Toss a coin to your Gucci…(Week 7)

Hi from Monday!

So last night Fiks and I watched the second episode of The Witcher. It left me with more questions than answers, and we’d seen episode 3 so we already know what happens. I’m not sure. Oh, and I finally hear the “Toss a coin to your witcher” song. Here it is if you haven’t heard it. Or if you want to hear it again… We keep randomly singing it.

I woke up kind of early and moved to the sofa and put on MASH. I was dozing on the sofa when I got a call from poppa saying they had power and to bring mom back home. It was before 9 so I decided to leave her until 9, but she came over with Lumi before then, and she asked me to take him for a walk, so I did. Once I came back mom went and got ready to head back home, and then it was my turn to get dressed and ready.

We loaded mom and Lumi into the truck and made our way to my parents house. I picked Lumi up out of the truck and put him on the ground. We don’t let him jump from the truck if we can help it because our other poodle, Sherlock, ended up damaging his hips that way. Anyway, we went and said hi to Gucci, who wasn’t interested in turning around for a cookie. But he took it over the fence from the feed room, so that’s good.


When we pulled up the contractor was there, but he didn’t stay long. He put shelves in the old pantry so mom could put her cleaning supplies there, and then he left. Mom and I watched a couple shows on the Food Network. Poppa said the internet was down, so I tried to fix it but I couldn’t get it to work, and I tried everything that I could. So I’m not sure on why the internet was down.

I ran a couple of errands on my way home, and then swung by the market to pick up some lunch. I got a grilled prosciutto and brie panini sandwich, some chips and ice tea. I also got a balsamic vinegar glaze, I can’t wait to try that out with some brie and some crackers. I came home and turned on the TV and watched some National Geographic Wild while I played around on the computer. Once I was done with that I moved to the sofa and ended up taking a nap, which was nice. After I woke up my new coloring books showed up, so I decided to color in one of them.


I really like Selina Fenech stuff. Her books are really cool because there are doubles of every picture, so if I you screw up one, you can just go do the double. I decided to color in the Gothic book, because I saw an image of a angel with a sword on marble. It reminded me of the pose on the tomb of one of my characters killed off in my wanna be book series. Haven’t worked on that in forever.


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Oh! And I got an update from Ugears. My part and wax have shipped. They are coming from the Ukraine, so it’ll be a while before I can work on that. But its on its way so I’m going to be able to start working on it again soon. Fiks came home and we didn’t do any thing fancy for dinner. But we did watch the 4th episode of The Witcher, which was good. I’m finally understanding this jumping around in time lines thing. I thought that Geralt was in the future and girl was in the past, well it’s the other way around. We listened to “Toss a coin to your Witcher” after the episode was finished. Fiks is trying to learn the song.

I didn’t sleep well at all Monday night. I couldn’t get my brain to shut up. It was freaking out over changing my name and the paperwork that goes along with it. I tossed and turned a lot, and eventually I moved out to the living room and the sofa and turned on The Incredibles and fell asleep to the movie. I slept until Fiks had to leave for work where he told me to go back to bed. So I did. And it was another case of just tossing and turning.

I woke up and checked my email and saw that I had one from disability that I needed to do, so I did that. And then I worked on the paper work for changing my name, I guess I’m going to do that today. Just need my parents social security numbers and then its done. So I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci and took off his blanket. He wouldn’t turn around for a cookie so I had to go and give it to him inside.


I went inside and Lumi went bonkers because he was all alone downstairs. I went upstairs to find mom talking to my other mother and poppa was flossing his teeth. I told him I needed his and mom’s social security numbers, so we went downstairs and got that information and put it on the sheet of paper I had to turn in. Mom and I watched an episode of Dr Pol before leaving to head to the social security office.

There was a very nice guard there who asked what we needed to get done today and explained that he had to do a bag search. Everything went fine with my bag until he saw my eppie pens, he just didn’t know what they were, but he let them in anyway. I got my number and mom and I sat down. It took about an hour and a half before my number was called. The guy who helped me asked if I was okay because I was shaking, I explained to him I just shake a little bit. Then we went over my stuff, and I’m on the way to being a Mrs. Weird.

