The things we do for interviews… (Week 13)

Hi from Monday!

I managed to sleep okay last night. I woke up a couple times but I was able to get back to sleep, which was nice. Then I woke up with my alarm and moved out to the sofa and put on M*A*S*H and had a bowl of cereal. Then it was time to get dressed and go over to my parents house.

When I got there Gucci was waiting at the gate whinnying at me. I asked him if he’d had breakfast yet, and he said no. I checked the bin where we keep our buckets and he hadn’t, so I gave him a bucket of grain and a flake of hay.

I went inside and mom was huddled up in front of the heater with her cup of coffee. She had it on the news, so we watched that for a while and then I went and got Gucci out for the vet appointment we had at 9. So I took his blanket off and we went for a walk and did 4 laps before he wanted to stop. I tried to brush him but his hair was just coming up and off, so I stopped. His coat was fine tho, nice and silky soft.


Mom came out and said I should call the vet clinic to see if they were open or if they were closed because of the lock down. So I called and they were open and the vet was on the way, so Gucci and I waited by the truck for him to show up. He showed up like 10 minutes later and the appointment began.

I asked him about giving Gucci more hay because he’s been really hungry the past week and a half. He said that he was at a good weight, but if we were going to give him more we had to be careful. So I’m not sure what to do. Maybe half a flake if he eats his full one in the day. Anyway, so he checked his teeth and he said that they were good, so no need to float them today. Then he gave him his shots and worming, and then he cleaned his sheath. He had a bean about the size of a quarter, so that must have felt nice to get rid of. Then the vet had to go off to and emergency castration. He had the most confused look on his face when he told us. So off he went.

After the vet left I hung out with Mom and Poppa for a little while, and then I made up Gucci’s paste and we went to go paste him. I think he was done with being messed with because he gave me a hard time today. I hung out for a little bit more and then I came home. I beat Fiks home by like 5 minutes for his lunch. He was only doing 30 minutes to start. Maybe he’ll come home for another break if he has time.

After he left I went an ran a few errands. I went to CVS to look for some make up brushes, and I found one decent set, but my stuff from The Body Shop is meant to show up tomorrow, but I doubt it’ll be in time for my interview. I picked up more Cadbury mini eggs because I’m bad. Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up my inhaler. I came home and put on some Dr Pol on Disney+ and watched a few eye shadow for beginners tutorials.

I’m not good with makeup, and I want to look professional tomorrow. So I’ll take all the help I can get. I could have bought some makeup at CVS but I didn’t really see a point since I had some coming tomorrow… hopefully. I just followed the video like 5 time and I’m still not understanding it properly, and its fairly simple to follow. Maybe its the colors I’m choosing to use, I don’t know.

I ended up watching some Madam Secretary and falling asleep on the sofa. I woke up just before Fiks came home for his second break. We watched some YouTube videos for a little bit and then I had a phone appointment with one of my doctors. That went fairly well. She wished me luck on my interview, so that was nice.

I talked with my cousin over in Europe today. We are in Cahoots for next time we get together in 4 years. And she was awesome and helped me with my makeup. I gave her my eye shadow color pallet, my outfit, and she helped me figure out my eye shadow colors. I still have to straighten my hair tonight so its one less thing I have to do in the morning.

So I watched more Netflix and then I straightened my hair once Fiks got home. I don’t know why I waited until then, but I did. We did tacos for dinner and finished off A Series of Unfortunate Events. You should watch it, I enjoyed it. Then I went to bed.

I woke up with Fiks’ alarm but I was able to get back to sleep until like 730, then I was awake. I rolled out of bed and poured myself a bowl of cereal and then I found some Futurama to watch, so that was a nice change. I watched it until about 830-845 then I started to get ready. As I was putting my jewelry on (ear rings and a necklace) my mom called to wish me good luck for my interview, so that was nice. I then finished getting ready, and off to my interview I went.


