Lots o Gucci (Week 10)

Hi from Monday!

I actually slept pretty well last night. Only woke up once and I was able to get back to sleep. I moved to the sofa and had a bowl of cereal and watched some M*A*S*H and fell asleep during a couple of episodes. Around 10 I decided it was time to get up and moving, so I did.

I went over to my parents house and said hi to Gucci. Thankfully there was a carrot waiting for me. I took off his blanket because it was turning into a nice warm day. I put his fly mask on afterwards just to be sunglasses for him. Afterwards I went inside and said hi to mom and poppa. Mom wasn’t ready to go to the store yet, she still had curlers in her hair. We watched a little TV then decided it was time to change Gucci’s wrap, so we went outside and did that. Then I took him for a graze. I took a photo for my photo challenge and also used the same one for a horse photo page I follow.


We grazed for 15 minutes, but it wasn’t enough time this time around. He manged to squeeze another 2 minutes of grazing before I got him away from all the good grass.


Afterwards we went to the grocery store. I was anxious and forgot my headset to keep me calm and mom was being a bit difficult. But once we got going it seemed to go fine. I got the couple of groceries that I needed, and more. Mom got everything that she needed.


No, I didn’t buy either of them, I just thought that it was a really cool design. Maybe one day I’ll buy one of each to taste them.

Afterwards we went home and unloaded the groceries. I made sandwiches for everyone for lunch and then I came home. I jumped on the computer for a little while and then I worked on finishing our thank you cards. I’m hoping to get those sent out on Wednesday. I watched Frozen II and tried really hard not to take a nap. I then waited for Fiks to come home. We did tacos for dinner and watched Ink Master. Still want a tattoo…

I woke up kinda early and had a bowl of cereal while watching TV. After a while I got up and going because I needed to go and vote before heading off to work. So I found my ballot and quickly went over it and then went to my voting place. I saw this cool statue outside the polling place.


I went inside and voted and got my sticker to prove it. I also used this photo for the Facebook photo challenge I’m doing.


Afterwards I made my way to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci and ran inside quickly to get a carrot. I gave him a piece before taking off his blanket and then another piece when I was done and had put his fly mask on. I went back inside and looked for mom and poppa, but they were gone. So I got Gucci out and we went for a graze. 15 minutes seemed to be long enough today.


After the graze I went back inside and watched some TV. Mom and poppa showed up with Lumi and then mom took off to go to a friends house. Poppa helped me paste Gucci and then I made up his buckets for the next couple of days. Poppa and I had lunch together while Lumi slept on the sofa. I tried to give Gucci his goodbye cookies but he wasn’t interested.

It took me a little while to find a parking spot but I did find one eventually. I sat inside my truck and read my book (11) and listened to the radio before my shift started. One of the employees there gave me a hug and welcomed me back. He also had this new tattoo on his forearm. Its a rapier, apparently he owns the sword his tattoo is of. But the day was okay, I’d say that it was steady with members.

I got home and waited for Fiks to join me. We didn’t watch the election, I had it on Chopped and he was watching videos from PAX East. I watched a couple of the videos with him, they were funny. Then I went to bed.

I didn’t sleep really well Tuesday night. Woke up around 130 and then again at 430 and just dozed from there. I finally started getting back to sleep it felt like when my phone went off. I got dressed and went over to my parents house. Gucci was telling me a sad tale of how he hadn’t had breakfast yet, so I gave him breakfast.


I went inside and had a cookie with mom while poppa took the big truck into the shop to get worked on. I then grabbed Gucci and we walked around for 10 minutes or so to warm and loosen him up for the farrier. We then went and grazed for a little bit, but then the farrier showed up. I told him about the abscess and he was sympathetic, especially since it all happened on Valentines Day.

But Gucci did a lot better today then he did last time he was shod. I kept trying to give him treats for being good but he wouldn’t accept them. Then mom came out and said hi to everyone with the dog who went bonkers because the farrier had his dog with him. Lumi really needs to get some training done.

Anyway, got distracted by that thought. After Gucci got his shoes done we went for a little graze. I kept hearing this noise, and I thought it was just traffic on the main road. Nope, it was poppa bringing the garbage cans up. I then put Gucci back in his stall and went inside the house. Day 7 of 7 photos.


After a little bit of helping mom out I left to go to the grocery store. I listened to David Cook while I was shopping. The store wasn’t too busy, so that was nice. And I think I got everything that I was meant to. And a couple thing that I didn’t need to get but wanted to try. Then I came home and put the cold groceries away, jumped on the computer for a little while. Then I went to the post office to send off the thank you cards, finally. I had 3 international and 32 domestic (Couldn’t think of that word for the life of me this morning).


After sending those out I went to the bank to change my name and do a couple of other things. I came home and Spaceballs was on, so I’m watching that while typing this up. I love that movie. I kind of did a lazy afternoon. I watched the end of Now You See Me 2, and then Fantastic Beasts: The crimes of Grindelwald. Afterwards I lied on the sofa and read my book, finishing it. So I started my new book (12), which is the one Fiks was reading last week. Fiks got home on time for him this week. We did nachos for dinner and then we watched an episode of Good Eats and yesterdays Ink Master.

I slept a little better last night. Still waking up around 130. But I was able to go back to sleep, so that was good. I moved to the sofa and had a bowl of cereal and then managed to doze on the sofa for a while. Then I got dressed and headed down towards my hair dressers. I got my hair did. Its more red and a little shorter. She offered to take me back to blood red, and I was tempted, but I went with the coppery red instead.


