to work this week. She helped me figure it out, so that was nice. I told my boss that I wasn’t really ready to come back yet, she said that it was fine, the doctors note gave me 4 weeks off. So if I want to come back sooner, great, if not no worries.

I put on Good Eats while waiting for mom to come down, and then we put on Disney+ and put on the new Lion King . It was a good movie, but I think I like the original better. The graphics were great, and I loved that they kept the songs and the jokes, and I enjoyed the new voice actors, but I grew up with the original, so I think I’ll always prefer it.

Afterwards we pasted Gucci and took Lumi for a walk, then we went inside. I saw what time it was and decided I needed to leave before the high school got out. As I was sitting at the base of the driveway I thought about going the back way, but decided the freeway would be quicker. Well I was wrong. There was a roll over accident going the other direction and everyone going my way had to stop and look.

I got home and watched another episode of The Incredible Doctor Pol while I played around on the computer. Once I was done with that and emailing my doctors (good things, promise), I watched another episode of Dracula. Ohhhh so good! I love how episode 2 ended.

Fiks worked late again, so I lied on the sofa and read my book while I had Dr Pol on in the background. But he was awesome and we made chicken tacos when he got home, so that was nice. Thank you love. Fiks tends to have the timing poor when it comes to eating and Dr Pol. It always seems when he sits down to eat an abscess bursts or there is a huge bloody wound or maggots or something. Last night was no exception, but I stopped it and put on Sabrina instead.

I didn’t sleep well Tuesday night. I had more nightmares, great. I remember one where (for some reason) I was riding my bike and I went into a store and realized I didn’t have my bag. So I got back to my bike and realize that my wallet had been stolen. Don’t ask me why I wouldn’t have my bag (its a back pack I take everywhere), or what it means. It was just one of many bad dreams.

I eventually crawled out of bed and made my way to the computer after turning on the TV and putting on MASH, I did some disability form work. Hopefully that’ll kick in the next day or two. I then went over to my doctors appointment and got there early, so I played a little Harry Potter and then read my book. The appointment went well, so that was nice.

I drove to my parents house and when I pulled in the electricians were there and people I had no idea what their job was, but they were there too. I parked next to Gucci and said hi. I offered him a cookie and got nothing, but then I offered him a carrot and he turned around and then demanded both.


I made my way past the electricians and went looking for mom and poppa. They were all upstairs. Lumi was on the bed with mom and jumped off when he saw me. We watched a little TV before making sandwiches, and mom showed me the new track lighting in the living room. It looks really good, it’ll be interesting to see how bright it makes the room at night. Oh, and the guys I had no idea what their job was, they were there to apply plaster to the holes that were around the house from the construction.

I left to go get my eyebrows done and then I went to the grocery store. I listened to The Ralph Report while I walked around. I’m actually still listening to it while I’m typing this. But the grocery store went well, and I followed through on something with Fiks. He said he’d eat these. So we’ll see.


After I checked out he responded that he wanted the chocolate. Well I had gotten both by that point, so…

I came home and thankfully the grocery bags weren’t too heavy (I’m not meant to lift over 5 lbs right now), I know 2 of them were more than my weight allowance, but one was cold stuff so it had to come in and be put away. I then took a little break because my core was sore. I finished my book (5) and started the next in the trilogy (6). I watched some Dr Pol and then listened to some Halestorm.

I kept watching Dr Pol and reading for a while, and then I put on Wreck It Ralph. It’ll always be special to me because it was our first date movie. We talked about it when Fiks came home, trying to decide when we started dating. Like did the times we went to the shooting gallery count? Nah, but Wreck it Ralph does. After Ralph we watched and episode of Sabrina. Fiks has decided that everyone is going to be dead, even though we have one last episode left.

I woke up to the sound of sirens 530-6 am. Ended up being a major accident headed northbound on the freeway that is close to our house. I swear it was sirens for half an hour going to and probably from the accident scene. I might have heard a helicopter too for a life flight, I’m not 100% sure on that one, I was still half asleep. I was able to fall back to sleep after Fiks kissed me goodbye for the day.