It was nice and sunny where we live, but as I came down the mountain it started to rain, and it didn’t really stop today. So I had to change into my heels in the truck. Then I found a curb so I could bend over and tighten them up. I walked up and into the office and checked in the lobby and waited there for 5-10 minutes. Then one of the interviewers came out and brought me back down stairs and had me wait for maybe 3 minutes? Then my interview began.

I think it took half a hour, I don’t really know because I didn’t have my watch on, but I didn’t feel as rushed as I have in the past. They asked me to explain some things, and I had some questions for them. They also explained the perimeters of the job in both locations. Like when I came out of the interview I felt good and positive, but as the day wore on I started to feel worse about my answers. But there are 5 positions open, I have the experience they are looking for, so maybe that’ll help me out.

After my interview I went over to my parents house. I said hi to Gucci from the truck because I was still in my suit and heels and didn’t want to get those dirty. I said hi to Poppa, and then I went up and said hi to Mom. I waited for Mom to come down before I talked about the interview and the questions and my answers. After I got changed for work I went and gave Gucci a carrot while I was waiting for Mom to come back down.


Cutie pie.

When I went back inside Mom was downstairs so we talked about the interview for a little while (this is still where I felt confident in my answers). Then Mom and I pasted the boy, I made up his buckets for breakfast and dinner and checked he had enough hay. He did. After I was inside I made myself a sandwich and had a few chocolate chip cookies that mom had made last night. Then it was off to work.

Work went fine, we were like steady slow if that makes any sense? We did have one rush at one time, but that’s about it. Between the ‘shelter in place’ order and the weather, we didn’t have a lot of people out.

The shift felt like it was dragging, and I had to tell a pan handler he couldn’t beg for money outside the bank.  Thankfully the guy he tried to get some money off of didn’t give him any. I was polite to the guy, and he was polite back, but I’ve had to tell him a few times not to ask for money, and so have some of the employees at the bank. But the rest of the shift went fine.

I came home and got changed and jumped on the computer for a little while. Fiks got home not too long after me and we did nachos for dinner. We were invited over to my sisters for dessert, so we went over and her and my parents were playing cribbage. It was entertaining to watch them play; I haven’t played in years so I’ve forgotten the rules. We had ice cream and hung out for a little bit longer and then we came back home.

Fiks showed me the belt that he’s working on for me. He’s working on the design in Photoshop or Illustrator, I can’t remember right now. But its going to look super cool. I’ve been wearing his old belt in amtgard since we started dating, so like 7+ years? Don’t get me wrong I love his old belt, but it’ll be nice to have one of my own. Afterwards I went to bed.


I woke up wide awake at 5 o’clock. I tried to go back to sleep and couldn’t, so I got up and had some cereal and watched some M*A*S*H. I waited for Fiks’ alarm to go off before heading back into the bedroom because I didn’t want to wake him up. He didn’t sleep good. Apparently I was kicking, tossing and turning, and bleating like a lamb. I don’t remember any dreams from last night, so that was just weird to hear.

I followed him down the mountain and into town. I went and got some gas and then I went to the grocery store. It was way better people wise for me this time around. I listened to Steve Martin‘s music while walking around the store, I really enjoyed it. I got almost everything we needed, minus toilet paper. There were no paper products to be found. The line to check out was long because there was only one teller, so I went to the self check out.

I went over to my parents house and Gucci met me at the gate with a whinny. I gave him a carrot, his breakfast bucket and some hay. I saw something small and furry floating in his water, so I went to scoop it out and it was a full sized rat. So I decided we needed to change his water today. Because that’s just gross.


I grabbed my cold/frozen groceries and went into the house. I was putting my stuff away when Poppa came to inspect who was breaking into his fridge. It was just me. I told Poppa we needed to change Gucci’s water because of the rat, so we went and did that. We decided to let Gucci out to graze so we didn’t have to worry about him jail breaking on us. I had to empty a couple buckets worth of water out before we could lift his water bucket out.


We then went and cleaned out the bucket before putting it back into his stall. I let Gucci continue to graze while the water bucket was filling up. Then he followed me back into his stall for a carrot.