After my hair cut I saw that I had enough time to go to my parents house before going to work. So I did. It was only meant to take me 15 minutes to get there but it ended up taking me 20, so I only had 10 minutes to be there. When I pulled up mom and poppa were standing out by Gucci’s stall. I went over to meet them and Gucci and mom said they were out of carrots. I had carrots waiting for him in the truck.


Poppa was awesome and picked up his purple bucket and took off his blanket so I wouldn’t have to get dirty before work. Mom and I ran inside to make me and sandwich and for me to make Gucci’s paste. Poppa helped me paste him, he was a good boy, but almost got some of the spit back on my pants. So I had to dodge that. We went back inside and mom had finished my sandwich and then it was time to go to work.

I found a pretty decent parking spot, and I sat and read my book. I’m only 3 chapters in but I’m really enjoying it, so that’s a good sign. Then I went in to work. It was pretty steady today, almost always had a member inside, and sometimes a line. But it was a good day at the bank for me.

That night we came home and did steaks and fries for dinner and watched some TV. Nothing to exciting.

The next morning I got up early because I had to go grab the dog from my sisters house, but first I had to make breakfast and pack my lunch. So I did that and then I went to my sisters place and she was walking Lumi, so I got him from from her and then we went over to my parents house.

We went over and said hi to Gucci first, giving him his cookies, and then Lumi decided he needed to go pee, so we went and did that, then we went inside. Poppa was up and busy doing something, I asked him if Gucci had been fed yet and he said no, so I went and fed him breakfast.


After I gave him breakfast I went inside and poppa had put on North by Northwest. Great classic movie, highly recommend it. Poppa was telling me the story of how he went to go see it in New York when he was younger with one of his uncles. So that was pretty cool to hear. After around 8, which was about 20 minutes after Gucci got breakfast, we went outside to paste him. He did pretty well, as usual. I went inside to get cleaned up and ready to go.

I got to work and the parking lot was busy, but what do you expect for the first Friday of the month? Guess I had been away for so long I forgot it could get like that. But the day went well. We were steady at the bank, never really having a time where there were no members inside the bank. I read my book on my lunch, got really into it. I like the main character, Giddeon. She’s a smart ass and snarky.

After work I came home and we got changed and went to go get some dinner; some pyes from down at the pub. I had a forfar bridie and Fiks had a lamb curry. Both good pyes. Apparently the bridie is Scottish, but we don’t remember seeing them while we were in Scotland. We came home and we watched some Dr Pol and Fiks watched stuff on his laptop.

I got up early with my alarm this morning, it was a little bit of a rough start. But tomorrow is going to be rougher because of daylight savings time. We leap forward and hour tomorrow for those who don’t have it or know what it is. Anyway, I packed my lunch and made my breakfast and down to the truck I went. I got dressed in the garage because it was raining then off to work.

I got to work on time and got myself settled in then started my day. It felt like a steady day. I didn’t have long periods of down time, I think the longest being 10 minutes, if that. But I just sat there and read my book and listened to my podcasts and logged people coming in. It would drizzle off and on, then it go sunny at one point, then the rain came back. But for the rain we did have I did have a lot of golfers today. I know it was just drizzling, but wouldn’t you think that rain would effect the ball?

Anyway, after work I went over to my parents house to see Gucci and to give him his medicine. I could find him on my drive up so I walked over to his stall and he was lying down outside.


I think I woke him up mid nap, he didn’t seem quite with it when I walked into his stall. As I was walking out Lumi came bounding over to me and mom met me at the door. I said he was down but I think he was taking a nap. So we went inside and made up his medicine, deciding if he was still down when we went out there I’d grab the stethoscope and listen to his tummy. Neither of us wanted him to be sick again. But he was standing up and bright eyed and bushy tailed. So then I pasted him. And I gave him a dinner bucket and made the rest of the buckets up for mom and poppa. We went back inside and I had part of a cookie and then I left to come home.

I got home and Fiks was on the computer. I got changed and flopped on the sofa for a little while and then we started getting ready for gaming. Gaming went well, we grabbed the dragon skull and took it to the mansion. I went to bed early because of daylights savings.

I had a hard time waking up this morning, and getting moving was hard. But I packed my lunch and made my breakfast and went down to the truck and took off. When I got to work there were 4 other cars waiting to get in, because the green gate was shut. So I pulled up and tried to use my code, but it wouldn’t work. So one of the residents tried punching in a number and it ended up working.

Work went well, it was slow today. I listened to my podcasts and read my book. And kept nodding off and on between cars. Thankfully I was wearing my hat and had my head like I was reading so they couldn’t tell when I was dozing. Only one car sneaked up on me, so that was good. At one point I went and got a hot chocolate to help me wake up, it didn’t work for too long.

After work I went to Gucci, and said hi to him and got him to turn around for cookies. And a carrot.


I went inside and said hi to mom and poppa. Mom showed me the pork roast she was cooking and said we had an invitation to come over for dinner, so we might go and do that. We pasted Gucci and he did good, and then I gave him his dinner bucket and he knocked it over in his big bucket, so I took out his little bucket so he could get to his feed. I said goodbye to them and then came home.

I got changed and then Fiks put on Frozen II, and started going through the blu-rays looking for digital codes. He found quite a few, and he found some while I was at work yesterday, so now we have those on digital too. He inputted codes while I watched the movie. Afterwards we went over to my parents house for dinner which was a pork roast and poppas cherry pie for dessert. Nom.

See you next week!

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