Hay Hay Hay… (Week 12)

Hi from Monday!

I slept okay last night, even though I woke up a few times I was able to get back to sleep. I woke up with Fiks’ alarm and discovered that my gravity blanket had shifted off to the side, so I readjusted it and fell back to sleep. Then when I finally woke up I moved to the sofa and watched some M*A*S*H. After a while I decided it was time to get up and go do my errands and see Gucci. So I swung by the bank and did my stuff there, and then I went over to my parents house.

I said hi to Gucci who turned around for his two cookies.


He was still a bit wet from the rain overnight and this morning. It down poured at my parents house last night apparently. And there was a patch of grass that was depressed out in the field next to the fence. We’re thinking the fawn that has been living in the bottom corner of the field came up last night and slept next to the fence.

Mom and Lumi met me at the door. Lumi did a couple of zoomies and then ran inside the house. I came bearing gifts of cupcakes and brownies. Poppa was super excited about them. Mom and I watched some TV for a little while and then Poppa came back down and we went outside to change the tire on the F350 that was leaking.


Lumi came out and supervised us changing the tire. Poppa taught me how to change my first tire on the F350, so this wasn’t anything new to me. I was under the truck most of the time, he was just getting the jack in place here. We undid the lug nuts first, just made them loose, and then I jacked up the truck. We loosened the lug nuts some more and took the tire off. Then we took it down to the village to get it fixed.

The poor guy at the tire shop was solo, and it was busy. We felt so bad for him because he was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. We just stood around and waited our turn. While we were waiting I looked up the hours for the tattoo parlor that I wanted to use which was just around the corner to see if I could set up and appointment with the artist I want to use. They were closed today. Balls. Anyway, the guy eventually got to us and fixed the valve in the tire, and then we loaded it up and brought it back home. We then put the tire back on and went inside to eat.

Poppa had his breakfast and then I made myself a sandwich and mom had a cupcake. Well, half a cupcake, poppa had the other half. Then we pasted Gucci and I came home. I brought the garbage cans in and brought the laundry up. I worked on the computer for a little while and then I moved to the sofa to do some coloring and watched Madam Secretary

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I finished the image I was working on last week and started a new one this week. I think I got 2 or 3 episodes of the show before Fiks got home, and then I finished the one we had been watching and he quoted a movie line at me, which made me want to watch the movie. So while we ate left over Chinese we watched Hot Fuzz. Then I went to bed.

I woke up wide awake at 430ish. Its getting super annoying. So I lied in bed and tried to get some sleep and snuggled up with Fiks until his evil alarms went off. Taking him from me and the nice warm bed. I stayed in bed and managed to get a little more sleep before waking up and having a bowl of cereal. There was nothing good on TV so I went back to bed and watched more M*A*S*H, managing to sleep through an episode or two.

I got a phone call from my other mother saying that the hay was showing up today around noon. For some reason that got my butt in gear and I went over to my parents house early. I said hi to Gucci and gave him a cookie.


Then I went inside and told poppa that the hay was coming today, but that it was meant to rain, so he told me to get the tarp ready for covering the hay. So I did that for like 10 minutes, there was a lot of water curled up in puddles in the tarp. But I got it spread out so the sun could shine on it and help dry it up. I went back in and said hi to mom and Lumi and started throwing Lumis ball down the hallway. Mom and I watched one of her hallmark movies for a little while. Then I saw it was sunny and I was worried about Gucci being to hot in his waterproof blanket. So I went outside and changed him to his green quilted one. Good thing too, because he was starting to sweat under it. When I has changed his blankets I made up his buckets and he said he had to supervise.


I went inside and made myself a sandwich for lunch while waiting for the phone call from other mother saying the hay was there. Well, she called and said the guy was running late, it’d probably be 1230 which is when I need to leave for work. She calls back 5 minutes later and says the hay guy is there. So I hop in the big truck and drive it over to other mothers house. Other father helped me turn the truck around and back it up to the other truck. Then they started stacking the hay in a v.


4 bales on each side then 2 in the middle. Then I took it home and grabbed poppa and we threw a tarp over the hay and then I had to run to get to work. I got there fine, had a few minutes of down time before my shift started. I went inside and they had barrier lines in front of the tellers to promote “Social Distancing” , aka keeping people 6 feet away from each other. The tellers were also wearing gloves for handling the money. They came to me and told me that they were only allowing 3 people at the teller stations and 3 people waiting in line at a time. So I had to do that a couple of times. But people were nice and understanding about it. But the day was slow.

I came home, started the oven, fed the fish, and got changed. I was waiting for Fiks to get home before starting the dinner. So he comes home and says that he wanted something and he forgot to stop and get it. He went back out and I started the chicken and the rice. I could have sworn I bought broccoli last week, but can I find it? No.

Its almost 2 am and I’m wide awake… Again. I just wish that I could sleep. Maybe I’ll go back to bed and see if I can fall back asleep.