Afterwards we went to CVS to get mom her coffee, then we went back to her house. Poppa and I pasted Gucci and I came home and watched Chopped.  I was going to color but my side was hurting so much I couldn’t get comfortable unless I was lying down on my side. The pain got better after my shower and I was able to soak it for a little while. We did steak for dinner and watched the next episode of The Witcher.

I slept better last night until I kicked off my gravity blanket in the morning and then I was too lazy to pick it up. I moved to the sofa and put on MASH and fell asleep to that for a little while. I went to the grocery store and listened to The Ralph Report and I picked up some chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines day. I have no idea what we’re doing, but at least we have dessert.

I went and said hi to Gucci once I got to my parents house and took off his blanket. He seemed happier today, even though he was lame still and his left front knee was slightly swollen. psx_20200212_140644

I went inside and put my cold & frozen groceries away and poppa came out and the first words out of his mouth were “Did you get any carrots?” I laughed as I pointed to the 10lbs that I had bought at the store. Lumi said hi and went bouncing off the walls. I watched the pretzel episode of Good Eats while I was waiting for mom to come home from getting her nails done. I helped poppa clean up the living room, kitchen and the hallway too. Mom’s tulips have bloomed and look amazing…


Mom got home and we watched an episode of Dr Pol while we had lunch. Then poppa and I pasted Gucci and I came back in and watched a little more TV with mom before leaving and coming home. I watched Avengers Infinity War while I did some coloring. I had to do it in phases because my side was hurting bad again, or is that still? Whichever. I chose this picture because it reminded me of Shatter Me by Lindsey Sterling featuring Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.




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After I was done watching Infinity war (I hadn’t seen it since its come out to be honest) I put Pitch Perfect and colored to that for a little while then I had to put everything away because I was hurting to much and needed to lie down to calm my side down. Fiks came home at the end of Pitch Perfect while I was emptying the dishwasher. We did dinner, watched and episode of The Witcher, and I went to bed.

The next day I woke up and went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, who was happy to see me. Mom was waiting for me to come over because the dog would not stop barking every time she went upstairs and poppa had gone over the hill to run some errands, so he couldn’t sit with him. While I was sitting with him I got a text from Fiks inviting me to join him for lunch. So I waited for mom to come back down before I left and then we met at Panda Express. When I left Gucci was lying down taking his nap.


When  I came back a little over a half hour later he was still lying down which was odd, but he was sleeping so I didn’t want to disturb him. My sister had also showed up while I was gone. She wanted to let Lumi run around outside, so she did. I tried to tell  her Gucci was sleeping but she didn’t really listen. The dog ended waking him up. Mom and I thought it was weird that he was still down at this point, so after my sister left we went and checked on him. He wasn’t feeling well, so I gave him some Banamine and we decided that if he was still down in a hour after we got back from running errands, we’d call the vet.

Running errands went fine. We went to my bank, Whole Foods, and a local craft store looking for frosting for decorating cookies. When we got back Gucci was still down, so we ended up calling the vet. The receptionist said it sounded like colic, so to keep an eye on him and she’d get a vet there as soon as she could. Ended up being about 45 minutes to an hour, which isn’t bad considering where the vet was coming from. She listened to his stomach and his guts and said he was quiet, which meant he’d need tubed and oiled. So after she gave him some tranquilizers, she got some water and some mineral oil, shoved a tube up his nose and down into his stomach, and started pumping. Afterwards she checked out his left front hoof and said that he had an abscess brewing and to keep an eye on it. I told her that he was lying down a lot, she said as long as he wasn’t thrashing, kicking, or biting his stomach and being quiet it was okay.

Poppa was amazing and dug out his stall so we could lay down some fresh shavings for him to lie down on. We grazed while he did this and then I let us in his stall by opening a panel we were next to and just walking us through since he was so lame. We laid down some shavings and got him settled in for the night before leaving to go to my sisters house for garlic burgers.

