Just a girl and her Gucci (Week 9)

Hi from Monday!

I actually slept last night! Woohoo! I still woke up in the middle of the night but I was able to go back to sleep instead of just dozing listening to my audio book. I slept so good that I missed a text message from my boss asking me to go into work today. When I did wake up I wasn’t feeling well, so I said I couldn’t, but it didn’t seem to matter because they had found someone by the time I responded. I moved to the sofa and had a bowl of cereal and then fell back to sleep watching M*A*S*H. Eventually I woke back up and got dressed and went over to my parents house.

I said hi to Gucci and ran inside to grab him a carrot because I wasn’t sure there would be one out there waiting for me. I gave him a bit when I went in and then I took off his blanket and gave him more of the carrot. I stayed in there and petted him for a while then I went inside the house. Lumi met me at the door, and I met him with one of his toys, so he went bonkers.

I said hi to mom and poppa and sat down with mom watching The Incredible Dr Pol. We watched for a little while and chatted, then I ran outside to get their thank you card I had written for them. Poppa liked the card when I gave it to him. psx_20200224_141625

I asked him if he had any international postage, and he went looking but couldn’t find any. He also said that postcards might not cost as much to mail as a regular card, so I looked it up and it is cheaper than a normal card. He gave me the address for one of the people I didn’t have an address for, so that was good. I’ll probably work on them a little bit more later on today.

When mom came back down we went outside and changed Gucci’s hoof. It’s looking really good, if green. The green is from the epsom salt paste, so its okay. He still has a hole tho, he probably will for a while. We then went for a lap and he was walking really good, but we only did one lap because I didn’t want to make him lame.


After the lap we went for a graze.


You can see the beautiful wrap job on his front hoof behind his face in the picture. But we grazed for 10 minutes, but for him its never enough. Thankfully I had cookies in my pocket so he was willing to follow me back into his stall. I gave him a cookie and called him a good boy then went back inside. I watched TV with mom for a little bit then poppa and I pasted him. I made up his buckets for the next couple of days, and he was watching me. But he wasn’t watching me from the top of the fence, he was being sneaky (or so he thought) and watching me through the bottom of the fence. Silly boy.

I then met up with Fiks for lunch at Panda Express. He was still ordering when I walked in, so I wasn’t too far behind him. When I got all my stuff I went and sat down with him and we talked about how his day was going. It was going good so far. I then told him I was thinking about getting another tattoo. He said it was the right time of year for me. Ink Master is on, and I’ve gotten 3 out of 4 tattoos done around now. I explained that I wanted a Phoenix tattoo, and he asked me why. I don’t know exactly why, I can’t put it into words, it just feels like the right one for me right now. After a bit we said goodbye and I came home and jumped on the computer to look at Phoenix tattoo designs. Her are some of my favorites so far.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve spent a couple of hours looking at Phoenix designs and tattoos at this point. I’m getting really excited. I don’t know when I’d be able to get one, but I want one. Maybe over time I’ll be able to articulate why a Phoenix calls to me right now. And I’m thinking maybe a quote with it, I’m not sure. I’ve seen some that look awesome with a quote and some that don’t.

I worked on the thank you cards for a while. I’m almost done too, I think I only have 3 or 4 to go. I did it while watching Ice Princess on Disney+. It was a little young for me, but cute. I knew it was something that I could tune out while working on the cards. I’ve still got like 3 to go too. Maybe tomorrow. After working on the cards and drooling over Phoenix’s I changed it to Family Guy while waiting for Fiks to get home. He looked good after getting his hair cut. We didn’t really do much while eating or after dinner.

I didn’t sleep good Monday night, I’m not sure if it was because I knew I had to be up early or what. But I got up between my alarms and got dressed and made my lunch and got ready with Fiks for the morning. So that was a nice change. I went to work and it is a very different pace from the weekends. And people get so pissy if you don’t recognize them or know where they are going. Oh, and they don’t know how the gate works. I had 4 or 5 people almost run into it today. Once when it had been down for a few minutes at the person just wasn’t paying attention. Then they gave me the dirty look, like it was my fault. But otherwise I just read my book (9), and listened to my podcasts to get me through the day. Towards the end of my shift I finished my book and started a new one (10).

There is this plant that sits outside in front of my booth. And it grows these really pretty flowers. I think they are some type of Lilly.


After I got done with work I sat in traffic and made my way to my parents house. It was just poppa, Lumi, and Gucci when I got there. I gave poppa a hug, petted Lumi, ran inside to get Gucci a carrot. He was looking out his back door, but he did turn around for me, so that was nice to see.


