Enter awesome title here…. (Week 11)

Hi from Monday!

I manged to sleep last night and slept in for a little while too. So that was nice. I woke up with a pain in my side and I lifted up my shirt and saw a black dot. Fuzzy brain and eyes said it was somehow chocolate. Nope, turned out it was a tick. Pulled it out all in one go tho, so that was good. After I moved to the sofa and made myself a bowl of cereal and put on M*A*S*H. I watched a couple episodes of that and then I picked up Lumi from my sisters place and off to my parents house we went.We said hello to Gucci and gave him a couple of cookies. Then we went inside and Lumi hunted down poppa, who was in his office, and mom, who was upstairs. I ran upstairs with the dog to say hi to mom. After mom came down stairs I went outside and took Gucci for a graze.


Mom brought Lumi out because he apparently was just jumping up and down at the door. Gucci had a good graze, and he wanted to stop after 10 minutes, which was fine. We gave him a few cookies and a carrot and then we went back inside. We made lunch and then we cleaned out the room at the end of the hall for a little bit. I made up Gucci’s paste and then poppa and I pasted him. He was good about it. Mom and I watched some Dr Pol and then I went outside with poppa to measure where one of the tarps that has fallen apart goes. Its an awkward size, 5’4″ x 7’8″. So we’ll see what poppa is able to find at his “toy store”, aka Harbor Freight. After I left I swung by the vet office to change out the bute paste for a banimine paste. I have a roughly scheduled appointment for Gucci for the end of the month for him to get his shots done and his sheath cleaned. I also asked if they were hiring, they’re not. They apparently have 3 interns riding around with the vets at the moment and don’t need a extra hand, but she said she’d let the vets know I was interested.


I sneaked this photo of a horse skull before I left. Pretty cool. I didn’t pick it up but I know that they are heavy for a skull.I came home and put the garbage cans away and moved the laundry and then went looking for something on Netflix. I found a show called Madam Secretary. It’s pretty good. I like it. I did some coloring while watching the first few episodes. The Pegasus ended up looking like Jason, my first horse.

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After quite a few episodes I jumped back on the computer and went to my health insurance company’s website. I went there for one reason, but I got distracted and applied for a job. Then I forgot my original intention for going there. Whoops. I also gave myself a new email address. Its got my new last name in it. Message me on FB if you want it, but I will always have my current (original) email that most people have. Then I realized that I could change my information on my old account to reflect my new name. Whoops. But hey, now I can use either one. Yay!

We didn’t really do anything when Fiks got home Monday night.

I slept okay Monday night, which was nice. I kind of had a hard time waking up to be honest. I moved to the sofa and had a bowl of cereal and watched some Futurama as I tried to wake up. After a while I got up and dressed and went over to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci and took off his blanket and gave him a carrot.


Poppa told me that he had already had a graze that morning, so that was one thing I didn’t have to do. But I was kind of looking forward to it, I guess I could have grazed him for a little bit more. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. I went inside and said hi to mom and then we sat down for a little while. Then I decided it was time to paste him, and he was a good boy as usual. We went back inside and made sandwiches and watched one of her Hallmark movies until it was time for me to leave.

I got to work and I found a parking spot pretty easy. I sat in the truck and read my book until it was time to punch in. Then I went inside the bank and started my shift, About a half hour in I got a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize but it was local so I answered it. It was the place that I had turned the packet into back in February calling and asking me to come in for an interview. I was so excited. I said yes, and I have it in two weeks on Tuesday.

The rest of my shift went fine.  I listened to my podcasts and interacted with members. Then I got a phone call from my boss asking me to work tomorrow at the post I work at on the weekends. I didn’t want to but I said sure. Got to make up for the time I missed from when I was out from surgery. But the day went fine.

I came home and got changed and turned on the oven for the chicken we had marinated yesterday. Then I cooked some rice and some broccoli, it all turned out really good. I can cook some basic dinner type things. My loot crate that I ordered back in December finally showed up. I was kind of disappointed in it. It was meant to be a Doctor Who crate and there was only one Doctor Who item. After dinner we watched some Chopped and then I went to bed

I woke up to Fiks’ first alarm, which I think is at 530 or something crazy like that. I never did get back to sleep because as soon as I’d get there his next alarm would go off. Typical. But we got up and got dressed, I made myself some breakfast, he grabbed some breakfast to go, and then we went off to work. The gate was open when I got there (yay!) and then the day started. It was pretty steady, but I was able to finish my book (11) and start a new one (12). Everything was going fine until around lunch time when a semi came through and the gate went to close to early. Then the gate broke and I had to call the boss and tell her. I think she doesn’t like me. But she sent someone out to fix the arm while I was still there, so the last half house I had the arm back.

After work I went over to my parents place to say hi to Gucci and give him his medicine. He was grumpy with me because I wasn’t there at my usual time. But that didn’t stop him from taking cookies from me.

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I went inside and poppa and Lumi were the only ones home, so I made up Gucci’s paste really quick and we pasted him and then I went off to do my grocery shopping.

I listened to David Cook again while going around the store. It was busy, but I sort of expected that going so late in the day. But I found a parking spot and a cart, so I was able to go around and get all my things. And some things I didn’t need. And a thing that I misunderstood on the list. Fiks wanted dish washing soap, like for the dishwasher… I got the soap that you use if you’re hand washing dishes or soaking them. Which is fine. But the isle where the toilet paper and tissues are was bare.

I get that what’s going around is very serious, I really do. But I don’t understand the point of hoarding stuff. I’ve heard that some places have put limits on how much tissues, toilet paper, paper towels you can buy, which is smart. Means that everyone can get some.