I came home first and took a shower because I was covered in horse hair. Then I went over to my sisters and helped them prepare and cook the burgers in between keeping my niece occupied by reading Where’s Waldo, Pat the bunny, and Peter Pan. Dinner went well and we had a spiced apple cake for dessert. I got my stuff ready to go and spend the night at my parents house so I could keep an eye on Gucci throughout. I kissed Fiks goodbye and headed back over to my parents house.

When we got there he was standing up, so that was a good thing to see. I ran my stuff in the house and went back outside and he was down. He’d stay down the rest of the night until about 5 am. How do I know this you may ask. Because I got up every 1.5-2 hours to go and check on him. He still wasn’t doing good in the morning so we called the vet again and I had to wait for a call back. When I did hear from the vet he recommended taking Gucci for a 15-20 minute graze and he’d call back a little later, so I went and did that.


He was hungry and enjoyed the graze, then I put him back in his stall because he was still super lame and I felt bad making him walk on that bad hoof.

Earlier in the morning I had made some sugar cookies, so after I came back in from Gucci I decided to decorate them. It was Valentines day after all.

The vet called back a little later and I told him I took him for a graze, but he still hadn’t pooped yet today. He said that it sounded he needed another treatment of oil and that he’d be over in 1.5-2 hours. Well it was more like 3, but at least he showed up, so that was nice.

We went into Gucci’s stall and he listened to him again and said he was very quiet. He did a rectal and pulled out some very dry manure, said that he needed oiled again and that he’d need IV fluids. But first he needed to be oiled and his abscess worked on. So without a tranquilizer (which I found bloody amazing), he shoved a tube up Gucci’s poor nose again and down his throat and gave him a bucket of mineral oil and water. He then tried to pull Gucci’s shoe. One, the farrier had put it on too well for him to pull off, and two, it was really hurting Gucci to pull on the shoe. I know Gucci was trying his best to be good, but when you hurt you hurt.

So the vet said he’d numb his hoof so he could take off the shoe and pack it. He gave him multiple shots of a local anesthetic in his hoof and left him alone and set up his IV fluids. He was getting 5 1.3 gallon bags of fluids. He used one of my old lead ropes to hang them from a beam in Gucci’s stall after poppa had put a bar across his opening so he couldn’t get out.


He then went and pulled Gucci’s shoe off. He still had a problem, but it wasn’t on Gucci’s end this time. It was still the farriers fault. He grabbed some hoof tools and he found the abscess pretty quick. It literally popped once he found it and it stank. He made a decent size hole in the foot to make sure it drained properly and then he got stuff to wrap it. Once it was wrapped he got his clippers and shaved Gucci’s neck along his jugular so he could stick a line in there for the fluids to go into. He gave him another shot of banamine (he hadn’t had any pain killers since yesterday) and a tranquilizer then stuck the line in his neck. He sutured it in place with 3 sutures that would have to come out with the line, then he used duct tape on his halter and on his mane for the IV fluid line to keep it close to Gucci’s neck.


My poor drunk boy.

The tranquilizer wore off after a hour, and the local in his hoof wore off after 3 hours. Mom and poppa left to go to mom’s birthday dinner with her friends, so I stayed behind with Gucci.


It took a little over 3 hours for the bags to drain fully, and he peed a couple of times and pooped once while still hooked up. All good signs. As I was walking out to check on him around 630 Fiks came rolling up. So he helped me unhook him and untape him and then he helped me pull the line out of his neck. We then cooked some pizza and watched the Witcher. It wasn’t the romantic night either of us were planning for, and I felt really bad about that. I feel like I screwed everything up. But I have to take care of my boy when he’s this sick. So I don’t know. Fiks said he was fine with how the evening turned out, but I still felt bad.