Poppa and I pasted him really quick, I ate a cookie, then I said goodbye so I could come home and take a shower. I’ve been watching Dr Pol for most of the evening waiting for Fiks to get home. I started to get hungry, so I ended up reheating some left over panda express from yesterday. I was going to do nachos but we didn’t have any tortilla chips. Fiks got home around 7 and then he had dinner and we watched more Ink Master. I then went to bed. Oh, he brought home a fart machine key chain.


I slept okay last night. I was able to kind of get back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. I woke up a little after Fiks left for work, had some cereal and put on MASH. I manged to sleep through an episode or two. Then I went and got ready to go to the grocery store. I swung by the gas station and almost got a full tank of gas today, so that was nice. I then went into Best Buy to pick up my copy of Frozen II. The grocery store went okay, I listened to the Into The Spiderverse soundtrack.

I ran to my parents house, dropped of my cold and frozen stuff and then ran to pick mom up from her nail appointment. We went back home and I had a little sandwich and then we went out and changed Gucci’s wrap. Its looking really good, I think he’s going to be ready for the farrier next week. Well, for me to text the farrier next week. We then went for a graze, and of course it wasn’t long enough.


After our graze we pasted Gucci then I came home and put my cold and frozen groceries away before heading over to my doctors appointment. The appointment went well, the doctor was happy with my scars. She showed me my photos, man I wish I could get copies. They might be gross for some but I found them really interesting.

I came home and flopped on the sofa for a while and watched Dr Pol, I either fell asleep or dozed during one of the episodes because I don’t remember watching it. Fiks came home kind of late and neither of us really wanted to cook, so we went out and got Chinese for dinner. It was good, I ate a lot. Fiks and I went to bed at the same time and he talked to me about the book he was reading. Its a sci-fi fantasy novel where there are 9 planets and there are necromancers. Sounds like something right up my alley, I’ll have to remember what its called and download it.

I slept okay, I think I slept on my tummy funny though because I was sore when I woke up. But I went and had a bowl of cereal and watched some Futurama and got a little more sleep. I got dressed and went to the bank to deposit a check and then I went to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci and took off his blanket because it was warm. I ran inside to get him some carrots and saw mom was there. So I went in and said hi to her really quick and then her ride showed up. Mom and poppa showed off the new kitchen and then she left. Gucci and I went for a graze and it seemed like this time it was long enough for him.


I just hung out afterwards until I had to leave for work. During this time I talked with my cousin for a little bit and she challenged me to one of those daily photo challenges on FB. Its a day in you life with no explanation. I used Gucci of course.


I went to work and managed to find a good parking spot. I went into World Market and got some candy. Then I waddled down to Pet Smart and looked at their Betta Fish. I saw a couple I liked so I took photos so I could think about them later. I then visited the kitties and saw this cute little calico. There was a big cat that looked like my old cat Rumpleteaser and a black cat that looked like my moms cat Lucifer.

I went into work and people were really happy to see me, so that took away a lot of my anxiety. Some members were even happy to see me too. I stayed inside because it was a hot day and I’m not ready for those yet. I listened to The Ralph Report and that’s about it, I kept interacting with members and employees and couldn’t seem to split ear like I could before.

I woke up early on Friday in order to grab the dog from my sisters house and still make it over to my parents in time. When I pulled up I saw that my parents car was missing, and we went over to say hi to Gucci before heading inside. I asked where poppa had gone and mom said he was in the bathroom shaving. I asked where the car was and she said it was in the garage again, she said with a smile. I said I had to give Gucci a carrot and went outside and poppa surprised me and Gucci while giving him said carrot. Poppa helped me change his wrap and he gave him some cookies for being a good boy.


We went back inside and I had some breakfast with mom and poppa and then we pasted the boy and then I had to run off to work.

Work went fine. I had numerous people ask me where I had been and I said that I had been out because of surgery. One guy just would not let it go, just asking me where and what happened. I guess he was just being nice but he quickly left after I told him what I had happen. But  the rest of the day went fine, I just listened to my podcasts and talked to people when they would stop and talk to me.

Here is my photo from day 2 of the challenge my cousin challenged me to.


After work Fiks and I came home and we started to work on the fish tank because I had my heart set on a fish again. We tested the old water, and added new water and chemicals and everything. We let it settle for a bit and then we retested it and the levels had improved so we deemed it ready for a fish. So we went down to Pet Smart to get a fish.

