Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho… (Week 8)

Hi from Monday!

I didn’t sleep really well last night. We watched Chernobyl before I went to bed so I had bad dreams from it and was tossing and turning all of the night. I moved to the sofa and turned on M*A*S*H and fell asleep on the sofa after eating some breakfast. I woke up to a call from poppa giving me a update on Gucci and asking me to give him a ride up to my brothers house after coming and pasting Gucci. I said sure, since its on my way home. I also did some coloring while watching M*A*S*H.

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After a while I was getting a little stir crazy so I got dressed and headed over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. I took his blanket off and gave him a carrot and a flake of hay since his hay bag was almost empty. He seemed to be feeling better, there were a couple more piles of poop out in his turn out, so yay.


When I got there the contractor was there, so we talked while heading into the house. Lumi went a little crazy when I walked in, running around and into the furniture. Poppa came out and said hi, and then I sat on the sofa and watched some Chopped. The contractor left soon after I sat down, saying that he’d be coming back tomorrow to work on some more stuff. I pasted Gucci with Poppa’s help and then he went to go and get ready to go to my brothers house. We got a phone call from mom saying that she was coming home in 30 minutes. She asked me if I had the stuff for changing Gucci’s hoof, I said I didn’t because I hadn’t swung by the feed store today. Poppa had the idea of me running to a feed store in town to get the stuff that I needed for Gucci.

So I went and got Gucci some epsom salt paste (because he won’t soak), some gauze and some sterile pads so I could change his hoof. I had the vet wrap at home already, so I didn’t need anymore of that. I wondered around the store for a little bit. I saw some Breyers that were cute, but none that I HAD to have. I saw a couple of cute shirts too, but I think they’d be to small for me. So I took my stuff, paid for it and left.

When I got back to my parents house poppa said that Star Wars was on, so I watched that until mom came home a little bit later. So we changed his wrap. I saw his abscess, the hole is about the size of a quarter, which is gross. I picked at it until it bled because it still looked gross and pus filled. I then put the epsom salt paste on the hole, wrapped it in gauze and vet wrap then put on his easy boot. He was moving a lot better than Sunday, but still lame, so we grazed for 5 minutes and then we went back into his stall.

I came home and put on Pitch Perfect 2 and then did some more coloring. Demi and Crispin everyone!

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Fiks was working late, so I did balsamic glaze nachos for dinner. I know it sounds weird, but it was actually pretty good. I didn’t put a lot of cheese or glaze on the chips over the chicken, so it was good. Fiks came home after I finished dinner and did left over garlic burger and some waffle fries and we watched an episode of Disenchanted. No Chernobyl for us tonight, I think both of us needed the mental break from it.

I didn’t sleep well again last night, sleeping good just isn’t on the radar for me apparently this week. Maybe I’ll sleep good tonight, who knows. Anyway, I woke up and made myself some cereal and moved to the sofa to watch some Futurama for a while. I actually dozed back off on the sofa so I caught a little bit more sleep, so that was nice.

After I was awake and moving I went to the feed store down the street. I got the gauze pads I needed and a roll of sticky tape to put around his easy boot to help keep it on. Then I ordered my feed and shavings. I saw that they had a new feed called Purina Outlast Gastric Support, and asked a couple questions about it. I wanted to talk to mom before I ordered it since they pay for the feed and its like a $40 bag of grain. But for his weight and size he’d only be getting 1.5 cups twice a day out of a 50 lb bag. So maybe it’ll last a month, I’m not sure.

Mom called me while I was coming down the mountain and asked me to swing by Safeway to pick up some bread and cheese, so I did. When I got to my parents house the contractor was there, so I parked next to Gucci’s stall. I gave him a carrot and took off his blanket and he seemed pretty happy. He’d also taken off his easy boot, so I had to go looking for that to put it back on. Thankfully it was pretty easy to find, but I got epsom salt all over my thumb putting it back on.


The contractor was pouring concrete in the mole hole which is what we call the hole that leads to the underside of the house. So I couldn’t go in the main door, so I went to the side and knocked and mom answered the door for me and let me in. I told her about the bag of feed and she said that we should try it, so I’ll pick it up tomorrow. We went outside and I wrapped some of the tape around his hoof and easy boot in an effort to keep it on.

We were making sandwiches when one of moms friends came over to help her put some of her china away in her new kitchen. She went out to give Gucci a carrot but he didn’t really want to move. He wasn’t putting a lot of pressure on his bad hoof. I hung out for a little while, eating little sandwiches and then I pasted Gucci and came home.

I ended up watching some Chopped and taking a nap during an episode. I thought I was woken up by an earthquake, but nothing registered on the website, so it must have been a heavy semi going by or something. I did some coloring after putting on The Incredible Dr Pol .