I fell back to sleep until like 530, then Fiks’ alarms started going off, so we started to wake up and get ready for out day. Fiks went to work and I went to the grocery store. I was surprised by how busy it was at 10 to 7. It was like when I go at 9 or 10 o’clock. Shelves were empty, I saw 2 women with carts filled to the brim with non perishables. I was able to find most of the stuff we needed, just couldn’t find chicken or my snack trays for the weekend. So I went to another grocery store and I was able to find (and limited to) 2 packs of chicken, so I got one for my parents and one for us.

I ended up getting Gucci the only carrots I could find; a 25 lbs bag. So he’ll be set for the next couple of weeks, as long as they don’t go bad. So I went over and I gave him 2 carrots and he whinnied at me, and I checked to see if he had breakfast yet, he hadn’t. So I gave him his breakfast bucket and then took my groceries inside with poppas help.


Poppa and I chatted for a little bit before mom came down. Poppa unloaded all 10 bales by himself, I was planning on helping him with that today. I felt really bad, because the bales are 125 -150 lbs a piece.


Then mom came downstairs and we watched the news. All it talked about was the Covid 19 virus and the weather, kind of depressing. And then it went to a special report with the president talking. More depressing.

I had to leave to go into town to talk to one of my doctors. We talked for a while and decided to go up on one medicine and down on another to see if it helps me sleep. I’ll talk to another doctor in like 3 weeks. Then I went back to my parents house and helped poppa bring up the garbage cans in the truck. I started to get tired and wanted to come home, but I also wanted to go to the bank over the hill with poppa. We discovered that going to the bank was one of the essential reason to be out. So we went and did that and then went back to my parents place.

I came home and unloaded the frozen and cold goods then flopped on the sofa for a while and then took a nap. I had a box from Stitch Fix show up today, I went to them hoping for a good suit combo for my interview next week. They sent me a good pair of pants, 2 shirts, a jacket, and a dress. I’m keeping everything but the dress. I dressed up in my interview combo for Fiks to see and if he agrees that its a professional look. He does.

I got changed into PJ’s and ate my nachos for dinner, Fiks had left over Chinese once he was done getting changed. He explained that he wasn’t feeling well, congested, but no symptoms of Covid 19. We watched an episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events, a show that we started and then had to wait for the next season to come out and we kind of forgot about it. But yay for Netflix for putting it in our watch again lineup. We watched some Youtube videos and then I went to bed.

I woke up in the middle of the night and found Fiks passed out on the sofa, I bugged him until he agreed to come to bed. He was out as soon as he hit the mattress. I took a little longer to get back to sleep, but I got there. I didn’t wake up with his alarms this morning, so that was nice. He did call out sick, and I heard the text alert for his boss go off. After a little while of dozing I moved to the sofa with a bowl of cereal and put on more M*A*S*H. Shock, I know. I dozed for a little while on the sofa, trying to wake up. I finally got there around 930 and got dressed. I had to wake Fiks up so I could get my truck out. We snuggled goodbye and then I left.

I swung by the feed store to pick up Gucci’s senior feed and the feed store was open, but doing curb side ordering. What you did was fill out a form of what your name was and your phone number, your vehicle make model and color, and then what feed you needed and how much you needed. So I filled out the form for 2 seniors and waited in the truck like they asked. They rung me up for 2 bags and then one of the guys came out with the senior and threw it in my truck and told me I was good, so I left.

I get to my parents house and say hi to Gucci and gave him a couple of carrots.


I checked the back of the truck and there is only 1 bag. I double check my receipt and yup, they charged me for 2 bags. So I go inside and say hi to poppa and Lumi and try to call. Poppa has on The Professional/Leon, so we watch that as I try to get through to the feed store.

I eventually get through and tell them what happened. The apologize an put a bag of feed on hold for me to pick up, that is fine, hopefully I can pick it on my way home from work. Mom eventually comes down stairs right when poppa and I decide to go out to take care of Gucci. So we paste him and then I make up his buckets and we go back inside. Then I make sandwiches for poppa and I and we end up watching a movie called The Inside Man. Never even heard of it before today.

I went to go say goodbye to Gucci and give him his carrots, which he wouldn’t take. So I gave him some love and I say goodbye and then after I close the gate I hear this ‘umph’ noise, turn around and he’s lying down. Must have been nap time.

The drive to work was uneventful, light traffic everywhere I go. I even find a parking spot right in front of the bank. So I roll my windows down a bit and start reading my book as I listen to the radio. So as I’m reading my book there is this woman hanging around the bank and the cash advance place, and the other security guard who is there for the whole complex comes by and tells her she can’t ask for money here, and that she needed to leave the property. She does so begrudgingly and at her own pace.

But work went fine, mostly. Had a out of state man wanting to open an account to get money to get him to a different state. Didn’t happen. Then there was this guy who was trying to use his size into bulling the tellers into giving him what he wanted. He blocked the door so the manager and the teller couldn’t get out of the room. I was going to go over and ask him to back up so they could leave when he took a few steps back. He didn’t get what he wanted today, but he got answers to his problem, and that made him happy. The rest of the shift was fairly chill.