I slept again at my parents house and Gucci was up every time I went outside to check on him during the night, which was great. And he had peed and pooped again, also great. He’d eaten the fed I’d tried to give him earlier which he wasn’t interested in. So I gave him his breakfast around 7 which consisted of a scoop of senior and half a flake of hay. I checked on him a couple of times throughout the morning and he seemed to be doing fine, so that was good. I was able to come home earlier than planned.


My Valentines day flower that Fiks got me. If you don’t know this by now, I love white roses. They are my birth flower.

I came home and took a nap watching Million Pound Menu until my mom called me asking about Gucci’s feed level and schedule. I never got back to sleep after that. I waited for Fiks to come home from amtgard and then we snuggled on the sofa for a little while watching Disenchantment. We watched The Blue Umbrella on Disney+, then the original Toy Story. We did some white wine with our calzones (that had no red sauce, so it worked out) for dinner. Then the new Roku Stick showed up so he was busy setting that up on the bedroom TV while I watched an episode of Dr Pol. Once that was finished I went into the bedroom and snuggled with him while he was setting stuff up and watching videos.

For some reason I really wanted to watch Chernobyl, we hadn’t seen it before, so we watched that for one episode. Holy shit, that whole situation was F’d up, man.

We crawled into bed after watching Chernobyl and I fell asleep pretty fast. Fiks was still watching videos when I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night wanting to go and check on Gucci, but I couldn’t because I was home and he wasn’t just outside the door anymore. But I was able to go back to sleep, so that was nice. When we woke up I called after an episode of Ducktales and asked how he was doing. Poppa answered and said he was doing fine, but there was no fresh oily poop, so he scooped out where he normally poops so we could keep an eye on it.

Nightfury passed away during the night. He’d been going downhill for a while, just lying on the bottom of the tank, not really doing anything. He couldn’t even really swim to the top anymore to get food, and when we did drop it down towards him he wasn’t interested. It’d been weeks since he’d eaten last. So I’m sad, but I’m glad he’s gone and no longer suffering.


We took Nightfury with us when we went over to my parents house to bury him under the animal tree. But first we went and said hi to Gucci. He wasn’t moving to well due to the abscess, but otherwise he seemed to be doing fine. He had a hard time moving over so I could take his blanket off, but he eventually did it. He’s such a good boy, always trying his best even when he hurts. Fiks noticed a big pile of oily poop in the back of his paddock. So YAY! POOP! He’s going to be okay I think at this point.


We went to go inside and the door was locked, so I rang the door bell and mom came and let us in. I told her we had to bury Nightfury today, and she was supportive about it. I wanted to wait for poppa before we buried him, so we did. We watchedSecrets Of The Zoo: Tampa for a little while and then we went back out to give Gucci carrots.


I was making up Gucci’s paste when poppa came home. I told him we had a fish to bury, so he went upstairs to get changed while we pasted Gucci. Once he had the shovel and the pick ax all 4 of us made our way down to the animal tree to bury Nightfury. We ended up burying him right next to Stormfly. How do we know this you may ask. Well, we found Stormfly’s log that we buried him in, so they are now neighbors.

We left soon after and got some blizzards from Dairy Queen. I got double fudge cookie dough and Fiks got Oreo cookie, but he got hunks of cookie dough too. We came home and we did a couple of things around the house. Fiks started to play Red Dead Redemption 2 while I played around on the computer. When I was done with the computer Fiks was sleeping on the sofa. I tried to talk him into taking a nap on the bed, but he just slept on the sofa. I went through my coloring books looking for something to color. I feel stuck on the one I was coloring earlier this week, but I’m sure I’ll come back to it.

I found an image of a woman with a wolf. Reminded me of two of the characters that I wrote about. Demi, a half breed vampire, and Crispin who’s a werewolf. So I decided to color the woman as I see Demi and I’m going to color Crispin as I see him in his wolf form… once I find the description for his wolf. I can’t really remember it.

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And that’s it for now. We’re getting dinner ready right now. Marinated chicken in balsamic vinegar, rice, and broccoli. Yum.

See you next week!

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