I went inside and said hi to Mom and watched the news with her. Its still just depressing news about the corona virus. I get that its important, deadly, and we must be informed, but there are other things going on in the world besides that. Down off my soap box I go. I watched it until Mom went to go and get dressed, but then Poppa came in and started watching it, so I couldn’t change it.

I left when Mom did to come back home. I put the groceries away then I put on Madam Secretary and fell asleep an episode in. I woke up to a ‘thump, thump, thump’ of someone coming up our stairs outside. Turned out it was Fiks coming home for lunch. So we ate lunch together, I stole some of his fries and we watched a couple episodes of Ducktales.

After Fiks left I put back on Madam Secretary, apparently I slept through an episode and a half, so I restarted the episode that I fell asleep on. Then I did some coloring. I finished the one from last week and started a new one. I wish I had made her dress blue. I have a double of it, but I’d like to color something new.  So I did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember how I was talking about how I ordered make up from The Body Shop last week? Well it showed up yesterday after my interview, and I had predicted. Balls. But I opened up the box and tested the foundation against my skin, and  I think I judged it pretty well. And I got some brushed and some other make up things. I’m nervous? Anxious? to try the stuff out. I have never really worn makeup outside of big or important occasions. My mom and my sister have made such a big deal out of it every time I have tried. I’ve asked them to dial it back, but they don’t. So I don’t know. Maybe I’ll wait until my next big or important occasion to try it on.


I flopped on the sofa for a while and took a nap. I fell asleep watching Tangled, woke up at the end, and then I put on Beauty and the Beast. Afterwards I wanted to read my book (15), so I did that for a while. Fiks came home not too long after. While he was getting changed I continued to read. And then we decided to do leftovers, so I did more nachos and he did pizza and then we sat down and watched Ink Master. We watched some Big Bang Theory afterwards and then I went to bed.

I slept okay for the first part of the night, and then I woke up wide awake in the middle of it, so I took an extra sleeping pill to see if that would work. It kind of did. I slept until 7ish, which seems to be my normal time now. I moved to the sofa with my ceral and put on Futurama and watched that for a little while and then got dressed.

I went over and said hi to Gucci when I got there, and he turned around for his carrots.


I went inside and said hi to Mom and Poppa. Well, to Poppa first because Mom was on the phone. When she got off she came and said hi and then we all chatted for a little bit. Then we watched some Dr Pol and when Mom went up to go get dressed I made up Gucci’s medicine and we went out to paste him. He was a good boy, and I took off his blanket because he was warm underneath, and I made up his buckets before going back inside.

I made sandwiches for Mom and I, Poppa had left over Chinese from last night. We kept watching Dr Pol until I had to leave. I left a little early so I could swing by the vets office and pick up Gucci’s medicine. Well the horse part was closed, so I went to the small animal part and they were awesome and got it for me.

It started raining on my way to  work. And once I found a fairly good parking spot it started to hail. So I sat  in my truck and listened to music and read my book until it was time to go in. I’d say we were steady today, I had a hard time listening to my podcasts today, so that kind of sucked. But no pan handlers, grumpy people, but we did have one eccentric lady come in trying to get money out of an account without any form of ID.

I came home and got changed, waited for Fiks to come home. He wasn’t too late tonight, so that was nice. We did dinner and watched some telly then I went to bed.

I woke up with my alarm on Friday and got dressed and went over to my parents house to say hi to Gucci. He was waiting at the gate for me, claiming he hadn’t had any breakfast. I saw that everything was empty, so I gave him his breakfast then went inside where Poppa and Lumi were waiting.


After a little bit Mom came down and joined us. Poppa and I went out and pasted the boy, and he was good for us. I went back inside and Poppa took Lumi for his morning walk. Then I went to work. I waited in the truck reading my book until my shift started. I made my mug of tea and talked with the manager who was manning the door for the first part of the day. But the day went fine, 1 person per teller, and most people seemed to be okay with it.