So I came home and put the cold/frozen groceries away and then I got changed and jumped on the computer for a little while. I actually think I was on there until Fiks came home to be honest. Yes, because I had lost track of time because it was still bright outside when he got home.

Thursday was fine. I woke up and watched some Futurama while eating a bowl of cereal, then I went over to my parents house to take car of Gucci. I said hi and went inside just to see mom was getting ready to leave. Well she stayed for an extra couple of minutes, and then my sister came over to get the dog to take him to the beach. When they both left I took Gucci for a graze. And I braided his tail trying to get on the theme for the daily horse shots on FB, but I didn’t like out it turned out.

Work went fine. It was slow actually, right up until the last half hour, then it was busy. I talked with one of the loan officers about tattoos, and one of the tellers as well. Then I came home and got changed. We did dinner at my sisters place. We had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and hung out with everyone for a while before coming back home. In the mail my piece for my mechanical horse showed up, so I was able to start working on that again.

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I woke up with my alarm on Friday, but I didn’t wanna. At least I got the extra 15 minutes that I don’t get when I have to pick the dog up from my sisters house. When I got to my parents house Gucci was waiting for me at his gate. I asked him if he had any breakfast while giving him some cookies and I saw that he hadn’t, so I gave him breakfast. Poppa met me at the door and let me come inside for a little bit before we went out to paste him. Then mom came down and I said hi to her and then I had to leave for work.


I sat in my truck and read my book (12) for a little bit before my shift started. The day went fine, if slow. Everyone is freaking out about the virus and not coming into the bank apparently. There was one woman who basically ran the hand sanitizer station that I stand next to out of the stuff, while freaking out because I wasn’t freaking out about it. People, man. Some are just crazy.

I came home from work and Fiks had beaten me here, and he was preparing the steaks for dinner. So that was nice. I got changed and turned on the oven for the fries and jumped on the computer for a little while as the oven warmed up and Fiks got changed. Fiks had some paperwork from work he wanted me to look at. We might have some big changes and challenges ahead of us, but we’ll get through it together. Dinner was good. We watched Ink Master and then Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Then I went to bed.

For some reason my brain decided to wake up at 5 this morning. And wouldn’t go back to sleep. So I lied in bed until my alarm went off then I got up and dressed for work. I kissed Fiks goodbye, made my breakfast and packed my lunch, and off to work I went. Work went fine, a little busy in the morning and around lunch, but then it died down. And it kept sprinkling off and on through my shift. I just kept asking for the rain storm to start, it kept pushing back and back further into the day.

So of course it starts raining when I get off work and head over to my parents house. I went and said hi to Gucci and gave him two cookies and changed out his quilted blanket into a waterproof one. He wasn’t too thrilled about it, but it happened. Then I went inside and said hi to mom, poppa, and Lumi. I made up Gucci’s medicine then mom went with me out to paste him. He was a pretty good boy for it today. Not like yesterday where I had to grab him by the blanket and he stopped and stuck his nose into the corner of the fence.

I then took mom over to her party and took her dish in for her, said hi to all of her friends, then came home. Fiks was out, but he’d been working on my horse while I was at work today.


So now I only have a few steps left to do before he starts walking! I mean I’m sure he can walk now, but I wanna wait to show you guys.

As you know, today is pie day (3.14), pye day, or naked day (PC 314). We did two of the three. We had a Cornish pastie pye for dinner, and then we had pie for dessert along with some pretzels. We watched Zootopia and finished putting the horse together, and then we did our best to make it walk.


After that I had another pretzel and then we watched some DuckTales before I went off to bed.

Sunday I woke up at 330 and had a hard time getting back to sleep. So I was kind of grumpy when my alarm went off, and I was slow to move. But I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and went down to the truck. It was raining when I was walking down, so I put my work shirt on under my hoodie and popped a button off, I’ll have to hunt it down because it went under the truck.

Work was fine, just very very slow. I maybe had 75 cars throughout the day. I finished my book (12), and started a new book (13). I’m reading about 1 a week, I need to speed up my reading somehow.

I went over to my parents after work and said hi to Gucci, he was waiting for me at the gate. I guess I took too long to get out of the truck and get over to him to give him cookies, which he wasn’t happy about. So I gave him half a carrot that was out there, and that seemed to make things a little bit better.


I went inside and said hi to mom, poppa, and Lumi. Lumi was begging for pets while I was talking with mom and poppa. I made up Gucci’s paste and mom and I went outside to paste him, and (I can’t sing and type, hold on. We’re doing Frozen 2 songs while I’m working on this. Now we’re doing toss a coin to your witcher.) He was pretty good for the pasting, and then I gave him a fresh bucket for dinner. I left soon after to come home.

I got home and came inside to the wonderful smell of pretzels and cupcakes. Then I got changed while Fiks worked on his Car Bomb cupcakes for St. Patrick’s day on Tuesday. They are amazing! Just had one for dessert.

We tried out a new Chinese restaurant tonight. Ordered our usual, minus the rice. For that we did combination. We got it delivered because I was feeling lazy/fried and didn’t want to go back out and Fiks had been cooking all day on his cupcakes and getting new fish food. Cloudjumper has kind of been on a hunger strike the past week. Anyway, back to dinner. So the food shows up and I pay the guy and the first box I open is the combination rice. On top it is covered in peanuts, which means I can’t eat it without going into anaphylaxis shock. Fiks and I both decided that we don’t want a trip to the hospital tonight, so I skip the rice and just eat everything else. I put on a movie, Mr. Right. It was cute. Anna Kendrick is frikkin’ adorable and I love her in practically  everything she does. Fiks loves Sam Rockwell, so I figured it was a good movie for us to watch together. It was. If you haven’t seen it you should. Its on Netflix right now.

Alright, that’s it.

See you next week!