I woke up and moved to the sofa and watched some Futurama while I tried to wake up. Then I called my parents and found out that my mom had friends coming over and that she would like my help. I scrolled through FB for a while and saw a girl riding a pretty dapple gray horse with a flaxen mane and tail, made me realize house much I actually miss riding. Maybe someday I’ll get back into it. So eventually I got dressed and went over to my parents house. I stopped to pick up the garbage can at the bottom of the hill, and I think I pulled a healing muscle or something because it hurts.


Gave the boy a carrot and some love and took off his blanket since it was turning into a nice warm day. Then I went inside and gave mom her birthday tulips that I got for her yesterday at the grocery store. I helped her and poppa clean up and then make the lunch for her friends. Poppa and I then went outside to deal with Gucci’s hay bag. It had just a lot of hay in it that he wasn’t eating, so we walked it out into the field and poured it out.


Look at my handsome boy. And if you look behind him at the black bag, you can see what I mean by the hay bag being half full.

We then went back inside and helped mom finish up, and just when we were finished getting ready they showed up. We had chicken soup, salad, cheese and crackers. It was a good lunch. I then came home and listened to the Ralph Report for a little while while I played around on the computer. Then I watched Dr Pol for a little while during which I read my book some more. When Fiks got home we went out for sushi.

I had the tuna roll, Fiks had the shark roll. I’m not really sure what’s in it, but he really likes it, so that’s what matters. We then came home and watched the last episode of Sabrina.

So good. I can’t wait for the next season to come out. But now we can start watching The Witcher.

I haven’t been sleeping through the night. I wake up around 1 am and then I wake up again at 5 am and just doze until Fiks’ alarms go off, then I’m able to go back to sleep once he leaves for a hour or two. So I woke up and moved to the sofa and fell asleep to Futurama for a episode or two.

I then went to my parents house and said hi to Gucci. He was trying to play with his jolly ball which was over the fence, so I brought it back on the side that he could play with it. I said hi to Lumi and poppa, and then I went upstairs to find mom watching Singing in the Rain. We both love that movie so we moved downstairs and watched it down there. Once it was over we went outside and gave Gucci a carrot or two.


Then we pasted Gucci and I came home because my side is still hurting.I lied down on the sofa and read my book while listening to The Ralph Report and then Stuff You Should Know. So far behind on my podcasts while being off work. I put on Million Pound Menu for a little while. Its an interesting show about people trying to get investors interested in backing their restaurants. I tried to watch Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu, but Hulu was being dumb and not working, so I put in back on Dr Pol while I waited for Fiks to get off work so we could go get some pyes for dinner.

We came back with pyes (yes, I’m spelling it that way intentionally) and Fiks with a hazy IPA beer he enjoys, then we sat down and watched the 3rd episode of The Witcher. I don’t remember watching the second episode, but it could have happened and I just don’t remember. But I enjoyed the episode, even if there was one moment that had me covering my face because it was too much like Alien.

Fiks was heading to a party on Saturday and decided to take public transit, so he got up out of bed and I was afraid that he had left without saying goodbye, I found him on the sofa watching the new Ducktales. So we snuggled up under the blanket and watched a couple of episodes. We then got him his bus tickets, and went to the bus stop. We stayed in the car for a little bit before he went to the bus stop. I stayed in the car and waited to make sure the buss showed up just in case.

When I got home I got changed and went over to my parents house. It’s nice at our place, and it was all clouded over at their place. I went and said hi to Gucci who was confused because I was in Fik’s car instead of my truck. Thankfully there were carrots waiting for me outside, because I forgot to grab a cookie from my truck before I left.


Nom nom nom.

I had to ring the doorbell, which set of the dog, because I thought I had forgot my keys at home to get into the house. Later I would find them with me. I said hi to mom and poppa and we talked about stuff, like Fiks going to the party and me not going. I was afraid that I’d get in a decent amount of pain then be stuck almost 2 hours away. So I decided to stay home, but I told Fiks to give Decoy all my love and happy birthday wishes.