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Quite unintentionally she ended up turning into Foxglove with her pink hair. I don’t know what exactly she’s doing with a raven, but I’m sure it’ll come to me eventually. I stopped coloring and waited for Fiks to come home, but he was running late again. He had to deliver a package to the airport that got left behind. Oops. When he did get home he cooked the steaks up and some waffle fries for himself, I’d already eaten. We watched a episode of Ink Master and then I went to bed.

I didn’t sleep good again. I read my book (8) before I tried to fall asleep. Spent most of the time listening to my audio book (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and trying to sleep. In my usual fashion, I finally started to fall asleep and Fiks alarm goes off to wake him up. So I just kind of dozed after the alarms went off, but I don’t really remember him leaving, so maybe I did get some sleep. I got some cereal and watched some MASH once I got up this morning, trying to sleep on the sofa for a little while.

I swung by the feed store and picked up the bag of feed mom and I had been talking about. So we’ll have to unload it and see what happens. I went to my parents house and said hi to Gucci and gave him a carrot while I took off his blanket. He seemed happy today, his eyes and blaze were bright. I went inside and waited for mom to go to the grocery store.

The store went fine, if long. Mom goes around in one of those little drive able carts with the basket on the front. I tried to listen to some music but my phone wouldn’t cooperate. I had a slight moment of panic when we hit a busy pocket for like 5 minutes. It took over an hour to shop, I’m normally in and out within 30 minutes. So it was hard for me, but I made it through.

Poppa helped us unload the car once we got home. Gucci was lying down so I went and said hi to see how he was doing. I think he was just trying to get the weight off that bad hoof of his.


We ate some lunch after putting their groceries away. Then I went to check on Gucci and he was back up, so we changed the wrapping on his hoof. The hole didn’t bleed this time when I picked at it a little bit, which is a good sign. Hopefully means that its done oozing pus and drying up with the epsom salt paste. We then did a little graze, but its never long enough in his mind. But he was a good boy. He let me paste him pretty easy, which was nice. I grabbed my cold/frozen stuff and came home.

I put my cold groceries away and then decided to work on the thank you cards from the wedding. We’re bad, I know. But they are now ordered and I’ll be able to send them out when they show up in the next week or two. For those of you who have been waiting patiently for a thank you card, I promise you’ll be getting one soon. I followed in my friend, Bill the nun, footsteps and went to Zazzle for my thank you cards.

My new social security card showed up today, so I am now officially a Mrs. Weird. This is so hard to change your name, I’m never doing it again. So you’re stuck with me forever, Fiks! I went to make an appointment at the DMV to get my new ID and want to take a guess when they could fit me in? In May. MAY PEOPLE! Its still only February! And at a different DMV, not even the one in town. I tried DMV’s out of the area that were close and they had the same thing, no appointments. I’m going to get up early on Friday and try to go and get it done, because waiting until May is bloody ridiculous.

Fiks got home around 6, so a decent time compared to the rest of the week so far. We did left overs for dinner and continued to watch more Ink Master. I then went to bed and read my book and Fiks joined me shortly after. He stayed up reading and I fell asleep on him. I woke up around 130 and was basically awake from then on. At 730 I moved to the sofa and had some cereal then I fell asleep on the sofa, I didn’t even hear my phone ring. I woke up and Futurama was playing, so I watched that for a little while before getting dressed and heading over to my parents house.

I backed up to Gucci’s stall to drop off the bag of feed that I forgot I had yesterday. I gave Gucci a handful and he seemed to like it, he didn’t spit it out like he does when he doesn’t like it, or pull any of his funny faces.


It was a tiny carrot and no, he didn’t get my fingers.

Poppa went to go and pick Lumi up from the groomers and to drop off some stuff at a recycling center. I went upstairs to go find mom who was still getting ready. I hung out up stairs so I could help her get downstairs and then we hung out and watched some Dr Pol. I went and checked on Gucci to make sure he still had his boot on, he did. And then later poppa and I went out to paste him, and he managed to spit some out on me, the git. But he was good and turned around for his goodbye cookies, so that was nice.

I swung by the vet office and picked up Gucci’s medicine and my invoices. All I can say is ouch. One of the times the vet came out was almost $900. True, the IV bags cost like $350, but he needed everything that he had to have. So I gave them a payment and hopefully that’ll be good for a little while. Too bad that I’ll need to have the vet come out in March to give Gucci his spring shots and to clean his sheath.

I didn’t really do much the r est of the day, I just feel like I flopped on the sofa and took a nap. Or tried to, I don’t remember succeeding very well. I just watched TV when I was awake and it was mostly Dr Pol. And I finished coloring in the picture of Foxglove.

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When Fiks came home we did an easy dinner and watched some Ink Master and Who’s Line Is It Anyway?