Before we we went to pick a fish we went to look at the kitties. Fiks wanted to meet the kitties that I had met yesterday. There were a lot more kitties there today than yesterday, and the Rumpleteaser kitty was gone. We found out later that he had been adopted, yay! But we looked at the black cat who wanted some affection, and then the kitten was hiding under her bed. There were so many cute cats. I wanted to bring them all home, but alas, I am not a crazy cat lady…yet…

So we went and looked at the fishes and the one that I really wanted was gone. So I had a sad. But we saw a couple of cool ones, so I pulled 3 down and looked at them. I put the really blue one back. Then it was down to a shimmery white one and then to one with red and white fins with a shimmery white body. Fiks and I couldn’t make up our minds, but you can’t have 2 Betta Fish in a tank because they will fight and kill one another. So we decided to flip a coin. So I reached into my wallet and pulled out the first coin I could find; a British pound. Clearly I still need to clear out my wallet from the honeymoon. But we flipped the coin and we landed on the red, white, and shimmery fish.


We decided to name him Cloudjumper, after the dragon in How To Train Your Dragon 2.


It was late and neither of us felt like cooking dinner, so we went to Togos and got a sandwich for Fiks and a salad wrap for me. Soon after eating I went to bed afterwards and fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and Fiks wasn’t in bed, so I went to the living room and found him asleep on the sofa. I kissed him awake and told him to go to bed. I woke up with my alarms and got dressed and ready for work, I kissed Fiks goodbye and then off I went.

Work went okay. It picked up around 10 o’clock and then died off around 1230. I read my book and listened to my podcasts while logging cars. I actually finished my book and started my next one (11). Then when I was done with work I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci, who nickered at me. It made me so happy. I gave him 2 cookies and then I went inside. I made up Gucci’s medicine and took a photo for today’s challenge.


Mom and I pasted Gucci and then I gave him a new bucket for dinner. We put Lumi in the kennel and then I took mom over to my other mothers (her best friend) house. She pulled in after us and asked what we were doing there. Mom said that she was there at the time she was told, and my other mother was running behind. I made sure mom was okay before I dropped her off and then I called Fiks to see where he was. He was still at the park for amtgard, and we had some out of towners, so I went down to the park to see them.

Once I got there I got some hugs and said hi to people. We then went to a pub and they got some beer and food and Fiks was awesome and got me a pretzel. It was good. We all sat and chatted for a while, and I showed off a couple pictures of Gucci that I had taken. The company had to leave to get home and  so we said our goodbyes and then Fiks and I came home. We’re currently watching the live Ralph Report (from last Friday) while I type this. After The Ralph Report we watched some Brad Williams, funny guy.

I had a hard time waking up this morning. I apparently snoozed my alarm in my sleep. I woke up with the alarm and I went to snooze it then I saw the time and I realized that I had to get up. I moved slow, but I got up and made my breakfast and packed my lunch and off to work I went. It was a slow day. I had no cars until like 710, I usually have a car before 7. And I kept nodding off between cars for the first hour or two it felt like. No one snuck up on me tho, so that was good.

The day was alright, just slow. Lots of golfers and people for the restaurant. It drizzled for a little while, but just enough to get the ground wet. Then I had a car die leaving the golf course and he was trying to get his car out of the way. So I helped him get his car out of the way by helping it push it backwards and then forwards. We parked it behind my truck and he called for help. Help showed up and they couldn’t get the car started, so they ran and got some tools to work on the car. They came back and worked on the car for a little while and eventually got it going.

After work I went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. He walked up after finishing what he was doing and got his two cookies from me. This is my day 4 photo.


I went inside and mom and poppa were just sitting down to have some soup, so I sat down with them and ate a cookie. Then poppa and I went outside to paste the boy, who did fine. We saw that his water was disgusting so we changed it. We let him out to graze while we were doing this, and he was entranced by Turkey Vultures. So after I cleaned and put the water bucket back in place I went to go catch him at the far end of the field. He kept insisting he didn’t need to go back, but yes he did. The water bucket was filling up while I was leading him back. After putting him away I made up his buckets for mom and poppa to give him.

I came home and Fiks was watching more Brad Williams and then he got this sudden urge to make pretzels. I’m not going to stop him from making them. So he made sure we had everything; we didn’t. We didn’t have any live yeast, so he went down to the grocery store to get some. I stayed home to work on this.

We spent the night watching YouTube videos and making the pretzels. Well, I watched the videos and Fiks made the pretzels.


And my hub hub is awesome and makes pretzels.


See you next week!

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