Mom went upstairs to get dressed and poppa went back on the computer, Lumi and I stayed in the living room and watched TV. Watched a new show on National Geographic Wild, Heartland Docs, which I haven’t seen before. I’m not sure how I feel about it, I like most vet shows, but this one feels a little too staged for me if that makes sense. I ran outside to give Gucci another carrot to kill some time and I saw these beautiful flowers blooming that mom had planted.

Mom came down during the second episode, so we watched that and then we left to help mom do some shopping at Target. I said I didn’t need anything, but I ended up coming home with cookie dough, sausages and hot dog buns.

I spent my afternoon reading my book (6) and started the next one (7) in the series. I took a little break, tried to take a nap which I was unsuccessful at and then decided to try some coloring. I colored for quite a while, which was nice. I finished the dragon in the one picture that I was unsure on how to proceed with for a while.

Then I watched some Dr pol for a while, and then I decided it was time to watch the last episode of Dracula. No spoilers. It was good, didn’t end the way that I was expecting. But that’s okay, if I could have predicted the ending maybe it wouldn’t have been as good. I had been talking to Fiks while he was up at the party, and around this time he was trying to get home and his phone was dying. Needless to say I was a little stressed and freaked out once his phone died. I might have stress eaten some ice cream. During this time I had an amtgard friend, Raven, reach out to me and hopes I feel better soon. So thank you I really appreciate it. I tried to figure out which train he was on, then which buses he’d have to take to get home. I couldn’t figure it out. So I started coloring again and watching Dr Pol again. I started to fall asleep on the sofa with the phone on my hip (in case he somehow called) and then I heard him come up the steps and he rang the doorbell before I could get there. I was so happy he was home safe.

He needed to recover for a little while after getting home, so I crawled into bed, we talked for a little bit, and then he went out to get some water. I fell asleep pretty quickly listening to my audio book. Ended up finishing it this morning. I tried to move Fiks to bed from the sofa around 130, but he didn’t really wake up. So I left the door open for him and went back to bed. I woke up around 830 and finished the audio book and scrolled through Facebook. I then came out to work on this and I think I ended up waking him up by my typing, but he seemed to be feeling better, so that’s good.

After breakfast we went over to my parents house to go see Gucci. Its been very windy today, so needless to say that he was a little freaked out. He whinnied when he saw us as he was standing out in his turn out because there were tarps flapping next to his stall so he didn’t feel safe in there. He was still favoring his left hind, so I tried to pick it out, didn’t really see anything, but he doesn’t want to put much weight on it. So kind of worried about him.


We then went inside to say hi to mom and the dog. Mom was upstairs so I went to say hi and wish her a happy birthday. I gave her her tulip plant on Thursday for her present. She came downstairs shortly after me and we fixed a couple things that had blown over and checked on a couple other things. We then went out to give the boy carrots, he wasn’t super into them at first, but he didn’t want me to leave with them. Next we pasted him and gave him a fresh bale of shavings (that hopefully didn’t fly away in the wind) to lie down in to sleep tonight. We also got a little feeder out and I put a scoop of senior in it and we hung it on his turn out fence so he could have something to eat.

After we got home I ended up taking a nap on the sofa to an episode of Dr Pol and Fiks woke me up saying something really loud as he walked past. I don’t think he realized I was asleep. I just hung out on the sofa and did some coloring afterwards until it was time to get ready for the birthday dinner.

I got to wear my Pixar dress for the first time. I got it for my birthday last year and haven’t had an occasion to wear it before today. Then Fiks wore his Wall-E button up shirt and hoodie, and off we went to dinner. Dinner was good, I had the pork chop, most of the table had the fettuccine alfredo with steak. Mom and Fiks and the surf and turf. I felt bad for Fiks, he found some piece of metal in his potatoes. He carefully ate them from that point, but he pointed it out when they came to take his plate away. The manager came and explained what it was an apologized for it happening and comped his dinner. But it was a good time.

See you next week!

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