I went to bed and managed to sleep until 130 then I woke up. I managed to doze off and on until my alarm went off at 715. It would be my luck for me to be finally drifting off to sleep when my alarm goes off. I got myself together and headed down to the DMV. I said I’d only go if there were 10 people or less, but there was a line of more than 10 people. I was number 30 when I got in the building. A nice lady helped me get all my stuff together for getting my Real ID. I didn’t have to wait too long, maybe 20 minutes? Then like 15 minutes at the window.

After I got my new drivers license photo taken I went over to my parents house to take care of Gucci. He turned around to meet me this morning, so that was nice. I felt bad that I had a floppy carrot waiting for him tho. But he was happy to take it. I went inside and found out that he went on an adventure this morning, had poppa chasing him with the halter and lead rope trying to catch him.


Mom was going out to make gift baskets for one of her functions, so poppa helped me change Gucci’s hoof. The wrap was okay, the hole was okay. I picked at it a little bit, no blood came out unlike the first time, so that was good. He was a good boy when I changed his wrap with poppa holding him for me. I took this photo while holding a carrot in my hand, mom says this is a photo only I would love. What do you think?


I came home after pasting him. Well, I tried to swing by the vets office on my way home because they gave me the wrong medicine, but they were closed. I got home and watched Pitch Perfect 3 and then I decided it was time to work on dinner. We are doing an Instant Pot stew recipe for dinner. I feel like I screwed up, but we’ll find out in a little while when its done cooking.

Fiks came home right when I closed the lid on the Instant Pot. He got off work early so he could go to Azus’ vigil for his knighting tomorrow. Congratulations Azus! Sorry I can’t be there. My thank you cards came in today, so I will work on those tonight while Fiks is gone. Probably while watching Avengers: End Game. I did end up working on them during End Game. The stew came out good by the way.

I woke up in time for my alarm thanks to Fiks’ alarms going off earlier in the morning. But I had prepped my uniform the day before so I knew where everything was in the morning while I was getting ready. I made my breakfast and packed my lunch, then I woke Fiks up so he could move his car so I could leave for work.

Work went fine, it was kind of hard to get back in the groove of things, like logging a list of cars in was difficult for me for some stupid reason. But I made it through the day okay. I even had some people say welcome back and asked me where I was for a month. I told them I had to have surgery but no more details than that. “The problems of growing more mature” one person said to me. I read my book and listened to my podcasts to make the day go by a little quicker.

After I was done with work I went over to my parents house to take care of Gucci and pick mom up to take her up to my sisters house. I said hi to Gucci, and he was claiming abuse because I didn’t have a carrot or a cookie to great him with.


I went in and said hi to mom who was getting ready and to poppa who was quickly out the door heading to church. Mom helped me paste Gucci and then we gave him his dinner bucket and a fresh flake of hay. Mom wanted to take a photo of us together, so we did.


We then climbed into my truck and I drove her to my sisters place. My sister wanted to take Lumi to the dog park to go and play, so mom went with her to do that. I went home and watched Captain Marvel and Julie and Julia. I haven’t watched Captain Marvel since the flight either to or from our honeymoon, and I’ve never seen Julie and Julia. Cute movie. I did more stew for dinner over egg noodles, nom. I worked on my thank you cards until my hand started to cramp from writing and took that as my cue to stop. Fiks got home around 930, took a shower, and crawled into bed and passed out with me, so that was nice.

My alarm went off and I woke up with it. I got myself ready, made my breakfast and packed my lunch. I then poked Fiks again to ask him to move his car so I could leave for work. Work went fine, it was a slower pace today which was nice, even though it was a nicer day than yesterday. The phone started to have issues around 930, so I stopped using it to log vehicles and just went to pen and paper. I only used 3 sheets, so it wasn’t super bad. I read my new book (9), and listened to my podcasts. While I was at work my boss texted me and asked me to work my weekend location on Tuesday, and I said sure. So I’ll be there instead of the bank on Tuesday.

I went over to my parents house after work and I said hi to Gucci, thankfully there were carrots waiting for me outside so we didn’t have a repeat of yesterday. He took the carrot but wanted more. Oh, I almost ran over a turkey that was standing on the road and would not get out of the way. Then she joined her fellow turkeys in the lower pasture.


Poppa helped me with pasting him, which went fine. We gave him his dinner bucket and a new flake of hay afterwards. Mom and poppa were both there, and boy, was poppa on a pun/joke roll. He was driving my mom so nuts that she went with me to my sisters house to give herself a break. I dropped her off there and went home to take a shower and bug Fiks, but we snuggled on the sofa for a little while then I took my shower.

Dinner was good. It was chicken, corn, honey carrots, rice, and Cesar salad. So much food. I didn’t even get to my corn. We hung out and talked at the table for a little bit, we learned that a heard of turkeys is called a Rafter. And yeah, that’s about it.

See you next week!


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