I swung by the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and then I came home and waited in my truck for Fiks to show up so we could park. Then I found out that he was working tomorrow, so it didn’t really matter how we parked inside the garage. Oh well. We got changed and then we tried to order Chinese from our favorite place, but they are closed until further notice. So we went to the place we did 2 weeks ago again. It came out fine. We watched some Whose Line Is It Anyway and then I went to bed.

I woke up with my first alarm and just lied in bed dozing until the second one went off. Then I started to get ready for the day as did Fiks. I was running behind so I gave him a quick kiss and went off to work. I got changed in my little booth after punching in. I got out my kindle, turned on the heater, turned on my podcasts and started my day. I didn’t have anyone for a good 40 minutes when I started my shift. I saw these little birds eating on one of the posts, I think one was a tubby little sparrow and then there was a bluebird. I dunno, birds aren’t really my thing.


My day went fine, maybe had 60 cars. I read my book (16) and went back to the one I couldn’t get into last week if I remember right (13) I was able to get back into it after a little bit of reading. A little after lunch time I started to not feel good. My coworker has started smoking again, so I thought it might just be from the smell of smoke in my little booth. I’d been coughing off and on all day. And then I felt like I had played amtgard without stretching all over my body, aka achy. I really felt it after I stood up and walked towards the truck to leave. I wasn’t feel good at my parents house, so I didn’t get Gucci out like I planned.


So we pasted him really quick and I made up his buckets and gave him dinner, then I came home. I’ve just been taking it easy ever since I got home. I’m sore and I’m cold, so I don’t know if I’ll make it into work tomorrow. We’ll just have to wait and see. I watched Cars 3 and then I put on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Fiks, Bill, and her husband were all meant to be on a Whiskeys of the World tour tonight, but it was canceled due to COVID-19. So they are doing something that they are calling Whiskeys Around the House. It seems like they’re having a good time. My packages showed up today. I got my project box for if I feel better on my days off, and my shampoo and conditioner box.

I use Function Of Beauty. Its really cool because you get to pick your hair style, what you want for your hair, and they make it for you. If you want to try it here’s a code for some money off.


I woke up with my alarms and I felt like I fell off a horse, sore all over my body. I texted my boss and told her I wasn’t going to be able to show up today and fell back to sleep for a couple more hours. When I woke up I had a text from her kind of chewing my butt off for not calling out the proper way. My brain wasn’t working, so whoops, my bad. I woke up and had a bagel and some hot chocolate and put on M*A*S*H. I managed to fall asleep again, so since I’m sick I guess that’s a good thing.

I stayed in the living room watching TV and working on the computer while Fiks slept. I started a load of laundry and then once he was up we watched the Ralph Report live stream. It was pretty fun, minus a few technical hickups.

Afterwards I called my health insurance company because I tried to do e-appointment but with my symptoms (cough, body aches) they wanted me to call the hotline. So I waited for over half an hour to talk to a nurse to find out I have a cold like flu. So no COVID-19 for me. Yay. I then called my parents and told them I could come over and paste the boy, and mom offered to make dinner.

After a while we headed over to my parents and once we got there we went and said hi to Gucci, who was watching the neighbor on his motorcycle in the field next door. But he did turn around for a carrot.


Then we went inside and had dinner. Pork loin with rice and broccoli, yum. Then Fiks helped Poppa with moving the old fridge to the front porch. Mom and I stayed inside and cleaned up the kitchen. We sat and watched a little bit of Secrets of the Zoo, then when Fiks came back in I went and made up Gucci’s medicine and Poppa, Fiks, and I went outside to paste Gucci. He was good about it after a couple of pets and me talking to him, and then after I pasted him I dropped the syringe into the shavings. Whoops. Then I made up his buckets for the next couple of days. We stayed a little bit longer so Fiks and Poppa could have another Pink Panther, and then we came home.

We came home and did adult things like moving the laundry and putting it away, taking out the garbage, things like that. I’m hoping to feel good enough tomorrow to start on my project. No, its a secret until next week, sorry folks. You’ll just have to wait and see and come back next week.

See you next week!



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