On my way home I swung by the pharmacy to pick up my medicine, 2 of 3 were ready, they hadn’t heard from the doctor to fill the last one. Fine. And then I swung by the feed store to pick up my second bag of senior, yay. Then I came home, got changed and turned on the oven so we could have pyes for dinner. I’m having the cheese and broccoli and Fiks is having the steak and mushroom Guiness pye.

Friday morning rolled around and I didn’t want to wake up. I had a hard time getting moving, but I did. I made my breakfast and packed my lunch, then I had to wake up Fiks to get him to move his car because he stayed home sick today. But there was very little traffic on my way over to my parents house. Once I got there Gucci tried to tell me he hadn’t had breakfast yet, so I double checked the bin and he was lying, there were 2 buckets missing.


How could you say no to that derpy face?

I went inside and said hi to poppa and Lumi, who had a case of the zoomies. So I played with him with his Simba toy for a little while, then mom came down stairs so I said hi to her, then poppa and I went outside to paste Gucci. He did fine, so I gave him a fresh bale of shavings. He was excited and started spreading them around with his hoof and his nose. I hing out for a little bit more and then I went to work.

Work was interesting. They were only allowing 10 people in the bank at a time. So they didn’t have the doors open all t he way and they had people from the closed branches doing door control. So I was at least able to listen to The Ralph Report. But after that the employees who didn’t know me wanted to talk, so we talked basically all day. It was a nice change. I had to do door duty for most of the day, but people seemed to be cool and understanding about it. Fiks was awesome and had seasoned the steaks when I had gotten home, so I got changed and then we did dinner. We watched Ink Master then I watched him play some Red Dead Redemption 2 before going to bed.

I slept okay until about 430 in the morning, then I woke up and I was wide awake. I stayed in bed and tried to sleep, and I must have gotten some, but not a lot. And I didn’t want to take my sleeping pill again because I had to get up in 2 hours. So when the alarm went off I got up and got dress and kissed Fiks goodbye for the day. I made my breakfast and packed my lunch and off to work I went. It was drizzling when I was leaving so I put my shirt and baseball cap on at home under my hoodie.

Work was slow. And I couldn’t get into the book (13) I’ve been reading for a while now, I just feel like I’m not making any progress in it. So I started a new one (14). The day was pretty uneventful until about 1330 when the work phone starts making noise and vibrating. Its a notification from dispatch of some one reporting a suspicious white van. So I went looking for it, didn’t see any pass me and I didn’t come across one. So I went to what I thought was the address to talk to the resident there, well I had the wrong house. And I went to the right house and still didn’t see the van so I submitted my report and went back to my little booth.

After work I went and saw Gucci. He wouldn’t turn around for cookies, but he did for a carrot. Well, half way turned, it was over the fence.


I went inside and said hi to poppa and lumi who started barking at me as I walked in. Apparently mom was upstairs taking a nap, so poppa and I pasted Gucci really quick, I made up some buckets, and I came home and got changed. Fiks was playing more RDR2, now we are watching youtube.

I did some shopping over the past week. Like I ordered the suit from Stitch Fix, I bought some stuff from Box Lunch, and I bought some makeup stuff from The Body Shop. I was hoping to get the makeup stuff before Tuesday, but I’m not holding my breath. I just hope I ordered the right things, I’m not really into makeup. But I saw this on Box Lunch and I just had to have it.


We ordered pizza for dinner and watched more A Series of Unfortunate Events. We finished season 2. Afterwards I went to bed and read my book for a while.

I woke up around 430 again, and dozed again until 615 and got up and got ready for work. I packed my lunch and made my breakfast and off to work I went. Work went fine, just super slow again. Maybe 75 cars through the visitors gate. I finished my book (14) and started a new one (15), and listened to my podcasts. We got some rain at work a couple times, nothing heavy, just enough to get and keep the ground wet. And this is the take out menu from the one restaurant doing dinner only service. I can’t decide if its pricey or not.


After work I went to go and check on Gucci. I gave him a couple of carrots and saw that he had been sweating under his blanket. But it was kind of late to take it off and there was a breeze in the air and I don’t want him to get sick, so I decided to leave the blanket on. He’ll dry under the blanket. I went inside and said hi to Mom and Poppa, who were just puttering around when I walked in. Mom and I talked for like 5 minutes, then she needed to move the squash she had cooking in the oven. She’s doing butternut squash soup for them for dinner, yum. I’ll have some tomorrow.

Poppa went outside to help me paste Gucci, who gave me a little bit of trouble, but I got it in anyways. Then I made his buckets up for the next few meals.


I left soon after pasting Gucci to come home. I got changed and then we watched more of A Series of Unfortunate Events. We stopped for a couple of Steve Martin‘s banjo videos. We saw him live a few years ago, he absolutely amazing, and so is his band.

I just downloaded his music to my phone through Amazon prime music. I always wanted to listen to them, but they were never on Prime when I went to looked. But he is now!

I guess that’s it for this week.

See you next week! ❤


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